Turkey Rejects David Futrelle’s Controversial Child Rape Bill

The Turkish government has rejected a controversial bill that would have made their country the first in the world to implement the proposal, first made by disgraced blogger David Futrelle, that child rapists should be pardoned if they agree to marry their victims.


Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has withdrawn a bill that pardons men convicted of sex with underage girls if they have married them.
The bill, part of a package of amendments to the legal system, was sent back for further work just hours before a final vote in parliament.
It had sparked protests across Turkish society and was condemned abroad.
Critics said it would legitimise statutory rape and encourage the practice of taking child brides.

The notorious anti-male rights advocate David Futrelle, who has also campaigned for the legalization of gay child snuff porn, first mooted the controversial suggestion back in the 1990s in an article for liberal feminist magazine SALON :

One wonders what Pat would have thought of the Orange County, Calif., social workers who have been helping teenage girls in their charge — some of them as young as 13 — to get married to the men who have impregnated them, rather than trying to get the men arrested on charges of statutory rape.

The story has become a roiling controversy. Imagine! A government agency serving as a matchmaker for sexual predators! “Helping pregnant 13-year-olds to marry the men who have physically and sexually abused them will result not only in continued abuse of the adolescent, but there is strong evidence that it will soon result in abuse to the child,” a professor of social work complained in an angry letter to the Los Angeles Times. “And when the marriage ends with additional children and more abuse, will Orange County Social Services create a dating service for abusive men to cycle them into new relationships with troubled adolescents?”

Questions like these prompted Orange County (one of the most Republican in the country) to retreat from its matchmaker role. But the details of the cases cause one to pause a moment. Thirteen-year-old Isabel Gomez told social workers she truly loved her 20-year-old boyfriend. Isabel’s mother — herself only 29 — is convinced her daughter’s troubled life has improved dramatically since he stepped into her life.
Since the marriage, she told the Los Angeles Times, “everything is much better.”
The situation, admittedly, is far from ideal. But would Isabel Gomez be better served if the father of her child was behind bars?

That’s a harder question to answer. Two-thirds of all teen
pregnancies involve adult men, and we can’t put them all in jail.


16 thoughts on “Turkey Rejects David Futrelle’s Controversial Child Rape Bill”

  1. Are not you the guy who are famous for saying that it’s okay to bang 15yo old girls? Is it a men’s right issue when you want? Is it paedophilia and child rape now when it suits you and not for me?

    This blog is made clearly by a schizoid men and probable an assberger, his insistenced on calling “aspie” to any ephebophile who is disauded of theirs official positionwise shows his own asperger hebophile syndrome. Nice try gerontophile.

  2. @Frenchman – haha, shame aspies are unable to recognize irony, nor the valid pointing out of double standards when exhibited by the enemy. David Futrelle accused me of being a paedophile for saying that paedohysteria was a men’s rights issue when he himself had a long track record of saying far more extreme things than anything I’ve championed here. I only have a few regualar readers left and I’m pretty sure they understand this and the reason for this article. BTW, I do think the idea that actually raping a young girl can be pardoned if the rapist marries the girl to be obscene. Even in cases where the couple are having a consenting relationship (and the man has been undone by statutory rape laws). Seems even more extreme than the present legal situation in Germany where 14 and 15 year old girls can have sex with older men but are free to press charges for ‘abuse’ as soon as he leaves them for another girl.

    Are not you the guy who are famous for saying that it’s okay to bang 15yo old girls?

    No, I’m the guy that’s famous for correctly predicting a decade ago that paedohysteria was the start of a feminist sexual holocaust against men and normal male sexuality – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3872170/HALF-criminal-cases-involve-sex-abuse-charges.html

    That’s probably why mine was one of a handful sites that Angry Harry linked to and he wanted to meet me before he died, probably also why the likes of Bernard Chapin, ManWomanMyth, and even Paul Elam before his ego got the better of him all supported me when the MRM was still tiny. Not to mention that David Futrelle was enjoying great success in trying to shut the men’s rights movement down as well as the entire manosphere/alt-right until I effectively discredited him completely.

    And what have you done for the men’s rights movement you halfwitted cowardly aspie prick?. Or are you one of Futrelle’s child snuff loving BDSM tranny paedophile groupies?

  3. You should write more articles on peak female beauty. I share many views with you, so it’s interesting to read. I find it odd how today most men are ridiculed for admitting their attraction to underage post-pubescent females.

