Naomi Wolf – A Feminist and a Rapist?

I posted a YouTube video recently arguing that the statement ‘All Feminists are Rapists’ has far more truth in it than the infamous radical feminist claim that ‘All Men are Rapists’. I wasn’t merely being melodramatic or deliberately provocative – I really think that feminism is the rape of the male and that therefore anyone who identifies themselves as a feminist has to accept the responsibility of being a rapist as well.

The logic of my argument is quite simple :

Premise 1/ Feminists imprison men through laws intended to coerce men into having sex with feminists – or the demographic of women that support feminists into positions of power where they can make these laws. (example : British feminists recently criminalized the paying for sex with prostitutes by men. This is an attempt to discourage men from paying for anonymous sex rather than having sexual relationships with i.e. middle-aged feminists. Another obvious example is the wish by most feminists to criminalize pornography i.e men will go to prison to be raped for looking at pictures of beautiful females instead of having sexual relationships with feminists).

Premise 2/ Coercing people into having sex is rape.

Therefore : Feminists are Rapists

The second premise would probably be accepted by all. The first premise might seem controversial. Today I came across a remarkable article (published in 2003) by the famous feminist Naomi Wolf, author of ‘The Beauty Myth’. The article is entitled ‘The Porn Myth’ and argues that ‘porn puts men off the real thing’. In other words, Naomi Wolf accepts that the standard feminist claim that pornography leads to rape etc. is simply a cover for the real objection : that porn makes it less likely that men will have sex with feminists. Feminists object to the voyeuristic element of porn, the fact that porn leads not to men wanting more sex with women, but rather less sex with women. Porn enables men to satisfy their sexual urges by jacking off to pictures of beautiful 19 year old models instead of having to have a sexual relationship with a real woman and this is why middle-aged feminists hate it. As the great Bernard Chapin puts it, porn doesn’t lead to rape, it ‘simply allows men to get to sleep a little earlier’. Actually feminists probably wouldn’t object to porn if it did lead to higher levels of rape, so long as it also led to men having more sexual relationships with them.

That this has always been the real reason for the feminist objection to pornography strikes me as simply obvious. If porn led to men wanting to go out and breed like rabbits then evangelical Christians would no doubt be handing out copies of Hustler and Penthouse to all the men in their congregations rather than preaching eternal hell for masturbaters.

Porn enables men to say no to women, in particular to say no to having a sexual relationship with a middle-aged or plain looking woman (the type of woman feminists tend to be). Banning pornography is an attempt by feminists to remove that ability to say no. Banning pornography is the rape of the male and Naomi Wolf is here admitting that All Feminists are Rapists.