UK Prisons Face Severe Overcrowding as the Sexual Holocaust Approaches

Over the next few decades a feminist directed holocaust will take place against men under the banner of the war against sex offenders.  Millions of men will be its victims, and what’s more, this holocaust will be truly global.

Yesterday, in the UK, already overcrowded jails were told to be ready to take even more prisoners :

The government has ordered dozens of already full jails to take more inmates because the jail population is growing faster than expected, it has emerged.

Forty prisons in England and Wales have been told to raise their “operational capacity” in the next two months, according to documents seen by the BBC.

All but six of these are running at full capacity or are overcrowded.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said he was taking “sensible steps to make sure we can accommodate everyone”.

The primary reason for the explosion in the prison population in the UK is the growth in the numbers of men being jailed under feminist sex offender laws.  The prison population rose rapidly after the 2003 Sexual Offences Bill, which contained numerous new laws targetting male sexuality, such as raising the minimum age for pornography from 16 to 18, and more than that, making it an imprisonable offence even to look at a picture of a topless 17 year old girl.


The Future

Last year, in the wake of the Jimmy Savile hysteria, the UK government announced plans to make it easier to convict men facing rape or child abuse allegations.  Young girls will be forced to testify against their older lovers, no matter how unwilling they are to do so and consequently how traumatizing the experience will be.  Recently, the police arrested a 15 year old girl and kept her in a police cell for 20 hours until she agreed to testify against her ‘abuser’.  All pretence at ‘protecting victims’ has gone, and now feminists can openly commit a holocaust against men simply in order to regulate the free sexual market in favour of their unwanted and unloved aging vaginas.

Even more significantly, the EU last year passed another major directive on ‘child abuse’ (the third in 10 years).  The consequence will be a massive explosion in the numbers of men jailed for sex offences throughout Europe.  Amongst the measures included were a scrapping of the statute of limitations for sex offences and new laws against ‘grooming’ (both offline and online). A single image of a topless 17 year old girl (or a 30 year old woman who could pass as a 17 year old girl, or a hentai cartoon image of a ’17 year old girl’) passing through your browser will bring you a MINIMUM two years in prison.  On top of that, the whole of Europe from Iceland to the Ukraine signed up to a treaty against sexual harassment which could see men arrested for simply looking at a woman in the street in an ‘unwanted sexual manner’.  Within a decade or two, there will be as many or more sex offenders in European jails as there are in the USA (where a million men are already on the register), and sex offenders will likely make up the vast majority of the prison population, as violent crime continues to drop, and drug posession laws are relaxed in order to make prison space available for the hundreds of thousands of men who will be jailed under new feminist ‘sex crimes’.

How it will look

The following photo is taken from a typical prison cell in Brazil. 


Currently, in Brazil, most of these criminals wil be violent thugs and gangsters.  In Europe, soon this picture will represent a sea of sex offenders sharing an overcrowded cell.  Conditions will get progressively worse (pun intended).  Politicians eager to chase the female floating brood mare vote that ensures their re-election, will make life even tougher in prisons which will begin to resemble NAZI death camps.  In fact, France has already begun building camps designed to house only sex offenders, with the intention that once in there, the men are to die in there.  This is particularly chilling given the recent electoral success of Marine Le Pen, who has already vowed to ‘liquidate the paedophiles’.


But perhaps most ironically, given that the EU is now the primary vehicle for what is happening, and the EU is increasingly dominated by Germany, the coming sexual genocide will represent the third holocaust that that nation will have been primarily responsible for in little more than a century (the first was against an African tribe).

This website is one of the only voices in existence against the coming holocaust.  AVoiceforMen, which is the leading so-called ‘men’s rights site’, actively promotes the holocaust through its validation of the feminist abuse industry, and frequent calls for it to be extended to include boys amongst its manufactured victims.

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  1. I think this is the whole purpose of the celebrity show trials – to demonstrate to the public, especially women, that “they will be believed” in the absence of any other evidence, even in spite of contradictory evidence. The “assault” need not be serious, a touch perhaps in a crowded bar (re. Rolf Harris). The women thus “empowered” will be compensated out of the public purse, and if they put the scene of the “crime” at a large institution, they can sue that for vicarious liability. The easiest way for the no-win no-fee lawyers to proceed, is to establish a criminal offence first, this also protects the compainant against a libel action. The civil case is then a open goal (pun?)

