UK Police Rescue Dozens of Child Sex Dolls from Exploitation and Abuse

An exploited sex doll smiles bravely at the camera after being rescued from the clutches of sick paedophiles.

From our Guardian correspondent Annabella Isawhore :

Police in the UK last week conducted dozens of dawn raids across the country and at an emotionally charged press conference today, it was confirmed that hundreds of realistic child sex dolls have been rescued from a lifetime of degrading abuse and exploitation by vile paedophiles. Speaking in a strained voice, Chief Inspector Roy Porker of New Scotland Yard described the horrific abuse that the dolls had suffered. ‘These dolls are made to look like ripe young 15 year old girls. Originally meant for the Japanese market, they are now being trafficked into the UK where sick perverts can move their flexible limbs into any position, be it doggy, missionary…I’m sad to say that these dolls come fitted with realistic arseholes and we have unfortunately uncovered evidence of anal abuse in some cases’.

There were audible gasps and it appeared at this point that Inspector Porker would break down in tears, and indeed myself and many of my fellow female reporters were struggling to contain our emotions as we listened to his heartfelt testimony. He went on to describe how he and his fellow officers at Scotland Yard’s newly created ‘Paedocrite Information Exchange (PIE)’ had kindly volunteered to rehouse the abused dolls :
‘Myself and my colleagues often have to spend entire days in the office looking at thousands of images of nubile young Russian girls teasing in thongs and lingerie, that have been seized from perverted harddrives across the land. Sometimes me and my boys feel suicidal at the end of the day, unable to get these disgusting images out of our heads, knowing that there is nothing we can do to those girls, I mean do for those girls who have been so terribly exploited by sick and twisted paedos. However, in this case, we have not only stopped the abuse of hundreds of these child dolls, who are often modelled on real life innocent 15 year old Russian girls, but we are in a position to give them new lives and new homes – loving homes where they will be welcomed as part of our families. I myself am a single male and live alone with my pet Labarador since my wife Esther succumbed to jungle fever and dumped me for some black cock, taking the kids with her to be brought up by him, but I immediately volunteered to take in seven or eight of these abused angels. I will do everything I can to be the father to them that they never had up to now in their poor lives.’

The intensely emotional scene was rudely interrupted by a question from Milo Yanapopolopohomolos, editor of controversial ‘alt-right’ news site ‘BriteFart’. Milo asked if it was obscene that the police were devoting so much resources to rescue young looking sex dolls when they had ignored the horrific rape by Muslim grooming gangs of thousands of real underage girls in towns such as Rotherham. Milo also asked if the police arresting ‘paedophiles’ for having sex with dolls was misguided when such dolls are clearly a substitute for real ‘children’. Indeed, did this not clearly prove the point of The Anti-feminist’ that paedohysteria is not about protecting children from abuse, but about protecting the older women’s ‘pussy cartel’? Milo was immediately arrested for Islamophobia and suspected paedophilia and later sentenced to life in prison. Only he wasn’t, because he’s a paedocrite himself, overcompensating at every turn for being a homosexual head of a right-wing movement.

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  1. Yeah, they’re totally modeled after children. I mean, what child doesn’t have 36E cup???

    Unf**kking believable.

    I clearly see the “pussy cartel” at work here.

  2. Nothing new under the sun; just more of the same closed-minded, hysterically moralistic, hyper-protective, Anglo-Puritanism that has come to dominate the globe during the last 200 years. While posting, all over the internet, gore videos of small toddlers’ brains being blown up is permissible, privately owning a video of two 15 year olds enjoying each other intimately is a “no-no”. Why? Because gore videos are viscerally unpleasant, whereas teen-sex is indeed very pleasant, so of course the former doesn’t bother anyone, but don’t you dare think of the latter – everything that is pleasurable must be ruthlessly banned everywhere, so saith the Anglo-Puritan.

    Mencken was right about everything.

