NSPCC and Other Children’s Charties Knowingly Preyed On Dementia Sufferers to Extract Cash

The NSPCC, one of the largest children’s charties in the world and perhaps the leading culprit in the promotion of child abuse hysteria and the demonization of men, has been forced to review its ruthless business practices after it was exposed as using a cold-calling center that it knew targetted dementia sufferers for donations.


The latest revelations come after the tragic case of 92 year old Olive Cooke, whose death it is widely believed was at least partly caused by hounding from charties, including ‘Save the Children’, for donations.

The NSPCC recieves over £100 million in donations each year from the British public. It is infamous for using most of that money to pay its legions of staff obscene salaries, including a ‘professor of child sex abuse and exploitation’ (who is a radical feminist and who believes that all sex is rape). This week it was revealed that its chief executive earns almost £200k a year, and recently awarded himself a 70% pay rise.

The NSPCC is willing to hound old women to their deaths in order to extort the millions of pounds needed to pay its staff their £100k salaries, as well as fund their campaigns to put ever more men in prison to be anally raped and thousands more teenage girls through the trauma of forced victim labelling and therapy.

What a truly vile organization. The REAL problem.

See also : http://www.theopinionsite.org/is-the-nspcc-being-dishonest-in-order-to-get-our-money/

Childhood Bullying Causes Greater Psychological Harm to Children than does Abuse by Adults

A scientific study has found that maltreatment by adults leaves less mental scars on children than bullying from peers.

Yawn. I’ve always thought it beyond ridiculous the feminist idea that ‘sexual abuse’, which is rarely done with the deliberate intention of inflicting harm, and of course under feminist inflated definitions is usually willingly engaged in by the supposed ‘child victim’, can be as or greater damaging psychologically than bullying, which is 100% directly psychologically abusive and performed entirely with the intention of causing mental harm and distress.

And this ties in even with the findings of the NSPCC itself, the world’s most powerful Sexual Trade Union lobbying group ‘Child Protection’ society, that bullying is indeed easily the biggest problem facing children, and the thing that children themselves are most concerned about (despite paedohysteria).

These findings shouldn’t surrise anyone, but what would be a huge surprise is if the Sexual Trade Union Child Protection Industry started devoting more than 5% of their resources on combatting childhood bullying rather than spending 95% of their billions on promoting paedohysteria and the demonization of men and fathers as sexual and physical abusers of children.

Oh, and btw IQ 70 MHRAs – perhaps you bunch of clowns should take note of it too.


A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry shows that children who have been bullied by peers suffer worse in the longer term than those who have been maltreated by adults.

The research is led by Professor Dieter Wolke from Warwick’s Department of Psychology and Warwick Medical School. The study is due to be presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San Diego on Tuesday 28 April.

There is already an established link between maltreatment by adults and the mental health consequences for children. Professor Wolke and his team wanted to examine whether long-term mental health issues among victims of bullying were related to having been maltreated by adults as well.

They looked at data from 4,026 participants in the UK ALSPAC study (Avon Longtitudinal Study of Parents and Children) and 1,273 participants from the US Great Smoky Mountain Study.

For ALSPAC they looked at reports of maltreatment between the ages of 8 weeks and 8.6 years; bullying at ages 8, 10 and 13; and mental health outcomes at age 18. Data from the Great Smoky Mountain Study had reports of maltreatment and bullying between the ages of 9 and 16, and mental health outcomes from 19-25 years old.

Professor Wolke said: “The mental health outcomes we were looking for included anxiety, depression or suicidal tendencies. Our results showed those who were bullied were more likely to suffer from mental health problems than those who were maltreated. Being both bullied and maltreated also increased the risk of overall mental health problems, anxiety and depression in both groups.”

Steve Moxon – Immigration total fiasco, abuse of legal process re domestic violence, and daft working of the ‘Malicious Communications Act’: how come Tersa May keeps her job?