    The police love these celeb cases, as it makes trawling easier, a simple advert will do, inviting the complainants to come forward. Once they have hoovered up as many of those as they can, the next in line will be the teachers, care workers, nurses, doctors, dentists; anyone that a large number of people will know and the police can trawl.

    Sooner or later, the money will run out, but not before tens of thousands have been damaged, I fear. The only way I can see it stopping is when ordinary, normal women wake up and realise it’s their sons and husbands being culled to satisfy the feminist idea that one in four men is a rapist. I don’t hold much hope of that though.

  2. This is so horrific I couldn’t finish reading it. Better to have the world blow up than to have such a future come to be. I will cling to my belief that things will be reversed on the feminists: Evil does reach its apex and reversal, and darkness in the end consumes itself.

  3. Addendum: After more reading, my feeling is only strengthened that what the feminists project as a goal for the distant future has in fact already taken root in our midst. It must of necessity be provoking its antithesis.

    What you depict is its swan song: Not its dawn, but its twilight and ending. Historically, movements reach their apex and reversal. Most of what is predicted has been truth in the US for several decades.

    It cannot outlast its seasonal life- no winter goes on forever. Please take heart: The forces of life will stop these death hags, and reverse their agenda. I have been a loyal supporter of yours and I hope you don’t view me as just a babbler….

  4. The authorities are locking up European men, while at the same time importing immigrant-invader males from Africa and the Middle East.

    What could go wrong?

  5. From the linked piece:

    “In the United States today there are around a million yes that’s one million individuals who are classed as subhuman sex offenders. Sex Offenders in the United States are regarded as not having human rights, they are monitored wherever they go often by massive GPS tracking units that they are forced to wear. They are not allowed to live or go near schools or parks. They are not allowed to be with children. They live a subhuman existence that the average person would have thought they could not survive for one second until they find themselves (and many do) with the subhuman sex offender label.

    This, in my mind should immediately make one start asking questions. How can there be over a million people who are so evil that they are considered undeserved of human rights? What, specifically, is it that they have done? If we, as a society, are OK with classing over a million individuals as subhuman then why are we so bothered about the Nazi extermination of the Jews?

    Of course, I am not suggesting that the Nazi extermination of the Jews was right, but I am suggesting that Sex Offenders are the 21st century Jews and the Sex Offender Registry is essentially the pink triangle and yellow star of the United States of America.”
    As an American, I have been first alarmed, and then depressed, about all of this. I think they have simply created a big industry – employing more social workers, psychologists, probation officers, prison guards, judges, and prosecutors – and they have found that “child sexual abuse” resonates with the mass of idiots that don’t stop to see that THE CURE IS 1,000X WORSE THAN THE DISEASE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP.

    This entire agenda must be reversed. I just think it will take global war and economic collapse to finally distract everyone from this obsession.

  6. Smkovalinski:
    The term ‘Prison-Industrial Complex’ came into being for reasons just like that.

    The problem is that the Ameroboob is so hopelessly dumbed-down by the schools and so hoodwinked by the American media that they will believe anything. As an example recently, over the ‘crisis’ in Ukraine, the US Government displayed before the press a video of Russian bombers supposedly being turned away from a US base in SE Asia by American interceptors. The video was actually from the Vietnam War: but the media portrayed it as real.

  7. @Eric: Unfortunately, you are all too correct. It is as frightening in its scope as it is depressing in it’s details.

  8. The video was actually from the Vietnam War: but the media portrayed it as real.

    Well, that’s interesting. I saw that footage here and thought it looked like it was from some time long ago (certainly not a scene typical of any military operation of 2014!) and thought it was either a propaganda stunt to reassure everyone that Russia posed no threat to the West or similar; or that maybe they’d just accidentally shown the wrong video. Now I know it was the former!
    How much lower will they go?

  9. Another one of our local witch-hunters bites the dirt:

    Running a prostitution ring and supplying drug dealers with confiscated drugs and stolen ammunition. At the whole thing fell apart when his jealous wife—head of the prostitution ring—caught him in bed with a 20 y/o sex worker.

    Meanwhile, this guy was head of a SWAT, meaning he was in charge of raiding all those ‘other’ houses of prostitution.

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