TyphonBlue : Any man who disagrees with feminist abuse definitions must have been abused themselves and are in denial!

This has already been discussed in the comments section to the previous post, but I thought it needed further highlighting - just to show what direction the men's rights movement is currently heading in when we allow creatures like this to impose radical feminist abuse theory onto OUR cause.

If you think about it a good portion of the men who are saying things like “you got lucky” were likely victims themselves. Since they can’t hope for any kind of help with dealing with their victimization, saying “I got lucky” is a way of distancing themselves from the pain and closing it off from every day reality.

And the ones who weren’t victimized live in a society where their consent is effectively meaningless; they are sexually available to women whenever women want, regardless of their own wishes. Subconsciously they are aware of this reality and when you’re in a society where a woman can sexually exploit you whenever she wants with legal and social impunity, perhaps the only way to defend yourself psychologically is to pretend you don’t care about consent in the first place. It’s not like men’s consent is something that society’s going to respect any time soon.

Of course, TyphonBlue and her colleagues believe that virtually every boy and man has been 'raped' and 'abused' by a woman at some point, thus it would be hardly surprising if she is correct on this point - yes, a lot of men who disagree with feminist abuse labels have been 'abused', and that 'fact' would tell us absolutely nothing.  Similarly, if you have worked as an alcohol addiction counsellor in your formative men's rights days, it would be unsurprising if you came across several broken wrecks who claimed to have gotten lucky been sexually abused by women as teenage boys, and furthermore that they use that experience as an excuse to divorce their own responsibility from their failed adult lives.  Naturally, you won't hear of the thousands of highly successful men, and millions of functioning adult males, who were 'abused' as teenagers , because those men do not need that rationalisation.  But if the sexual abuse of boys is as prevalent as the leaders of the men's rights movement would like you to believe, then a massive segment of the male population ought to be traumatised beyond repair, beyond the ability to function as healthy adults.  This doesn't appear to be the case to me, at least not outside the USA and the UK, and given that these two countries have the greatest paedohysteria in the world, the most stringent feminist laws 'protecting' children, and the most 'paedophiles' safely locked up to be beaten and raped, you would assume that these countries would suffer from the lowest rates of child sexual abuse in the world and hence the least fucked up adult population.  Lol.  As someone who has escaped from feminist/media hysterical talk of dead male celebrities being involved in satanic abuse cults, and spent 3 happy weeks by the meditteranean in a very civilised land, I can safely vouch that this is not the reality.

When the likes of TyphonBlue are allowed to sprout such radical feminist ideology that literally is jailing hundreds of thousands of men as the worst subhuman monsters on the planet, as well as leaving thousands of young 'victims' traumatised through abuse labelling and forced therapy, and yet at the same time the father of the modern men's rights movement is no longer welcome, then perhaps it is time to take a step back and calmly consider if there are indeed some real issues that need addressing here.

The last word here goes to Eivind Berge :

While many so-called MRAs these days sadly are busy promoting the feminist sex abuse industry as long as it upholds equal injustice for women as well as men, I direct my activist hatred squarely where it is deserved at the feminist sex abuse industry itself and its core values. Those core values are hatred of normal male sexuality, plain and simple, and the only rational thing for men to do is to band together and fight back against the abuse industry.


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134 thoughts on “TyphonBlue : Any man who disagrees with feminist abuse definitions must have been abused themselves and are in denial!

  1. Alan Vaughn

    To be honest, it’s largely an irrational fear of flying. Gradually overcoming it. Had a rough ride coming home on my recent holiday though – very gusty coming in to land and the woman sitting next to me screaming every time the plane swayed.

    Oh well, maybe if you can go there with someone like your close relative with his Thai girlfriend. If you have someone you can talk freely with, it might help take your mind of that fear.
    I think it's about a 14 hour flight time from London to Bangkok, also flying at night time might help: For some reason at least for me, the time seems to pass a lot quicker at night, when there's no sun (thus I've no idea what the time is). For the same reason, I also prefer to work at night, whenever I can.

  2. theantifeminist

    Post author

    It's not so much a fear perhaps as a dislike of the sensation of being 13,000 ft up. Anyway, it's probably no worse than the average persons now, and I've made over a dozen flights in the last 18 months and can get to anywhere in Europe. Next year it's a toss up between an Asian jaunt taking in Thailand and Japan, or a trip to South America.

