Wolf-whistling to be treated as ‘hate crime’ by UK police.


Uninvited sexual advances and unwanted verbal contact with a woman, including catcalling or wolf-whistling in the street, are to be recorded as a hate crimes in a new effort to tackle sexist abuse.

Nottinghamshire police has expanded its categories of hate crime to include misogynistic incidents, characterised as behaviour targeted towards a victim simply because they are a woman.

This means incidents ranging from street harassment to unwanted physical approaches can be reported to and investigated by the police, and support put in place for victims.

The force is the first in the country to adopt the separate misogyny hate crime category, and has provided specific training to selected officers in the past three months.
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Commenting on the new procedures, introduced in partnership with Nottingham Women’s Centre, Ch Con Sue Fish said: “I’m delighted that we are leading the way towards tackling misogyny in all its forms.

17 Comments on "Wolf-whistling to be treated as ‘hate crime’ by UK police."

  1. Great comment from a member at RooshVforum :

    “I’m not sure if people understand the full gravity of what is going on here. The police already have stopped investigating burglaries and robberies. They just say ‘there is nothing we can do – solve it yourself’. It seems that as we slip further and further into totalitarianism, the police are taking their orders more and more from the policy makers to divide and rule our country.

    Yes, the police are tax enforcers. Yes, the police are only really to protect the property of the rich. We know all that. But things are taking a very sinister turn, when the police are now openly warning the population that talking to a woman is now considered a ‘hate crime’. The police are now enforcing their version of what is acceptable human behaviour and what is not. Or rather, they are enforcing what they are told to by the Marxist fascists running/ruining our country.

    Next it will be illegal to look at a woman (it probably already is if the woman complains about you).

    The fascism is very strong in this country. There is no point in hiding it any more. All our communications (emails, phonecalls, browser history) are recorded to be used against us at a later date. This is fascism pure and simple. The other day, some young girls were sniggering and pointing at me, they even followed me for a bit – I think they took a bit of a fancy to my new look – but I dared not even so much as look at them, let alone have an innocent chat with them.

    People were looking. Every single male is considered to be a paedophile until a WOMAN can vouch for him that he is not. They have destroyed our society, and it really is going to have to fucking burn to the ground now coz these cunts will not stop. They have the upper hand and they are just swinging us about.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice, in another world, another time, to say “Hi girls, what’s up, whattcha doin’?’, ‘Are you going/been somewhere nice?’ – you know, normal fucking shit, social lubrication that makes the world go around. I’m a grown man ffs, I have absolutely less than zero sexual/romantic interest in pre-teen females.

    But, not by the laws, but by behaviour modification and social opprobrium they have made it ‘inappropriate’ for an adult male to speak to children.

    Now it is illegal to talk to a female. Fucking good. Agree and amplify. If you’re in a shop and a woman is serving in the checkout, put your gaze to the floor, ask her if it alright to look up because you don’t want to offend her. Ask her outright if she will take this as a sign of an unwanted sexual advance. I’m only half joking. Imagine if every man in every queue did that in every fucking shop? There would be chaos. It’s time for some chaos. There is no law against doing what I just outlined as far as I know.

    This is war. You know it, I know it. This is not about gender politics anymore. It is an all out assault on the male of the species. There are already laws tenfold sufficient to protect women in public. This is an attack by the government via their henchmen the police, on all decent males in our country. It is a declaration of war. Nothing less. We are now officially the enemy.

    And fucking beta simps will virtue signal about ‘about time too’, ‘I totally support this’, ‘street harassment is wrong’, all the while, females in countries across the world are put into forced marriages, genitally mutilated, held as sex-toys, raped, abused and generally treated like shit. And what do they say? Crickets.

    Please examine very closely the exact purposeful vagueness of this directive:

    A force spokesman said: ‘Unwanted physical or verbal contact or engagement is defined as exactly that and so can cover wolf whistling and other similar types of contact. If the victim feels that this has happened because they are a woman then we will record it as a hate crime.

    That’s right. If she FEELS. We are buggered if that is what it comes down to. Good lord.

    The force has spent three months training officers and staff on misogyny hate crime, and said it covers ‘incidents against women that are motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman’.

    Well, that neatly sums it up doesn’t it. So basically any single fucking thing they can dream up or twist. It covers looking at a woman. I mean, that is motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman is it not? Prove that it isn’t!