  4. It’s depressing to think – as a late 20’s male – I’m already out of the running for college age girls, nevermind prime high school ones. Things don’t get better with age for men; they only get worse. You get more money and status, but lose what matters most to young females: looks.

    I remember doing a temp job recently. It was office based and I was one of only two men in the office. Demographics were mainly 30ish women, a few mid-late 20s unmarried ‘single girl around town’ types – the typical beta male dating pool – who’ve obv watched too much Sex and The City and think they deserve Chads. It dawned on me: just who am I trying to impress going to work / the gym? It wasn’t for these girls, so who was it for? I could not answer that question.

  5. You’re 13yo wife must be autistic as fuck to marry a moron like you. You’re the biggest idiot alive. She must be really stupid and insecure and not to mention fat and ugly as fuck. I feel sorry for her. Why would she marry a dumbass pedophile? People like you need to die. You don’t deserve to be here. Count your blessings. You’re lucky that you’re still alive. Don’t take it for granted. Lame ass troll. Now piss off theantifeminist You’re trash! Period

  6. @Feldmarschall – I’ll take a look at it later. There was something in the BBC online site the other day about new research claiming that ‘adolescence’ doesn’t end until one’s forties, although it did admit that the brain development of girls is faster than that of boys.

    I still think the disavowal of adolescence is strikingly inconsistent with your championing of ‘ephebophilia’. What does ephebophilia amount to if adolescence is a social construction? The attraction to artificially infantalized young women?

  7. Yes, it is true, because are mature enough since puberty, they are adults but in a good sense, but I hate the “adult” as a social concept, I deny adolescence because it is made to oppress young people and therefore us, but now thanks to that infantilization process even late teens are no longer those “social adults” who I abhor. Its something weird and ironical. If a person reject adults in an absolute and literal way, then he could only be with prepubertal children! At least teens, even if they are biological adults or nor, some are still not contaminated by society, they are good guys and girls who need love, not only at 13 even some at 16 or 17. I love these not the others. But at the same time I can not have a relationship with a “social adult” because it is not possible because of my way of being.

  8. Dave: Is that true? So as an early thirties man I shouldn’t even bother wanting to have a teenage girl? I was thinking that girls liked men who were older and that looks didn’t matter so much. So long as you can look after them, keep them warm and buy them bracelets and so on.

    Personally, I would rather abstain from dry femihag flesh myself. If I couldn’t get the best, I am not interested in fooling myself that I want a miserable adult. Teen girls are the only loving creatures I would be interested in. But you should consider going to a foreign country where the girls are poor and will like gifts. Hmm… I don’t know.

  9. @Feldmaschall – Don’t take the following point personally as its an observation about ‘ephebphbiles’ in general. But I was thinking yesterday that most ‘ephebophiles’ probably haven’t even had any real social interaction with young teens, let alone a deep friendship or relationship. As I’ve argued before, most self-identified ‘ephebophiles’ are Aspergers sufferers or otherwise socially inept. They find the world of adult relationships frustrating and unfathomable and just can’t grasp the rules. They don’t understand other adults and thus conclude from the fact that every pretty young teen they pass in the street gives them a secret raging boner (and this is ‘not normal’) that they are in fact ‘ephebophiles’ – adolescents themselves in the bodies of adults, who can only find love and understanding with young people. This identification with ephebopilia explains everything – both the fact that they find young teens attractive when ‘other men don’t’, and also why they find socializing with adults so difficult.

    In fact, ‘ephebophiles’ are just socially inept adults who take every social interaction literally and can’t grasp subtle shades of meaning that all human intercourse is laden with. They can’t understand that every heterosexual man finds young teens attractive and are simply lying paedocrites when they shout and scream otherwise. They can’t understand that they would find relating to young teens even more difficult than with adults. Teens are in some ways simpler than adults, yes, but they can be even more unpredictable, irrational, their mood swings and emotions impossible to understand or cope with.

  10. @Dave & TheLastMan – I agree with Dave to a large extent. I know as a guy approaching 50 that my appeal to young women has plummetted over the last decade, despite every area of my life improving in value (I mean my income, dress sense, confidence – even looks to some extent as I can afford expensive haircuts and have regular facials, even some cosmetic surgery).

    I was looking back at some of my PUA records from 10 years ago the other day. It almost made me weep. Back then I hardly ever got blown out by women in their young twenties and they would always at least hook, with about one in five willing to go on an instadate with me. The only reason I didn’t get laid regularly was a lack of confidence on my part. Now I’m much more at ease with myself, socially adept etc and 4 out of 5 university students will look at me with disdain, often even undisguised disbelief that I could think that I would be of any possible interest for them.