  3. jack

    Let’s not forget that as soon as she discovers she can wipe the floor with her unfortunate husband, a foreign bride can quickly become as toxic as a local. The really lucky men are those who can get a job in a pussy haven. I haven't been that lucky but I should be able to (pre)retire three years from now and I'm not going to linger in Europe.

  4. Alan Vaughn

    Yes true, they can become as toxic as a local woman in the EU or the 'Anglosphere' after finding out how feminism facilitates everything in their favour, and renders any man she USED to gain legal citizenship to his country of residence, totally unnecessary..

    However don't ever think you're totally 'safe' or immune to that kind of venom in a 'pussy haven' (Asian or other foreign country) either.
    While they may not have the government funded and backed misandry options that their western counterparts have at their disposal, they all invariably belong to large, close-knit families which include extended family members and if a 'foreigner' man ever upsets them, they will kill him as easily as look at him; or at least, chase him out of the country ensuring he would never even want to return!

    Yet, I guess it still would be at least, a much more honorable way to loose everything than under the tyranny of feminist laws, i.e. the "Family Court"...

  5. Alan Vaughn

    Left a reply at Emma’s blog to Clarence :


    That’s the last word I’m going to utter on the subject of Clarence.

    I followed your link to your comment, read it (and ONLY your comment), then came back here.
    That was HONESTLY the FIRST time I have ever visited Emma's blog.
    I have been purposely avoiding her blog, even when Eric referred to it - 'don't wanna know'...

  6. Eric

    Thanks for your clarification. My concern with the 'sexual value' was that feminists often promote the idea that sex and reproduction are the EXCLUSIVE property of women. I think that in theory your position is correct, but women have so devalued sexuality in our culture that it's difficult to make a case that they are any more valuable sexually than fembots.

    In the broader picture with non-feminist, non-Anglo American women, the idea of sexual value makes perfect sense.

  7. Eric

    Evilwhite & Antifeminist:
    "When I hear an anti-Gamer say 'don't do Game, it's a waste of time and will get you a false accusation &c."

    That's probably closer to my position on it. The disgruntled Gamers who complain that it doesn't work---I don't really have much respect for them, either.

    To me it's sort of a double-negative: you'd only need Game on feminist women; on non-feminist women, it really isn't necessary. But what I really don't like are these Game-guys who go around begging Ameroskanks for sex (which is not very different from pedestalizing them) and then sneering at the rest of the MRAs as 'losers who can't laid' and 'chumps'---just for exercising some healthy self-preservation over the ego-boost of having some feminist graciously agreeing to 'give sex' to him.

    I've had enough sex with American women to know that they really aren't worth the effort, and it's better to exercise some patience and have sex with some pleasant foreign girl (who might actually offer a good relationship in return) than go through unbelieveable effort to bed an Ameroskank and really get nothing out of it.

    As long as these guys are avoiding feminist women and not making the pursuit of foreign women MORE difficult by listening to the 'apolitical idiots and hypocrites' and plying those tricks abroad and giving all Anglo guys a bad name---I really don't have a problem with it much. Since I've read a little more of Krauser, I see difference between him and RooshV.

  8. Eric

    I've had more experience with Latinas, but am exploring Asian culture a bit nowadays too. I don't think that PUA would work on Latinas very well either. They come from a culture where they EXPECT men to try and get sex, so their 'radar is up' so to speak.

    Not to mention, as you pointed out, many come from large families; and they are quite skilled at meting out retribution once they really get motivated to do it. LOL

  9. Eric

    "An irrational fear of flying..."

    Be thankful you've never experienced American airports. Actually, I fear those a lot more than I do the actual flight.

  10. @Eric

    Reproductive rights are very important. Feminism is usually funded by people who want to reduce world population. Abortion rights for men is, therefore, a powerful wedge issue.

  11. Eric

    It's vastly underreported how many feminists are strong believers in eugenics and such other forms of population-control and social engineering.

    I read once that if every couple in the world was limited to only 3 children, the human race would reach extinction levels. Notice that feminist-controlled or influenced countries are dying out because their populations are falling well below that number. Also, abortion is openly encouraged by the governments there.

    There's a reason why the STU-feminsts would like to encourage western countries to fall behind the Third World in population.

