The Frenchman-ip-

The ‘Frenchman’ is a paedophile schizophrenic troll who left a number of disturbing and abusive comments here last year (2016). This is what we know about The ‘Frenchman’.

His IP is Although almost certainly using a VPN, it is likely a stable IP that he has been using to not only troll here but to pursue his career as an online fraudster. The FBI were already investigating his online abuse carried out under that IP before he started trolling this site and leaving his sick rape fantasies here.

Why did this paedophile start leaving abusive comments here? This site has made many enemies, for example followers of the paedocrite David Futrelle, fans of the sick child torture exploitation ‘art’ film Salo, autists, transvestites, and many others. I have also upset (real) paedophiles, such as the readers of the notorious Tom O’Carroll’s blog, as well as self-identified ‘ephebophile’s – aspies who are so socially detached they believe identity politics is the answer to something that is simply the demonization of normal male sexuality.

It seems that ‘theFrenchman’ is every one of those things – a hardcore paedophile, ‘ephebophile’, aspie, schizophrenic, transvestite, avid fan of Salo, scat fetishist, a devout reader of David Futrelle AND a loyal reader of Tom O’Caroll.  Therefore, I really have pissed him off.

The ‘Frenchman’ is not only an online fraudster earning money through scams, he is also a sick paedophile, a transvestite reader of David Futrelle who was outraged when I suggested that the disturbing child snuff ‘art’ film Salo should be banned. The Frenchman believes, like Futrelle, that such material is ‘art’ when fapped to by intellectual homesexual paederasts such as himself and Futrelle, and supported the Manboobz in his defence of sexshops selling such depraved child snuff porn.  The Frenchman also supported Futrelle’s idea that rapists of children should be spared prison if they can convince their young victims to marry them.

Like Tom O’Caroll, the perverted paedophile also believes that the age of consent should be reduced to the age of 3, and that (especially) boys should be forced to take puberty delaying drugs so that they can remain hairless and pre-pubescent and therefore fresh meat for paedophiles like him, well into their 30s.

The Frenchman is also an autistic schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder, leaving various abusive comments here under various of his personalities.