Thousands Call for ‘Rapist’ Ched Evans to be Stripped of Footballing Award

‘Rapist’ footballer Ched Evans, jailed for a sickening 5 years for having sex with a drunk woman, despite the fact that the same court ruled that just hours earlier she had been able to consent to fuck the black cock of one of Ched’s footballing friends, now finds that the good people of are petitioning to have him stripped of a footballing award he had recently won.

Nearly 9,000 people have signed an online petition calling for Sheffield United striker Ched Evans to be stripped from an end-of-season honours list after his rape conviction.

The Wales forward was named in the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) League One team of the year last month just two days after being jailed for raping a 19-year-old woman.

Leo Hardt, who launched the petition, said that Evans’s inclusion sent out “a very troubling message” to young people.

But the PFA defended the player-voted award, which it said was determined “purely on footballing ability”.

23-year-old Evans is appealing the five-year jail sentence handed down to him after he was found guilty of raping the woman in a hotel near Rhyl in north-east Wales in May last year.


Here’s the petition, signed by the usual collection of feminist dogs and their mangina pussy begging allies.

Meanwhile, no less than THIRTEEN people have been arrested for naming the woman on Twitter.

This seems to be part of a disturbing trend of the feminist state in the UK ferociously cracking down on any attempts at subversion.  Recently, a man who hacked into the website of a pregnancy advisory board and published the names of women who had killed their unborn children was sentenced to a ridiculously excessive 2 years in jail.

This week, British femiservative Louise Mensch, behind hysterical attempts to de-sexualise and infantalise her 17 year old sexual rivals, defended Rupert Murdoch in an official government review into the News Corp hacking scandal – defending a  man in charge of an organization that hacked into the mobile phone of a murdered 13 year old school kid in order to feed its subhuman readers salacious new paedo scoops.  As a result of her defence of the odious Murdoch and his child abusing organization, Mensch has understandably attracted insults and even ‘threats’ that any politician in the same situation would.  Yet she is now provoking hysteria in the media over the ‘sexist’ nature of the insults :

Can you smell a ‘misogyny hate speech’ law coming…?

8 thoughts on “Thousands Call for ‘Rapist’ Ched Evans to be Stripped of Footballing Award”

  1. We are quite literally witnessing the unraveling of Western Civilization.

    Those idiots screaming “To Hell with democracy!” and “Islam will rule the world” are absolutely right. The lights of the Renaissance are being dimmed by a selfish pack of tattooed sluts.

  2. Ched Evans, jailed for a sickening 5 years for having sex with a drunk woman, despite the fact that the same court ruled that just hours earlier she had been able to consent to suck and fuck the black cock of one of Ched’s footballing friends

    Sickening. Just sickening. So in other words, as a man you are nowadays completely at the mercy of the girl you have sex with and whether she has second thoughts about your booze-induced romp the next day. How sexist is that. This has nothing to do with protecting women from sexual abuse — it’s a free-for-all for every woman that has ever wanted to get back at a man, even for the pettiest of reasons.

    Also, here’s another story that proves that modern society is a free-for-all for women wanting to get back at men:

    Read it and weep about the audacity with which some women try to take their former partners to the cleaner’s… now that Linda Evangelista is too old for a modeling career at age 46 and her 1.8-million income has dried up since L’Oréal gave her the boot last year, she is taking her filthy rich former boyfriend and fashion tycoon to court with whom she has a child. Apparently he never wanted a child with her, and she deliberately tried to get pregnant off him. Up until now Ms. Evangelista never publicly acknowledged that he was the father, but I guess now he comes in handy to pick up her $46,000-a-month tab of living expenses by way of child support.

  3. And thanks to the social media the slut was named, I really believe we need some MRA hacker group with members like Agent Orange to track down all rape false accuser, I remember the woman who was yelling and insulting racial insults in a UK bus, the video shows the women holding her son while yelling, but she wasn’t arrested, she was keep in custody because she got some death threats.

    So we are now doing everything in order to maintain the anonymity of criminal women while at the same time highlight male’s even though they did not commit such crimes.

  4. Homo sapiens is a failed species. I am increasingly convinced that in the long term brute force will be the only thing that counts. Both men and women equally respond to brute force. Tomorrow’s World will be ruled by warlords and their concubines (not necessarily in that order).

  5. A civilization that refuses to recognize the civil rights of men cannot lsurvive, and doesn’t deserve to.

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