Which MRA Pedo Acceptance Advocate Said This About The Age of Consent?

That favourite crank of the Feminist, of raising the age of consent with the result of increasing the number of victims of the designing young female should speak for itself to every unbiased person.

Which disgusting, depraved and fake MRA said these words quoted above? Which shameless paedo acceptance advocate (to use the phrase of Honey Badger transgender Hannah Wallen) infiltrated the movement as a front for pedo apologism? Was it the ‘nutter’ Eivind Berge? Maybe the notorious ‘Schopenbecq’? Thankfully, both of these fakes have long been drummed out of the MRM by the fearless Honey Badgers and their feminist Twitter mob allies. So who was the pervert who uttered these lines, supposedly in defence of ‘Men’s Rights’ (chuckles)?

It was Ernest Belfort Bax, the first Men’s Rights Activist in history. A man even the likes of Paul Elam, with his ego the size of a galaxy, has to acknowledge as the founder of the men’s rights movement.

The words hardly need explaining. As the author states, they should speak to any unbiased person. Written in 1913, the classic ‘The Fraud of Feminism‘ stands as the first major declaration of men’s rights (in the context of anti-feminism). Ernest Belfort Bax, like every other anti-feminist of the time, bitterly opposed the feminist raising of the age of consent (from 13 to 16, and feminists have always wanted it higher). As his words suggest, it is the duty of an anti-feminist men’s rights supporter to oppose feminist laws that lead to men being imprisoned on the basis of feminist lies, hysteria, and vested self-interest. Incredibly, this has been forgotten today, but in terms of ‘men’s rights’ this is a very recent thing. I will show this more conclusively next week with a detailed history of the MRM from Bax to Angry Harry, up to the point it was hijacked by charlatans and puritan femiservatives and transgenders such as Paul Elam, Hannah Wallen, and the other ‘Honey Badgers’. Stay tuned.

*In other news – sex cartel trade union theory confirmed part 2519. A female book reviewer openly admits that women run a sex cartel and that Tinder, porn, prostitution etc., has led to cheap sex to the detriment of women. https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/why-are-good-men-so-hard-to-find/article36365252/

It’s simply beyond belief that MRAs can fully grasp that feminists are running a cartel when it comes to opposition to prostitution, porn, sex robots, MGTOW, sex tourism etc., but somehow, feminists are acting from noble motives when it comes to the age of consent. It’s the one thing feminists have done right. When it comes to the age of consent, they nailed it, and we should support them. Feminists create laws that put men in prison to be raped as perverts for merely looking at a picture of a 17 year old girl in a bikini, because on this one issue and one issue alone, they are being completely selfless and moral and promoting purely the welfare of ‘children’. TBH, such MRAs are either stupid beyond belief, or it simply tells us how much they don’t want anyone looking at their browsing history.

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