    Just what the fuck does that even mean? motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman it covers just about every single god damn thing under the sun, that could be re-appropriated to any circumstance.

    And this has been very cleverly dumbly worded on purpose, of that you can be sure. Just as they threw their weight behind trying to crush Roosh and the meetups, they are crushing all forms of dissent and criminalising human behaviour. We have truly reached the point where we have been told we are being hunted.

    The police will not investigate if someone comes and takes all your possessions that you spent years working for, but they will investigate someone who said something bad on twitter.


    And so it begins. This is year zero. And it gets much worse with our new cunt of a prime minister. Because she hates men with a vengeance. She hates people with a vengeance, but men particularly. We are going to see much more of this. They will try to break us on every front. They have already been doing this via divorce rape via the courts. They do it via the media, and now the police have taken sides and declared war on half the fucking population of the UK.

    This is not insanity, this is cool, clear, calculated WAR!

    “I am going to take the paper bag off my head now, is that OK?”
    “I am going to look up, would you prefer me to look at the floor or your face?”
    “I have to reach in to my pocked to get my wallet, I am NOT, repeat NOT juggling my bollocks for a jolly”
    “I will put the credit card down on the counter, I don’t want to risk touching your hand”

    The possibilities are endless if they want to play funny fuckers, and they do.

    For the record, I think men that cat call women are arseholes, but I realise other people think differently to me and have a different viewpoint. Not only can these people not see this, and choose not to see it, they are giving women the power to get a man investigated by the police for talking to her, if she FEELS, it was because the man did it because she was a woman. No arguing out of that word-salad law I’m afraid.

    We are all guilty now. Of being men.

    I can see a national cat-calling day on the horizon where every builder on every buidling site cat-calls every single woman that crosses his path. But even though a lot of builders are hard lads, they are still mostly pussies. Of course, you can lose your job by doing this, but until you are prepared to lose your job, you are still a pussy in my eyes.

    Men need to stand up and be counted. The longer we don’t fight back, the greater their power. They have already crossed a line in the sand, and this constitutes personal abuse as far as I’m concerned. To think that these cunts are getting paid for this shit, when they won’t investigate a theft, even when they have the name and address of the person who committed the crime.

    I have had only good things to say about the police, and I have always supported them, but if they are going to do this, then I’m afraid our little social contract is going to have be flushed down the pan.

    It is now officially outlawed to be a male. Keep your eyes down, do not speak, walk out of the way, no contact.

    Just remember that haggard cunt from GoT who falsely accused that man of touching her up at the tube station, and he went through hell, till it was proven that he could not possibly have done it via camera. Now, that haggard old cunt only needs to tell the police, that he said something, because, it was with done with the motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman – how can you refute that? Are there microphones recording us as well? That man would today be prosecuted, no question asked.

    It really isn’t safe to go out of the house or be around in any situations where women are present now. We need to start enforcing that, withdrawing our labour. Put up ‘No FEMALE customers’ signs at garages and explain that is is because of fear of arrest. Of course, that would be discrimination wouldn’t it?

    But even though women think they are the driving force behind this, it is men that gave them their power. Never forget that. Our enemies are both female and male. We know who these men are. They will not get away with this.

    OP, this is not about ‘spitting bad game’, it is about even talking to a woman to ask her for the time, if she FEELS you did it coz she is a woman. There can be no comeback or defense to that. It also covers looking at her the wrong way.

    So no game for you anymore, no talking, no looking, you dirty male beast. Learn your place now in the new world order.

    It is finally here.”


  2. During the Wimbledon games, sometimes the male players change their shirts during the break. At this time, quite often you can hear several women ‘wolf-whistling’ at them. On behalf of these victims I wish to file criminal reports with immediate action.

  3. The Head of State is a woman; the Prime Minister is a woman; the Poet Laureate and Master of the Queen’s Music are women as is the Chief Constable of Nottingham. One might thus have thought that women were strong and capable individuals but it appears that at least in Nottinghamshire the opposite is the case and this not withstanding that women from birth appear to inherit a gene which prompts them at the slightest provocation to say ‘No!’. Heterosexuality is now effectively illegal (as the Gay Mafia are able to bend Government to their wishes – witness the Government’s last minute U-turn on one particular type of Legal High then removed from the Bill – either celibacy or an increasing number of Homosexually inclined men await).

