Do 40 Year Old Men Really Want Relationships with 16 Year Old Girls?

If men are really hardwired to prefer teenage girls, why are there so relatively few men having relationships with (legal) 16 and 17 year old girls?

I've been pleading with loyal and highly-esteemed reader 'Highwayman' to write a guest post here, or at InMalaFide, for some time, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.  Reading an old comment of his this morning made me realise I can do the next best thing - publish one of his best comments as a post.

Highwayman is replying to a comment from a femiservative reader - Danica - who questions whether  many 40 year old men would really want to have a relationship with a 16 year old girl, by pointing to the fact that the age of consent is still 16 in many places and yet such relationships appear quite rare.

QUOTE: “Do 40 year old men really want relationships with 16 year olds? No.”

Well 16 year old girls are illegal in many US and Australian States. Furthermore, as the Age of Consent is 18 in California the meme that 16 year olds are “jailbait” and “16 will get you 20" has spread throughout the Anglosphere and beyond as a lot of entertainment media is produced in Southern California. Even in jurisdictions where 16 year old girls are legal there are many ways for a man to get into trouble via laws against “grooming”, laws criminalizing men for taking a sexy photograph of their under-18 girlfriend, vaguely written “sexual exploitation” laws such as we have in Canada, laws against having sexual relationships with under-18s if the person over 18 is in “a position of authority”..etc. Given this legal situation is it any wonder that older men avoid relationships with young girls? Also keep in mind that in many jurisdictions laws governing sex with “minors” are strict liability offences where the adult will be punished even if he reasonably believed that the girl in question was over 16/17/18 (depending on the jurisdiction) therefor not only do men generally avoid under 18s but they also tend to avoid under 21s as well (to avoid the risk of an underage sex charge should the girl turn out to be under 18).

On top of the legal situation described above you also have a cultural environment where the definition of pedophilia has been extended to include sexual attraction to girls under the age of 18. Thus a man with a 16 year old girlfriend (or a man who desires one) will be branded a “sick pervert” or a “pedophile” and risk serious social ostracism.

Another thing that prevents many relationships between older men and young girls from happening are laws such as the legal drinking age ( 18 or 19 in Canada depending on the province and 21 in all US States) legal driving ages and laws/practices WRT how old you have to be to participate in certain recreational activities (nightclubs..etc) these laws and practices encourage a high level of age segregation.

Finally there is the fact that many 16 year old girls today are brought up in a culture of extended childhood and the result of this upbringing may make a number of 16 year olds unattractive to men (for relationship purposes). While some people may say “just let a kid be a kid” some mental health professionals have noted that this culture of extended childhood is NOT HEALTHY for adolescents.

In conclusion, I am simply trying to drive home the point that while it may be true that many men avoid 16 year old girls, this situation is an artificial one created by age of consent laws, pedohysteria, legal and cultural age segregation practices and a culture of extended childhood…if those factors where to change I guarantee you that there would be a very significant increase in the number of men who would be interested in 16 year old girls.

74 thoughts on “Do 40 Year Old Men Really Want Relationships with 16 Year Old Girls?

  1. Andrew

    Jess you are Sooooo right.
    Anyone under 25 cannot possibly consent to anything that even remotely could bring consequences or possible risk -
    Such as driving an automobile... or getting a job & possibly not filing out a tax form correctly, or going hunting with a shotgun or archery equipment, or riding a bicycle or scooter in the street, or going swimming in the ocean, lake or river, or watching a porn video, or cleaning a toilet with its e coli & staph infestation, or the likelihood of an HIV positive or hepatitus positive person having used it, or using a stove or cooking on an open flame grill, or smoking a cig, or smoking a joint, or getting a prescription for sore throat, or asprin or oral contraceptive, or having a beer... or even kissing, why they may get Mono or oral herpes from that or a veneral disease.

    In fact since no one under 25 can consent to sex you need to go back thru your family history to see if any of your grandparents, great grandparents on down the line gave birth prior to the age of 25, because as they had no right to sex, any offspring have no right to being here as a result of it....

    So while it may be too late to kill your immediate ancestors which had no right to be born... please do kill yourself as you have no right to be here also.

