TyphonBlue Demands Equal Injustice for All! (Again)

You may have thought the recent and most praiseworthy campaign by our men’s rights brothers in Canada was about confronting and attacking the shameful demonsiation of men as potential rapists and sex predators. Not so according to TyphonBlue, who has been chosen by the Men’s Human Rights Movement to explain the campaign to mainstream journalists (http://cjme.com/story/updated-mens-rights-posters-pop-saskatoon/121353):

A Voice for Men is behind the posters here and Alison Tieman, who spoke for the group from Kelvington, said the group has the same message as Men’s Rights Edmonton.

We would like to see an honest look at statistics about sexual assault. We would also like to see campaigns that reflect all sexual assault victims,” said Tieman, who has been a part of the counter-feminist movement for 15 years.

The Edmonton posters that were put up by Men’s Rights Edmonton are a take on the widely-known “Don’t be that Guy” campaign against sexual assault. They read, “Don’t be that Girl…Just because you regret a one night stand doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual. Lying about sexual assault = a crime.”

“We are supporting the posters that were put up because they draw attention to the fact that the original posters single out men—all men—as potential rapists,” Tieman said.

“The original campaign posters are telling men not to be that guy which suggests that if they hadn’t told them, they would be that guy.”

The original campaign posters encourage female victims of sexual assault to come forward. Tieman said they prevent male victims to come forward because it pins sexual assault, as a whole, on men

Perhaps when she says ‘look again at the stastistics on sexual assualt’ she means looking at the leader of the MHRM’s view that 1 in 6 boys has been raped, and yet only 1 in 1653 women have been raped.

Of course, to anyone with a brain cell, the only practical result of encouraging the victim labelling of boys and men as sex abuse victims is to lead to many more homosexual men to be demonised, incarcerated, and raped and beaten as subhuman nonces – perhaps more even than when homosexuality itself was illegal. That, and the validation of the trillion dollar feminist child abuse industry which criminalises normal male sexuality, and which is leading to a chilling leglislative creep that appears to have no end in sight, and which has already resulted in overcrowding in British prisons and the construction of specialist death camps ‘sex offender’ jails in countries such as France.

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  1. Another feminist who’s utterly fascinated by rape. All her main focuses are womens issues, she just reframes them to be mens issues much like a lot of the commenters on AvFM. Its like they are just trying to outdo feminists for victim status. We are hurting too!!

    Also, how many of these women are actually just looking for a lot of male validation and attention that they otherwise wouldn’t get? Judgy bitch for example seems to get far more comments than most. Seems like a lot of these sexless men genuinely think this reasonably hot “older woman” would actually touch any of em with a barge pole. Buchanan is always over there arse licking.

    I see Mark Manson’s site has become “gender neutral”. Hahahaha!! That is, sorry folks theres more dollar in the womens dating advice columns than men so I’m going where the money is. Fair play to him, business is business. He recently had a post about saying “Fuck, yes”. It seemed very much like an adjusted version of the feminist concept of “enthusiastic consent”, and to me seems designed to appeal primarily to women and supplicating men who want to believe in all this equality garbage. Ya know our relationship is based on “mutual, simultaneous, continuous fuck yeses”! Interesting how womens romance porn seems primarily about men who DON’T treat women equally and the women love and are turned on by it!! And these books fly of the shelves! Fascinating!!

    Just backs up that theory its some subconscious bio thing about weeding loser males out of the gene pool, and facilitating beta orbiter types who help with the dishes or summat. This fits with a couple of my experiences with married women, looking for a buzz on the side. Of course, thats presumably empowering or something, and their husbands lack of libido or summat is to blame. I wernt complaining in fairness!!

    First point it seems highly unlikely that the world at large will ever accept male victim status.
    Secondly at some point feminists will realise that these guys are actually very little threat in general. Most of their issues re-inforce feminist arguments about rape and violence. They just want to get in on the show.
    Thirdly, female victim status has only been giving credence to justify massive transfers of wealth that are far more about lining certain peoples pockets, see american “justice” system. We can’t all get “victim” status for the simple reason there’d be nobody left to exploit.

    Its clear that Cameroon and euro political cronies are going to try and ramp this up in various areas over the coming years. They’ll push it as far as they can. Forgive me for hoping this ends very badly.

  2. Antifeminist:
    From the other side of the coin, has anybody in the MHRM stopped to consider what the social ramifications would be of labeling all women as ‘sexual predators’ (as is now down with men)? Suppose ‘all women are potential rapists’ and ‘nice girls aren’t really nice’ became ideas imbedded in male minds?

    It’s really a back-handed way of suppressing male sexuality again; the passive form of STU aggressiveness. Male sexuality will be just as suppressed if men see themselves as sexual victims as it is when feminists label us sexual aggressors.

  3. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Forney discovered that most of his traffic was coming from the same desperate AVfM leadership who once banned him? LOL

  4. Ugh…I couldn’t even get past the graphic image. I’m sure the comments were filled with rhapsodizing over the beauty and grace of the Sheila though. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Yulia get more traffic here!

  5. Dean Esmay seems to hate Vladimir Putin more than he hates feminism :


    What a stupid analogy he makes comparing Putin with Hitler ‘ripping up the treaty of Versailles’.

    Putin was being provoked by the feminist dominated EU who were trying to effectively annexe the Ukraine as part of its big sister superstate, as well as (together with NATO) all the nations bordering Russia and which had been in Russia’s sphere of interest for centuries. Crimea HAD always been part of Russia and was annexed by the Ukraine after the break up of the Soviet Union despite a referendum in which the vast majority of citizens expressed a desire to be part of Russia.

    On top of all that, Putin is just about the only leader in the world today who appears to be standing up to feminists.

    What a clown Esmay is.

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