Can anyone explain how the appalling Teresa May remains Home Secretary?
Just emerged are several absolutely damning reports from the official thorn in her side, John Vine, the outgoing Chief Inspector of Borders. To the Wicked Witch’s shame, she’s been sitting on them for several months, still further exposing the non-existence of the UK’s immigration system. Vine actually went into the Department and asked point-blank if it was official policy to deliberately fail to administer the whole immigration system. One report concerned the complete failure to deal with the massive problem of illegal overstayers. Of the small minority of overstayers the Home Office had actually identified – some 300,000 – in the great majority of instances they had lost all track of where they were. Most of the files had been left to rot – some at the bottom of a disused lift shaft. Attempts to remove in many cases were simply a text message pointing out overstay! As so many times before, this is just another ginormous backlog the Home Office tried to hide. Another report revealed that granting citizenship has doubled, yet no checks were carried out, not just re character but even criminality, tax avoidance and benefit fraud. Even when applicants volunteered serious adverse information, no action was take – even in cases of clear deception to obtain citizenship.
It’s now a decade since I ‘blew the whistle’ on the complete non-system re immigration for the UK (back in Spring 2004), and ever more clearly, nothing has changed. With May’s Government actually having cut 2,000 immigration posts, it has long been apparent that nothing was ever intended do do anything serious about it.
On top of the gross mismanagement re immigration, the stupid harridan introduced a truly risible and absurd extension of an ‘it’s anything anyone says it is’ law into partner abuse. Domestic violence – sorry, abuse, as it’s long been watered down – now is anything anyone says it is: just like, post-Macpherson, ‘racism’ literally is anything anyone says it is. Completely unworkable law wide open to any extreme of abuse. To make matters even worse, men do not conceive of women’s spousal violence towards them as criminal, whereas women are famously prone to exaggerate restraint of their own domestic violence to twist round the direction of perpetration, and many women readily make up allegations instrumentally in divorce or custody disputes.
The Wicked Witch also presides over – nay, fully encourages – a hideous abuse of the Malicious Communications Act whereby the police are inclined to arrest anyone for tweeting mere bad taste. So it was for the Sunderland teenager who dissed Glasgow and Glaswegians by quipping that a dustcart actually picked up some proper rubbish when it moved down some pedestrians that day. Wasn’t he just lampooning the now customary mass outpouring of overblown grief for others not personally known to the faux grievers? On what possible basis do they claim to be seriously offended? Never mind ‘serious’, how can they claim to take any sort of offence such that it should invoke legal redress? Haven’t they heard of – and do they not care for the notion of – ‘free speech’? Who remotely cares what these idiots may or may not pretend to feel? Are the police intending to try to make out it’s a ‘racial’ ‘hate’ crime? If so, the they should be mauled in court for trying to make out that fellow Caucasians are somehow of a different ‘race’.
Astonishingly, this bossy but ineffectual ugly sister has serious aspirations to lead the Tawdry Party. What does that say about the quality of the Tawdry front bench and those waiting in the wings? What does it say about the contempt the political class has for the ability or ordinary people to think they way out of a paper bag?

Steve Moxon – ‘Kirsty Wark’s warped invention of ‘the new battle of the sexes’ on Boob2 last night’


(you can watch the BBC documentary Steve Moxon is referring to here.

Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark’s warped documentary ‘Blurred Lines: the New Battle of the Sexes’ is a renewed attempt to invent a sex war when it doesn’t exist.
This documentary completely falls foul of the BBC’s remit re accuracy, bias, etc.
Wark’s central assertion that misogyny [sic] is a growing phenomenon neglects to point out that misogyny [sic] even as any sort of existing, let alone growing phenomenon has no basis in any scientific or other objective analysis; being an extreme ideological notion severely prejudiced against boys/men and to further over-privilege girls/women..
It’s nonsense to assert as ‘sexism’ not to see a need for ‘equal representation’ of women in parliament and men re housework when there are profound reasons well understood in science disciplines why the sexes never have (and never will) behave in similar ways.
Internet trolling is not due to misogyny [sic] but a critical mass of individuals no longer putting up with fatuous extreme-feminist cant; instead seeking to provoke a manufactured ‘taking offence’.
The line that men supposedly are angry/fearful of women is a failure to understand the perennial ubiquitous deep-seated prejudices of being pro-female (because the female is the limiting factor in reproduction) and anti-male (through the basis of social system in controlling male access to sex). A ‘runaway’ over-privileging of the female and the obverse re the male leads to no set of circumstances where even the most obvious male disadvantage and female privilege is not inverted to be misperceived as the opposite.
The assertion that there exists a “new misogyny” is the death throes of a wilfully ignorant quasi-religious ideology of extreme feminism.
This documentary programme wholly contradicts any conceivable ‘public service’ remit.

