Do 40 Year Old Men Really Want Relationships with 16 Year Old Girls?

If men are really hardwired to prefer teenage girls, why are there so relatively few men having relationships with (legal) 16 and 17 year old girls?

I've been pleading with loyal and highly-esteemed reader 'Highwayman' to write a guest post here, or at InMalaFide, for some time, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.  Reading an old comment of his this morning made me realise I can do the next best thing - publish one of his best comments as a post.

Highwayman is replying to a comment from a femiservative reader - Danica - who questions whether  many 40 year old men would really want to have a relationship with a 16 year old girl, by pointing to the fact that the age of consent is still 16 in many places and yet such relationships appear quite rare.

QUOTE: “Do 40 year old men really want relationships with 16 year olds? No.”

Well 16 year old girls are illegal in many US and Australian States. Furthermore, as the Age of Consent is 18 in California the meme that 16 year olds are “jailbait” and “16 will get you 20" has spread throughout the Anglosphere and beyond as a lot of entertainment media is produced in Southern California. Even in jurisdictions where 16 year old girls are legal there are many ways for a man to get into trouble via laws against “grooming”, laws criminalizing men for taking a sexy photograph of their under-18 girlfriend, vaguely written “sexual exploitation” laws such as we have in Canada, laws against having sexual relationships with under-18s if the person over 18 is in “a position of authority”..etc. Given this legal situation is it any wonder that older men avoid relationships with young girls? Also keep in mind that in many jurisdictions laws governing sex with “minors” are strict liability offences where the adult will be punished even if he reasonably believed that the girl in question was over 16/17/18 (depending on the jurisdiction) therefor not only do men generally avoid under 18s but they also tend to avoid under 21s as well (to avoid the risk of an underage sex charge should the girl turn out to be under 18).

On top of the legal situation described above you also have a cultural environment where the definition of pedophilia has been extended to include sexual attraction to girls under the age of 18. Thus a man with a 16 year old girlfriend (or a man who desires one) will be branded a “sick pervert” or a “pedophile” and risk serious social ostracism.

Another thing that prevents many relationships between older men and young girls from happening are laws such as the legal drinking age ( 18 or 19 in Canada depending on the province and 21 in all US States) legal driving ages and laws/practices WRT how old you have to be to participate in certain recreational activities (nightclubs..etc) these laws and practices encourage a high level of age segregation.

Finally there is the fact that many 16 year old girls today are brought up in a culture of extended childhood and the result of this upbringing may make a number of 16 year olds unattractive to men (for relationship purposes). While some people may say “just let a kid be a kid” some mental health professionals have noted that this culture of extended childhood is NOT HEALTHY for adolescents.

In conclusion, I am simply trying to drive home the point that while it may be true that many men avoid 16 year old girls, this situation is an artificial one created by age of consent laws, pedohysteria, legal and cultural age segregation practices and a culture of extended childhood…if those factors where to change I guarantee you that there would be a very significant increase in the number of men who would be interested in 16 year old girls.

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  1. Anonymous

    It's not that they don't want to, but most men simply don't get the opportunity to have a teenage girlfriend. You also have to bear in mind the number of relationships between older men and young girls that are kept secret.

  2. In such cultures wherein the age of consent is relatively low, the age of marriage is also low. So there wouldn't be so much of a rise of 40ish-16ish relationships as there would be a rise in 16 year olds in stable relationships. Without the stigma, most girls around that age would be looking for husbands and find them rather easily. So there wouldn't really be many 16 year olds available for casual sex.

    The extended childhood hasn't stopped teenage girls from having sex at all. It has just made them available and more willing to have casual sex until they're in their mid to late 20's. So they're more vulnerable with higher age of consent laws than they were with lower ones. The average age of marriage back in the day was still between 18 and 25. It's just the mentality that was different. Girls were groomed for marriage rather than non serious relationships, so they were more likely to wait. Casual sex still happened, but people's expectations were different, especially in the middle and upper classes.

    I don't know of a solution to solve society's ills, but as families, one can be very realistic with their children, and make sure that by the time they are no longer physically children, they've been taught reproductive/sexual responsibility. I'd have been thrilled if a stable guy with a reasonable age difference and who wasn't going to neglect her education, had selected my daughter at 16, but there weren't any around. Men are being raised with an extended childhood too, and few are ready to consider a serious long term relationship wherein they would really have to be the man.

    This did create a little despair since no matter what she did, she was still going to have to wait until the stable guys were both available and ready, but she has made good decisions anyway. She understands that pre-commitment sex would lower her value since, like her mom, she's not so hot as to make guys ignore a history of promiscuity. So she keeps herself worth it for a guy who is worth it.

    The big worry I'd have with a 40-16 match though, is that he has only maybe 10-15 years left of optimal sexual function. Just as she's hitting the age where her beauty would be fading and she'd need the intimacy, there's a 2/3 chance that he'll be petering out. Having lived through that, it's not something I would want for my daughter.

    Granted, stuff happens even if people are closer in age, but 40-16 is not a match I'd make unless the girl likes knitting more than sex. Otherwise, it's setting her up to become an adulteress or a miserable touch starved hag.

  3. inclinedreader


    "one can be very realistic with their children, and make sure that by the time they are no longer physically children, they’ve been taught reproductive/sexual responsibility."

    That's actually the way it has been practiced in most of Western Europe since the sexual revolution. Until dried-up middle-aged feminists teamed up with religious conservatives some 10 years ago to erode this notion and started pushing for laws that essentially equate 17 1/2-year-olds well past mid-puberty with incapable seven-year-olds.

    Not that that has stopped teenagers from having sex, as you pointed out. I think the only thing that has really changed is that sex(uality) has become more dangerous for minors, both legally and health wise, even if they are still above the age of consent in their country. You see, the draconian laws that have been passed all over Europe in the last 10 years are all just for their own protection. Consent continues to become increasingly irrelevant, and even minors themselves can be branded as child molesters for taking nude pictures of their same-age sweetheart.

    In essence, the unholy alliance of feminazis and religious zealots is having it both ways... minors, and let me stress again, minors above the age of consent, and lately even young people who remotely look like minors, are becoming more and more off limits to anybody (read: men) above the magical age of 18 and are no longer a threat to wilted dried-up middle-aged feminists, whereas religious extremists are happy that premarital sexuality in general is becoming demonized. A win-win, until if you factor in millions of teenagers and young people who end up on the losing side of misandric ideology and religious zealotry.

  4. Anonymous

    Highwayman is absolutely right. The law and cultural age segregation is a worldwide phenomena. Take that away, and more men will show their interest for teenagers. I am in my mid thirties and, recently, I have ignored both law and culture by approaching teenagers. Surprisingly, their reactions are mostly positive. They are talkative and interested. Together, we've danced, played games, watched movies and, eventually, they are the ones calling. By the way, the silly games I have learned from them work wonders with other women too. So, really, laws and culture are hindering natural human behaviour by contriving the natural attraction that younger women feel for older men, and viceversa. Effectively, feminism has reduced the supply of pussy.