    Men tend to white-knight but with women in power (and the Prime Minister when Home Secretary was responsible for the persecution of aging light-entertainers on trumped-up nonsense devoid of any recent evidence) are indulging in the grossest Misandry. Really, it is time to withdraw suffrage from the female sex and make it illegal for them to have any sort of position in Law, Government, The Military or The Police. In that I appear to be in total agreement with Islam, at least I hope so, as they will be taking over ere long.

    I recently read (I forget which blog – was it here?) an excerpt from some writing of the Bloggers Grandfather where as a POW in Germany in 1945: he and his fellow POWs were being shifted in impossible conditions around the country by train. Eventually stopping so that they might relieve themselves they saw across a fence a group of German women. They naturally cat-called and wolf-whistled and seemingly not to those women’s displeasure (it is after all evidence that the women had some SMV – something May and the Chief Constable lack). History must now regard those unfortunate men (though lucky to be live) as Sex (i.e Thought) Criminals.

    Having said all that I once had occasion (as a practicing lawyer) to tell the Chief Constable or one of his underlings of a certain constabulary who had objection to my client wolf-whistling a couple of teenagers to get lost and stop harassing my man – so this sort of thing is endemic in the police, I fear.

  4. While this travesty is going on. Rape Rings by Muslim invaders like at the town of Rotherdam continue to be covered up.

    Europe is going to descend into civil war given the recent terrorists attacks.

  5. Men tend to white-knight but with women in power (and the Prime Minister when Home Secretary was responsible for the persecution of aging light-entertainers on trumped-up nonsense devoid of any recent evidence) are indulging in the grossest Misandry. Really, it is time to withdraw suffrage from the female sex and make it illegal for them to have any sort of position in Law, Government, The Military or The Police. In that I appear to be in total agreement with Islam, at least I hope so, as they will be taking over ere long.

    Maybe it’s good that these hags are in power while the UK has to safely navigate the transition into an Islamic society with the minimum of violence. As Islam takes over these old cunts will gradually die off or fade into the background again, no longer needed to control a free sexual market that doesn’t exist anymore.

    As for me I’m neutral at the moment. At some point it will be time to take sides but not yet. I’m going to wait to see whether any more of our new Islam loving female overlords get Jo Coxed in the run up to a right-wing fascist anti-Islamic regime, or whether these hags can actually pull off the difficult task of gradually allowing Sharia Law to take over whilst controlling the inevitable right-wing backlash through a combination of state surveillance, increase in hate laws, and somehow keeping the body count from Islamic inbred currycel terrorism in the next few years down to the low thousands rather than the 6 figures.

    Five years should be enough to see which way the wind is blowing. At that point, in order to survive, it might be necessary to declare yourself either a full convert to Islam or a Neo-nazi wishing death to all muslims. In the meantime I’ll stay neutral, lead a quiet life, and try to avoid stepping foot in this shitehole cuntry as much as possible. Either way, this female domination of politics is a brif quirk of history, although as we know here, women’s sexual needs will always be the invisible hand, or rather aging vagina, that controls society.

  6. Another victim of the sexual holocaust – ‘pervert’ teacher kills himself before sentencing for ‘kissing two girls on the lips’ :


    Kissing a young girl on the lips is now child sex abuse.

    I was on the bus in London the other day and a Spanish couple were sitting in front of me with their two young daughters – must have been between 9 and 12. The parents were sitting together and the two girls behind them, but all four were laughing and conversing. Then one of the girls got up and switched seats with her mother (to sit next to her father). The father immediately put his hand up the back of her shirt and massaged her and then started kissing her on the lips and cheeks with the girl loving it. The bus was quite busy and several British paedocrites were looking decidedly uncomfortable. I thought one big black woman was going to say something, but I got off at the next stop.

  7. Europe is going to descend into civil war given the recent terrorists attacks.

    Merkel and the Euro elites were happy with importing millions of muslim refugees because they wanted to hasten Islamisation and because they thought they could keep the inevitable rise in Islamic terrorism under control – just enough to justify increased surveillance laws etc, but not to get out of hand to the levels we’re starting to see now of weekly attacks. It will get worse as these Islamist nutjobs no longer have the caliphate in Syria/Iraq to travel to fight for, the likely thousands of sleeper cells already here amongst the refugees get activated, and thousands more of the young male refugees become radicalized as they’re no longer made to feel so ‘welcome’ even in Germnay.

