UK to Build ‘Super Prison’ whilst a Women’s Prison is to be Converted to into Male Prison

Overcrowding in British prisons, largely due to the rush of feminist legislation putting ever more male sex offenders behind bars (with the support of the MHRM), has required the necessity of building the UK’s first ‘Super Prison’, with more planned to follow. Four smaller prisons will close, and a prison that housed female offenders will be converted into a male only prison. This follows official feminist recommendations that ‘no woman should go to prison’ and that female prisons should be closed.

Four prisons in England are to close as the government announced the site for a new super-prison in north Wales.

The jails in Reading, Dorchester, Blundeston and Northallerton will be shut down by March next year, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said.

Feltham Young Offender Institution will also be replaced.

But campaigners said replacing old prisons with new, bigger ones would make them harder to manage and would not reduce crime.

The closures mean 1,400 prison places will be lost in England and Wales while the new £250m prison in Wrexham will hold more than 2,000 inmates….

Downview prison, in Surrey, is to hold male rather than female prisoners and Warren Hill, in Suffolk, will stop holding young offenders and will instead hold adult males, it added.

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11 thoughts on “UK to Build ‘Super Prison’ whilst a Women’s Prison is to be Converted to into Male Prison”

  1. Do you have links to figures for various sex crimes. How many people locked up etc. Be interesting to see how many internet offences there have been and how many get to do some bird. Is it true that they are having to build more prisons to cope with the increase in sex offenders?

  2. Apology accepted. And yes, I always appreciate it when people read the full article before commenting, especially if they ask questions answered in the article.

    Given the increased sex offender legislation without end (for example, soon throughout the EU just having one thumbnail pass through your browser of a young looking sexy 19 year old will require minimum 1 or 2 years in prison), and given that prisons were already overcrowding and as a result political pressure to reduce sentencing for non-sex crimes, I’m pretty sure that in a decade or two (male) ‘sex offenders’ will form an increasing majority of prisoners, and that prisons will increasingly be become devoted to them, and in fact built specifically for them (in other words, the feminist final solution to the loss of youthful beauty problem).

  3. This MHRM commenter Ty Henry sounds like a total fruitcake. I clicked on his link, he runs a stupid blog called ‘Sports Droppings’. Here is another gem:

    3/18: On the Steubenville rape case: “considering that all the principals were 4-5 years below legal drinking age (note: 16-17 in the US);…where were all the goddamned grownups?”

    Most of the rest of the blog is whining about female violence against men; and (especially since most of the men he describes are star athletes) the thought of some NFL probowler running to a DV shelter sounds really ridiculous. Equal Injustice for All…

  4. This MHRM commenter Ty Henry sounds like a total fruitcake

    I might publish an ‘open letter’ to Ty Henry here later this week. If there is any particular point that readers want to me to get across to him, then let me know.

  5. I don’t know about getting points across to Ty Henry: he seems about intelligent as a doorknob. It might be a good opportunity though to juxtapose some of the ideals expressed forum against those of the MHRM.

    As for being Typhon’s toilet paper: maybe we should start a fund drive—in the interests of humanity—to send these MHRM guys abroad to non-feminist countries so they can at least remember what real women are like.

    On second thought, though, Aiorthor spends a lot of time in the Philippines, and it hasn’t done him very much good…

  6. This is ‘Lex Berge’ with a vengeance.

    Sometime ago, I posted a video link of the French ‘Antigones’ ; a group of French women who were organized against FEMEN. Now would these EU dictacrats consider an anti-feminist organization, made up entirely of women, as an anti-woman hate group?

  7. Eric, factions inside feminist are probably tolerable.

    Were these women ANTI feminists, or did they just oppose certain parts of feminism?

    They might be against nude demonstrators, but not against quotas.

    BTW, in Germany MANDATORY quotas are being discussed to force those companies that did not implement PURELY VOLUNTARY quotas for women in the boards of directors.

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