  5. jack

    40/16 (or worse!) is a common match in the 3rd world, and that's one of the reasons why population growth there is out of control. Another reason is that men in the 3rd world can have wives + mistresses + children without being forced by law to provide for them. By the same token, the reason the white race is not renewing itself has much to do with the fact that Western men no longer have any incentives to be fathers, quite the reverse (and quite apart from the age-of-consent issue). By the way, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin once proposed to lower the age of consent in Russia so that the Russian population could have a chance of keeping pace with neighbouring Muslim republics. I think he proposed an age of consent as low as 14. He may be a dictator but he's no fool. Only a dictator could get away with a scheme so offending to global feminism.

  6. The Highwayman

    QUOTE: "In such cultures wherein the age of consent is relatively low, the age of marriage is also low."

    Age of consent laws are a function of LEGAL JURISDICTION not "culture".

    QUOTE: "So there wouldn’t be so much of a rise of 40ish-16ish relationships as there would be a rise in 16 year olds in stable relationships. Without the stigma, most girls around that age would be looking for husbands and find them rather easily. So there wouldn’t really be many 16 year olds available for casual sex."

    I have not read such a poorly written piece (and one that appears to be completely absent of logical thought by any reasonable interpretation of it) in a long time. Are you saying that if the stigma against relationships between 40 year old men and 16 year old girls were to be removed it would result in 16 year old girls going into husband hunting mode and adopting conservative sexual values?? That does not follow.

    QUOTE: "The extended childhood hasn’t stopped teenage girls from having sex at all."

    This is a complete Red Herring. The point that I made about the culture of extended childhood is that it may artificially reduce the attractiveness of 16 year old girls to older men for relationship purposes, that has nothing to do with whether or not 16 year old girls may continue to be sexually active in a general sense.

  7. Deano

    Aside from the law, the media will also take the role of self-authorized lawmakers in these matters. A perfectly legal relationship between an older man with a younger, quite legally aged girl will often trigger a media witch-hunt where the man is portrayed as a 'child molester'. The usual technique involves frequently repeating the claim that a particular man "has a preference for very young girls" - while never actually mentioning that all his encounters have been with women in their early twenties.

    Jealous older female journalists are quite happy to wreck any man's reputation should he have the audacity to prefer and form a happy relationship with the 'competition'.

  8. Andrew

    Nicole...Utter nonsense.
    My paternal grandparents grew up in Romania near Transylvannia among the Roma Gypsies, Expat Germans & varied ethnicity native Rumanians, and most of the young women on average married between 14 thru 16 with the prefered desire to marry men some years older than themselves who already finished University, trade apprenticeship or received farm inheritence. My paternal Grandma told me that when she was 15 "I didn't want a teenage boy!.. I wanted a man!". Paternal Grandad said girls getting pregnant by their lovers was not uncommon.

    On my own Asian experiences, Japanese young women with their traditional National age of consent of 13 (Tokyo prefecture & a couple other places aside... recently invented higher by guess who?), have sex quite often very early, quite often like (much) older men for a variety of character traits and economic/car/pad/wine & dine issues AND don't generally "marry" early.

  9. evilwhitemalempire

    "If men are really hardwired to prefer teenage girls, why are there so relatively few men having relationships with (legal) 16 and 17 year old girls?"

    Let's face it. It's no secret to anyone that men would gladly bang 16 year olds if they thought they could. And she knows this perfectly good and well.
    Her question is just an excuse to make a statement intended to sexually validate herself. What she's really trying to say here is that she's hotter than a 16 year old and that you should want her instead.

  10. theantifeminist

    Post author

    I apologise for letting Nicole's comment stay up - apparently I'd approved a comment of her's before and so this one was automatically approved. By the time I saw it, inclinedreader had already replied to it so I thought I may as well as keep it up.

    As of now, femiservatives are banned from commentating on this site. There are plenty of men's rights sites where, unfortunately, they are welcomed to push their typically selfish sexual agenda. Here, it only gets in the way of discussion.

  11. inclinedreader

    getting back to my point that sexuality is becoming more and more dangerous even for teenagers experimenting among their peers - I just read about this court ruling in Sweden:

    15-year-old boy has consensual sex with 13-year-old girl, gets found out and dragged to court, court is divided and dismisses the case, but then takes it up again, and finds the boy guilty of child sexual exploitation... whether or not a 15-year-old has any business being sexually active with a 13-year-old is beside the point for a moment here. What does come to mind is Julian Assange's now-famous quote, who recently called Sweden the "Saudi Arabia of feminism".

    What really struck me was this:

    "According to the court, the age difference between the two teens is great enough that the 15-year-old boy must be held accountable for his actions."

    Well, if you read carefully, just a bit further down, it says,

    "At the time of the incident, the girl was 13 years and 10 months old, while the boy was 15 years and 5 months."

    Even more striking:

    "Previously, a divided district court had accepted the boy's version of events, taking the view that the age difference between the boy and the girl was insignificant and ruling there was no evidence that he forced the girl to have sex."

    So we have an age difference of 19 months. Nineteen months. Which, if you know your developmental psychology, means boy and girl are pretty much exactly on the same developmental stage, give or take a few months. Well, not that feminazi courts in Sweden will have any of it, ultimately. They've convicted him, and a 15-year-old boy who is still legally a child himself now has to live with the shame of being labeled a child rapist. For behavior which, if you believe the boy (and the girl!!), involved no coercion, no force, no nothing, but was a voluntary act of adolescent experimentation. Moreover, this would have been perfectly legal in Spain and Switzerland, and quite likely would never have gone to court in countries like Germany or Austria, where the age of consent is 14 and no judge would probably have made a fuss about the girl being eight weeks shy of her 14th birthday.

    If at this point you still think this is an isolated miscarriage of justice, ponder this:

    "Even though the boy claims he and the girl had consensual sex, the appeals court ruled that there is no proof that the sex was indeed consensual and that it's not clear the sex wasn't an attack against the 13-year-old girl."

    Reversal of the burden of proof. Just like in Assange's case. All men, even 15-year-old boys, are rapists until proven (!) not guilty. Way to go Sweden, I tip my hat to you, Europe's first all-out feminazi state which has no delusions about itself and doesn't pretend it isn't what it is.

  12. jack

    The December 2004 tsunami in South-East Asia hit Sweden particularly hard. Quote from Wikipedia: "According to the Swedish authorities, some 20,000-30,000 citizens were in the tsunami-affected areas at the time, making Sweden probably the most affected country not physically affected. 543 persons are stated as deceased, mainly in Thailand, and there were over 1500 injured in need of emergency medical help and transportation home..."

    What were all those (male) Swedes doing in Puhket, Thailand? Surfing, and most importantly having sex. Even alpha-males (surfers!) can't get sex in Sweden.

  13. James Strictland

    As a general sort of thing, while young/legal girls are often sexually mature and attractive relationships with middle aged men are not that good for society.

    They tend to perpetrate an Alpha's Uber Alles / Hypergamy sexual culture, lock many men out of the sexual marketplace and hurt the beta males our society depends on to keep it going.

    JMO while such relationships where legal today should not be made illegal but one person, reasonably matched age with adequate resources for the young to marry and fidelity is whats best for a good society .