  2. There is a little truth to what you say. But just a little. Also, lot of what you say has to do with education and culture.

    I know lots of 19 year olds that would never date a young boy under 35. Lots of 15 year olds would prefer 21 year olds to 15 year old boys.

    And I believe most 17 year olds would gladly have banged, or married Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise when they were 40. I think they still would even when these stars were older.

    And in many countries, Latin, Asian, Arab, 10 year age difference is totally normal.

    So the little truth is: if the girls pick a poor guy with no power and money, they probably would go for the younger guy.

    And believe me, most men, except poor gigolos, could care less about a physically unattractive 40 year old rich successful woman in a Ferrari. A large percentage of 18 year old women would be interested.

  3. Great. So you already support a lot of what this site is about:

    If you were in a country with age of consent 18, you would be attracted to men that would go to prison for a decade, for doing what you would invite them to do. They would be called rapist.

    And even in Sweden, if your boyfriend took a naked photo of yourself, it would be CHILD PORN. You would be considered a victim and he would go to prison. Certainly he would if he crossed any international borders and got his computer checked. Or if he took it to repair.

    And if you ever get angry at your boyfriend, you have the immense power to say he raped you, and he is almost chanceless to prove the contrary. Most likely he would be convicted.

  4. Andrew

    Jess if you have the least education whatsoever... or even if you are in the Ghetto & at least an avid watcher of cable television History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Science Channels.... you would know that nearly all historic cultures of the World knew that females develop earlier mentally, physically & are sexually aware to a deeper & higher level than males by several years... thus their legal age of majority/sexual consent/marriage for females was on average 3 or so years before the male. Rome, Asia, Islam, Indians, Africans, Judeao-Christendom, Brahmism, Druidism, Pacific, South American cultures etc.

    But I know your type, Jessie baby

    It's OK for under age 25... 21 & 18 year olds to pick up machine guns & flame throwers & drive jeeps with RPGs and gut shoot, nalpalm, torture & kill middle age men in their late twenties, thirties & forties by the pile.... See reducing the amount of middle age men ain't a bad thing... Of course their brains are fully formed enough to do service for the gynocratic State....

    But let a soldier who has been halfway around the World in battle for 2 years & hasn't had sex in 2 years or hardly seen a woman so much as touch the breast of an enemy female soldier who was trying to torture & kill him just prior... Why, that's a crime against Humanity & a Warcrime worthy of Hanging.

    You'd think the faster we get most favored Nation trading status for Iran & its export of construction cranes, the Better... wouldn't be an appropriate response?

  5. Alan Vaughn

    Andrew, yes that's also one of my favourite arguments agaisnt this fucking NONSENSE.
    My maternal grandparents were LEGALLY married at 16 & 17 (grandfather was 17) and interestingly, although not at all surprisingly: they also stayed married 'until death do us part'...
    This tells me that society back in the earlier half of the last century was a lot more functional and happier than what today's feminist controlled anti-male and anti-family society of today is, or could ever be.
    Why did they have to come up with their psychotic mantras, dogmas and mandates (such as the one discussed here) and destroy everyththing??

  6. Andrew

    OK little (likekly not so little) carpet muncher

    Sweden, a nation dominated by the most extreme of feminist and left-wing policies, according to independent researchers has by far the highest rates of rape in Europe, exceeding even the UK by a factor of two, and also has very high rates of crime in general.

    In Bernhard Schlink's The Reader, a 15-year-old boy has a sexual relationship with a woman twice his age — so who better to bring the novel to the big screen than a cast of actors with relevant life experience? At last night's premiere, Swedish-born actress Lena Olin freely admitted that, as a teenager, she had a relationship with a much older man (to the total horror of her publicist): "I think I was 16, and he was maybe 40 … 35," she told us with a shrug. "But back in Sweden, 15 is the age [of consent]. I was 16, I wasn't a child."

