FDA Approves Stem Cell Cosmetic Rejuvenation Clinical Trial


Clinical research company Antria, Inc. today announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the next step in medical research to help patients look younger using their own stem cells.

Antria is the first company to gain FDA approval to initiate Phase 2 clinical trials with autologous adipose derived stem cells (ADSC) for plastic surgery. Antria completed the first phase of research in May 2014, which showed promising results.

“ADSCs are one of most promising avenues of medical research to use the stem cells of patients to create a more natural, longer-lasting youthful look than traditional cosmetic surgery,” said Dr. Leonard Maliver, chief executive officer of Antria…

Antria’s patent-pending process uses liposuction to extract the patient’s own fat. Within one hour, stem cells are prepared from that material. Clinicians then inject the stems cells under the patient’s facial skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and sagging skin.

Feminist Attacks On Sexbots Continue


Levy argues that as long as sexbots are artefacts, without ‘artificial consciousness’, there are no ethical implications in having sex with them or using them for prostitution. However, should sexbots attain artificial consciousness, Levy argues there may be both legal and ethical implications not only for humans but for the robots themselves. But even if sexbots are not currently conscious, they do have the external markings of personhood, and we are programming them to be person-like. Indeed, we are programming them to be like a specific type of person: the type of woman who can be owned by a heterosexual man.

If women are the model on which most sexbots are based, we run the risk of recreating essentialised gender roles, especially around sex. And that would be too bad, because sex technology has the potential to alleviate longstanding human problems, for both men and women. Sex tech can help us take on sexual dysfunction and profound loneliness, but if we simply create a new variety of second-class citizen, a sexual creature to be owned, we risk alienating ourselves from each other all over again.

See also : http://theantifeminist.com/feminist-attacks-the-idea-of-sexbots-bbc/


Rebecca Roache Philosophy Professor Calls for Men to Be Placed in Artificial Hells for Thousands of Years

Rebecca Roache, a philosophy professor at the University of Oxford, has discussed with the Daily Mail – that noted institution of social justice and progress – her hope that transhumanism and biotechnology will soon allow criminals to be locked up and tormented in artificial hells that last for thousands of years.


‘Of course, there is a widely held view that any amount of tinkering with a person’s brain is unacceptably invasive,’ she said. ‘But you might not need to interfere with the brain directly.’

Time distortion, for instance, is already a technique used in interrogation, where people are exposed to constant light, or unusual light changes, so that they can’t tell what time of day it is.

Another scenario being explored by the group is uploading the criminal’s mind to a digital realm to speed up the 1,000 year sentence.

‘As the technology required to scan and map human brain processes improves, some believe it will one day be possible to upload human minds on to computers,’ Dr Roache said.

This means that with sufficient computer power, it would be possible to speed up the rate at which an uploaded mind runs.

Similarly, uploading the mind of a convicted criminal and running it a million times faster than normal would enable the uploaded criminal to serve a 1,000 year sentence in eight-and-a-half hours.

‘This would, obviously, be much cheaper for the taxpayer than extending criminals’ lifespans to enable them to serve 1,000 years in real time,’ said Dr Roache.

Despite being a professor of philosophy at Oxford University, Rebecca Roache doesn’t appear able to see that some of the most basic and obvious requirements of justice would be lacking in such a scheme. For example, a falsely convicted prisoner experiencing a subjective hell of 1,000 years in an objective 8 and 1/2 hours would not have the basic hope of appealing and having his conviction overturned during the sentence, or indeed of making any appeal over the length and severity of his punishment. A punishment lasting a thousand years or more (subjectively) would be completed without any possibility of a wrongful conviction being corrected before its completion. In the real world, social mores change from generation to generation. Perhaps if they had had this proposed technology in 1952, Alan Turing wouldn’t have been simply ‘castrated’ but sentenced to a 100 years of subjective torment. He would still have died long before society came to the conclusion that his conviction was a stain upon humanity.

But none of this may be of any concern to her, because it appears that Rebecca Roache doesn’t seem to take issues of false accusations and the possibility of wrongful convictions very seriously at all. This is a tweet she made on January 16th, when Bill Roache (presumably no relation to her) and Dave Lee Travis were still going through their personal hells facing their (false) accusers in court :


Left-Wing Feminist Diane Abbott Turns Femiservative

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2256850/How-feminism-blame-breakdown-family-Left-winger-Diane-Abbott.html (Warning – does contain images that readers may find offensive)

Feminism is partly to blame for the breakdown of the family, one of Labour’s most senior female politicians has said.

