The Arrest and Imprisonment Of The PUA Addy A-Game

This site is starting to become a time sink again. I took a long break as readers know, partly due to the Tom Grauer wrecking ball effect, but recently have been spurred into action again. I’ve been talking about Eivind Berge a lot, but stuff like that just makes me realize that this is all a nonsense, a complete waste of time. At the end of the day, men cannot co-operate on anything to do with their cocks (unless it’s cock blocking other men – ie. supporting feminist anti-sex puritanism, or religious puritanism). But there’s something in the news lately that I really have to address while it’s still relevant, and then I can take another break perhaps.

The PUA phenomenon is another classic example of the way in which men cannot co-operate over cocks. For sure, men will give each other advice, but either it’s for cash, or when it’s for free in forums and the like, it’s usually just bragging about lays.

PUA ‘grand masters’ such as Tom Torero always gave the best advice. For example – “don’t be anti-feminist”, or “don’t support men’s rights or even visit Manosphere sites”. It will ‘lower your frame’ and your chances of getting laid once from randomly approaching 200 HB6’s in a week.

Now Tom Torero has vanished from the netosphere, in the words of his friend from Newcastle – “It’s as though he never existed”. And the reason is PUAs are now getting arrested, as I predicted many years ago would happen. They said – ‘ they can’t make talking to women illegal’. Yes they can and they have. Or at least they have started arresting and jailing PUAs under existing vague laws.

I always knew that sooner or later, even the most ‘feminist’ PUA would wake up one morning, ready for a day spent expressing his ‘love for women’ by approaching, negging, and running Game on a few dozen of them in the street, in the hope of SDLing them (‘same day laying’) and then look online and see that the GAME literally is up. I think it was Tom who came up with the ‘blowjob test’ – a woman is worth approaching, even if at first glance less than a HB7, if you could imagine her sucking you off.

So unlike the PUA community, none of this came as a surprise to me. Especially as PUA became so popular, and especially ‘the Yad model’ and the like, that the average HB5 in London now gets approached by a clown jumping out in front of her saying ‘I know this is completely random blah blah’ at least 2 or 3 times a day (The Tragedy Of The Commons). Nethertheless, the ‘Addy A-Game’ case (and subsequent BBC documentary on PUAs) strikes me as being one of the worst setbacks of the last decade (and we’ve had a few, haven’t we?). Or rather, one of the most important historical stepping stones to a complete femislamization of the UK that I’ve been predicting since 2008.

I watched some of this Scottish Asian PUA’s videos on YouTube before his ‘exposure’ and arrest. He was unusually crass and vulgar even by PUA standards. I can’t remember, but even he probably claimed to be feminist and to ‘love women’ (when he wasn’t referring to them as ‘pussy’). I can recall thinking to myself that he was in for a world of trouble. Scotland, and Glasgow in particular, is perhaps the most feminazi and cucked place on Earth right now. He probably would have been on safer grounds approaching women in the street for sex in his ancestral home of Pakistan, (or Eivind Berge/Tom Grauer’s fantasy Islamic sexual paradise).

So his arrest didn’t come as any surprise, but what is really disturbing is the way his case was presented in court and in the media. It seems his ‘crime’ was not his extreme vulgarity, but the fact that he approached ‘schoolkids’, even though those ‘children’ were over the age of consent in the UK (and most countries), and in fact the same age or older than Greta ‘the virgin messiah’ Thurnburg, who these same left-wing cunts think we ought to listen to when it comes to the profound situation and future of the human race and planet.

Police Scotland had described Ahmed’s actions as “predatory behaviour”.

The court heard Ahmed approached two schoolgirls in a secluded lane in Uddingston in 2016.

They were aged 16 and 17 at the time.

The 17-year-old told jurors the father-of-one called her “pretty” and made her feel “uncomfortable.”

She added: “He asked me if I was at school and what I was doing at school.

“He was asking if I had a boyfriend and I said no.

“He asked me if I was married as I was wearing a ring but not on my wedding ring finger.

“I said no and walked away.

Apparently, the 16 year old girl is now a ‘sex abuse survivor’ and has been traumatized for life. I’m not saying that being approached by a horny Pakistani male in a ‘secluded lane’ is a nice thing for a sensitive 16 year old girl, but two years in prison and ten years on the sex offender’s register? Really? How about a caution, just to mark this out to all the other PUAs out there that a bit of reasonable discretion is needed when approaching females? How is this young female expected to survive in this world if she crumbles like a snowflake when an ugly ethnic male tells he she’s pretty?