  14. The Highwayman

    Nothing to apologize about it's your blog but I do agree tht her comment was just an attempt to troll the discussion. Thank you, btw, for making one of my comments into an article. In hindsight I could have added that parental control (and the dependancy of many under 21s on their parents), when combined with a culture of pedohysteria, is another thing that can get into the way of relationships between older men and 16 to 17 year old girls. WRT to writing an article, if I ever get inspired to write something I will let you know, unfortunately I usually get a serious case of writer's block when I try to write articles from scratch.

  15. John in Exile

    This is a touchy subject matter for obvious reasons. I've been watching some girl on youtube that makes some dorky videos. I'd say she's about 16 and is as cute as a button. Most of it is aesthetic appeal and men shouldn't have to be made ashamed of it.

  16. observer

    First of all, 16 yo girls are not hardwired to prefer 40 yo men

    No one likes decay, not even young females... If you're a decaying male you better have something really valuable that will trump your ever so charming wrinkles, baldness and fatness <- not exactly the best fitness indicators

    Secondly, younger males will do anything to keep older males hands off young girls, that includes teaming up with hard core feminists perpetuating the idea that any 25+ guys attracted to teenage girls are creepy old pedophiles

    so it's an uphill battle... hard getting old, eh? ;)

  17. Andrew

    Recalling that the antifeminst had previously noted the fact of Western Civilization itself being founded by Geek & Roman pederasts & a few Jews... it's blindingly apparent given the near universal practice of middle aged men being sensually involved with teens (or even pre-teens) that this was regarded not only as normal or even expected, but was actually set forth as an example of the "Highest Ideal". Aside from Emperor Caligula banning all nursing infant & toddler prostitution in the Empire, for which he was praised (hey, gotta win points with the general populace after forcing the senators to work in his boirdello, grin) & Emperor Domitian banning all sexual relations between adults and girls under the age of eight in the Empire (exception "Adult Entertainment" in the arena).
    Mind you, these were both politicians who were considered insane.... I don't believe this blog has yet reached the level of warranted opprobrium in castigation of femuinists. Marked contrast between the more or less reasonable "Morality Crusades" of men, vs. feminists... notwithstanding the elite citizen's age for female marriage being 14 in Greece, 12 in Rome & 12 in Christendomn (or leess for the common people under special or cultural circumstances)..

    As in Christendom-Western Civilization which is founded upon her eternal Father impregnating ("coming upon" KJV) a Jewish 12 year old named Mary and giving her to a 30 something year old man named Joseph to sleep naked with and boink at least a Quicky on the "real" wedding night to be fully legally married according to Judaism.

    Femiservatives Concerned Women for America smoke that in your pipe.

  18. The Highwayman

    Legal and cultural tolerance of relationships between older men and young girls need not harm beta males if this tolerance occurs in the context of a free sexual market where beta males would have ample alternatives for sexual release besides "relationships" (such as a wide variety of forms of prostitution and virtual sex/sex bots once they become available). There is even the posibility that legal and cultural tolerance of relationships between older men and young girls might actually help beta males (who may be slower to mature socially and less able to attract women in their own age bracket). In fact I personally am of the opinion that the negative reaction that many people have towards older men/teen girl relationships is caused at least in part by the "cheater detection mechanism" whereby people become horrifed by the act of a beta male obtaining access to sex that he would normally not be entitled to based on his position in the dominance heirarchy (ex:beta male cheats the system by shooting for teenage girls where his accumulated wealth and experience allow him to date up several leagues...whereas if he stuck to women closer to his own age he might only be able to obtain a much lower quality female). The cheater detection mechanism is also in part behind many people's negative reaction toward's prostitution and toward's western men dating or marrying women from developing countries.

    Where legal and cultural tolerance towards relationships between older men/young girls can harm beta males is in societies like certain Mormon cults where sex is only allowed whithin the context of polygamous marriage. In this case 16 and 17 year old girls are often married off to much older men and...with no extramarital sex or prostitution allowed...yes beta males are shut out of the market place in these societies (in fact they are often expelled).

  19. Andrew

    Do pardon any above typos, as I'm typing in a fully reclined drunken state on a foof large enough to hold an orgy with the monitor screen 2 meters away at borderline visibiliy,,,,

    Let this speak on thoughts posted earlier though... from Japanese celebrity Ran Monbu's legenday interview:
    "Ran: The next person I saw was 32 years old....One of my female teachers from school introduced me to him. He was very close to her...
    So one day I asked her to introduce me to a guy and she was just like "So you've taken a interest in those things now."
    Interviewer: All right, I'll introduce you to a male teacher... Still, if he was 32...he was a heck lot older than you.
    Ran: Yeah. He was about double my age. Still, I've always liked older men to begin with. I like the fatherly feeling I get from them.... Yep. We just went out like a normal couple...oh, I lived alone back then. So we would spend the entire day in the house together.
    Interviewer: A 32 year old, staying with you?... So he would have sex at your place and then go back.... That's messed up (laughs).
    Ran: Ahahah, why do you think that?
    Interviewer: It's just weird.
    Ran: Not it's not. It's not weird at all..."

    The Jenna Jameson of Japan, Bunko Kanazawa was, when at an even younger age, with an even older man for several years.

  20. The Highwayman

    QUOTE: "First of all, 16 yo girls are not hardwired to prefer 40 yo men"

    The same legal and cultural practices that artificially reduce the interest of men in forming relationships with 16/17 year old girls can also artificially reduce the interest of 16/17 year old girls in forming relationships with older men. Teenage girls may not necessarily "prefer" 40ish men generally speaking but a certain percentage of them might and others may include some 40ish men in the attraction base even if the may tend to find men aged 16 to 25 more attractive overall.

    QUOTE: "No one likes decay, not even young females… If you’re a decaying male you better have something really valuable that will trump your ever so charming wrinkles, baldness and fatness "

    I am in my mid 30s but I will still say that being 40 years old hardly translates into "decaying" or beng bald and fat. Oh and 40ish men DO have plenty of things to offer: financial security and life experience.

    QUOTE: "Secondly, younger males will do anything to keep older males hands off young girls, that includes teaming up with hard core feminists perpetuating the idea that any 25+ guys attracted to teenage girls are creepy old pedophiles"

    Adolescent males have no political power and little media influence and bear little responsibility for the current mess. Sure if the legal and cultural sanctions against older men/teen girl relationships were removed SOME adolescent males may decide to compete against older men by engaging in "smack talk"...that happens between groups of competing males all the time (ex: nerds vs jocks).

    QUOTE: "hard getting old, eh?"

    Oh do tell me about it Madam.

  21. John in Exile

    Quote: "First of all, 16 yo girls are not hardwired to prefer 40 yo men

    No one likes decay, not even young females… If you’re a decaying male you better have something really valuable that will trump your ever so charming wrinkles, baldness and fatness <- not exactly the best fitness indicators"

    I'm 46. I'm not interested in a relationship with a 16-year-old. But I do find females tend to have peak aesthetic appeal about that age. Some of that appeal depreciates only slightly through their 20's. Others the depreciation is rather swift.

    I'm not advocated leering or anything like that my point is any older males that enjoy that aesthetic appeal it's not a perversion or abnormal.

  22. I think this whole preposition is somewhat false. Why 40 and 16? Back in prehistoric times when our sexuality was evolving, 40 was a very old man. My own (andecdotal) perception is that the "ideal" age gap is between 5 and 10 years. Thus, a 13 year old girl would like an 18 year old boy, etc. There don't seem to be many boy bands and teen idols who are 40. Take That (approaching 40 on average) are now playing to the grown up girls who were 13 when they were 20.