    ISIS were a disaster for the Islamic world. All the muslims had to do was wait for demographics and within 100 years they would have taken over the entire Western world. Now because even the feminized, spoilt, white male population of Europe wont take seeing their kids blown up or crushed or stabbed every week and will eventually rise up. On top of that, muslims are pissing off the entire non-muslim world – Russia, China…. 1.6 billion muslim people with the fastest growing birth rate (compared to most of the other world which is actually in decline) and with large rapidly growning immigrant populations nearly everywhere – as I said, all muslims had to do was wait and the world would be owned by their backward goat fucking religion. Unfortunately, this is what is going to happen as governments become more right-wing :

    1/ Muslim immigration restricted.
    2/ Muslim immigration banned, repeal of ‘islamophobic’ hate speech laws.
    3/ Muslim immigrant criminals deported, deprived of citizenship
    4/ Muslim 2nd generation immigrants criminals deported, deprived of citizenship. .
    5/ Muslims suspected of radical Islamic sympathies imprisoned or deported. Islamophile hate speech laws introduced, ‘open borders’ lefties rounded up and interred.
    6/ Islam banned in public – muslims publicly demonstrating their faith imprisoned or deported.
    7/ Mass deportations, internments of muslims, concentration camps, all out war with most muslim countries, most of the middle-east carpet bombed or nuked.

    I think people are going to be surprised how quickly we move from 1 to 7. Certainly in our lifetimes. Imagine the world, for example, in just 5 years time. At the very least we will have had dozens of atrocities on the scale of Nice/the Bataclan. Possibly hundreds, with one or two ‘big ones’ comparable to 9/11. Perhaps even something like a dirty nuke or chemical attack on a major city. As well as this, there will be many more stories of Cologne style mass rapes by refugees etc. And there will be the festering and growing resentment of people simply living alongside such huge numbers of Third World migrants that will turn even ‘refugee welcome’ lefty nutters into right wing extremists. For example, a couple of months ago I was in Vienna and was staying close to one of the main train stations (i.e. close to a ‘refugee’ hub). One evening coming back on the u-bhan, I had the misfortune of sharing my carriage with a large group of young male refugees. Obviously I tried to avoid eye contact but it was impossible and caught the eye of one young muslim thug who immediately started pointing me out to the others in the group as though I had ‘started on them’ just by a millisecond of eye contact. Two or three of them appeared to be making a point of feeling their pockets in a demonstration that they had knives, even though I was alone and there were at least a dozen of them. Luckily the train pulled up in the station a few seconds later and I was able to get off.

    So in 5 years time, against this background, you could have Trump in the White House (or a Republican even more anti-islamic than him if he loses this time), Marie Le Pen the President of France, Merkel booted out in Germany and replaced by somebody less accomodating to refugees and facing a massive right-wing backlash from the population. Italy too is already on the point of crisis and could have a very right-wing anti-eu government in 5 years. The UK will have left the EU, Scotland will likely be independent leaving a rather irrelevant England and Wales with a VERY Conservative government perhaps with it’s main opposition being UKIP or a right-wing anti-Islamic successor to UKIP. So if Marie Le Pen in France starts mass deportation of muslims at that point, after likely thousands of French civilians have been brutally killed by Islamists and the country is on the brink of civil war, who exactly is going to stop her, or even morally chastise her? Iceland?

    And let me be clear, I’m not saying I want any of this, just making my honest prediction. Not to mention that Le Pen has gone on record as saying that ‘paedophiles’ will be ‘liquidated’ under her government, and we all know that to femiservative hags like her a ‘paedophile’ is any man who finds under 21s attractive. I don’t expect to be alive in 10 years time or if I am, to be facing a very grim future. Essentially, Europe at this point is like Europe in the early 1930’s. Not much joy ahead.

  8. re: Thailand…I hate to be that annoying person who says “I told you so!” but there is a reason why I was sceptical of “ex-patting” as a viable way to deal with feminism. Feminism is now a global movement that wont stop until all of the so-called “pussy paradises” are erased from existence. You have to stand up and fight as there will be no sanctuary for you.