    Btw, I’ve read recently that blowjob machines have been constructed that simulate the blowjobs of various pornstars who submitted their blowjobs to the company (I guess by sucking some electronic penises that recorded the pressures applied to them??), so that customers could buy those machines and choose from a plethora of blowjob-techniques by pornstars, and that the technology could one day allow for random people to submit their own blowjobs for customers to pick from. Immediately, I thought how the Puritans will react when a 17 year old teen submits hers. We all know this one, of course.

  3. this is my twitter I do not use it much almost nothing I’m trying not to commit suicide and that takes me almost all the time, but in case you want to talk to me or whatever it is here. censure my twitter, it’s not necessary to publish it to stupid Antis, it’s just so you know that I’m here your stupid local ephebophile bakery

  4. No matter how bad it gets, I would never commit suicide. Speaking personally, I would never go out with a whimper anyway. I’m not talking about violence but certainly I would probably resolve to go into overdrive in terms of activism, lose my anonymity, even if it meant being torn apart by the screaming mob, better than slitting my wrists in the bathtub and just another contribution to the spike in male suicide rate that ‘men’s rights activists’ will put down to ‘male body shaming’ or ‘female sexual abuse of men’ etc etc.

    In any case, don’t misjudge me as a ‘techno optimist’, but the world IS going to change more in the next 50 years than it has in the last 5,000 (or 500,000). Nobody can predict what society will be like in 20 years time (by which time, if you are in good health now and under 60 you probably will be able to restore you body to youthful and virtually immortal state). As far as these ‘child ‘sex doll raids are concerned, these are only happening in Anglo puritan femihag countries. As far as I know, countries such as France and Germany currently have the sense (and humanity) not to classify young looking dolls as child pornography. Even Canada is currently seeing a test case through court which could go either way and is prompting some level of intelligent debate.

  5. It’s because I need a girlfriend to continue to live, I’m like that, I can not change, I need another person to love me, of course I still go to high school at least (I’ll have to put a pincer on my nose, imagine!) , I do not know how you can live without a girlfriend, I do not even can use just casual sex with a teenager, I do not care if it’s sticky, it’s funny at times to have a sticky teen girl next to you, but as I say the bad thing is that with 16 they do not have much attraction to me, even I’m struggling to being attracted to them, but what if I do not? Being alone? At least they are under age, ‘children’ according to them, therefore I am a “pedophile” that take advantage of vulnerable underage girls (in fact is that “I go with minors” just that) but not problem I am going to sleep well being one of them.

    I do not know how the future would be exactly, although it looks like it is now but worse, and the people a mixture of brown color, with no identity of any kind. I think it would be really fun to see you “ephebophile” in the future adopting all that funny shit about being ‘girlover’.

    “Theteengirlover: Resisting the Rape of the Hebophile – Sex Positive Feminist MAP’s Rights!

    Oberstgeneral (demoted from Feldmarschall for charges of date statutory rape with a 17 and ten monts years-old child sex doll at an japanese anime convention) – I tell you it’s the feminists fault.

    Theteengirlover (with a pink heart as profile image) – No! It’s the fault of the American Christian right, to have more rights for womyns is more rights for hebophiles! Hillary is our greatest advocate, ignorant! #loveislove #pizzagateislove”

  6. Just so much fucking bullshit these days. Un-fucking-believable.
    The lives and the wellbeing of “sex dolls” are worth more than the actual women and girls’.

    Two of the ladies, I know, were raped in Pontypridd. But there weren’t many mass protests or riots afterwards. I don’t think the perpetrators were caught or jailed. The police did nothing, I think. Where are their sympathies? Where were their fucking support? Their rapists are walking free!
    Oh, what about the mass rapes and assaults Rotherham, in Germany, or in Sweden? Nothing is fucking done about them!
    Or how the poor lady got chopped up to pieces in the Graig or how this lady got eaten up alive in Argoed. I don’t see protests or marches on behalf of these poor women.
    And yet, these bitches march in solidarity in “women’s march” in Cardiff “against Trump”, on the same street where the some couple got murdered off Matalan- yet nobody jumped in to their rescue. And in the same fucking city, loads of wankers turned up in “protest against Roosh” last year. What fucking bullshit.
    The way I see it: they don’t do anything for the actual victims!