    The fact that as we get older our ideals don't change is just one of those sad things of getting old, which is a total bitch because Evolution Is A Harsh Mistress, haha.

    As contrary evidence, in the name of fairness, my own sister, in her very early 20s, had a relationship with a man in his 50s. In the end tho it broke up because of the age gap. She went to stay with him a while and, all his friends were old, and he did old person things, and so on. It was more of a meeting of "soulmates" thing, I think- she once said if he'd been 30 or 20 years younger he was pretty much her ideal man- but the age difference was too much. The man she eventually married is 11 years older, tho interestingly he has always looked *younger* than his years; he's nearly 60 now and not grey, not bald, not fat and not wrinkly. All of which I've achieved by my mid 40s.

    I write and draw comics for a living. I have one tale I will probably never get around to doing, since it would be a huge project, of a "utopian" look into the future. One aspect is something I genuinely believe will happen to humanity quite soon, which is that everyone is immortal (ageless, not invulnerable, that is). What physical ages would everyone choose to be? My guess is that the women would choose to look like late teenagers, and the men would look in their mid 20s. I can't see any reason that the men would want to look 40, or that women would want them to look that way.

  23. The Highwayman

    QUOTE: "I think this whole preposition is somewhat false. Why 40 and 16?"

    40 and 16 were simply numbers that Danica threw out during the discussion that we were having wrt to adult male attraction towards teenage girls (read the linked comment of her's to get a better understanding of the context of this article). As "evidence" against the idea that older men often have a high level of attraction to teenage girls she pointed out that you see very few older men with 16/17 year old girls in jurisdictions where 16/17 year old girls are legal. My response to her was that there are many factors that artificially reduce the interest and the ability of older men to have relationships with girls of that age bracket even the girls are technically "legal". My comment pertained to older men in a general sense and not just 40 year olds (again 40 is an age Danica just tossed out) though I did mentioned 16 year old girls frequently because...under 16s are illegal AFAIK throughout the anglosphere so it's no surprise that you don't see many older men in relationships with them and the context of my post was why do you see few men with 16 year old girls even in jurisdictions where they are legal. I am really puzzled by your claim that "this whole preposition is somewhat false" what preposition are you referring and why is it false? I would appreciate some clarification. Are you claiming that there are not factors that artificially reduce the number of relationships between older men and (legal) 16/17 year old girls (or even under 21s) or that the factors that I have brought up do not contribute significantly to the infrequency of such relationships?

    In my own anecdotal observations of the matter, I remember that when I was in high school MANY girls found quite a few older male teachers to be desirable (usually Dramatic Arts of Physical Education teachers).

  24. jack

    James Strictland, why would opening the teenage girl market to men (including betas) be bad for non-alpha males? If you keep women up to 18 (21!) out of bounds, you decrease supply and drive prices up. If you make them available, you drive prices down (for all men, all things equal).

    Admittedly, most societies with very low ages of consent are polygamist societies, where rich and powerful men deplete the supply of females in way that is unfair to beta males. But in such societies normal beta males would be even worse off if the age-of-consent were set higher. In fact the pressure to keep the age of consent low might be a consequence of polygamy. Without a low or non-existent age of consent, the shortage of females would become socially unsustainable.

  25. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Hi Ian - like Highwayman, I'm a little bit puzzled by what you mean. The discussion is really about whether middle-aged men would prefer teenage girls as sexual partners, and why, if that is the case, such relationships appear fairly rare these days, although technically legal in many places.

    Given that any genetic preference for young girls on the part of older men clearly has nothing to do with any such reciprical preference for older men from younger girls, I assume your point is that the fundamental reason you don't see many such relationships is because 16 year old girls simply don't like 40 year old men, and thus the question is meaningless.

    Well, again, the question as to whether older men do (or would) prefer (to vainly seek) 16 year old girls as sexual partners is still interesting in terms of what feminists are doing to male sexuality - even if their laws only affect men seeking the 'substitute' of looking at sexy pictures of 16 year old 'children', or the minority of men who would get to have real relationships with nubile teens.

    Your comment about boy bands being aged about 20 has some validity. Bear in mind Highwayman's point about 'extended childhood' and it affecting the preferences and tastes of both adults and teenage 'children'. I don't know if the average age of Take That's original fan base was 13. Don't boy bands appeal most to the 10 - 12 range? i.e. pre-teens? 12 and immature 13 year old girls might drool at the sight of near sexless 20 year old Robbie Williams types, but by the time they hit 14 they're usually listening (and no doubt often masturbating t0) the music of 26 year old Kurt Cobain or the latest 30 year old black gangsta rap star.

    I'm depressingly very close to turning 40, and it's still only recently that I've noticed that I'm slowly becoming invisible to young teenage girls. I'm not yet fat, bald, or wrinkled mind, I still look like I'm around 35, have 18 inch biceps and a washboard stomach. I got on the train to Hastings 3 days ago and happened to enter a carriage full of Spanish English language students, who couldn't have been more than 17, and every one of them was staring in admiration at me when I got in and making it clear that they wanted me to talk to them.

    There's also the interesting question as to whether 'ephebophiles' (granting that there is such a valid classification apart from normal male sexuality) may have particular qualities - perhaps even geneticly based physical characteristics (for example, childish features) - that may make them more attractive than the average man to young girls. I'm planning a big, and no doubt controversial, essay on ephebophilia when I get back from vacation, and I might include this topic.

    I share your hope, and belief, that in our lifetimes people will be able to look virtually whatever age they want. There is also an interesting question here as to the implications if men are hardwired to prefer girls not completely finished puberty, as well as if 'ephebophiles' are drawn to the psychology of young girls as much as to their beauty. I can certainly see stem cell therapy and/or genetic therapy leading to women choosing to look like 17 or 18 year old girls. Could they look even younger when such technology becomes available? It might not be so easy for a 6ft large-framed woman to look 14, for example, no matter what was done to her skin. Perhaps the result will be that the sexual trade union will come down even harder on men who continue to show a preference for young girls - or perhaps they will no longer feel threatened by them and paedohysteria will abate?

    *update - LOL, just reminded of this : Satire inspiring or not, the real JLB8 - Eminem, was still the obect of every other white 14 year old girls sexual fantasy well into his 30's.

  26. theantifeminist

    Post author

    I know what you mean Highwayman - I get writers block when trying to draw up an original article for InMalaFide. I think the reason is that I feel responsibility and a higher demand for quality and for saying something interesting. I feel rather bad at simply submitting revised versions of articles I've already posted here, but it seems that many of the guest writers (like Human-Stupidity) are doing exactly that - in fact simply copying unrevised articles from their own sites.

    I've been trying to write an introductory paragraph for the revised version of my Epstein review - saying something about how you can't tell a person's age anymore, and tying it in with some new anti-paedo software that can supposedly identify 'groomers' in chatrooms - but it just wont come out right.

    I'm going to Spain for a couple of weeks - I might write an article along the lines of 'is the age of consent a men's rights issue?' for Ferdinand when I'm away.

