UK Police Rescue Dozens of Child Sex Dolls from Exploitation and Abuse

An exploited sex doll smiles bravely at the camera after being rescued from the clutches of sick paedophiles.

From our Guardian correspondent Annabella Isawhore :

Police in the UK last week conducted dozens of dawn raids across the country and at an emotionally charged press conference today, it was confirmed that hundreds of realistic child sex dolls have been rescued from a lifetime of degrading abuse and exploitation by vile paedophiles. Speaking in a strained voice, Chief Inspector Roy Porker of New Scotland Yard described the horrific abuse that the dolls had suffered. ‘These dolls are made to look like ripe young 15 year old girls. Originally meant for the Japanese market, they are now being trafficked into the UK where sick perverts can move their flexible limbs into any position, be it doggy, missionary…I’m sad to say that these dolls come fitted with realistic arseholes and we have unfortunately uncovered evidence of anal abuse in some cases’.

There were audible gasps and it appeared at this point that Inspector Porker would break down in tears, and indeed myself and many of my fellow female reporters were struggling to contain our emotions as we listened to his heartfelt testimony. He went on to describe how he and his fellow officers at Scotland Yard’s newly created ‘Paedocrite Information Exchange (PIE)’ had kindly volunteered to rehouse the abused dolls :
‘Myself and my colleagues often have to spend entire days in the office looking at thousands of images of nubile young Russian girls teasing in thongs and lingerie, that have been seized from perverted harddrives across the land. Sometimes me and my boys feel suicidal at the end of the day, unable to get these disgusting images out of our heads, knowing that there is nothing we can do to those girls, I mean do for those girls who have been so terribly exploited by sick and twisted paedos. However, in this case, we have not only stopped the abuse of hundreds of these child dolls, who are often modelled on real life innocent 15 year old Russian girls, but we are in a position to give them new lives and new homes – loving homes where they will be welcomed as part of our families. I myself am a single male and live alone with my pet Labarador since my wife Esther succumbed to jungle fever and dumped me for some black cock, taking the kids with her to be brought up by him, but I immediately volunteered to take in seven or eight of these abused angels. I will do everything I can to be the father to them that they never had up to now in their poor lives.’

The intensely emotional scene was rudely interrupted by a question from Milo Yanapopolopohomolos, editor of controversial ‘alt-right’ news site ‘BriteFart’. Milo asked if it was obscene that the police were devoting so much resources to rescue young looking sex dolls when they had ignored the horrific rape by Muslim grooming gangs of thousands of real underage girls in towns such as Rotherham. Milo also asked if the police arresting ‘paedophiles’ for having sex with dolls was misguided when such dolls are clearly a substitute for real ‘children’. Indeed, did this not clearly prove the point of The Anti-feminist’ that paedohysteria is not about protecting children from abuse, but about protecting the older women’s ‘pussy cartel’? Milo was immediately arrested for Islamophobia and suspected paedophilia and later sentenced to life in prison. Only he wasn’t, because he’s a paedocrite himself, overcompensating at every turn for being a homosexual head of a right-wing movement.

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  1. Yeah, they’re totally modeled after children. I mean, what child doesn’t have 36E cup???

    Unf**kking believable.

    I clearly see the “pussy cartel” at work here.

  2. Nothing new under the sun; just more of the same closed-minded, hysterically moralistic, hyper-protective, Anglo-Puritanism that has come to dominate the globe during the last 200 years. While posting, all over the internet, gore videos of small toddlers’ brains being blown up is permissible, privately owning a video of two 15 year olds enjoying each other intimately is a “no-no”. Why? Because gore videos are viscerally unpleasant, whereas teen-sex is indeed very pleasant, so of course the former doesn’t bother anyone, but don’t you dare think of the latter – everything that is pleasurable must be ruthlessly banned everywhere, so saith the Anglo-Puritan.

    Mencken was right about everything.

    Btw, I’ve read recently that blowjob machines have been constructed that simulate the blowjobs of various pornstars who submitted their blowjobs to the company (I guess by sucking some electronic penises that recorded the pressures applied to them??), so that customers could buy those machines and choose from a plethora of blowjob-techniques by pornstars, and that the technology could one day allow for random people to submit their own blowjobs for customers to pick from. Immediately, I thought how the Puritans will react when a 17 year old teen submits hers. We all know this one, of course.

  3. It has been a long time since I have posted a comment on this site, but I still visit this site on a regular basis. I believe that the visitors who post comments on this site on a regular basis are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of those who agree with what this site stands for. Quote: “Now I’m not accusing Donald Trump of any sexual impropriety here” I know that, but the stupid hags at the so-called ‘women’s march’ that happened in DC would think otherwise ( Ashley Judd said that Trump had incestuous fantasies about his own daughter Ivanka, without any evidence whatsoever to “prove” her claim ). It is encouraging to know that there are many women who have commented on the march saying “they don’t represent me” ( one such woman is an American Messianic Jew who goes by the handle of ‘The Patriot Nurse’ who has posted a number of videos on YouTube, and some of the videos she has put out recently, contain a lot of red pill wisdom ). The term ‘Ephebophile’ would only apply if one has an exclusive attraction to teen girls ( which would be quite rare ). Every other guy who likes teen girls also likes adult women, which is normal male sexuality, and there is nothing pathological about that.

  4. LOL I learned something the other day you might find interesting. In the original stories, Helen of Troy, “The most beautiful woman in all of Greece”, was only about 10 years old. I imagine she was supposed to look something like Miette from The City Of Lost Children.

  5. In the original stories, Helen of Troy, “The most beautiful woman in all of Greece”, was only about 10 years old. I imagine she was supposed to look something like Miette from The City Of Lost Children.

    @Fronk – Yeah, I remember reading that. I also remember renting a dvd of the latest Hollywood version a few years back. I can’t remember who played Helen, but I was flabbergasted that the actress seemed to be about 30 or even 40.

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