Women are the Primary Cause of Male Violence


Smooth criminal Jeremy Meeks praised for police mugshot
He wins an army of female fans after police post his ‘handsome criminal’ mugshot online. Women have inundated a US police department’s website to praise the looks of a suspected criminal in his mugshot.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, was one of four men arrested in raids in Stockton, California following a series of shootings and robberies.

After his picture was posted on the Internet by police it quickly attracted 30,000 “likes” on Facebook and nearly 10,000 comments, mostly from women.

Many referred to Meeks’ blue eyes and prominent cheekbones.

Comments included “I’m in love with a criminal”, “Can we be handcuffed together?” and “He can kidnap me any day”.

While men are routinely shamed, criminalized, and increasingly incarcerted for their inate love of female youth, beauty, and innocence – a love that has given rise to great works of art, inspired scientists and philosophers, and arguably created civilisation itself – there will never be any shaming of disgusting female sexuality

That would be misogyny.

The gina tingle that yearns for a brutish ape and that gives rise only to thuggery and violence (most of the victims being other males), and eventually, the collapse of civilisation itself.

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3 thoughts on “Women are the Primary Cause of Male Violence”

  1. I defer to the great wisdom of Bill Hicks on this issue:

    “Ted Bundy’s On Trial In Florida for killing 24 women – the courtroom is filled with women trying to meet him and give him love letters and wedding proposals.”

    I’m sorry to say that the first thing I thought when I read that was “And I’m not getting laid! What am I doing wrong?” So I read another article in the paper: “Woman is suing the state of Wisconsin.” Why would anyone sue the state of Wisconsin? Well, she married a fella on death row. Why’s he on death row? He killed 8 women. [No, there’s more] He has aids, she married him and is suing the state for the rights of CONJUGAL VISITS. Now I’m sorry to say the first thing that crossed my mind when I read that was “And I’m not getting laid!” Hey, what exactly are you ladies looking for here? These guys must have been heavy on that sense of humor thing you seem to love so much in your little ladies polls. “Ted Bundy that old whip! He’s hilarious! Something of the things Ted would do, he kills me! Oh what a sense of humor he had. I overlooked the mass murder thing ’cause he kept me in stitches!”

    It’s just depressing, ya know what I mean? Michael Bolton, Garth Brooks, “Achy Breaking Fucking Dick” this guy is, Ted Bundy getting wedding proposals. You know we’re fucked up here, man. I guarantee you Satan’s going to have no problems on this planet because all the women are gonna go “What a cute butt!” He’s Satan! “You don’t know him like I do.” He’s the prince of darkness! “I can change him.” And I bet that’s true, I wouldn’t give Satan a snowball’s chance in Hell against a woman’s ego, man. He’d rule the earth for a day, a week later we’d see Satan out cutting the lawn.

    Hey aren’t you Satan?
    “Shut up!”
    Whoa Mr. Prince Of Darkness you forgot to edge–
    “Shut up!”
    [We’d see him at the supermarket buying tampons.]
    [Tampons isle three!]
    Hey aren’t you Satan?
    “Shut up!”
    You’re pussywhipped! You’re not Prince of Darkness, you’re Pussywhipped of Darkness!
    “Quit it I’m Satan! RAWWWWWWR!”
    Bullshit, you dropped your tampons, Satan!

  2. This hypocrisy is so old and tiresome and pernicious. If men were going crazy over a female criminal or child killer, it would be a sing of their derangement. In women, the same impulse is to be indulged.

    In my family we have someone who broke up her marriage to a professional man to be with someone like Meeks. Also wives and mothers who have been with teen boys. But the men are judged harshly.

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