Virtual Sex Arrives in 2014?

Two companies are pushing virtual sex devices into the mainstream in 2014. Both employ ‘teledildonics’ – essentially the technology of allowing two people to physically dildo and wank each other across cyberspace. This typically involves the woman using a dildo that is synchronised to give and/or recieve feedback with a Fleshlight type masturbator that the man is using.

LovePalz has sold over 10,000 of its teledildonics sex toys already, and looks set to grow even further in 2014 :

Meanwhile, a Dutch/Japanese start up company hopes to combine virtual sex with social networking :


Virtual sex raises a number of questions relating to men’s rights. For example, would the MGTOW community embrace it? If it enables men to have physically and emotionally satisfying sex without even having to leave their house, let alone take a woman on a date, with potentially a new partner a mouse click away each day, then this is surely empowering and independence giving. The femihags certainly aren’t going to like it.

Also, some sex positive mens rights supporters, such as Eivind Berge, believe that virtual sex is no substitute for the real thing. But as virtual sex becomes more advanced and indistinguishable from real sex, this objection will grow increasingly irrelevant. Of course, there are some men who still hold fervently that sex whilst wearing a condom is ‘not real sex’.

Notice how both of these virtual sex devices appear to be aimed at least as much at women as at men. Sex toys for men are still taboo, something for ‘losers’, even when they promise ‘sex’ with a real woman. Oddly enough, the last attempt at a virtual sex device for men – the ‘RealTouch‘ – has recently been discontinued. Initially, the RealTouch was marketed as a form of sexual independence for men, possibly as a result of my efforts (I had a RealTouch video on my Schopenbecq YouTube channel that recieved over a quater of a million views). Unfortunately, those of us desiring sexual independence for men are still a small minority within even the men’s rights movement, and the makers of the RealTouch quickly changed their marketing approach to ‘penis enlargement’ and ‘improving stamina’.

It is still therefore impossible to sell a sex toy to men (outside of Japan and China) unless it promises to get you real women in bed (i.e. through penis enlargement). Not even the lure of virtual sex with beautiful women is enough to overcome that. Ironically, for virtual sex to become mainstream, and for male sexual independence to be finally achieved, women will have to embrace these teledildonic toys first.

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  1. I see a problem with this kind of technology. You still need a woman at the other end of the line. It should be called “telesex”, not “virtual sex”. I remember an article in a magazine explaining that even good “telesex” ended up being as expensive as real sex. At least as real sex in countries where prostitution is not heavily repressed. Look at the rates of common phonesex lines, and you will find that even phonesex is not cheap. I think women are prepared to support such a technology because it’s a technology that doesn’t exclude women. Indeed it enables women to “have sex” without leaving the comfort of their own (alimony-financed) home.

  2. I see a problem with this kind of technology. You still need a woman at the other end of the line.

    That’s the case with the two companies I highlighted in the article, it wasn’t the case with the RealTouch, or the Occulus Rift virtual sex apps that have already been written.

    The question with virtual sex that doesn’t involve ‘a woman at the other end of the line’ is will it be psychologically satisfying for a man? ‘The Fifth Horseman’ makes the point that most men would prefer a virtual 9 to a real 5 or 6.

    At least as real sex in countries where prostitution is not heavily repressed.

    Either you’ve written that wrong or I’m misunderstanding you. I thought prostitution drives down the price of ‘real’ sex, and that is why feminists obviously go to such an extent to lie in order to criminilize it.

    ‘Virtual’ prostitution would obviously drive down the price of both sex and ‘real’ prostitution, as it would be a global market available in any man’s home in an instant.

    It sounds like you do have a bias towards prostitution as the answer to men’s needs Jack. Is flying half way across the globe to meet ones sexual needs really cheaper and more ‘independent’ than having cyber sex with an 18 year old Russian girl without leaving your own bedroom? (16 years old if feminist ‘child porn’ laws matched the age of consent)

  3. The other thing regards prostitution vs virtual sex or telesex is that having sex with prostitutes is almost about as ‘real’ as having sex with a sex doll, in terms of the fact that you are most probably projecting your own wishes onto the prostitute if you think she is anything more than an inanimate body while she is fucked for the 20th time that day.

    Fair enough, if you frequent the same brothel or prostitute for a length of time, as Highwayman did, I can imagine there being a real kind of relationship, and the prostitute might actually be feeling something when you are banging her, but in most cases, I think the prostitute would have to be a voracious nymphomaniac not to become quite dead to serving her punters, even if you are particulalry good looking or something.

  4. Also, the distinction between virtual sex and the psychological satisfaction of ‘telesex’ involving the necessity of a ‘real woman’ can be overcome to some extent.

    For example, the most popular sex dolls are always based on individual porn actresses – there is something ‘psychologically’ satisfying about fucking a sex doll based on an individual rather than a generic doll : (NSFW)

    3D printing takes the possibilities for this to new heights. Before long, all sex dolls will be 3d printed, based on 3d scans of real women. You could fuck a sex doll of a famous porn actress that is actually 100% identical to the body of the pornstar, not the crude likeness as of now.