    There was an entire magazine, Star, devoted to Groupie culture. The “stars” of the magazine were known as “baby groupies” because they were majorly under-age (13-17). Lori Madoxx and Sable Starr were Star Magazine favorites. Starr lost her virginity to Iggy Pop, who would later write a song about the incident. Lori got her start by losing her virginity to David Bowie — also at 13. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin saw Lori in the pages of Star and swore he was gonna meet her. In true slash/romance novel lore, he had his tour manager “kidnap her” and take her back to the hotel. Lori recounted laying in his bed while he was on the phone with his girlfriend back home — which was apparently okay. But it was not okay when Page started sleeping with Bebe Buel (a fellow groupie and Liv Tyler’s future mother). Lori tore into the hotel room swinging and apparently Page seemed “amused”.

    In other words almost half the women in the World between the ages of 12 and 60 would suck geriatric old Mick Jagger's cock.... for free yet.

    Nice try bitch.

  7. Pearl

    Well. I'm 15. And... older men are just better goddamnit! It's just the way it is!

    I want to be protected! I want to say that so much but if I do, I'm weak! I'm not weak!

    There's so much I can't even explain! I may be immature in some ways due to lack of experiences... so why the hell would I be with someone who's not either!

    A lot of girls won't say this. But me, I want a MAN not a boy who inspires me and makes me better. I want to make him better and support him in his projects and work! What's so wrong with that. When I talk to older men it just feels so natural.

  8. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Nicely put Pearl, but my advice for you would be to insist you wait until you are of legal age in your state or country. Otherwise, not only will you potentially destroy the life of a man you love, you will be traumatised and victimised by a lucrative and powerful abuse industry run by middle-aged psychotic bags jealous of you and the power you have over men.

    And please, never forget how you felt as a teenager when you yourself become an older woman. Take care and best wishes.

  9. Hawkman

    This entire thread is really quite fascinating and intellectually stimulating. Why are many of the responses so damn harsh though?

    It's not too difficult to have a discussion without throwing insults into the mix. Come on, guys.

  10. Sharp

    I agree with you fully. I'm 34 and have been pursuing teenaged girls relentlessly and they're very receptive to it. Older women in their 30s are bitter and mean for the most part and make it hell for a normal guy to get a chance. I dont need that aggravation when teen girls look better anyway lol

  11. Eric

    I'm 41, and even here in the ultra sexually-repressed United States, I've seen and experienced the same phenomenon. Although over here, because of the intense paedohysteria and draconian laws, a man doesn't dare carry his pursuit much further than some mild flirtation.

    But take away those legal threats? LOL. Those bitter femihags who shame guys like me as 'losers who aren't attractive to women' would be eating their words in spades!

  12. no name

    G,day to everybody here in this forum .

    I stumbled on this site and have found it very interesting and have to say learnt something from the diversity and depth of knowledge of all the posts read thus far . Gained a sore mid section from the funnier posts too :> How and why did i stumble onto this site ! mmmm?

    Answer : I am a man of 33 and have a fiancé of 18 and met her just before her 18th. a small part " minor part " of me is looking for scenarios "in these times" " 2012 in the modern west " that can relate to my relationship dynamic as to embolden me aswell as ward off any slight misconceptions or feelings with in myself that somehow i am guilty of something !! My apologies for my writing style which needs improvement .
    I think i have gained some new understandings from this forum and it has quelled some " how ever slight " negative thoughts within me which is all part of the process leading up to getting married to my best friend and thereafter . Allot of valid points amongst the posts and speaking on behalf of my fiancé and mr no name, age was not an issue for us at all but rather commonality in certain key areas like we both are keen on marriage for example and family " in future " and share passion in music " listening and composing " and get along naturally in all areas . Yes, attraction fiscally from both parties i feel is needed to a degree but i do know that attraction can increase or be based on other factors depending on the individual and their surrounding environment, culture, education etc . What people want and feel is sometimes at odds with the law and the prevailing winds of norm in society of the time . we are living in an age " from my small understanding on it , truely " were governments are having to enact to many laws which infringe on the individuals right to govern his or hers own self leading to this dilemma . I still have more to write just ducking outside for smoke so forgive my post in present form if anyone reads before i return .