    I could be wrong, but if you follow the blog of Krauser PUA it does seem that even he, finally, has found that male SMV does plunge suddenly when you hit your forties. In his last post, he’s even talking about preparing for ‘end game’ when he will have to rely on White Male status in the Third World in order to get regular lays with young women. https://krauserpua.com/2016/12/16/early-thoughts-on-south-east-asia/ He normally posts his yearly stats at the start of January, so it will be interesting to read them next week.

    Having said that, I had a weird trip to Poland last month in which every university student and older that I approached rejected me and yet I got five strong leads from girls 16 to 17, just about every teenage girl I stopped. One 17 year old girl visibily almost fell in love with me as I talked to her briefly on the street. Admittedly, she was only average looking, but it’s still a good feeling (and a surprise) when you can stop a 17 year old teenie three decades younger than yourself in the street and her heart melts in front of you when you open your mouth.

  11. It’s an honest comment, and I respect it.

    You once put in a comment in Human-Stupidy that there could be men who refused to have relationships with those over 18, because it was a type of rape to them try to force us to do so. I am one of those. I believe that each time someone gives up and goes with an adult, they (our rapists) win. Every time someone has a relationship with a “minor”, we win. The problem is that I will not allow people to have sex and enjoy just to be of “the same age” or “adults” while I suffer for being an adult and fall in love with a minor, so that is why I talk about have only sex exclusively with teenagers to I can take revenge on my rapists and be able to have a girlfriend, even if it is in an post-pubescent age as an 16 years old, but Is better than nothing, I think you understand me.

    But BTW I would not be an “ephebophile” like H-S and aspies in general, if I am something at all it would be an hebephile because I want a girl in early pubescence to groom her (in the good sense that originally had the word), also that seems to you to that hebephiles are “social misfits” for being attracted to persons who are exclusivenly in pubescence? And normal heterosexual mens can not love children not even older as ten or so even if they are beutiful at their manner?

  12. @Feldmarshall – I’m not really of the opinion that men who are exclusively attracted to the young teen age bracket are ‘social misfits’. I’ve put forward my position in the past that it’s genuinely hard for a normal male to fall in love with women over 18 in the UK/USA given how disgusting and unfeminine most of them are. As far as avoiding mature women in order to avoid in a sense being ‘raped’ in a society that restricts sex with under 18s in order that men are almost forced to have sex with over 18s, that is still largely my opinion. However, that’s with the caveat that I see nothing wrong with having a relationship with a woman in her 20s or older so long as she has made it clear that she is not in favour of present age of consent laws (or at least is not strongly in favour of them/a paedohysteric).

    BTW, I just came across an interesting question/answer at Quora. Somebody asks ‘did anyone ever survive the NAZI gas chambers, and somebody answers that it was quite common for girls aged 11 – 14 to do so (the camp soldiers would then go in and shoot the girls to finish them off). The reason given is that girls of that age are stronger than most humans due to the fact that such girls are, evolutionary speaking, giving birth for the first time and vital to the continuation of the species.


    Caution, this is not for the faint of heart.

    Yes it was actually fairly common for few girls 11 to 14 to survive and the practice was to go in and shoot them. Several people (including some very very remorseful guards who were told to do this when interviewed in the early 1970s that were not considered war criminals because they were following orders) have talked about this. It seems that girls going through puberty are pretty much the toughest thing on the planet. They survive car wrecks, plane crashes, gunshot wounds far above other humans. I assume its because they are newly able to give birth and its part of the survival of the species. Doctors do not fully disagree. I talked to an emergency room physician and asked her what is your best chance of survival in severe trauma situations? Her reply….being a girl in the sixth grade!

    This of course relates particularly to the age of consent justification used by feminists which claims that young teens are not physically ready to give birth and are more likely to die or suffer health problems. This is utter nonsense ( I did post a link somewhere citing statistics that prove it is nonsense) but it’s a common argument used to support a high age of consent.

    Now if ‘ephebophiles’ would just spend more time constructing critiques of the age of consent such as this, instead of debating endlessly over aspbergic questions such as whether a man who fancies girls 13 years 3 months old is an ‘ephebophile’ a ‘hebophile’ or a ‘nedophile’, then we might actually avoid a sexual holocaust.

    I would also recommend you take a vacation to somewhere in Eastern Europe and try to notice some of the gorgeous, fresh faced, long slim legged 17 – 21 year old females that every university town teems with.

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