  7. @Feldmarshall – so let’s get this straight. You’re telling us that you are 16 years old and you are forming your entire persona and self-understanding upon the identification of an ‘ephebophile’ because you find girls a couple of years younger than you attractive??

    I remember when I was at university and it was something a joke that every female on my course was in love with me because I was ‘cute’. Unfortunately, I had a similar attitude as you are describing – that these girls (18-21) were not quite young enough to satisfy me. So instead of dating stunningly attractive 19 year olds, I’d spend my days sitting alone in Starbucks gazing with an aching heart at the 15 and 16 year olds who would never be mine.

    Now I’m approaching fifty years old and if only I could turn back the clock…

    Recently I was dating a very pretty Ukranian 19 year old. It didn’t work out, largely because of the age gap, that we were made aware of every time we sat down in a restaurant or entered a shop (yes, even in the Ukraine).

  8. 16 years old? Hahaha no, I told you that my native language is not English, so I may have confused you, I’m just another “millennial”.

    There you have admitted that you fight for something lost, as sad, you know that even in a non-feminist society the age difference would be considered marginal, yes, you could have private dating with girls of 16 (or your 19 year-old) in exchange for gifts type japon, you could lose 6 Hours a day in jerking off with teen porn and hentai or just anime with pretty 16/15/14 years old, but do not go out with your 15-year-old girlfriend / wife in real life, it would happen the same, no one would attack you but you would feel uncomfortable and “strange” and end up cut the relation. And you know, our world has said a great NO to age difference as a concept even the pre-feminist at 19 century, Hitler never go along a 16 years old publicily, even if he dating a almost 19 years old but in private as did with Eva Brown, not a pre-feminist japanese prime minister nor a secretary of state, even your average joe, would be married to a woman in her teen or hardly even in her twenties, never a rolf harris as a hero in a Blockbuster movie, at best just living apart with his girlfriend in some town, ok is not bad, but even Chaplin was discriminated against and therefore did not win several prizes, for marry a 16 year old girl, even if it was legal, people think it was disgusting or “strange”, dating young people, be it a feminist or not, Can you imagine Kaiser Wilhelm at their 30 or 40 with a 13 year old girl? In all the suggestive postcards of World War I were women in their twenty no teens.. What I do not understand is how you continue without rejecting society in a state without turning back like someone who throws the crucifix to the fire for years and devotes his life to cursing God and his church, you have fucked up your life and have done it again , And without sending bullies to intimidate you, but only in the worst way, making yourselves pressured by human abusers, hypocrites and parasites, the “normal people”, normal heterosexual man does not go with young girls going with people of his age at least in public and in social matters, there are always been and always will be, luckily I do not belong to society, I’ll dating a 16 years-old just to walk with she down the street to annoy everyone I can, or I can would if people did not give me as much disgust as to the point to nor interact with them even at distance. Besides I’m a pedophile, I’d like to date 10 years old, this is pedophilia even in your dream world, humanity will never accept me, to hell with everything. Sorry for the rant.

  9. @Feldmarhall – well I tried reading that twice and didn’t understand more than 5% of it. If you’re accusing me of being an ‘ephebocrite’, then I’ll say again, people’s sexuality isn’t defined by their willingness or not to be honest about it. If a man marries a woman who disgusts him, like all women disgust him because he thinks about sucking other men’s cocks every minute of the day, just to ‘keep up appearences’ or fit in with social ‘homophobic’ norms, he’s still just as much a homosexual as the man who openly goes to gay swinger parties every night and makes a point of walking down the street hand in hand with and kissing his gay boyfriend.

    Similarly, just because most men might not date teenage girls if and when it was legal (because of social shaming) and you would doesn’t mean that you are a special snowflake we need to call an ‘ephebophile’.

    Also, I did used to dream of how good it would be to walk down the street with a teenage girl and positively welcoming the looks of disdain that we would attract. Maybe you would enjoy that, but believe me, it does wear you down after a while, and more importantly, it inevitably affects the girl.

