Angry Harry – ‘Men have been brainwashed into believing what is natural is perverted’

I already posted a link to this Angry Harry article a few years ago, but decided to revisit it again because it’s a classic example of the way he brought logic and cool headed reason to subjects that even most ‘red pill’ MRAs and others find hard to do so. Although using the case of a Japanese man caught taking ‘upskirts’ as an example, Harry is really discussing the way in which society pathologizes normal male sexuality through shaming language in order to control it.

What is wrong with men wanting to look up, or under, women’s skirts?


A few days ago, I switched on the TV, only to be horribly confronted by the sight of some 17 year old schoolboy from Japan being assiduously kicked and punched by some female who could have been his mother, his girlfriend, his wife, his sister, his schoolteacher, or even his grandmother – you can never quite tell with the Japanese because they age so well.

I put on my glasses to read the subtitles and, in summary, the schoolboy had been caught pointing his camera up the skirts of women and photographing whatever contents lay therein.

“Pervert. Pervert,” she shouted as she beat him about the head rather savagely.

And, “Pervert. Pervert,” shouted just about everyone else for the next ten minutes.

I’d had enough.

So I switched off the TV and spent the next 30 minutes or so thinking about the pleasures of looking up women’s skirts.

I’m a bit passed it now – well, almost – but I can assure my most excellent readers that it is perfectly normal for heterosexual men to enjoy looking up the skirts of women.

And there’s nothing perverted about it.

Indeed, if you look at the way in which women dress in order to titillate men – especially female singers, dancers, celebrities etc – it seems quite clear that just about everybody on the planet is aware of the fact that men enjoy taking sneaky peeks up women’s skirts.

So, what on earth can be ‘perverted’ about it?

Sure, it would be highly inappropriate to wonder around the streets peeking surreptitiously up the skirts of passing strangers as they walked up stairs or bent over to pick up things – and unpleasant for the women, I imagine. And it makes some sense for such activities to be illegal.

But ‘perverted’?


Something is ‘perverted’ when it is rare, extreme, a gross distortion of what is natural.

It cannot be ‘perverted’ if it is so common that it is normal.

Goodness me. We don’t even call a bank robber ‘perverted’ – despite the fact that hardly any of us rob banks.


Well, I presume that this is because while we do not support what a bank robber does, we mostly understand, and can even empathise with, his motives.

His desires!

After all, we all know that most of us would like some extra, easy cash.

So, there is nothing ‘perverted’ about this desire for more money.

But the really interesting thing is this.

You will surely have noticed that MEN can very often be seen endorsing the view that some kind of sexual activity or desire is ‘perverted’ when, quite clearly, it is not; a voyeur trying to look at all the naked ladies in the locker room through the keyhole, a young boy playing doctors and nurses with his sister or his cousin, a panty sniffer, a foot fetishist – and goodness knows what other sexual antics men are disposed to engage in – mentally or behaviourally.

Very few of these things are extreme, rare or gross deviations from what seems to be natural – ‘natural’, essentially being something to do with the fact that males find females to be hugely attractive.

Or are men supposed to be sexually attracted to only one thing when it comes to women?

A single hole.

Of course, some forms of sexual predilection do seem to be ‘perverted’. Necrophilia, sexual murder/mutilation and, perhaps, sex with animals come to mind.

But the notion that a man is a pervert because he has the urge to touch, lick, fondle, smell or view the bodies of women – or parts thereof – seems to be utterly preposterous.

So, what is going on here?

Why is it that so many men – and, indeed, the tabloids – will label as a ‘pervert’ a man who is caught looking up women’s skirts?

And my own view is that, in much the same way that men have been brainwashed into finding funny even acts of horrible male mutilation (such as found in Bobbitt jokes) so it is that they have also been brainwashed into believing that what is natural for them is ‘perverted’.

Indeed, It is quite amazing to see just how stupefied and filled with (unconscious?) self-loathing men have become.

So my message to all you men out there is this.

If you feel the urge to look up the skirts of women, feel no shame

If you feel the urge to look up the skirts of women, feel no shame; because there is nothing perverted about this.

And whenever you hear other men mindlessly suggesting that such a desire is ‘perverted’, then point out to them that they must be so stupefied with malicious, misandric feminist hogwash that they have now, clearly, become very stupid men indeed.

So stupid, in fact, that not only are they demonising themselves, but they seem to be completely unaware of this.

And you can’t get much more stupid than that!

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    “The woman that he wants to marry must be at least 25 years old and the age difference between the two spouses in all cases must not exceed 30 years.”

    “The rules for Saudi women planning to marry foreigners include a clause that stipulates that the age difference between them must not exceed 10 years.

    The condition was set to ensure there is no exploitation of Saudi women, the daily said.

    The only exception for the minimum age for the woman is the existence of a physical handicap or special needs, including being born to unknown parents.

    In such cases, the minimum age is lowered from 30 to 27 and should be approved by the social affairs ministry.”

  2. Seems that yesterday some people saw a 17-year-old girl with an older man. okay

    This morning the feminists in twitter are warning of their disappearance with their photos and name, not even 24 hours after the alleged disappearance, just a night, a seventeen years-old !! As if tomorrow you’re with dating a 17 years-old and the later morning she’s still in your house! And feminists in twitter are mobilizing all twitter as a case of kidnapping and you a kidnapper!!!!!!! all Men: you are in danger!!!

    death to feminism they are the enemies of Man !!!

  3. I have a question. And it is just a question.

    If men have been brainwashed to think of their normal healthy sex drive as perverted… is it possible that women have been brainwashed too? If this is the case – then who is doing the brainwashing?

    I ask, because of a few things.

