‘The Shame of Being Straight’?

I’ve just read a nice piece from our friend Scarecrow, which itself appears to be a response to a Huffington Post article gleefully shaming an unfortunate man who attempted to organize a ‘heterosexual pride’ parade in which he ended up being the only participant.

Is heterosexuality treated as more shameful in today’s society than homosexuality? Or is the attempt to stand up for ‘heterosexual pride’ as comical as the Huffington Post suggests? According to one progressive reader there, it’s comical because ‘gay pride marchers are affirming their identity in the face of years of discrimination, whereas ‘white, christian heterosexuals’ face no discrimination or prejudice’.

It’s now half-a-century since the Stonewall riots took place, from which the Gay Pride marches orginate. Homosexuality has been legal in the UK since 1967, and for more than a century in some European countries. The USA has had laws criminalizing discrimination against homosexuals for over 30 years. With the recent gay marriage rulings, gays now have equality even in areas in which ‘equality’ makes little sense, since marriage is a contract between a man and a woman for the purposes of procreating and raising biological offspring in a stable environment.

Voicing an opinion against homosexuality, or even gay marriage, is now career suicide in the West, as well as social suicide for most people whose lives do not revolve around their local evangelical church. At the same time, heterosexual men are bombarded daily with shaming language everywhere they look, constant messages that men are at best ‘sexual objectifiers of women’ and at worst actual or potential rapists.

Age disparate homosexual relationships are still approved of both within and outside of the gay community. A recent example was Stephen Fry’s much publicised and lauded ‘gay marriage’ to a man decades younger than himself, a ‘man’ who in fact, in many photos looks like a teenage boy married to his grandfather. Male middle-aged heterosexual celebrities are routinely shamed if they date women more than a few years younger than themselves, even facing insinuations of ‘borderline paedophilia’ if they are seen out with women in their early twenties. This is despite the fact that, on account of their high sexual market value, they could easily date beautiful teenagers.

Stephen Fry
Equal relationship or ‘Equality’ relationship?

I recently dated a twenty year old Russian woman (who looks 2 or 3 years younger) in EASTERN EUROPE and was subjected to a constant stream of dirty looks and comments (I’m in my mid forties but look around 35). As a heterosexual male I would have no legal recourse to pursue claims of harassment or discrimination, but a homosexual couple recieving the same treatment would likely be able to invoke ‘anti-hate’ legislation against ‘homophobia’ (or at least have their complaints taken seriously by staff eager not to be seen as ‘homophobic’).

Whilst elderly heterosexual men in the UK, and now the USA, are being hounded and imprisoned for alleged sexual encounters dating from the anarchic 60’s, Alan Turing has been turned into a modern day saint and secular martyr for his ‘punishment’ (mild hormonal treatment) for sodomizing a 19 year old minor in the sexually conservative 1950’s.

Gay porn does not face the same stigma as heterosexual pornography. Indeed, feminists don’t have much to say about gay porn at all, unsurprisingly as it does not reduce the sexual power or market value of feminists. The UK recently added to the now extensive list of prohibited porn by criminalizing the viewing of ‘rape’ porn, including movies in which the actresses are clearly pretending to be ‘raped’ (which accounts for nearly all so-called ‘rape porn’). Although the law apparently would criminalize much of gay pornography (which invariably involves a dominant, often older male, roughly having sex with a younger passive ‘twink’), it is unlikely any homosexual man will be prosecuted through these laws anytime soon.

Despite this, and whilst admitting that gay men have it easier in today’s feminist anti-sex society than heterosexual men do, homosexuals are indeed still victimized – under feminist laws. In fact, as I have argued here before, it’s quite possible that more homosexual men are in British prisons today as sex offenders than at any time in history (as ‘paedophiles’ etc) or indeed, in such ‘homophobic’ societies as Russia.

Homosexuals ostensibly, and in many ways actually, do have it better than heterosexuals today, but the gynocracy paints over the fact that homosexuals are being criminlized and shamed just as heterosexual men are – largely due to the legendary homosexual appreciation and love of youth, the most natural aspect of male sexuality but the ultimate sin in today’s perverted society, and which no amount of forced gay marriage activist propaganda will ever end.

Gay and minority sex rights activism is a fake cause that feminist society has adopted in order to mask their brutal and retrograde war upon male sexuality. Female sexual puritanism wearing the mask of tolerance and progressiveness.

