Timeline of the Sexual Holocaust

2015 April 9thWidespread media coverage of a ‘scientific’ report that claims that genetics plays a large role in sex offending.

4 thoughts on “Timeline of the Sexual Holocaust”

  1. Just some food for thought.

    I was envisioning prostitution being legal.

    Just like the “Oh I was drunk, therefore he raped me” feminist logic, can you picture this…

    “Oh you are so hot – I want you to f**k me” says the woman.
    The man and the woman then have sex.
    The woman then says, “I’m actually a prostitute, you now owe me $1000, pay up or it’s rape”.

    Sorry, but it seems like no matter what is done, feminists will find a way to turn a positive into a negative.


  2. @ ScareCrow – I’m sure it’s been pulled already.

    In the main tourist shopping street in Budapest, two young Hungarian sluts can regularly be seeen approaching single young men and asking for directions. They will then make conversation before offering to go to a local bar with him. The tourist invariably can’t believe his luck and happily goes off with them thinking he’s scored with two local beauties. It’s actually an infamous scam. Once the tourist gets to the bar and pays for drinks with the ladies he’ll be shown the bill amounting to thousands of dollars. If he doesn’t pay up bouncers will come over and proceed to beat the living shit out of him.

    This has been going on for years and astonishingly the Hungarian police won’t do a thing about it. Whenever I’m in Budapest and I see a young tourist being suckered by them and walking off with the evil sluts I’m tempted to run up and tell him it’s a scam, but I guess I’d likely be found at the bottom of the Danube the next day if I did and the local police would be happy to declare it an obvious suicide or some such.

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