    1. I have a minor in psychology. I read that the victim of brainwashing will appear to lack a sense of humor. Also, when confronted with information contrary to what they have been brainwashed to believe, the victim can become verbally hostile, and possibly physically violent.

    Doesn’t this describe the mental state of many women – especially the more male-hating ones?

    2. Much of my original thesis was based on brainwashing. Somebody pointed out that using the term brainwashing in reference to the current state of women casts them into the victim role – something that needs to stop (i.e. female accounrability).

    Your thoughts on this would be appreciated. I respect your analysis and opinions.

    Odd too. I never read that passage from Angry Harry’s site until now…

    Yes, I came up with the brainwashing bit all on my own.

  4. @Scarecrow – well I think all women are increasingly being brainwashed by femihags into believing that normal sexual behaviour (of men and women) is wrong and perverted. And the goal of the femihags is obviously to stop anyone from enjoying the sex that they’re not getting themselves.

    You just how to observe how women go out dressed in short skirts and then spend the whole day constantly pulling down the hem line and giving creep shaming looks to every man in a 50 mile radius to see that they are fu**** in the head by this brainwashing.

    Or the way teenage girls will get annoyed if as an older guy you look at them (creepy paedo) or DON’T look at them (making them feel ugly!).

    Odd too. I never read that passage from Angry Harry’s site until now…

    Well I still haven’t read maybe even half of what he wrote. The reason I’m finally carrying out my promise to re-blog some of his classics is because one of the big feeds – has started posting my articles again, so it makes sense again now to give Harry’s writings some exposure through this site. I’ll start re-blogging Steve Moxon’s articles too.

  5. “The National Court of France has sentenced a man known as Schopenbecq, 42 and webmaster of the men’s rights site ‘theantifeminist’, to six months in prison for the brutal beating of an infamous transexual paedophile troll known as ‘thefrenchman’ who had been projecting his own psycho-sadistic child rape fantasies in his comments left at the site. It is believed that the MRA ‘Schopenbecq’ originally angered the paedophile by writing a satirical piece attacking notorious paedocrite and anti-mra David Futrelle over his infamous ‘child rapists should go free’ article. Futrelle had suggested that victims of child rape should be forced to marry their attackers, something supported by ‘thefrenchman’, and Schopenbecq had attacked Futrelle by comparing his view to a decision by the Islamist Turkish government to reject such a proposal. According to the testimony of ‘thefrenchman’, this angered him for several reasons. Firstly, as an aspie he couldn’t understand satire and that the article was primarily an attack on David Furtrelle. Secondly, the paedophile was a regular reader of Futrelle’s site, and shared with the Manboobz the love of watching children being sodomized, raped and murdered in films such as the infamous SALO. Thirdly, it sent the paedophile troll into a blind rage because he had earlier mistakenly thought that theantifeminist was a paedophile who supported child rape, like himself, rather than simply an MRA fighting against excessive feminist punishments for sex with teens. ‘Thefrenchman’ thus felt betrayed and furiously resolved to dedicate every sunny weekend by sacrificing his only pleasure of watching small boys playing in the park whilst fantasising about raping them to sitting in his mother’s basement spending hours composing fake comments.

    The court heard how the paedophile troll, who has previous convictions for sexual assaults on boys as young as 3, as well as online fraud, had persistantly left troll comments at the site of the antifeminist, often getting sexual pleasure from posing as the mother of small children, and at other times as a paedophile activist (although a hardcore paedophile, the court heard how the ‘Frenchman’ was too aspie, cowardly, and a hardcore paedocrite to attempt any type of political activism).

    Despite listening to the provocations that Schopenbecq faced, the judge dismissed calls for the case to be thrown out, although handing down a much more lenient sentence than normal given the ultra-violent brutal nature of the beating inflicted upon ‘thefrenchman’ which left the paedophile in a coma for a number of weeks. The judged admitted that the ‘Frenchman’ was a disgusting little paedosadist piece of shit and thus delivered a sentence of six months to be suspended on condition that Schopenbecq attends an anger management course and afterwards conducts a tour of exclusive French Lycees to discuss and explore masculinity and feminity in private sessions with the prettiest barely legal teenage girls.

  6. Ever see Harold & Maude? I just realized, that if you reversed those roles (older man, younger woman), people would be up in arms – at least, more people than were actually up in arms…

    I heard many people despised that movie. I’m gonna google that.

  7. Ever see Harold & Maude? I just realized, that if you reversed those roles (older man, younger woman), people would be up in arms – at least, more people than were actually up in arms…

    @Scarecrow – No, I haven’t seen that movie but I looked it up in IMDB and it does look like early femihag propaganda. There was actually a British film made more recently with the roles reversed. Can’t remember the title but it featured a leading elderly British actor (Peter O’Toole maybe?) playing the part of an old man finding love and ‘regaining his youth’ with an 18 year old girl. I remember looking at the Amazon reviews it got and its full of women calling it disgusting, dirty old man, even accusing the film of promoting ‘paedophilia’.

  8. Don’t ask me why but the other day I had the urge to watch the little guy in Different Strokes saying ‘Watcha talking about Willis?’.

    First video that came up, gave me a surprise in the first 3 seconds :

    Don’t know the context of that episode, but ‘Kimberly’ must be no more than 13 years old in it, and judging from the ‘whoas’ from the studio audience, obviously the producers hand picked a crowd of ‘ephebophiles’ (or hebophiles?) to watch the show that day.

    Or maybe just 20 years ago, even in the USA, NOBODY thought it was unusual or perverted to find an early adolescent girl attractive.

  9. RIP Chuck Berry – one of the world’s greatest ephebophiles (or is it ‘hebophile’?).

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