  13. Karl

    For me the answer is yes,I love girls around the age of 16 and would rather date them in this age group than women my age which is 45,but in reality few girls of this age would touch a man in his forties unless he was a celebrity,like famous actor,footballers pop star etc,I can think of a few men in their 50's and 60's that have dated 16 year old girls,but they are well known and rich,already men don't stand a chance,but we can dream,can't we?

  14. jack

    ... in reality few girls of this age would touch a man in his forties unless he was a celebrity ...

    True, but only in countries where Father State protects women by taxing older men and giving the money to women with nothing in exchange. In countries where Father State is absent (so-called "non advanced" countries) younger women actively seek out older men because they're the ones most able to protect them.

    Note though that even in our advanced countries, it is impossible to know how teenage girls would respond to middle-age men if prohibition and public condemnation didn't stand in the way. Saying girls of that age would not touch a man in his forties is pretty much self-fulfilling under the circumstances.

  15. theantifeminist

    Post author

    For me the answer is yes,I love girls around the age of 16 and would rather date them in this age group than women my age which is 45,but in reality few girls of this age would touch a man in his forties unless he was a celebrity,like famous actor,footballers pop star etc,I can think of a few men in their 50?s and 60?s that have dated 16 year old girls,but they are well known and rich,already men don’t stand a chance,but we can dream,can’t we?

    As a man in his forties, I know this to be factually incorrect.

    I see similar things in PUA forums, where the recieved wisdom says that once you get past 40, you don't even have much chance with women in their early twenties.

    I'm not saying it isn't very difficult for a man in his 40's to get into and maintain a serious relationship with a 16 or a 17 year old, but there are many many girls that age who will do more than 'touch' a man past 40, so long as you are well preserved and stand out in some way, either through your body (stop bitching and get to the gym 5 times a week!) or through your dress sense. And of course, you have to be confident enough to approach them. An attitude of thinking that no girl under 20 will touch you won't help.

    Luckily I don't really desire a heavy dating relationship with a girl that age (or any girl or woman), but for sure, I don't have trouble with girls that age being physically attracted to me.

    Get to the gym, consider taking steroids if your body really needs vast improvement (I've never taken steroids, and I would quickly become a phsyical freak if I took them at this stage, but when I get past 45 and if I'm starting to lose muscle, I would consider taking testosterone at least. If your testosterone is droppping you can get TRT from your doctor).

    Strike a balance between dressing like an old fart, and dressing like a sad 40 year old trying to look like a hip teenager.

    Play on your strengths of maturity. At the same time, you have to stand out from the crowd of 40 year old middle-aged dads and show that you're different. A little eccentricity in style and manner.

    This guy is one of the rare PUAs who chases 16/17 year olds occasionally and usually scores and at least gets their facebook or an 'instadate' when he tries (I think he's in his late 30's ) :

    If you're in your 40's, unless you happen to be very ugly or have no self-esteem and ability to approach girls, there is no reason why you can't have a combination of friendships with 16 and 17 year old girls, together with the occasional lay, even in today's world which seeks to stack the odds against you.

    BTW, the reason why you don't see many men our age with 16 year old girls has been addressed in the comments section extensively. Highwayman made some good points.

  16. Alan Vaughn

    Well I'm with you on all counts, especially what you said about the attitude derived from thoughts like: 'no girl under 20 will touch a man over 40' - DON'T think that at all because not only will it destroy your confidence, it's also NOT true!

    OK, while it's true that all of my younger girlfriends are Asian, I must point out that I actually prefer them to Anglo women anyway (I think they are vastly more attractive - prettier). Also the more obvious reason - they are not yet totally brainwashed by the feminist paedohysteria and misandric white-wash their Anglo counterparts have.

