White Feathers During World War II Caused the Suicides of Two Teenage Boys

The notorious White Feather Campaign is chiefly associated with the First World War, but in fact the disgusting practice, in which women (led by feminists) handed out white feathers to young men in civilian clothes as a way of shaming their presumed ‘cowardice’, was also widespread in the Second World War.

Tragically, at least two teenage boys committed suicide after becoming victims of the resurrected White Feather Campaign.

Cyril R Wray, an 18 year old who had volunteered for service but was not called upon, gassed himself after recieving letters and white feathers through the post accusing him of cowardice. The Evening Telegraph of June 9th 1943 reports :


Bernard Sills was just 17 when he recieved in the mail two white feathers framed in the shape of a question mark together with the word ‘coward’. The young cadet had volunteered to serve but was discharged when it was found he was an underage child. A few hours after recieving the white feathers, he put on his cadet uniform and left his house, taking his rifle with him. He was found dead in an air raid shelter after blowing his brains out.

From the Cairns Post of July 27th 1943 :


Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Shortly after, one of Bernard’s grieving friends, and himself aged only 15, also recieved white feathers through the post.


White feathers were giving out to hundreds of males during the entire length of the Second World War, to boys too young to serve, and to war heroes who were on leave and out of uniform. The practice became so widespread and upsetting that in 1942 the government decided that a badge should be given to men discharged from service on medical grounds – this was a new badge in addition to the ‘King’s Badge’ which had been launched at the onset of the war in anticipation of a repeat of the White Feather Campaign :


Occasionally, women were ‘brave’ enough to hand out their feathers in person, rather than anonymously through the post. One such woman recieved a surprise after handing out a white feather to a war hero who had lost an eye in combat in Syria :


13 thoughts on “White Feathers During World War II Caused the Suicides of Two Teenage Boys”

  1. funny how easily you can get people to kill themselves over fiat dollar wars with a healthy dose of pussy-shaming

    what a great time to be awake and alive

  2. It’s quite pathetic that men were such pussy-whipped betas that they would be willing to DIE because some stupid whore put a white feather on him.

    Thank God modern men aren’t so pathetic. A modern man would say “Hey, you women are equal to us men, YOU GO FIGHT AND DIE IN WAR, BITCH!”

  3. The ‘White Feather’ campaign has parallels with the current paedohysteria fad. In both cases, I get the impression that the victims are not being targeted because of their actions, but are the recipients of transferred guilt. True cowards might try to exorcise their own constant nagging self-doubts by persecuting an easy target. As this blog often reveals, the biggest publicity seeking morals campaigners who see filth everywhere are frequently revealed as sex offenders themselves.

    I wonder how many of those women handing out white feathers campaigned for the right to fight alongside the men? And likewise, I wonder how many ‘child protection advocates’ ever do anything positive to help genuinely abused children? Their efforts all seem concentrated on persecuting anything with a cock on the basis that they are a potential rapist.

  4. Antifeminist:
    OMG—just when you thought the paedocrites couldn’t stoop any lower, check out the modern US version of the White Feather Campaign. I think this is even more sadistic and cruel:


    The story profiles the new head of Seattle’s DHS task-force on ‘sexual exploitation’—how or why sex relates to US national security is not explained. However:

    “Staff Sgt. Zepeda is one of 17 special-operations veterans nationwide participating in a one-year internship run by the US Department of Homeland Security where he’ll use computer forensics to help track purveyors of online child pornography and sexual exploitation. The soldiers, all with either physical or psychological wounds, are mostly all young and war-hardened —leaders who have endured the violence of war and who through vetting have convinced officials that they can endure a different kind of trauma that comes from this line of work.”

    So, IOW, the femihags at DHS are actively recruiting disabled veterans—men who were once physically and sexually normal, but now rendered disabled, and no doubt bitter and angry and thirsting for an outlet for their anger and bitterness—for the purpose of tracking down normal men. And note that they admittedly seek out men with KNOWN psychological problems as well. As Zepeda says: “I could no longer do what I loved to do—rappel down a rope, kick in doors (!), or jump from airplanes. But now I can do this,” which is “working alongside ICE and HSI helping identify online child sex violators and bring them to justice!”

