Tribute to Brigitte Bardot and the Glory of Healthy Male Sexuality

Take a look at the pictures below of Brigitte Bardot in her prime – when she was considered the most desirable female on Earth. If you find her sexually attractive be warned! The men’s human rights movement officially considers you a paedophile. The only political movement with a possibility of preventing a sexual holocaust in the coming decades that could destroy millions of men in Europe and across the world considers you a ‘paedophile apologist’ if you so much as admit to her beauty..Lucien Varlen does not find this woman attractive at all, Paul Elam regards her as an obvious boner killer and would like to see you raped like a little bitch in prison if you disagree, while Dean Esmay would sooner pound David Futrelle in drag than get an erection to anything but the 80 year old version of Bardot…a lovely looking sheila at last!








17 thoughts on “Tribute to Brigitte Bardot and the Glory of Healthy Male Sexuality”

  1. She was fantastic and still is.I don’t live so far from her that I cannot visit
    but I don’t think my wife would appreciate that although I have never made any secret of the fact that I had a full length pic of her in my locker when I was in the forces.She is very active still and an absolute rebel particularly for
    dogs.She lobbies and visits government and is always in trouble for helping things she shouldn’t.I believe she is in trouble at the moment for caring for animals not wanted by GOV so,perhaps one day I will visit.

  2. How old is she on these pictures?
    Becouse, you know, she doesn’t look that young at all. In the 4th picture she looks like she’s in her late 20-s, in the rest, at least the late 30-s, or even 40+. How would I be a pedophil for finding an old woman attractive (wich I don’t btw)?

  3. Yes, I’ve rapidly come to the conclusion that most of these Men’s Rights Activists are the biggest “manginas” there are. If you can’t even own up to your own natural, healthy sexuality, do not expect anyone – including feminists and other men – to take you seriously.

  4. @Joska – well Lucien thinks you are, and its pretty irrelevant anyway. Bardot was the world’s most famous sex symbol because of her innocent pouting looks, and Lucien thinks we are all paedophiles for finding it attractive. She was 18 in the second picture btw, probably not much older in the rest.

  5. @Michael – I don’t think she has ever complained about being ‘exploited’ or such like, and certainly as far as I’m aware, not performed the complete post-menopausal flip that many beauties of the era have.

    I can also sympathise with her concern for animal welfare (as a former animal rights activist). She’s also spoken out against the Islamification of France (and I believe, got into legal trouble over it).

    Hope you get to meet her.

  6. If you can’t even own up to your own natural, healthy sexuality, do not expect anyone – including feminists and other men – to take you seriously.

    That’s hit it right on the button. I honestly think this is the root of contemprorary misandry – not in the sense that we often talk about here (that all men are possible ‘paedophiles’) but just the fact that women (I say women rather than ‘feminists’) have managed to put male sexuality on a string so easily. That even on anonymous forums and blogs you will rarely get a male even admitting that a 17 year old is attractive for fear of being denounced as a ‘paedo’. EVERY woman knows that men fancy teenage girls (sorry Human-Stupidity and your aspie ephebophile bullshit), EVERY teenage girl knows that men fancy her. Yet they see all around them men denouncing each other as paedos at the slightest admission at what EVERYBODY knows is true – that teenagers of any age are attractive. As you say, it’s no wonder men are held in such contempt by society. I might even post your quote on to the front page…

  7. LOL Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me!

    That’s honestly why I can’t get too fussed about these men’s rights “warriors”. While I certainly agree with many of their points about false allegations, the divorce racket etc, the fact that none of them have got the testicles to even go near the biggest damn elephant in the room in the war on men in modern society makes them next to useless at best and collaborators at worst. This is the only place I bother to look at anymore related to the issue, because it’s the only one living in reality.

  8. @Eric – You gave the perfect reply to Clarence-

    There’s no evidence that Sartre or De Beuvoir had sex with underage partners (<15 in France). Lucien's whole attack on De Beuvoir appears to be based on two things - that she (along with Sartre and other French intellectuals) signed a petition pleading for mercy on men (as you point out) who had engaged in loving relationships with girls 11-14, and also that she had pointed out that Bridget Bardot was considered the most beautiful woman on the planet for her childlike innocent looks.

    I’m not fully aware of the French history on the age of consent, but I assume it was ‘Social Purity’ types (ie. early feminists) who had it raised. Lucian is effectively saying that anyone who questions feminist laws on ‘child sex’ must be paedophiles, an that anyone who sees childish features in women to be attractive (virtually all men) are paedophiles.

  9. To see just how stupid and sex negative AVfM is, consider how unlikely it is that Lucian would ‘research’ 1970’s feminist ‘domestic violence’ apologia (i.e. Simone De Beuvoir calling for a husband to be released from a ‘domestic violence’ prison sentence due to its unfairness), and then try to paint all feminists as being ‘domestic violence (against women) apologists?

    AVfM would never publish such an article because it would be transparent even to the most brain dead of them that it had NOTHING to do with men’s rights. Yet for some reason they think this is an ‘attack’ on feminists that will help men’s rights.

    Also, note the difference between Lucian’s article on De Beuvoir and my articles on Futrelle – my articles are in the context of a site on which about 50% of the articles are devoted to anti-paedohysteria. AVfMen never questions paedohysteria and, in fact, regularly validates the feminist child abuse industry. Furthermore, my articles relate to a person active today who can be hurt today, and who is a shocking hypocrite attacking us as ‘paedophile apologists’. Attacking De Beuvoir is close to pointless.

    I mean, you can certainly point out to feminists who attack MRAs for being ‘paedo aplogists’ that De Beuvoir once questioned the age of consent laws, but it should be done in the manner Eric suggested in his reply to Clarence, not in the manner of ‘you’re worse paedo apologists than us’.

  10. Like I pointed out to Clarence, Brigette Bardot wasn’t even a ‘minor’ when Simone De Beauvoir praised her feminine beauty. The only inference any one can draw from that is that finding her ‘childlike’ looks attractive must be a paedophile.

    It’s this kind of mentality that applauds laws that lock men up for looking at pictures of pixies. It’s telling that the feminist Simone De Beauvoir opposed laws like that; while the so-called ‘Voice for Men’ are totally happy with them.


    “Brigitte Bardot was 18 years old when these pictures were taken in 1952. She had excelled in dance as a child and won a place at the Conservatoire de Paris, where she was trained in classical French ballet. Her classmates christened her “Bichette,” or “Little Doe.”

    Her modeling career began in 1947. By 1952 she had already graced the cover of ELLE magazine. That year was pivotal for Bardot. It saw her cinema acting debut as well as her wedding to director Roger Vadim, whom she met while babysitting. She would later divorce Vadim and marry again three times.”

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