    My guess is that if our society wasn't floating on a cloud of paedohysteria and male sexuality wasn't the crime it is today, I would probably be involved with local (Australian Anglo) girls between 16 and 26 years old. I think MANY other men my age would be too. (They used to be quite commonly in the 1960's and 70's).
    I am married to one Asian woman who is still under 30 and have 2 girlfriends or 'mistresses'. I can change them if I want to each time I visit Asia (when not accompanied by my wife obviously).
    The main reason I wasn't involved with Asian girls many years ago, is quite simple - I didn't know how easy it was to pick them up until I started working in Asia about 8 years ago.
    I'd heard about it, but it didn't mean anything until I went there and saw all these beauties with my own eyes. As for picking them up, I hardly needed to. It was more a case of them picking me up.
    Until I went there myself I didn't fully believe the stories I'd heard - I thought only wealthy men could get really sexy ones or similar misinformation / assumptions...
    They do (also as you suggested) like a man who dresses fashionably. Whenever I am there I always dress the same as the young guys - many of the (older) Anglo men stick out - not so much because of their white skin, but more to do with the totally drab and plain way they dress! They dress like OLD men.

    Asian girls don't care if you're old, but they do appreciate a guy who doesn't FEEL old and who tries not to LOOK old. They believe (correctly) that the way you feel about yourself and the world is illustrated clearly by the way you dress.
    So if you're dressed like a young man, you probably feel young, well you at least might have a few fucks left in you anyway...

    I spoke to a bloke the other day who is also married to a 23 year old HOTTIE (he's from the UK and one year older than me at 55) and he made a really interesting comment along the lines of: He can pick-up a girlfriend (and he means a gf under 25) in the Philippines or Thailand, or for that matter - China (probably even easier), much more easily than what a sexy young UK girl could find a boyfriend even her own age in the UK or anywhere in Europe...

    He also agreed with me when I pointed out why it is true - FEMINISM in eUSSR, and virtually unheard of in Asia.

    I also know (being old enough to remember) that the late 1960's and the 70's were indeed the era of sexual liberation and famous people such as radio and TV presenters (Jimmy Savile), pop stars and other famous men were definitely NOT the only men over 40 years old to be dating, or even in full-blown relationships with 15 to 17 year old girls. (The age-group that are now defined as 'children' and if we as much as look at girls in that age group we're perverts and paedophiles).

    I am not saying that being married and having girlfriends is a good idea - not 'recommending' it but I am saying that it can be done and quite easily in Asian countries. There are so many very attractive, young, willing and AVAILABLE girls to choose from there, thus I have more than one simply because I can.

  17. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Haha, that cheered me up a little Jack.

    BTW, this appears to be one of my most popular articles also, in terms of number of comments (70+) and views.

    If you Google '40 year old men 16 year old girls' you should see this page appear in the results. It's getting a fair amount of traffic from that and similar search requests.

  18. Anonymous

    don't forget that her parents play a role in this, too. just because 16 is legal doesn't mean that the daddy will spare your life as a man around the same age as her parents for trying to trying to get into his little girl's pants

  19. theantifeminist

    Post author

    don’t forget that her parents play a role in this, too. just because 16 is legal doesn’t mean that the daddy will spare your life as a man around the same age as her parents for trying to trying to get into his little girl’s pants

    Bit of a melodramatic generalization there Anonymous. I have read of one case in the last few years in which a father seriously assaulted a man for having consensual sex with his legal teen daughter - this was the Russian German father who castrated the lover of his 17 year old daughter, which made worldwide headlines.

    There must be tens of thousands of older men involved in relationships with 16/17 year old girls around the world. I doubt if any of their lives are in danger.

    Personally speaking, I've actually been threatened in the past for ignoring the attempted seduction of myself by jailbait in the presence of their fathers, never mind 16 and 17 year olds.

    I get more aggression from fathers now if they catch me kopping an eyeful of their teen daughters in the street, but that's likely due to the fact that I'm more seriously into bodybuilding and it's an ego thing whereby they don't want to appear afraid of 'protecting' their daughter's honour and suchlike.

    Anyway, in today's world the parents of most 16 year old girls are already divorced and she probably hardly ever sees her dad. He need never know, especially if you live in a big city...hehe.

  20. thedude

    Yes, it's high comedy isn't it? Would I like a relationship with a cute, sweet, smart 16 year old girl? Uh, probably. Would I like possible prosecution (depending on where you live) and certain persecution and vilification on a daily basis? No.

    The option is not there to start with. It's like asking would I like to be a major movie star or live forever.

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