  12. Alan Vaughn


    I posted a link at Emma’s blog that Rob made available before, but here it is again:


    I think it describes fairly well what ...... is all about. I wouldn’t be surprised if he really was Ms. Typhon after all, he seemed quite knowledgeable about various details of her life (or else he’s so enraptured with the ‘lovely sheila’ that he’s read up on her a lot).

    I read the whole story there on the Delphi Technique and now I think I understand how and WHY trolls use it. (I don't mean only FEMINIST but any trolls who want to manipulate a group of people towards their 'worldview' or consensus).

    It just occurred to me also about this essential part of the technique:

    To accomplish this, the facilitator seeks out those who disagree and makes them look foolish, inept, or aggressive, which sends a clear message to the rest of the audience that, if they don't want the same treatment, they must keep quiet. When the opposition has been identified and alienated, the facilitator becomes the good guy - a friend - and the agenda and direction of the meeting are established without the audience ever realizing what has happened.

    I realized that it would also be quite easy, in fact, even likely that the facilitator, especially in an online environment such as our MRA blogs (where almost total anonymity can be maintained), could assume another identity (impersonate someone else), to accomplish the 'swing' against the (scapegoated - 'undesirable) commentator he/she wants to effect. Even to impersonate the commentator he/she is trying to ridicule or scapegoat...

  13. Eric

    "It would also be quite easy, even likely, that the facilitator...could assume another identity...to accomplish the swing"

    That's a variation on the Delphi Technique called the 'Diamond Technique'. In a group setting, a plant is used to create the dissention, but online it could be the same person.

    Unscrupulous PR firms over here train their operatives in both methods.

  14. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Fidelbogen has left the following comment over at Eivind Berges article on TyphonBlue & AVfM :

    "You should not assume that people are "manginas" or "feminists" or some such, merely because they have not conceptually mastered certain fine technical points of legal/ideological thinking, as you have done, e.g. with regard to "abuse" and the like.

    In fact, such people are guilty of nothing worse than being unsophisticated. In most cases, all they are really attempting is a rhetorical tit-for-tat war against feminism, by making the battle more evenly balanced on the male side of the issue. "

  15. Alan Vaughn

    You should not assume that people are “manginas” or “feminists” or some such, merely because they have not conceptually mastered certain fine technical points of legal/ideological thinking, as you have done, e.g. with regard to “abuse” and the like.

    Well what does Fidelbogen think Eivind should assume about all of those feminist abuse industry supporters, I wonder?

    By saying that, he's just joined them especially when he said:

    all they are really attempting is a rhetorical tit-for-tat war against feminism, by making the battle more evenly balanced on the male side of the issue.

    MRM USA: Equal Injustice for ALL

  16. Eric

    I've followed Fidelbogen for a long time. I have a feeling that he suspects something is very wrong over at AVfM, but hasn't quite convinced himself yet.

  17. theantifeminist

    Post author

    The thing that these mRA dullards don't get (assuming that most are 'well-intentioned', and not outright frauds or infiltrators) is that highlighting these cases of female 'paedophilia' will simiply result in even harsher laws that will end up applying near universally to men and almost zero women.

    What will happen if the MRM succeeds in demanding that women having sex with 17 year old boys are thrown in jail to rot for the rest of their lives? Firstly, harsher age of consent punishments and laws, with women punished as severely as men (under the guise of 'equal injustice'). But I'm sure we'll see a marked drop in the number of women 'abusing' teenage boys in this case. Of course, this is what the mRM ostensibly wants, but the problem is it wont lead to a drop at all in the number of men being arrested, imprisoned, and beaten and raped for having sex with teenage girls. It will only increase that number.

    Sorry to contradict deluded readers such as Ian, but it is not natural for women to lust after pubescent boys. It can't be denied that the number of female teachers having sex with boys is striking, but when you read of these cases, especially how brazen some of these women are, you can't help thinking that the reason that these women are doing it is because of the double standard and because they think they will get a pussy pass and escape punishment, whereas a man KNOWS that he will be crucified and ruined. Despite this, put a normal heterosexual male in a classroom full of nubile scantily dressed sexually active teenage girls, several years post-pubescent, 8 hours a day 5 days a week, and I don't care if they introduce the death penalty. Men will still give in to temptation now and again.