NSPCC says teachers ‘must look for signs of abuse’

The NSPCC has ordered teachers throughout the UK to observe their schoolchildren for signs of posession by the devil..


Teachers must watch out for signs that their teenage pupils are in abusive relationships, experts have warned.

The NSPCC urged school staff to look out for tell-tale evidence such as bruising, changes in personality, anxiety and a decline in attention.

Fiona Becker, senior consultant at the charity, told the Association of Teachers and Lecturers annual conference: “Abuse can be physical, sexual or emotional. It is distinguished from bullying. A lot of people have experience of it but school policies don’t reflect this.”

It must be distinguished from bullying, because although by the NSPCC’s own figures bullying is by far the biggest problem facing teenagers, the NSPCC prefers to spend its vast wealth (£100 million+ yearly) on promoting sex and abuse histeria.

The jellyhag femirapist continues, without any sense of irony…

As well as physical violence, abuse can include threats, humiliation, in-sults, put-downs, pressure to have sex, and unreasonable jealousy, added Ms Becker. Victims might be told they cannot see certain people or go to certain places

shEU Claims 1 in 3 Women Assaulted Since Age 15 – MORE LAWS NEEDED!!!

shEU state broadcasting corporation the BBC reports :


About a third of all women in the EU have experienced either physical or sexual violence since the age of 15, according to a survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.

That corresponds to 62 million women, the survey says.

It is said to be the biggest survey conducted on the subject, and is based on interviews with 42,000 women.

The report calls on EU countries to treat domestic violence as a public, not a private issue.

It says laws and policies relating to sexual harassment should be reviewed.

British Women Win ‘Right’ to Check Police Records of their Partners

Women across England and Wales will now have the right to check the police records of their partners. Presumably, to ensure that their new boyfriend is the hoped for violent thug..rather than some effete geek caught looking at pictures of young looking elves in bikinis. Is the UK now officially the worst cuntry in the world to live in for a man?


Clare’s Law, which enables people to check the police record of their partners, will be expanded to cover all of England and Wales.

It has been piloted in Greater Manchester, Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire and Gwent since September 2012.

The policy is named after Clare Wood, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend George Appleton at her Salford home in February 2009.

She was unaware of his history of violence against women.

The law is expected to take effect across England and Wales in March.

Angry Harry – ‘What is Stop Violence Against Men Day?’



Stop Violence Against Men Day – which occurs on the first day of every month – is a day in which people are reminded that violence against men is just as wrong as is violence against anyone else.

After all, men are human beings too!

Furthermore, violence against men is, and has been, a huge problem right across the planet – for many thousands of years, spreading misery among millions of people.

Indeed, wars throughout the whole of history have, essentially, been wars against men.

True, most of the perpetrators are men, but any intelligent person knows full well that any victims of violence are victims of violence; regardless of who is the perpetrator.

And yet people nowadays seem to think that if, for example, men are violently assaulted by other men, then the assaulted men just do not count as victims.

These male victims are simply swept under the carpet, psychologically speaking, and they are cunningly disappeared from view.

Indeed, the official domestic violence statistics also sweep them under the carpet by specifically excluding male victims of domestic violence if the perpetrators are men.

***Just to illustrate Angry Harry’s point, a recent fuss involving government heads of state has resulted in Facebook banning videos showing people having their heads sawn off by Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists. After hundreds of videos of men being beheaded and/or skinned alive, what did it take for governments finally to speak out? You guessed it :


The woman in question was probably a drug cartel member who had already beheaded many men. In fact, there are videos online of female mexican gangsters beheading men – no protests from David Cameron then.

Another question is who is responsible for the culture of male on male violence :