Gay marriage itself is an act of male submission – an attempt to force homosexuals to adopt and thus validate female defined conceptions of sexuality (monogamy and commitment) over male sexuality (the desire for multiple youthful partners). This is the female sexual imperative under the guise of tolerance to sexual minorities. In former days, women used to further their evolutionary mating needs through the dominance of Christianity and religion.  Now they play the same trick under the banner of gay rights ‘liberalism’.

Meanwhile, both heterosexual and homosexual men are locked up under an ever greater number of draconianly applied feminist sex laws, until the very worst is reached, and feminism merges with its cousin Islam, and the horrors of ISIS give a picture of what homosexuals and the rest of us can ultimately expect.

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  1. Great article. And predictably, the MHRM is siding with the femihags; trying to ‘outreach’ their sex-negative agenda to the homos.

  2. I am serious about offering $1000 for a video – as such…

    1 man, 1 woman

    the man hits on 10 men, showing sexual interest
    the man hits on 10 women, showing sexual interest
    the woman hits on 10 women, showing sexual interest
    the woman hits on 10 men, showing sexual interest.

    I want to see how much gays are bashed versus straights are bashed.

    My guess is that straight men receive the most negative reaction.

  3. BTW, has anybody else noticed that, since the whole push for homosexual marriage started, there’s been a sudden and deadening silence about the AIDS epidemic? Just a few years ago, the Anglosphere media tards were calling it a ‘Second Holocaust’ and demanding an immediate cure be found. But now, not a peep about AIDS…I don’t know how an epidemic suddenly vanished into thin air.

    Maybe since he trolls this site, Fraudtrelle can do an article about it.

  4. BTW, has anybody else noticed that, since the whole push for homosexual marriage started, there’s been a sudden and deadening silence about the AIDS epidemic?

    That’s an interesting observation Eric, and very true. I guess reminding the public that the average homosexual male has over 500 anal sex partners in his lifetime and thus is consequently riddled with stds, including aids, is at odds with trumpeting the gay marriage agenda which assumes the deceit that homosexuals are monogamous.

  5. @Scarcrow – well we know what happens when an unattractive ‘nice guy’ approaches women with sexual interest :

    Compare an average man asking random men for a date :

  6. http://abcnews.go.com/US/19-year-spend-25-years-registered-sex-offender/story?id=32783206

    This 19-Year-Old Will Spend the Next 25 Years as a Registered Sex Offender, cant own a cell phone or use the Internet for 5 years. the “victim” lied about her age, even the parents of the “victim” did not want to press charges…. But the state knows best…


  7. @Concerned – most of the ‘mras’ in that subreddit appear to be homosexual paedocrites with an all too obvious desire to stay under the radar.

    Speaking of paedocrites, I read that ‘paedophile hunter’ Hunter Stinson was planning to broadcast a live sting today, I think on Facebook. It would be the funniest thing ever if he got disembowelled live – it will surely happen that he’ll pick on the wrong person eventually.

  8. Obama keeps trying for a Paedocrite-of-the-Year Award, too. This year he’s been caught manipulating human trafficking statistics:


    Regular readers here can, of course, fill in the blanks the American dares not address:

    1) These numbers include so-called sex trafficking.

    2) The US State Department has been intentionally targeting specific countries based on no objective criterion whatsoever; other than they violate femihag/PC moral codes.

  9. On the AIDS issue: the City of Seattle recently named a children’s playground after former State Senator Cal Anderson—the first (openly) homosexual politician in Washington State. Anderson died of AIDS back in the 1990s, at the time there were several teen-and-twenty-something men who claimed Anderson had infected them.

    Of course, nobody brought that small detail up….

  10. http://www.newser.com/story/210814/isis-is-selling-girl-slaves-for-124.html

    “Bangura says the group’s leaders get the first pick of captives before outsiders bid into the thousands on those that remain. Afterward, children aged 1 to 9 are typically sold to Islamic State fighters for about $165, according to the pamphlet. The prices then fall as the captives’ ages rise. Adolescent girls fetch $124, while women over 20 are sold for less.”

    Hold on, I thought ‘sexual market value’, as anyone in the manosphere will tell you, peaks at ages 21-23?

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