  9. Muslim freak stabs mother and her young daughters because they were scantily dressed : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3697451/Mother-three-daughters-aged-8-14-STABBED-French-holiday-resort-scantily-dressed.html

    I’ve noticed since I’ve been back in Londonistan this summer that British girls are definitely dressing a bit more modestly. Only girls I’ve seen wearing micro shorts have been Euro girl tourists or language students, and I haven’t spotted any girls wearing see through leggings since I’ve been back.

  10. here is a reason why I was sceptical of “ex-patting” as a viable way to deal with feminism. Feminism is now a global movement that wont stop until all of the so-called “pussy paradises” are erased from existence. You have to stand up and fight as there will be no sanctuary for you

    “ex-patting” is a viable way of having a few years of fun before the tentacles of feminism reach your pussy paradise of choice. I’m quite a wealthy individual and have made money investing in high-risk high reward stocks. I can live anywhere in the world essentially, and as I’ve mentioned here recently, I do so in various East European countries now. I’m only back in London at this point to empty my apartment of my few remaining belongings and tie up a few loose ends. Obviously my ‘fight’ against feminism involves mainly this website and other online political commentary. I can do this anywhere and it doesn’t make a difference where I live, although it’s a little safer to do it outside of the UK. My audience would remain the same.

    I’ve always agreed that feminsim is a global crusade, triggered by the free sexual market being opened by the progress of technology – things that are happening everywhere outside the Islamic world (and even there, we’re seeing the growth of radical Islam as a means of preventing the free sexual market appearing in Muslim socities – witness the recent ‘honor killing’ of the instagram/YouTube star who was exposing too much flesh, a murder celebrated mostly by other Pakastani women on Twitter who claimed ‘the whore deserved it’.).

    Personally I never thought Thailand was going to continue as a ‘pussy paradise’ for long. I remember Alan once saying here that the sex trade would never fall there, and I thought at the time he was being a bit naieve.

    One problem is that ex-pats don’t go to these pussy paradises to ‘make a stand there’, they go there to get better pussy than in the anglo-skank world. In fact, I remember posting here a few years back regarding a story that appeared in an online Thailand ex-pat forum claiming that the age of consent was going to be raised to 21 and nearly EVERY of the British ex-pats were posting that this was a great idea and anyone who didn’t think so was clearly a paedo.

    As far as Eastern Europe is concerned, I’m actually a bit more optimistic actually. Firstly, you wouldn’t believe how different things are to the West still in many regards, especially the further East you go. Secondly, the EU is about to crumble into the dustbin of history (although it will make expatting to EE harder) and this is a setback for the trend of political globalization which the International STU depends on. Thirdly, as we’re seeing with the Pokeman Go mania sweeping the world, augmented reality (and to a lesser extent virtual reality) is about to take hold of society, and the biggest application will be to ‘augment’ sex. If you think the mania for something as goofy as Pokeman is crazy, just think how popular an application for ar glasses that will allow you to turn your wife back into her 18 year old self etc. Nobody knows how this will affect the sex market. On top of this, the era of stem cell rejuvenation is finally around the corner. I read the other day that a Japanese company is going to start offering stem cell hair transplants that will effectively cure baldness within 4 years, and a Canadian company is claiming it will be able to offer the same by 2018. Skin transplants will follow shortly after no doubt (and if you think it sounds gruesome, it’s not much different to the chemical peel treatments that are the fastest growing trends in the cosmetic world).

    I don’t know what your ‘fight’ against feminism involves Highwayman, I expect it’s the same as the rest of us – online activism which can be done anywhere in the world. Or maybe I’m wrong and it was you who was putting up those posters across Toronto featuring a photo of Yulia Lipnitskaya at 15 with the slogan ‘it’s not a crime to love beauty’ that so captured the imagination of the Canadian mainstream press, lol.