And from reports of the trial, and the summning up of the judge, it’s clear this isn’t about protecting young females from real harrassment, it’s simply about turning even the attempted pursuit of young females above the age of consent into a sex crime.

A 20-year-old female thought that Ahmed was playing a practical joke on her when he approached her on Buchanan Street in November last year.

She said: “He gave me a compliment and said that I looked like Kim Kardashian.

“I said: “Whatever – is this a joke?’.

“As I watch [TV show] Impractical Jokers, I thought: ‘where is the cameras’.”

The woman told jurors that she felt “uncomfortable” and “intimidated” by Ahmed.

She told jurors: “I think he thought it was a challenge to go out with me.”

Ahmed messaged her on Instagram, but she blocked him when he called her “racist” for rejecting his advances.

So it’s now a crime to get the Instagram off of a 20 year old women, if you’re older than her. Yes, this harassed and victimized woman gave him her Instagram. Most PUA’s would consider this a ‘lead’. His approach wasn’t even rejected, and had no further real world contact with the woman (likely a HB5) yet he ends up with ten years on the sex offender’s register.

In the summning up of the judge ‘Sherrif Lindsay Wood’ –

Placing him on the sex offenders register for 10 years, Sheriff Lindsay Wood said: ‘Two schoolgirls were shamefully targeted by you in a quiet lane and the three other women were considerably younger than you. ‘Why on earth would you consider it appropriate to touch a complete stranger on the cheek and try to kiss them?

Following the sentencing, the BBC released a documentary on PUA in London (secretly filming a ‘bootcamp’ from Stree Attraction – one of the top London Day Game outfits). It was made by the journalist who originally ‘exposed’ Addy A-Game. Just as with him, the chief ‘crime’ of Steet Attraction was to permit the approaching of girls above the age of consent. 16 and 17 year old girls may be ‘minors’ but they are above the age of consent. These same leftie twats hero worship Alan Turing, whose ‘infamous’ conviction for sodomy was as a result of seducing (in a cinema), analy fucking, and attempted framing of a 19 year old who was a minor at the time (the age of majority in the UK in the 50’s was 21). Alan Turing now appears on British bank notes.

But perhaps what’s most sickening about all of this, is the reaction of other PUAs – again, entirely as I predicted. Ranging almost exclusively from the two extremes of simply vanishing (Tom Torero, Deepak Wayne and many others) to blithely going on in their aspie way as though nothing has happened.

Johnny Berba is still advising his Pakistani and currycel followers to approach women on the streets of London and ‘not to leave the conversation too early’! Keep ploughing folks, the worst that can happen is ten years on the sex offenders register.

Other PUAs are even gloating. Addy just didn’t have enough GAME. Street Attraction weren’t good at overcoming ‘shit tests’. This would never happen to them. And of course there’s less competition now. I went back to London a couple of weeks ago and spent the entire weekend in the center. First time in about 20 years that I did not see a single PUA approaching women.

Is PUA Still Legal In The UK?

As said above, whilst many top British PUAs have suddenly disappeared off of the face of the Earth, some are still claiming that there is nothing to fear from continuing to approach women in the street. One PUA claims to have been a lawyer by profession and made this video explaining why in England, it isn’t illegal.

I’m not sure how anyone can be confident of that being the case after the Addy verdict. The fact is that he was convicted upon the basis of a vague law that is now open season for feminist judges to interpret how they please. Not only that, but the judge made no bones about the fact that Addy was going down because he talked to ‘schoolgirls’ (above the age of consent) and women ‘much younger than himself’.

It also ignores the fact that a teenage boy was recently convicted of assault for touching a 17 year old girl’s arm whilst trying to talk to her in the street.

I would say talking to 16 year old girls in the UK, even 18 year old females, is now about as legal or illegal as banging a 14 year old girl was in the 1970’s. Such ‘crimes’ were rarely if ever prosecuted back then, but look at all the old men now locked up for it. In another 20 or 30 years I’m sure we’ll be living in a society in which just looking at a member of the opposite sex in public will get you on the sex offenders register, and there will be hags in their fifties claiming ‘I was told I was beautiful by one of those PUAs on Oxford Street back in 2016 and I’ve never been able to have a relationship or pee straight since. Lock him up so I can get closure (and some victim compensation)’.

Operation PUAtree.

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