    And then combine 3d printed sex dolls with teledildonics, telepresence, augmented reality etc etc…

  5. I am surprised that you are optimistic about technological sex substitutes.

    With your typical pessimism, which unfortunately seems justified, would you not expect feminists to take serious action?

    Any ridiculous story would stick. We have seen that. Sex with a masturbator is demeaning to women and victimizes them. Whatever story they can come up with.

    On the other hand, it seems to me that many sex toys are being destroyed by the greed of the industry. It seems they are being sold as $4 per minute items, while they could just as well be free, or almost free, once bought. They could be free with a few porn movies that give tactile experience. And almost free with a robotic computer game woman.

    Again, are you not underestimating the inventiveness of feminism? They will know how to destroy any artificial sex. With directives coming down from the UN and the EU central.

    Maybe in 30 years we have a witch hunt against men that make home made sex substitutes. Their houses will be searched like those of possessing cp today.

    Feminists could even invent that the toys are demeaning to men. Their fantasy is unlimited.

  6. I finally cited “pedocrite” in an article, but did not know how to link it.

    I also want to propose Mia Farrow as pedocrite of the year.

    Mia Farrow herself committed worse acts then she blames Woody Allen and Soon-Yi for

    At age 24 Mia Farrow got pregnant from a creepy 50 year old married man, stole him from his wife who then went on to a psychiatric ward to receive electric shocks. Mia Farrow testified on behalf of convicted child rapist Roman Polanski. Judgybitch (and 3) explain how Mia Farrow herself had done all the bad deeds that infuriated her. Pedocrite, the antifeminist would call it.

    Judgybitch missed the true convicted sex offender that Mia Farrow put in Dylan’s life one: Mia Farrow: Where is Her Outrage Over Her Own Brother, A Convicted Sex Offender Now In Prison? How come no member of the Farrow family tweets about John Farrow’s 25 year prison sentence?

    And, of course, Mia Farrow traumatizing her family by implanting the sex abuse story into gullible children’s minds

  7. Former porn user. I find this quite sad (The literal meaning) rather than arousing.

    Who cares you brainwashed little prick?

    On the same note, why does the issue of female addiction to sex toys never get mentioned? When a man prefers fapping off to porn he’s a sad addicted loser with a problem. When a woman prefers dildoing herself into ecstacy every night instead of having a man, she’s ‘independent’.

  8. With your typical pessimism, which unfortunately seems justified, would you not expect feminists to take serious action?

    Yes I would, in fact I’ve stated here many times that much of the current hysteria over ‘webcam child sex’ is about preparing the ground for bans on virtual sex. In fact, I’ve read documents that led up to the recent EU directive on child protection that specifically mentioned the need to increase sentencing for men who ‘groom’ or ‘have sex’ with minors via webcams.

  9. Feminists could even invent that the toys are demeaning to men. Their fantasy is unlimited.

    Lol, I think Mr Male and the MHRM might do that themselves.

  10. I also read recently, ironically enough at Eivind’s blog, that Norway has introduced a law defining watching an underage girl dildo herself live on cam as penetrative sex with a child. In other words, treated under the law as actually having sex with her.

  11. Amazing, reddit is downvoting. I thought that topic was acceptable to them?

    If Woody Allen is innocent, was Dylan Farrow’s trauma caused by a monstrous Mia Farrow implanting false sexual memories? Nobody asks for Mia to be tried, to be ostracized for false Sexual Allegations in Divorce (SAID). Woody caused trauma? Outrage! Mia caused trauma in Dylan? Silence! (

  12. Jack:
    I tend to agree—I see some real problems here. First, this isn’t like old-fashioned porn where a man’s imagination played a big part in things. Of course, it’s nothing like a real girl, either, where another personality is involved. The potential for mind-control and social engineering through this kind of technology is very high. There are a lot of other ramifications for it too.

    I was reading today that a new ‘milestone’ has been set in the US fashion industry—now they’re featuring disabled women. Obese, old, transgendered, now disabled: they are always trying to impose their politically correct standards of beauty on men. What do you think these corporate guys are going to do with this?

    In fact, that’s already happened with ‘lad’s mags’, at least over here. The women in these magazines are airbrushed and enhanced—and they all look alike to me anyway. At least in the older mags, you got a variety and could pick whatever you liked.

    Even though this technology is remarkable, I still think the focus of the MRM should be trying to raise the quality of women and abolishing sex-negative laws.

  13. Antifeminist:
    “I think Mr. malE and the MHRM might think of that themselves.”

    That might be a good way to test-market it. We can enlist JeremiahMRA to adopt an on-screen female persona, and give Dean Esmay the male component of the KIRO. Then we can measure if it has any effects on their sex-negative attitudes.

    I do like the name for this technology—KIRO. It also happens to be the same as the call letters of our most peadohysterical and pro-femihag local media outlet! LOL

  14. she NEVER opens the door for anyone, well that cgnahes things quite a bit in my book. The common courtesy explanation only works if door holding happens by both people.I don’t like policing other people’s feminisms, but since you asked, anonymous, it seems to me that your ways are hypocritical.

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