    So if age of consent laws are made even harsher, and punishments dished out equally under the name of men's rights and the banner of equality of injustice for all, all it will lead to is :

    1/ MORE men being beaten and raped in jail, and LESS women going to prison.
    2/ Even greater distrust and hatred in society for men, and the belief that All men are paedophiles, or at least that all paedophiles are men.

    Perhaps we could still pretend that at least boys are being 'saved' from 'abuse'. The irony is that we all know the reason why the men's Rights Movement is adopting the sex abuse industry has nothing to do with protecting boys, but rather to seek a popular 'cause' that will win donations, deflect criticism that the mrm is about angry middle-aged white dudes feeling sorry for themselves, and finally to validate age of consent laws that put a chastity belt around the waists of their precious American teenage princess daughters (in theory, of course, we know by comparing the teen pregnancy rates of Americans and British with Europeans and Asians that this doesn't work - but don't expect an anglo-saxon to have the IQ to realise this).

  18. Alan Vaughn

    Good reply and PLEASE do post a full article on him here next week!
    I'm still not sure if he's a mangina or in fact a feminist troll - he could in reality be 'she' and that photo that prompted you to tell him to get a haircut is only a decoy.

  19. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Good reply and PLEASE do post a full article on him here next week!
    I’m still not sure if he’s a mangina or in fact a feminist troll – he could in reality be ‘she’ and that photo that prompted you to tell him to get a haircut is only a deco

    I'm not sure if he's a mangina, feminist, hardcore paedocrite, or whatever, but he's sure an emotionally retarded little twat whose sole contribution to men' rights appears to consist of trying to drive a wedge between myelf and Eivind Berge, just about the only two men's rights bloggers with the balls and integrity to stand up for the thousands of men being raped in prison at this very moment under insane evil feminist sex laws - something of course the golden hearted lovely looking sheila TyphonBlue wants to substantially increase.

    One comment disapproved on my blog and, like Ray and several others, he tries to bring down an entire segment of the men's rights movement. We have to admit, the average emotional age of a men's rights activist must be about 11 or 12 at this time. It's no wonder that so many of the current mras will go to any lengths not to give the Feds an excuse to 'scrutinise' their harddrives.

  20. Alan Vaughn

    One comment disapproved on my blog and, like Ray and several others, he tries to bring down an entire segment of the men’s rights movement.

    Haha.. Well you've disapproved 1 or 2 of my comments and even taken me to task over some that you did approve, it's all part of the fun really. If we all had exactly the same thoughts on everything there would be no differences of ideas to 'compare', therefore nothing to discuss.

    Anyway, you're right: the current mRAs do have the emotional maturity (and mindsets) of 11 or 12 year old girls. I therefore, simply cannot accept or trust any man who behaves like such an 11 or 12 yr/o girl, claiming he (and any other men / boys) can and often are: rape victims of older women, regardless of how unappealing those women might be; to be a man, never mind a mens's rights activist.
    The classic though was when he said that young gay men could be traumatized for life by such encounters with women! Spoken like a true PC feminist!

    Such men manginas are not welcome, at least not on this sex positive MRA site.

  21. Eric

    Antifeminist & Alan:
    I think he's a troll, alright. I'll comment in more detail though when the article appears.

  22. Alan Vaughn


    Just noticed that Clarence the Clueless is still at it over at Emma’s blog, making particularly personal attacks against myself, so I’ve had to reply yet again.


    Probably post a full article on him here next week.

    Are you still going to do the article on him? He just posted another one of his typical mangina comments to Eivind under his latest post...

  23. theantifeminist

    Post author

    @Alan - you mean this comment : "Is there anything non Norwegian MRA's or MRA sympathizers can do, Elvind? I do know that this stuff happens due to instituational incentives (which can be changed politically) and insiders(which many feminists have spent years to become and is a much harder issue to solve)."

    Not sure there's too much wrong with that comment..?

    I posted Eivind's article at Reddit. You might want to get angry at the mangina comments posted about it there :


  24. Alan Vaughn

    "Not sure there’s too much wrong with that comment..?"

    There's nothing wrong with the comment itself, just it's author. I.e. what would a m RA such as him do, even there was something any MRA, or anyone could do about it?
    All he's proved of late is that he's a troll and really has no right to comment on any MRA blog anymore than say David Fattroll has.
    He similarly (to fattroll) supports and endorses the feminist abuse industry and the 'equal injustice for all' motto of A Voice for manginas.

    The comment he left on Eivind's antifeminist blog simply reminded me...