    Take a look at this pic :

    Now I’m not accusing Donald Trump of any sexual impropriety here, and I’m not sure who the girl in the picture is (maybe his young daughter?) but it’s clear that at the time he didn’t give a hoot about what anybody would think by such a pic of himself with a (barely) pubescent cutie. Now of course, he very much would avoid such a picture (or a situation). Does this mean Trump was an ‘ephebophile’ back then but isn’t now? Or does it just mean that 1/ times have changed and 2/ he’s now the most important (and reviled) man in the world and the cost/benefit of being pictured with a young cutie has changed?

    I would also like to say that I did state a rule here a long time back that I don’t want the concept of ‘ephebophilia’ promoted here as a real thing. Please try to respect it from now on.

  10. No, I do not accuse you of that, and I also agree with you on everything, I do not remember very well because it is diffuse that time, but in serious Japanese manga, not sexual stories, in the 90’s or before, sometimes an attraction between a teenage boy or girl and an adult woman or man is showed, but in the end they could not be together (although it was totally explicit that they were attracted) “by the difference of age” the same as you say.

    I repeat, you’re right in everything, what I do not want is to go back to that shitty pre-feminist 50’s with his “reasonable, because it is the average age that girls has relationships” AoC at 16, or their “but if you really love the girl, the father will not be able to separate you and the girl” or “if you has 25 and she 15 I see nothing wrong but if you have 30…” this is I refer, to have fewer rights and options because just you like older children (I understand the protection of real prepubescent children but they are capable of kill and blackmail you but not capable to share their bed in sensual love, this is not ok) or teens (hey not sexually capable at their early teens, to young trust me!)

    hey but I can be freely with stupid legal adults (because adult can “cuntsent” because they are adults period infinite loop), In this point you realice that ONLY thanks to the goodwill of others (adultophiles who I despise) you can get dating teens, not because the will of the teen and you.

    They (who? the gods of humankind?) can “allow me” (WTF!?) to be dating a 14 years old, but only because they decide and allow it at first, as if they were our guardians or masters, but I cannot ban their sex “between consenting adults”, because are adults, ok, why sex “among consenting adults” is good? No, that is not good, this is what I denounce. I’ve tried to explain it better sorry if not.

  11. It has been a long time since I have posted a comment on this site, but I still visit this site on a regular basis. I believe that the visitors who post comments on this site on a regular basis are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of those who agree with what this site stands for. Quote: “Now I’m not accusing Donald Trump of any sexual impropriety here” I know that, but the stupid hags at the so-called ‘women’s march’ that happened in DC would think otherwise ( Ashley Judd said that Trump had incestuous fantasies about his own daughter Ivanka, without any evidence whatsoever to “prove” her claim ). It is encouraging to know that there are many women who have commented on the march saying “they don’t represent me” ( one such woman is an American Messianic Jew who goes by the handle of ‘The Patriot Nurse’ who has posted a number of videos on YouTube, and some of the videos she has put out recently, contain a lot of red pill wisdom ). The term ‘Ephebophile’ would only apply if one has an exclusive attraction to teen girls ( which would be quite rare ). Every other guy who likes teen girls also likes adult women, which is normal male sexuality, and there is nothing pathological about that.

  12. One of the comments posted under the video: “My wife brought my attention to this crazy march and the anti male speeches which were given. She was more pissed off than I was. This lying bullshit that men want to keep women in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. I have know my wife her entire life and have loved her since she was 16, that’s 28 years together. I did not marry her to be my servant. She has her own dreams and desires and knows I would never get in between or prevent her from her personal happiness. Yet feminist vilify men like me because they don’t want women happy married with children. They want them to be drunk sluts to the point no man would ever look upon them.” That sounds very red pill to me, which is good.

  13. LOL I learned something the other day you might find interesting. In the original stories, Helen of Troy, “The most beautiful woman in all of Greece”, was only about 10 years old. I imagine she was supposed to look something like Miette from The City Of Lost Children.