    The shamelessness of these femihags preying on these wounded men is simply appalling. They even call this degraded program ‘Operation HERO’ which, as the article points out, involves ‘a wide range of nonprofit organizations.” (i.e. vigilantes).

    We all know the type of person being described here—the disgruntled veteran who flips out and does a mass-shooting: now when an American surfs online porn, that same type of character well may be looking over his shoulder. The DHS which states the ‘pilot program which was financed with 10 million dollars in private funds (I wonder from whom?) could expand over the next five years to include 200 veterans’. These are not even men at the creepy ‘Omega’ level of a Fraudtrelle, but dangerous ‘Zeta’ archetypes; who translate their sexual frustration into aggression and revenge. They should be getting positive help for their problems; instead the femihags have channeled their psychological vulnerabilities into a weapon they are turning against so-called ‘predators.’

    Lest any American gets the notion that a discreet departure for an international boundary might soon be in order, the article warns sternly: “The agency has more than 70 offices overseas, with the ability to follow a case, rescue a victim, or arrest a predator anywhere in the world.”

    Welcome to the Fourth Reich…

  5. Interesting to note that the first two articles you show, both of those boys were not able to vote being that they were under the age of 21. Old enough to sacrifice their lives though according to the nasty feminists of the time!

  6. @Deano

    Their efforts all seem concentrated on persecuting anything with a cock on the basis that they are a potential rapist.

    Yeah, but only of their rivals – attractive, nubile younger women and girls. NEVER a potential rapist of them and that’s why they persecute anything with a cock! The ubiquitous green-eyed monster is one they can’t hide from and the one they will never destroy!

  7. @Deano

    Good points. I was thinking about the parallels myself. They both define maculinity in the interests of women through shaming language that reduces the scapegoated victim to being something not only less than a man, but somebody unable to choose how to live. Men who aren’t willing to kill (other men) and die for women are cowards. Men who aren’t willing to spend their lives with a woman are ‘paedos’. Conscientious objectors are defined as cowards, and men who choose to chase casual sex with multiple young attractive females are defined as paedos.

  8. @John Doe

    Thank God modern men aren’t so pathetic. A modern man would say “Hey, you women are equal to us men, YOU GO FIGHT AND DIE IN WAR, BITCH!”

    Oh really?
    Well I have no choice but to completely contradict you: When I see more and more modern ‘men’ behaving like these classic feminist-serving manginas I just cannot share your optimism, sorry.
    Modern men are becoming even more pathetic by the day, in the way they subscribe to this sort of feminist mandated self hatred and total cowardice when it comes to opposing them and their misandry.
    And there are countless other similar campaigns which are participated in by similarly feminist brainwashed manginas, also in the name of protecting women from ‘sexual assault’ and ‘violence’. Violence from… MEN (themselves). Despicable behaviour!
    ALL such campaigns are simply stupid men VALIDATING and endorsing the total lies promulgated by feminists. They are not only cowards they are also blatant TRAITORS!

  9. Alan:
    I second your comments to John Doe. I would say a better analogy today would be white knights/manginas handing out the White Feathers themselves to other men; then when the other men go off to the battlefield, the cowards and scumbags stay behind and screw their women.

  10. @Eric

    …then when the other men go off to the battlefield, the cowards and scumbags stay behind and screw their women.

    Haha…. Indeed and the totally feminist women they’ll be staying behind with (and likely forced) to screw: the other men on the battlefields will be the real winners in the end! (The white-feather-knights and manginas will get exactly what they deserve – they’re welcome to them, because real men wouldn’t even look at ’em, let alone fuck em)…
    Hmmm…. Strange how I immediately visualized TyphonBlue and her bevy of lovely looking sheilas when I read your comment. LOL…

  11. Alan:
    LOL—that may be the real reason why the Obama femihags are trying to feminize the military—they figure in a future war, the MEN brave enough to go to the front will compare the foreign girls to them and decide not to come home!

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