  27. Momus

    For the record, in 5 Australian states the age of adult sexual consent for heterosexual or homosexual activity is 16. In South Australia and Tasmania it is 17.
    Sex between minors over the age of 10, 12 or 14 depending on the State is also legal, generally provided that there is no more than a 2 year age difference.

    Australians can be and are being prosecuted if they 'create child pornography' by photographing anyone under the age of 18 involved in sexual activity.

  28. Anon

    That is so-o true. It's not like they broadcast it to the whole public, letting everyone know about their relationships!

  29. Anon

    "In conclusion, I am simply trying to drive home the point that while it may be true that many men avoid 16 year old girls, this situation is an artificial one created by age of consent laws, pedohysteria, legal and cultural age segregation practices and a culture of extended childhood…if those factors where to change I guarantee you that there would be a very significant increase in the number of men who would be interested in 16 year old girls."

    Albeit a dramatic improvement over the sexual market.
    This artificial crap has to stop.

    Thanks to the guy who's making a very very clear insight. There's not many people that can see through this bullshit.

  30. Anon

    Nooo! Antifeminist... Noooo!
    Don't dread over the fact "as you get older, you'll be less attractive", that's not true! It's the complete opposite.
    The more you get older, the more wiser you get (and also more immune to any girl-tricks).
    Women should worry about age, not Men!

  31. namae nanka

    "if those factors where to change I guarantee you that there would be a very significant increase in the number of men who would be interested in 16 year old girls."

    down with ageism, I say!

  32. Jess

    A person (male or female) does not have a fully developed brain until age 25. There are multiple studies to back this up. There are also multiple studies that show that marriages after the age of 25 are the most successful.

    The biggest reason 40 year old men should not hook up with 16 year olds is that while they 16 year old has the body of an adult, she does not have the brain of an adult.

  33. theantifeminist

    Post author

    A person (male or female) does not have a fully developed brain until age 25. There are multiple studies to back this up.

    So it follows that 24 year olds are children and can't have sex? Should 24 year old children be allowed to vote?

    There are multiple studies that show that women have smaller brains and IQ, as your idiotic line of reasoning exemplifies. Does it follow that no woman can have sex with a man?

    BTW, Robert Epstein in 'The Case Against Adolescence' sites several studies that debunk the idea of an 'adolescent' brain alltogether, and furthermore points to numerous statistics showing that numerous intellectual capabilities actually peak at around the age of 13 or 14.

    But even if true, the idea that the brain doesn't stop developing until 25 is not an argument in favour of ridiculous age of consent laws, it's actually a reductio ad absurdum disproof of the argument that teenagers can't consent to sex because they are 'children'. Try raising the age of consent to 25 if you like, on the grounds that 24 year olds are children because they're brains haven't stopped developing. My gut feeling is that you'll be overstepping the mark there, and even the most cowardly fucking mangina will be forced to see what you're really up to.

  34. Anitram

    Haha it's very amusing to read this discussion! I'm an attractive 17 year old girl and not I or my friends would ever find a 40 year old man attractive to date. I think if the question is if '16 year old girls are legal to date should it not be more common' then I think not because(this might sound shocking to you old men) but both parts in a relationship have to be attracted to each other! Haha and also why would a woman look best in her teens? Beauty doesn't fade after like three years ^^ Just look at Megan Fox who is in her mid 20's or Monica Belluci who is nearing 50 I'd turn gay for her! Beauty isn't determined by age. I think the only ones who have said anything intelligent are Observer and Ian B.

    I seriously detest feminists for the way they victimize women but you must understand that if you are not interested in 40 year olds then why would teenage girls be? xD haha

    Sorry for my bad English I'm from Sweden ;)

  35. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Hmmm...I've turned 40 and I'm still getting 17 year old girls, and girls younger than 17, eyeing me up, licking their lips, coming over and sitting next to me etc etc all the time. I'm not saying all of these girls would date me, but that's more to do with my shyness than the fact that I'm over 40. Probably also other factors, such as that they would get teased or mocked by their teen bitch friends (or they would worry what their parents thought).

    Anyway, so long as I can still attract the odd 17 year old fuck buddy (which I can - and until the femi-rapists make it illegal) then I'm happy.

    Haha and also why would a woman look best in her teens? must understand that if you are not interested in 40 year olds then why would teenage girls be?

    That makes as much sense as saying to me 'you must understand that if you are not interested in having sex with men, then why would women want to have sex with men?'

    No really, I'm sure you're top of the class in both evolutionary psychology and logic at your femi-nazi Swedish school, just like you are in your English class.

  36. Anitram

    Hahaha I'm "sure" you get ALOT of invites from 17 year olds -> that's why you need to spend your life on your computer, sounds to me like you're sexually frustrated xD Haha just go out and fuck everything in your way and don't age-discriminate because you'll get alot more then! ;) I told you I was bad at English and that I'm not a feminist, I just thought that I might have some inside input being a 17 year old girl :O And to be very honest with you it seems like you live in a dream world because women are also attracted to "attractiveness" and men do not either have their peak in their 40's, I should know because in Sweden the age of consent is 16 but there still are no 16/40 relatonships going on ;) I can admit that I am very attracted to attractive older men but I do have an agelimit around late 20's early 30's. Haha and your little taunt about me not being attractive was funny-I could send you a picture of me if you desire, I usually don't do that but you really annoyed me there! xD But Whatever don't waste your time on this shit! :P

  37. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Hahaha I’m “sure” you get ALOT of invites from 17 year olds -> that’s why you need to spend your life on your computer, sounds to me like you’re sexually frustrated xD Haha just go out and fuck everything in your way and don’t age-discriminate because you’ll get alot more then! ;)

    Hmmm...It's true I spend a lot of time on my computer because I work from home and I earn over $100k per year from doing so. I also spend a few hours a week on this site (not as much as I'd like to) - and the reason for this is that your feminist rapist sisters are making it legally dicey even to approach 17 year old girls, and raping male sexuality in general, and I have a moral duty to combat it and see that they end up in court tried for crimes against humanity.

    I should know because in Sweden the age of consent is 16 but there still are no 16/40 relatonships going on

    If you read the entire article and the comments below you will se that various reasons have been given for that. The fact that I wrote the article in the first places is an acknowledgement that there are few 16/40 relationships going on. However, why don't you take a holiday in Spain sometime? You might be surprised to find that you regularly see relationships of that nature (although the number diminishes every year).

    Haha just go out and fuck everything in your way and don’t age-discriminate because you’ll get alot more then!

    I'm sure I could go out this morning and pull a 30 year old within a couple of hours and bring her back and fuck her. I have no desire to because :

    1/ I have little or no sexual attraction to women that age.
    2/ Having sex with women of that age, who have successfully created laws and social stigma preventing me from pursuing sex with teenage girls (in the hope that I and other men pursue sex with older females), is tantamount to allowing myself to be raped.

    Haha and your little taunt about me not being attractive was funny-I could send you a picture of me if you desire

    Yea, why don't you do that?

  38. theantifeminist

    Post author

    If I was a Swedish man I wouldn't go near ANY female, let alone a 15 year old, technically legal or not.

  39. Anonymous

    QUOTE: “hard getting old, eh?”

    "Oh do tell me about it Madam."


