The Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Myth (video)

This video was posted at Reddit yesterday, the source being the excellent ‘Jeff’ who provided most of the links on my own ‘Myth of Sex Trafficking‘ page.  He has his own YouTube channel collecting a number of similar videos, as well as hosting number of pages on sex trafficking himself.

The video link recieved quite a number of upvotes at reddit men’s rights, which is encouraging, and something of a trend I’ve noticed over the last year – although certain anti-male sexuality laws, based entirely upon the same lies and cod science of the very same feminists, are still somewhat taboo there, as within the wider men’s rights movement.

Meanwhile, the same poster also linked to the following story concerning a 17 year old American girl who pretended to be a victim of sex traffickers in order to hide her pregnancy from her parents :

A teenager pretended she had been kidnapped by sex trafficking gang to avoid telling her parents she was pregnant.

Christina Almanza called her parents and suggested that there was also another girl being held against her will who had been killed.

An Amber Alert was issued for the 17-year-old after she called her parents and claimed she had been abducted.

In a series of text messages Almanza allegedly told her parents that she and other females were being imprisoned in a basement and that she believed one of the other females had been killed.

Her parents immediately contacted police who launched a multi agency search, including the FBI and US Marshalls, for the missing teen.

But the abduction was a hoax and police said the teen came up with the idea in an attempt to get sympathy from her family.

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  1. I came here through In Bona Fide. I hate to be that guy, but I did a bit of research on the hyperbole coming out of last year’s Super Bowl. An organization down in Dallas as well as the Texas AG’s office were floating a “tens of thousands” trafficking victims number. I looked into it all in the links below:

    The Village Voice also wrote on the topic about 6 months ago, which I also covered here.

  2. Thanks for the links Chuck, and for the research and the excellent article you wrote. I also didn’t realise that both Paul Elam and Bernard Chapin had covered the Super Bowl trafficking myth, so apologies regarding my bitching about what I thought was lack of coverage in the MRM.

  3. Stupid women. Don’t they realise the more they keep on lying like this the sooner people will stop believing them?

  4. I think it’s even been covered at Angry Harry and The Spearhead.

    Good to keep referencing it, though. There will always be people who aren’t aware that the whole thing is hate propaganda.

  5. Hi Snark, I knew that AngryHarry had been exposing the sex trafficking myth for years – long before ANY mainstream media even considered questioning it. I honestly didn’t know, and I’m very pleased to learn, that Paul Elam and even The Spearhead have chosen to cover it.

  6. Thank you for posting this video on your site. Please help get the word out about the lies being told about Sex Trafficking. We need more exposure, on the web and else where about these lies. Feel free to use anything from

    We need more websites, blogs, links, videos and press releases to expose these lies. Press releases to the media would be a good start although the media get so many lying press releases about sex trafficking and they blindly publish it, without doing any research causing a lying panic. It would be good to give them the truth.

    The number of gullible people who believe the exaggerated statistics perpetuated by the prostitution prohibitionists is staggering. Despite there being NO evidence that the ‘estimated’ number of persons trafficked world wide OR in the US is accurate or valid, these fabricated statistics serve the purpose of rallying the troops against consenting adult prostitution. Even when the US Government admits it cannot find even a small percentage of the estimated number of victims- in its own reports- it continues to uphold the lies told by the rabidly anti- prostitution feminists, lies which are bought lock stock and barrel by religious conservatives because they have a moral agenda to abolish prostitution.

  7. The thousands, if not millions of men, who are having their freedoms curtailed as a result of the sick lies of ugly feminists care – not to mention the thousands of sex workers who have not been trafficked, who are earning a living that saves them from absolute poverty, and who according to you should be victimised because ‘one’ person has been trafficked. I hope you haven’t shown your face because you think you negate the ‘ugly feminist’ stereotype, btw. You don’t.

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