  14. Thanks – it’s good to see you back and I hope I still have a few regular readers even if the comments section isn’t so busy these days.

    I was thinking of posting a ‘where are they now?’ article that ponders where the likes of Eric and Alan Vaughn have gone. Might prompt a few old regulars to leave a comment and tell us they are still here.

  15. Here is an article by Rookh that is even more red pilled than the above quote that I posted. It speaks about how manosphere values helped propel DJT to victory.

    It’s a good article and I agree with much of it. I intended to write something similar after Trump’s victory. Not to claim credit myself, lol, but I do think that it might not be absurd to say that the online men’s rights movement, that Angry Harry started (or did more than anybody else to kickstart), did play a part in the snowball that led to Trump’s success. It’s a shame that Harry didn’t quite live long enough to see it.

    On a similar theme – that little blogs like mine and Rookh’s might have had a surprisingly large ripple effect on bigger things – I do know that Milo linked to this site on his Twitter feed around a year to 18 months ago. His comments on ‘child abuse’ certainly were very akin to this site’s arguments.

    BTW, isn’t the end of my article above now quite remarkably prescient (even if I was misguided about Milo being a paedocrite – I wasn’t aware of the now infamous podcast until the shit hit the fan)?

  16. In the original stories, Helen of Troy, “The most beautiful woman in all of Greece”, was only about 10 years old. I imagine she was supposed to look something like Miette from The City Of Lost Children.

    @Fronk – Yeah, I remember reading that. I also remember renting a dvd of the latest Hollywood version a few years back. I can’t remember who played Helen, but I was flabbergasted that the actress seemed to be about 30 or even 40.

  17. Leading geneticist and expert on the CRISPR method of gene editing claims that human aging reversal will be in clinical trials within 2 years and a reality in ten :

    Consider that one simple invention – the contraceptive pill – caused us to go from a conservative society in which pre-marital sex was still largely taboo, to the ‘swinging sixties’ in less than ten years. Now think about what society will be like in twenty years time when all the 50 year old women (and men) are walking around looking and feeling like 16 year olds? Would anyone honestly confidently claim that all our moral attitudes regarding sex will be the same as now? Anyone seriously thinking of killing themselves at this point is about as tragic as a homosexual deciding things will ‘never get better’ circa 1960.

    BTW, most assume that when women have the power to look any age they want to (as stated above possibly within the next decade, at least for the wealthy) they will choose to look 21 or maybe 18. Nonsense. You just have to fucking look at the Twitter avatars of both feminists and femiservatives to see that they will want to look like cute 12 year olds (barring any social stigma or handicaps it might cause career wise etc). Also, it’s unclear if this technology could be advanced enough anytime soon to set the clock back to ‘eighteen’ precisely, given that skin starts aging from around the onset of puberty, if a not a little before. So basically, you will have the mass of women in 20 years time with the skin of 10 year olds, and the vast majority wouldn’t want it any other way. Of course, they will still have the bodies of fully grown women, but given that most females stop physically growing by the age of 16, the most common look for women in the ‘post-aging’ society that is looming will be ‘young looking 16’ (if that makes sense).

  18. Transhumanism is a scam, it is only a fantasy of pride of those who want to supplant God, there will be no any “post-aging” society, we will continue aging as ordered by nature.

  19. “I was thinking of posting a ‘where are they now?’ article that ponders where the likes of Eric and Alan Vaughn have gone.” Good idea. I have enjoyed reading Alan’s posts. Alan if you still visit this site, I’m from Australia too.

  20. Matt wrote:”Transhumanism is a scam, it is only a fantasy of pride of those who want to supplant God, there will be no any “post-aging” society, we will continue aging as ordered by nature.” While I do believe that ‘Transhumanism’ ( as defined by some articles that I have read on the subject ) is a scam, that does not mean that I will throw out the baby with the bath water. While it is true that there will be no true “post aging society” in this present wicked eon, there is still a lot that can be done to slow the effects of aging with the right medical technology, some of which can be derived from nature. What you should be concerned about is not technology itself, but those who would try to use it to enslave us, instead of helping us.

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