  40. Karl

    Many men including me find girls in this age group particularly appealing,but meeting them isn't easy due to the fact that they can't officially get into establishments like clubs,wine bars and pubs until they reach 18 and liking girls in this age range is perfectly normal despite what some small minded people are saying on this site,besides in the United Kingdom where I live the age of consent is 16,you can do a lot at that age,you can get married and even join the armed forces,but girls in this age group who do fall for older men usually only do so if the men in question are rich or celebrities,peadophiles by the way wouldn't touch a developed young women with a barge pole as they by their very nature only like pre pubescent children,so please to those concerned keep your small minded views to yourselves.

  41. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Hi Karl, thanks for the comment and please continue reading and contributing. Actually, I don't think there are many commentators here who think there is anything wrong in finding ripe teenage girls attractive, or having sexual relationships with teenage girls over the age of consent. Admittedly I do get many paedocrites and feminist bags leaving comments suggesting anybody who thinks this way (i.e. is honest) should be tortured slowly to death, but I usually delete such drivel. Sometimes I let the occasional such comment stand if it serves a purpose - for example the comments left recently by the paedocrite Darek Czernewcan.

    I don't know how old you are Karl, but if you think you're too old to pull a 16 year old girl, I suggest you try working out and building a good body. It's hard work and requires determination, but believe me, it doesn't matter if you are 20 or 50, if you have a ripped, muscular body, you will be able to pull 16 year old girls. I am over 40, not particularly good looking, but I do have a 48 inch chest and a 31 inch waist, and believe me, I have no shortage of offers.

  42. Alan Vaughn

    Actually AF, I've found that isn't normally required either, although I must admit I do try to stay in shape - I'm not muscular like you, but I am the ideal weight for my height.
    I'm in my early 50's and all it really takes is to dress well (like a bloke their age), smile and TALK to them. It's quite surprising at times, if you just open up - let them know that you're just the same as any younger 'dude' but with a few grey hairs and an older face.
    I've found that they don't like guys their age, because they are ignorant and don't know how to act, or just be 'themselves'; they've also told me that many young lads are too busy trying to impress their friends rather than them. At least that's what many have been telling me recently. They've also informed me they don't like how many young guys are always getting pissed and using drugs - both pastimes that I do not indulge in at all.
    They also appreciate the fact that when I speak to them, I don't punctuate every uttered phrase with expletives or choice language - I talk to them like they are nice young ladies, because they are, and strangely: this is from girls who often speak coarsely themselves...

  43. theantifeminist

    Post author

    I think that teenage girls understand that, in this day and age, it takes balls of steel to talk to even 'legal' teens. Just by having the confidence to talk to them marks you out as an alpha male. And depsite the incredible, unprescedented brainwashing that any man over 25 is scum, and even a subhuman paedophile if they take any kind of interest in teenagers, many or most teen girls are pleasently surprised how enjoyable it is talking to a mature man who doesn't look down on them.

    I must say, the disadvantage of being really muscular and having the body of an alpha male stud is that father's are A LOT more protective. I've always worked out and had a decent body, but have gotten really big the last couple of years. I never used to have problems with fathers catching me glancing at their teenie daughters, but these days I get very baleful looks if they do. I guess now that I'm as old, or older, than most of these fathers, well that also plays a part... :-(

  44. Dr. Pell

    Because men and females are not the same. A 40 yo female is menopausal while a 40 yo man is in his prime. Females lose 90% of their estrogen in a relatively short period while men over 40 only very slowly (if at all) lose Testosterone at 1 % a year. In fact, as a doctor I test my T and other things every year and my T is actually higher than it was 20 years ago.Don't compare apples and oranges or believe that just beccause an older man rejects older females that young females will reject older men.

  45. Dr. Pell

    You're not 17, you're a jealous fugly looking hag who can't get ANY man of any age whichis why you're so bitter. This isn't just about men who have gf'sover the legal age of consent but about any older man with a much younger woman. And sending some fake pic proves nothing you old fatty.

  46. Dr. Pell

    Feminists victimise men you old dignbat. And when the muslims take over Sweden you'll be living under their laws :o)

  47. Alan Vaughn

    Dr Pell,
    Your commentary here is not only very enlightening it is also very honest, up-front and most encouraging. We need many more real MRA's to follow your great example!
    I am already checking this blog a couple of times each day in the hope that Dr Pell has left something for me to read and inevitably laugh about!

    You have certainly been a long awaited blast of fresh air for this blog and for the MRM generally.
    I do hope your fine example of TRUE Men's Rights Activism, will continue indefinitely!

  48. Andrew

    Jess you are Sooooo right.
    Anyone under 25 cannot possibly consent to anything that even remotely could bring consequences or possible risk -
    Such as driving an automobile... or getting a job & possibly not filing out a tax form correctly, or going hunting with a shotgun or archery equipment, or riding a bicycle or scooter in the street, or going swimming in the ocean, lake or river, or watching a porn video, or cleaning a toilet with its e coli & staph infestation, or the likelihood of an HIV positive or hepatitus positive person having used it, or using a stove or cooking on an open flame grill, or smoking a cig, or smoking a joint, or getting a prescription for sore throat, or asprin or oral contraceptive, or having a beer... or even kissing, why they may get Mono or oral herpes from that or a veneral disease.

    In fact since no one under 25 can consent to sex you need to go back thru your family history to see if any of your grandparents, great grandparents on down the line gave birth prior to the age of 25, because as they had no right to sex, any offspring have no right to being here as a result of it....

    So while it may be too late to kill your immediate ancestors which had no right to be born... please do kill yourself as you have no right to be here also.

  49. There is a little truth to what you say. But just a little. Also, lot of what you say has to do with education and culture.

    I know lots of 19 year olds that would never date a young boy under 35. Lots of 15 year olds would prefer 21 year olds to 15 year old boys.

    And I believe most 17 year olds would gladly have banged, or married Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise when they were 40. I think they still would even when these stars were older.

    And in many countries, Latin, Asian, Arab, 10 year age difference is totally normal.

    So the little truth is: if the girls pick a poor guy with no power and money, they probably would go for the younger guy.

    And believe me, most men, except poor gigolos, could care less about a physically unattractive 40 year old rich successful woman in a Ferrari. A large percentage of 18 year old women would be interested.

  50. Great. So you already support a lot of what this site is about:

    If you were in a country with age of consent 18, you would be attracted to men that would go to prison for a decade, for doing what you would invite them to do. They would be called rapist.

    And even in Sweden, if your boyfriend took a naked photo of yourself, it would be CHILD PORN. You would be considered a victim and he would go to prison. Certainly he would if he crossed any international borders and got his computer checked. Or if he took it to repair.

    And if you ever get angry at your boyfriend, you have the immense power to say he raped you, and he is almost chanceless to prove the contrary. Most likely he would be convicted.

  51. Andrew

    Jess if you have the least education whatsoever... or even if you are in the Ghetto & at least an avid watcher of cable television History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Science Channels.... you would know that nearly all historic cultures of the World knew that females develop earlier mentally, physically & are sexually aware to a deeper & higher level than males by several years... thus their legal age of majority/sexual consent/marriage for females was on average 3 or so years before the male. Rome, Asia, Islam, Indians, Africans, Judeao-Christendom, Brahmism, Druidism, Pacific, South American cultures etc.