    As I pointed out in my recent article, the reason why I no longer post here so regularly isn’t so much because I’ve found ‘pussy paradise’ but because I’ve paid my dues to the cause, this site can no longer ‘punch above its weight’ (especially since the death of Angry Harry) with the growth in the mansophere, and because the lack of comments here (including, and even above all from you – you comment here maybe once a year nowadays) leaves me with the impression that this site isn’t really going beyond an audience of 5 or 6 readers (the most important of whom, along with Alan – Eric, appears to be dead).
    As far as I know, this and Eivind Berge’s site, are the only men’s rights sites to focus on anti-male sexuality including the age of consent. Given that the men’s rights movement, encompassing the general manosphere and alt right (along with radical Islam) is the fastest growing political ideology in the world and arguably has even partly been responsible for the rise of Trump, I would have thought that if you were fighting feminism you might want to comment here a little more often. 🙂

  11. Shopenbecq my comment was not in any way meant as a criticism of you, your efforts or your lifestyle choices and I apologize if it came off as that way. Rather it was meant as a criticism of an idea (found in some MGTOW and manosphere circles) that “voting with your feet” and heading off to some alleged “pussy paradise” is an effective anti-feminist tactic. IT AINT because not only will Global Feminism have any pussy paradise in it’s gun sights but the local males will come to resent their country being turned into a sausage fest by the large influx of foreign males moving in. If the locals decide to mistreat the White male expat population said expats will get no help or sympathy from anyone as they will be seen as “racist” and “sexist” people who got what they deserved.

    If anybody else wants to “ex-pat” with the intention of enjoying themselves as much as possible for a short while they should go for it…just realize that enjoying yourself temporarily is all that you are doing and that your actions by migrating in no way help slow down the feminist machine (as I am sure you do) they only give you a temporary sanctuary. You suspicions about Thailand were proven correct and I am sorry but I think Brazil will be on the chopping block shortly. Skeptical? The USA has been bribing Brazil with foreign aid on condition that they ban prostitution for years and with their crumbling infrastructure and Zika virus issues that offer is going to be a lot more tempting.

    I haven’t commented much on this site in the last few years as my health problems render it impossible for me to enjoy sex anymore so feminism is the least of my worries. Sex-negative social attitudes seem pretty irrelevant when you can feel anything below your waist due to freak neurological conditions. You can call me selfish but sometimes I just don’t really care anymore I only maintain my sanity by being thankful that at least I got to enjoy lots of hot Massage parlour girls before this happened to me. The good news is that I have had one of possibly 3 surgeries that I might need and things have been getting steadily better but I am still a long way off. If I get better I WILL be more active and I will probably start a YouTube Channel I wouldn’t be nearly as successful as Thunderfoot, The Amazing Atheist or Sargon of Akkad but I am sure I could make some SJWs pull their hair out.

  12. @highwayman – I’m sorry to have come across as a bit caustic even by my usual standards. And I’m sorry to read about your health problems, I remember you mentioning them before. It does seem that a few of the regular commentators have been plagued by serious health problems, and it looks like Eric is no longer with us (and, of course, Angry Harry). I wonder if it’s the related to the stress of the realization of the world we’re heading into and there’s little we can do about it? Or maybe we really are being slowly bumped off one by one.

    Anyway, I wish you well and please let us know if you get that YouTube channel started!

  13. Here’s an indication of how far cosmetic surgery is advancing : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3704636/It-s-changed-life-Shop-assistant-20-tells-pioneering-jaw-surgery-corrected-facial-deformity.html

    SENS is a biotech company now with $50 million in funding, including backing from Google, with the goal of clinical trials for treatments that reverse aging by the year 2021 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiRf5NClQ8A

    Stem cell treatment to cure baldness by 2018 : http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/07/08/japanese-cosmetic-company-shiseido-expects-to-have-baldness-cure-on-the-market-by-2018/

    @Highwayman – I wouldn’t give up hope with your nerve problem. If you have any savings at least, there might be treatments coming out within a decade or so. I also have had my fair share of health problems btw, as I think I might have mentioned before. I’ve had a groin problem that the doctors still don’t know exactly what is causing it and does make sex and masturbation somewhat painful. I’m just happy that all the tests I’ve had haven’t indicated any cancers.

  14. “Nottingham misogyny hate crime woman ‘abused online'”


    What does the stupid cunt expect? I get far more abusive and threatening comments left here from feminist trolls these days than I do actual reader comments. Think how low the odds are of this site ever influencing politics or the law and yet this cunt can actually set a precedent that will effectively outlaw men attempting to talk to women in the street or even maybe looking at them ‘lustfully’ and the ugly bitch gets a few mean tweets sent her way! Poor thing.

    Fair play to the Brood Mare Corporation for showing this (although with an ominous subtitle. I wonder if the Nottinghamshire pigs actually think it’s illegal now to point out that feminists are ugly cunts forever protecting hot young women from ‘abuse’?) :

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