Diane Abbott, the party’s public health spokesman, said that major issues facing society ‘stem from family breakdown’.

And in a surprise admission from one of the Left’s most outspoken feminists, she conceded that women’s rights campaigners have neglected the family.

Miss Abbott, a divorced mother with one son, also highlighted the harmful impact on society of internet pornography and fast food…

..Miss Abbott also threw her support behind Tory MP Claire Perry’s crusade to introduce controls on viewing internet pornography.

‘Children very young, ten or 11, can go online and see stuff they could not have bought in a newsagent 20 years ago,’ she said. ‘This crude pornification is new, and leads to the objectification of the human body, especially girls’ bodies.’

“leads to the objectification of the human body, especially girls’ – what these old hags wouldn’t give to have their bodies turned into those of a nubile teenage girl, and be objectified by every man that looks their way..or at least every Alpha male. I wonder how many hours Diane Abbot spends every day applying make-up, choosing fashions, trying to eat right to keep what’s left of her figure etc ? If male science ever gives these femihags total power to choose how they look, you can be sure they will choose the look that leads to them being ‘objectified’ the most, and you wont ever hear a peep from them again about objectification.

As for her turn to femiservatism, it’s unsurprising when you realise that feminists are just parasites who hijack any cause or ideology in order to raise their sexual market value. Feminists or femiservatives never actually believe any of the shit they come out with, and certainly not the ideology their sexual trade unionism comes dressed in. Women, and feminists like Abbott, are starting to see that despite all the draconian legislation introduced by left-wing feminists, the free sexual market has still not been closed. Unable to grasp that this is because the sexual market is dictated by technologies that humans have little control over (such as the creation of the internet), they are now flooding to either femiservatism or Islam in order to vainly preserve their vag value.

Happily, as mentioned above, possibly within decades, it will become a reality that even the likes of Dianne Abbott will be able to look like a 15 – 16 year old Anna Kournikova. When that happens, the sex war ends, as does the Sexual Trade Union, as does the criminalization of male sexuality.


New Transhumanism Site Promises to Question Sex Laws

Sexual Trade Union theory predicts that as technological progress speeds up, and continues to open the sex market and lower the ‘price’ of sex (or sexual satisfaction) for men, feminism will continue to legislate against male sexuality at an ever greater rate, in an ever more vain attempt to turn back the clock.

For a pro-male sexuality men’s rights movement to have any hope of fighting the rush of Sexual Trade Union leglislation, we need to keep watch on what is likely to happen in the future with regard to technology impacting upon the sex market and the driving forces motivating feminism.  The most obvious way to do this is to follow some of the numerous websites devoted to charting the latest developments in cutting edge science that promise to revolutionise society (I have some of them listed in my sidebar to the right).

The most fundamental way that science will change society in the coming decades will be by altering human beings themselves, the ramifications of which are explored in the philosophy known as Transhumanism.  Our bodies and probably even our minds will undergo more change in the next 100 years than the previous 100,000.   And given that sex is at the heart of both evolution and human psychology, the consequences for the free sexual market, and for the sex war between men and women, will likely make the mayhem caused by the introduction of the contraceptive pill look like a mere ripple in a stream by comparison.

Unfortunately, most transhumanist sites are firmly in the (il)liberal (un)progressive camp, and usually blindly supportive of feminism.  In fact, it’s fair to say that feminists have had even more success in hijacking the secular agenda of transhumanism even more than they have thus far with atheism.

However, a new transhumanist site is at least promising to challenge sex laws, whether they be outdated by new technology, or inappropriate and clumsy attempts to resist new technology.  The site is Transhumanity.net, run by our old friend Hank Pellissier.

Transhumanity.net has been offering its audience news and viewpoints on transhumanist topics ranging from Life Extension to Artificial Intelligence. We feel this is important, but we’re aware that multiple other websites provide the same package.

Let’s try something new, we decided, that other h+ sites aren’t focused on. How about…?…

….Sex: Men and women think about sex 10-19 times a day. Since most of us are semi-obsessed with eros, Transhumanity.net is going to offer regular articles on the topic, on subjects like cosmetic enhancement, sex robots, birth control, sexual identity, and sex laws. Pictures included. Send us ideas on areas you’d like us to… uncover…

Controversy: We’re committed to taking on the most flammable topics. Gun laws, pedophilia, religion, UFOs, secession, conspiracy theories – if it’s taboo and rude, Transhumanity.net is interested. Please email us your shameless suggestions.