    But I know your type, Jessie baby

    It's OK for under age 25... 21 & 18 year olds to pick up machine guns & flame throwers & drive jeeps with RPGs and gut shoot, nalpalm, torture & kill middle age men in their late twenties, thirties & forties by the pile.... See reducing the amount of middle age men ain't a bad thing... Of course their brains are fully formed enough to do service for the gynocratic State....

    But let a soldier who has been halfway around the World in battle for 2 years & hasn't had sex in 2 years or hardly seen a woman so much as touch the breast of an enemy female soldier who was trying to torture & kill him just prior... Why, that's a crime against Humanity & a Warcrime worthy of Hanging.

    You'd think the faster we get most favored Nation trading status for Iran & its export of construction cranes, the Better... wouldn't be an appropriate response?

  52. Alan Vaughn

    Andrew, yes that's also one of my favourite arguments agaisnt this fucking NONSENSE.
    My maternal grandparents were LEGALLY married at 16 & 17 (grandfather was 17) and interestingly, although not at all surprisingly: they also stayed married 'until death do us part'...
    This tells me that society back in the earlier half of the last century was a lot more functional and happier than what today's feminist controlled anti-male and anti-family society of today is, or could ever be.
    Why did they have to come up with their psychotic mantras, dogmas and mandates (such as the one discussed here) and destroy everyththing??

  53. Andrew

    OK little (likekly not so little) carpet muncher

    Sweden, a nation dominated by the most extreme of feminist and left-wing policies, according to independent researchers has by far the highest rates of rape in Europe, exceeding even the UK by a factor of two, and also has very high rates of crime in general.

    In Bernhard Schlink's The Reader, a 15-year-old boy has a sexual relationship with a woman twice his age — so who better to bring the novel to the big screen than a cast of actors with relevant life experience? At last night's premiere, Swedish-born actress Lena Olin freely admitted that, as a teenager, she had a relationship with a much older man (to the total horror of her publicist): "I think I was 16, and he was maybe 40 … 35," she told us with a shrug. "But back in Sweden, 15 is the age [of consent]. I was 16, I wasn't a child."

    There was an entire magazine, Star, devoted to Groupie culture. The “stars” of the magazine were known as “baby groupies” because they were majorly under-age (13-17). Lori Madoxx and Sable Starr were Star Magazine favorites. Starr lost her virginity to Iggy Pop, who would later write a song about the incident. Lori got her start by losing her virginity to David Bowie — also at 13. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin saw Lori in the pages of Star and swore he was gonna meet her. In true slash/romance novel lore, he had his tour manager “kidnap her” and take her back to the hotel. Lori recounted laying in his bed while he was on the phone with his girlfriend back home — which was apparently okay. But it was not okay when Page started sleeping with Bebe Buel (a fellow groupie and Liv Tyler’s future mother). Lori tore into the hotel room swinging and apparently Page seemed “amused”.

    In other words almost half the women in the World between the ages of 12 and 60 would suck geriatric old Mick Jagger's cock.... for free yet.

    Nice try bitch.

  54. Pearl

    Well. I'm 15. And... older men are just better goddamnit! It's just the way it is!

    I want to be protected! I want to say that so much but if I do, I'm weak! I'm not weak!

    There's so much I can't even explain! I may be immature in some ways due to lack of experiences... so why the hell would I be with someone who's not either!

    A lot of girls won't say this. But me, I want a MAN not a boy who inspires me and makes me better. I want to make him better and support him in his projects and work! What's so wrong with that. When I talk to older men it just feels so natural.

  55. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Nicely put Pearl, but my advice for you would be to insist you wait until you are of legal age in your state or country. Otherwise, not only will you potentially destroy the life of a man you love, you will be traumatised and victimised by a lucrative and powerful abuse industry run by middle-aged psychotic bags jealous of you and the power you have over men.

    And please, never forget how you felt as a teenager when you yourself become an older woman. Take care and best wishes.

  56. Hawkman

    This entire thread is really quite fascinating and intellectually stimulating. Why are many of the responses so damn harsh though?

    It's not too difficult to have a discussion without throwing insults into the mix. Come on, guys.

  57. Sharp

    I agree with you fully. I'm 34 and have been pursuing teenaged girls relentlessly and they're very receptive to it. Older women in their 30s are bitter and mean for the most part and make it hell for a normal guy to get a chance. I dont need that aggravation when teen girls look better anyway lol

  58. Eric

    I'm 41, and even here in the ultra sexually-repressed United States, I've seen and experienced the same phenomenon. Although over here, because of the intense paedohysteria and draconian laws, a man doesn't dare carry his pursuit much further than some mild flirtation.

    But take away those legal threats? LOL. Those bitter femihags who shame guys like me as 'losers who aren't attractive to women' would be eating their words in spades!

  59. no name

    G,day to everybody here in this forum .

    I stumbled on this site and have found it very interesting and have to say learnt something from the diversity and depth of knowledge of all the posts read thus far . Gained a sore mid section from the funnier posts too :> How and why did i stumble onto this site ! mmmm?

    Answer : I am a man of 33 and have a fiancé of 18 and met her just before her 18th. a small part " minor part " of me is looking for scenarios "in these times" " 2012 in the modern west " that can relate to my relationship dynamic as to embolden me aswell as ward off any slight misconceptions or feelings with in myself that somehow i am guilty of something !! My apologies for my writing style which needs improvement .
    I think i have gained some new understandings from this forum and it has quelled some " how ever slight " negative thoughts within me which is all part of the process leading up to getting married to my best friend and thereafter . Allot of valid points amongst the posts and speaking on behalf of my fiancé and mr no name, age was not an issue for us at all but rather commonality in certain key areas like we both are keen on marriage for example and family " in future " and share passion in music " listening and composing " and get along naturally in all areas . Yes, attraction fiscally from both parties i feel is needed to a degree but i do know that attraction can increase or be based on other factors depending on the individual and their surrounding environment, culture, education etc . What people want and feel is sometimes at odds with the law and the prevailing winds of norm in society of the time . we are living in an age " from my small understanding on it , truely " were governments are having to enact to many laws which infringe on the individuals right to govern his or hers own self leading to this dilemma . I still have more to write just ducking outside for smoke so forgive my post in present form if anyone reads before i return .

  60. Karl

    For me the answer is yes,I love girls around the age of 16 and would rather date them in this age group than women my age which is 45,but in reality few girls of this age would touch a man in his forties unless he was a celebrity,like famous actor,footballers pop star etc,I can think of a few men in their 50's and 60's that have dated 16 year old girls,but they are well known and rich,already men don't stand a chance,but we can dream,can't we?

  61. jack

    ... in reality few girls of this age would touch a man in his forties unless he was a celebrity ...

    True, but only in countries where Father State protects women by taxing older men and giving the money to women with nothing in exchange. In countries where Father State is absent (so-called "non advanced" countries) younger women actively seek out older men because they're the ones most able to protect them.

    Note though that even in our advanced countries, it is impossible to know how teenage girls would respond to middle-age men if prohibition and public condemnation didn't stand in the way. Saying girls of that age would not touch a man in his forties is pretty much self-fulfilling under the circumstances.