  25. Eric

    I have a hard time believing that most of these Reddit mRAs have ever experienced actual sex. They seem to believe that once a man is fully sexually aroused, he should have the presence of mind to stop and fill out a legal form or something.

    But then again, we ARE talking about guys who are 'creeped out' by the thought of having sex with any (female) under 26, so...

    Maybe THAT's what Typhon Blue meant about 'sucking on their mother's tit'. LOL

  26. Alan Vaughn

    I posted Eivind’s article at Reddit. You might want to get angry at the mangina comments posted about it there :

    I had a quick look and as far as I can tell, the only two commentators who posted anything under it who are NOT a) feminists, or b) total manginas from AVfm, who almost intuitively (naturally as ever as though an accepted fact, like murder is a 'fact'), discuss men being raped by women / girls; are you and Jack.

    Just another typical example of a reddit/r/manginas rights post and commentary, and example of why the ONLY time I ever visit reddit.com/r/manginasRights is whenever you suggest I do and if you provide a link to something there.

    What I just read (and it wasn't much) really IS nauseating and just makes me feel that there's really no hope for men, at least not within my lifetime.
    So sad.

  27. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Just another typical example of a reddit/r/manginas rights post and commentary, and example of why the ONLY time I ever visit reddit.com/r/manginasRights is whenever you suggest I do and if you provide a link to something there.

    What I just read (and it wasn’t much) really IS nauseating and just makes me feel that there’s really no hope for men, at least not within my lifetime.
    So sad.

    The post actually got upvoted (last night it had recieved 23 votes to 7 downvotes). 'Grapeban', the worst commentator I was arguing with there, is actually a femra (who appears to make even TyphonBlue almost look like a genuine men's rights supporter).

    It's best to largely ignore the comments section at r/mensrights. It's a useful aggregator of the latest men's rights news stories and blog articles, and that's all it will ever be.

  28. Eric

    I agree with you about Clarence, he's also sucking up to Emma. Eivind and Emma REALLY need to watch this guy closely, because he's trying to triangulate on them both.

    Notice how he suddenly turned up at Scarecrow's blog too; mostly to blather about how HE was on Eivind's side, while Scarecrow. It's classic Delphi Technique.

    I've only see the Delphi Technique once before, on the Spearhead. Rob Fedders exposed a troll who was using it, and Welmer immediately banned the troll when he saw what he was doing.

  29. Alan Vaughn

    Yes, excellent summary and I also liked the long comment by 'unknown' on SRA and all the other repressed memory quackery and baloney that people such as those frequenting AVfm sill BELIEVE! (Which of course was what initially prompted Angry Harry to say something, quickly leading to his shameful treatment by Elam).

  30. Alan Vaughn

    It's nice to see the feminist abuse industry is still being widely promoted at the mHRM. If they keep it up, the entire economy of the western world will depend on it: Soon, everyone will be a victim of sexual abuse, requiring counseling or psychiatric treatment!

    Here's an excerpt from the new mHRM's most esteemed writer calling itself, in this particular post: Kristina Hansen, but better known by most as femRA: "The Wooly Bumblebee"... :

    It is a sad view of how many in society negatively stereotype men who come forward to seek help for sexual assault. It’s an attitude that needs to be changed to reflect the reality that men are just as capable of being sexually assaulted as women, and that they deserve the same compassion and understanding that women do.

    Needless to say, all the true HRAs there regard the article as great commentary, as seen through their eyes: it's another step forward for 'human rights' and of course for men and boys: Equal Injustice for ALL... The only way to 'FTSU'

    I.e. this highly informed and PC comment from a classic AVfm HRA calling itself Theseus (Wouldn't Eivind just 'love' this comment?) :

    Yeah the whole “well he got a boner” attitude really honks me off. These are primitive and often times unconscious impulses. As you pointed out, often times a female rape victim is wet and climaxes during the rape; does that mean she wanted it?

    No fucking difference whatsoever.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 0

    Note: the final 'Equal Injustice for ALL' narrative being strongly advocated by its last sentence!
    Sorry, but it's become necessary to refer to all commentators other than the original AVfm Posters (known manginas and paedocrites), as 'it', because nowadays it's nearly impossible to tell which commentators are mRAs and which are femRAs. Now they're all simply, 'HRAs' - politically correct, non-gender specific: Human Rights Activists..


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