  62. theantifeminist

    Post author

    For me the answer is yes,I love girls around the age of 16 and would rather date them in this age group than women my age which is 45,but in reality few girls of this age would touch a man in his forties unless he was a celebrity,like famous actor,footballers pop star etc,I can think of a few men in their 50?s and 60?s that have dated 16 year old girls,but they are well known and rich,already men don’t stand a chance,but we can dream,can’t we?

    As a man in his forties, I know this to be factually incorrect.

    I see similar things in PUA forums, where the recieved wisdom says that once you get past 40, you don't even have much chance with women in their early twenties.

    I'm not saying it isn't very difficult for a man in his 40's to get into and maintain a serious relationship with a 16 or a 17 year old, but there are many many girls that age who will do more than 'touch' a man past 40, so long as you are well preserved and stand out in some way, either through your body (stop bitching and get to the gym 5 times a week!) or through your dress sense. And of course, you have to be confident enough to approach them. An attitude of thinking that no girl under 20 will touch you won't help.

    Luckily I don't really desire a heavy dating relationship with a girl that age (or any girl or woman), but for sure, I don't have trouble with girls that age being physically attracted to me.

    Get to the gym, consider taking steroids if your body really needs vast improvement (I've never taken steroids, and I would quickly become a phsyical freak if I took them at this stage, but when I get past 45 and if I'm starting to lose muscle, I would consider taking testosterone at least. If your testosterone is droppping you can get TRT from your doctor).

    Strike a balance between dressing like an old fart, and dressing like a sad 40 year old trying to look like a hip teenager.

    Play on your strengths of maturity. At the same time, you have to stand out from the crowd of 40 year old middle-aged dads and show that you're different. A little eccentricity in style and manner.

    This guy is one of the rare PUAs who chases 16/17 year olds occasionally and usually scores and at least gets their facebook or an 'instadate' when he tries (I think he's in his late 30's ) :

    If you're in your 40's, unless you happen to be very ugly or have no self-esteem and ability to approach girls, there is no reason why you can't have a combination of friendships with 16 and 17 year old girls, together with the occasional lay, even in today's world which seeks to stack the odds against you.

    BTW, the reason why you don't see many men our age with 16 year old girls has been addressed in the comments section extensively. Highwayman made some good points.

  63. Alan Vaughn

    Well I'm with you on all counts, especially what you said about the attitude derived from thoughts like: 'no girl under 20 will touch a man over 40' - DON'T think that at all because not only will it destroy your confidence, it's also NOT true!

    OK, while it's true that all of my younger girlfriends are Asian, I must point out that I actually prefer them to Anglo women anyway (I think they are vastly more attractive - prettier). Also the more obvious reason - they are not yet totally brainwashed by the feminist paedohysteria and misandric white-wash their Anglo counterparts have.

    My guess is that if our society wasn't floating on a cloud of paedohysteria and male sexuality wasn't the crime it is today, I would probably be involved with local (Australian Anglo) girls between 16 and 26 years old. I think MANY other men my age would be too. (They used to be quite commonly in the 1960's and 70's).
    I am married to one Asian woman who is still under 30 and have 2 girlfriends or 'mistresses'. I can change them if I want to each time I visit Asia (when not accompanied by my wife obviously).
    The main reason I wasn't involved with Asian girls many years ago, is quite simple - I didn't know how easy it was to pick them up until I started working in Asia about 8 years ago.
    I'd heard about it, but it didn't mean anything until I went there and saw all these beauties with my own eyes. As for picking them up, I hardly needed to. It was more a case of them picking me up.
    Until I went there myself I didn't fully believe the stories I'd heard - I thought only wealthy men could get really sexy ones or similar misinformation / assumptions...
    They do (also as you suggested) like a man who dresses fashionably. Whenever I am there I always dress the same as the young guys - many of the (older) Anglo men stick out - not so much because of their white skin, but more to do with the totally drab and plain way they dress! They dress like OLD men.

    Asian girls don't care if you're old, but they do appreciate a guy who doesn't FEEL old and who tries not to LOOK old. They believe (correctly) that the way you feel about yourself and the world is illustrated clearly by the way you dress.
    So if you're dressed like a young man, you probably feel young, well you at least might have a few fucks left in you anyway...

    I spoke to a bloke the other day who is also married to a 23 year old HOTTIE (he's from the UK and one year older than me at 55) and he made a really interesting comment along the lines of: He can pick-up a girlfriend (and he means a gf under 25) in the Philippines or Thailand, or for that matter - China (probably even easier), much more easily than what a sexy young UK girl could find a boyfriend even her own age in the UK or anywhere in Europe...

    He also agreed with me when I pointed out why it is true - FEMINISM in eUSSR, and virtually unheard of in Asia.

    I also know (being old enough to remember) that the late 1960's and the 70's were indeed the era of sexual liberation and famous people such as radio and TV presenters (Jimmy Savile), pop stars and other famous men were definitely NOT the only men over 40 years old to be dating, or even in full-blown relationships with 15 to 17 year old girls. (The age-group that are now defined as 'children' and if we as much as look at girls in that age group we're perverts and paedophiles).

    I am not saying that being married and having girlfriends is a good idea - not 'recommending' it but I am saying that it can be done and quite easily in Asian countries. There are so many very attractive, young, willing and AVAILABLE girls to choose from there, thus I have more than one simply because I can.

  64. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Haha, that cheered me up a little Jack.

    BTW, this appears to be one of my most popular articles also, in terms of number of comments (70+) and views.

    If you Google '40 year old men 16 year old girls' you should see this page appear in the results. It's getting a fair amount of traffic from that and similar search requests.

  65. Anonymous

    don't forget that her parents play a role in this, too. just because 16 is legal doesn't mean that the daddy will spare your life as a man around the same age as her parents for trying to trying to get into his little girl's pants

  66. theantifeminist

    Post author

    don’t forget that her parents play a role in this, too. just because 16 is legal doesn’t mean that the daddy will spare your life as a man around the same age as her parents for trying to trying to get into his little girl’s pants

    Bit of a melodramatic generalization there Anonymous. I have read of one case in the last few years in which a father seriously assaulted a man for having consensual sex with his legal teen daughter - this was the Russian German father who castrated the lover of his 17 year old daughter, which made worldwide headlines.

    There must be tens of thousands of older men involved in relationships with 16/17 year old girls around the world. I doubt if any of their lives are in danger.

    Personally speaking, I've actually been threatened in the past for ignoring the attempted seduction of myself by jailbait in the presence of their fathers, never mind 16 and 17 year olds.

    I get more aggression from fathers now if they catch me kopping an eyeful of their teen daughters in the street, but that's likely due to the fact that I'm more seriously into bodybuilding and it's an ego thing whereby they don't want to appear afraid of 'protecting' their daughter's honour and suchlike.

    Anyway, in today's world the parents of most 16 year old girls are already divorced and she probably hardly ever sees her dad. He need never know, especially if you live in a big city...hehe.

  67. thedude

    Yes, it's high comedy isn't it? Would I like a relationship with a cute, sweet, smart 16 year old girl? Uh, probably. Would I like possible prosecution (depending on where you live) and certain persecution and vilification on a daily basis? No.

    The option is not there to start with. It's like asking would I like to be a major movie star or live forever.

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