The Male Pill (Five Near Term Technologies & Their Social Impact Part 1)

Whilst I was on my travels recently, I came to the decision that I would put down my definitive thoughts upon the nature, history, and future of feminism, in a structured and extended essay.  Once completed, I will disseminate it across the net, and if I should decide, as I might, to close down this blog, I can be content that my thoughts have been given a concrete, lasting shape.

Most of my posts here, when they are not specifically news related (such as the previous one), can be looked upon merely as crude sketches aiming towards this intended longer piece.  Comment and discussion is welcome,  and any thoughts that end up in my finished essay will be acknowledged.

Any reader familiar with this blog’s ideas will be aware of my belief that feminism is, and always has been, a blind and sub-conscious response to new technologies directly, or indirectly, opening up the free sexual market (such as industrialisation, or the contraceptive pill), and which have left the great mass of unattractive women in a hugely disadvantaged position (in terms of sexual power, which until recently was synonymous with a woman’s economic power – and still appears to be so in a woman’s subconscious brain).

So I thought it would be useful to take a look at some new technologies that are quite likely to arise very soon, and what impact they might have upon the never-ending sex war.  As the pace of technological progress speeds up, the social impacts are likely to become increasingly hard to predict or control.  Power may come to those who are most able to predict what those effects might be.

I want to start with the idea of a Male Contraceptive Pill.  This is because it is the one technology that nearly all men’s rights supporters assume, or at least hope, could transform our fortunes. In discussing why (for me) this will not be the case, the opportunity is also given (again) to highlight the real dynamics of feminism, and detail just how the pill triggered second wave feminism without directly ‘giving power’ to women.

I also want to (briefly) discuss the male pill because, I have to humbly admit, I could be, and probably am, missing something very fundamental here, and I would invite any readers of this article to enlighten me, or direct me to a good essay that does explain clearly the importance to men of the development of a male contraceptive pill.

Because I really, really dont get it.

Well, o.k., I can see that a male pill will reduce female power in terms of not being able to trick men into impregnating them.  Beyond that, which really amounts to individual tragedies involving a relatively small number of men, I can’t see any reason to believe that it could have the transformative power upon society that the female contraceptive pill did.

As I have stated here before : the pill did not give women power over men, the pill forced women to take power from men.

The idea that the pill ‘liberated’ women is one of the greatest of modern myths.  The pill gave men consequence free sex almost as much as it did for women, and the collective long-term consequences for women were far worse (or at least were, until in some ways redressed by feminism).  The pill quickly overturned social norms regarding pre-marital and casual sex.  Who were the real ‘winners’ in such a new and sexually liberated society?  Nubile young females aged between 14 and 25, the men who could attract them into bed (there is of course a debate within the MRM as to what pecentage of men that is/was), and very, very few other people – especially not the older, unattractive woman who could not hope to sexually compete with her younger rivals.

Of course, the pill was proclaimed as a liberator of women – above all by the first white knight male supporters of feminism who were now able to get them into bed.  Women could finally enjoy sex without having to endure 9 months of hell and a life-long commitment to a resulting child.  But what really happened, as both Lionel Tiger and Neil Lyndon engagingly explain in their respective men’s rights classics, is that the sudden lack of commitment and obligation ran both ways.  Not only could young nubile females now open their legs without having their entire existences being transformed, men too, could suddenly experience as much sex as they could get, without having to fear a shotgun wedding or any other similar life-long consequence resulting from an unwanted pregnancy.

And so men stopped committing.

And the female rush into employment and education, and (seemingly contradictory) the demand for the right to an abortion, began almost immediately.  Second wave feminism was triggered by the almost overnight collapse of Judeo-Christian sexual ethics, something caused by the widespread introduction of the contraceptive pill.  A system of ethics that had served women so well for centuries had vanished.  Women could no longer rely on the life-long commitment, and economic and physical protection, of a man.  And even women already married were made insecure and threatened by the sudden availability to their husbands of millions of sexually available  and attractive ‘liberated’ young women.

Second Wave Feminism was a blind and deterministic response to a sudden change in the dynamics of the sexual market.  Most feminists at the time didn’t really have a clue what was going on.  Twinned with the convenient intellectual dressing of Cultural Marxism, talk of the pill bringing about ‘women’s liberation’ was simply a sub-conscious rationalisation of events that nobody, let alone feminists, had any real control over.

Because the second wave was largely blind and irrationalist, the response by feminists ironically had the effect of still further widening the free sexual market and threatening even more the sexual and economic power of older, unattractive women.  For example, the sudden rush into the University system of legions of attractive young females only served to intensify the culture of casual, pre-marital sex, as well as (and with those young women entering careers after university) delaying the age at which women expected to marry – thus making available to the free sex market millions of single young women who would otherwise be tied up in marriage.  As EvilWhiteMale put it here recently, feminism is an (irrational) self-feeding loop.  One that is quickly destroying Western civilisation.

So where do these reflections leave the male pill and its power to ‘liberate’ men from the feminist yoke?  Ask yourself – will a male contraceptive pill bring about changes in behaviour as radical as did the female version in the 1960’s?  I can only see it further encouraging casual sex, and lack of committment from men, even more than did the female pill.  Thus, rather than transforming the situation of men, I see it only further opening up the free sexual market, and thus intensifying the feminist backlash.  Together with a couple of the other new technologies I will discuss in the next couple of weeks, we can say – fourth wave of feminism, here we come.

I would end by stating that those who think that a male pill will be something revolutionary and liberating for men are deluded about the true cause and effect relationship between the original pill and women’s ‘liberation’.  However, I have to admit that Lionel Tiger is a man who patently does understand that relationship, possibly more than any other human being alive.  Yet in his classic work, The Decline of Males, he clearly intimates that he believes a male contraceptive pill to be vitally important for men.  Thus, I have the uncomfortable feeling that I am missing something really glaring and fundamental here.  If you can spell out just what this is, please do so in a comment underneath.

The other four technologies I intend to discuss in the next couple of weeks are : 3D Hologram/Virtual Reality Porn/Sex Bots ; Mind Reading Scanners ; Life-extension/anti-aging, beauty and rejuvenation therapy ; ‘Female Viagra’.

By the way, suggestions are still welcome for my forthcoming list of the greatest ever anti-feminist music videos.

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  1. This past Thursday I had sex with my girlfriend. She told me she was good and up to date on her birth control (Yaz), so I came inside. She told me later she started her pill on Tuesday (two days late) so she just took three on Tuesday to make up for it. She was convinced that this was acceptable and pregnancy risk free.

    Of course it isn’t risk free, BC doesn’t quite work like that. While I doubt she will get pregnant from this I now have to worry about pregnancy. Why? Because with female only BC, if a man chooses to have sex with a girl (no matter WHAT the level of commitment is) the best he can do is act on good faith that she has been taking it right.

    Because I trusted my girlfriend to know what she was doing, I might now have a bunch of other responsibilities. It was her fuck up, not mine. This would not be a problem for me if there were a male contraceptive that worked. The only way it would be a problem for me is if I was as irresponsible as her. In that case, it would be my fault.

  2. I haven’t really given the male pill much consideration as to what impact it may have. but I do think you may be missing something. You assume that it is men who stopped committing to women as a result of the birth control pill. I’m not convinced that this assumption is correct. No fault divorce was a feminst idea that was tauted as empowering women in “bad marriages” to leave those marriages. In other words it was intended to allow women to break their commitments to their husbands. Other changes to the practice of family law that were supported by feminists were child custody being awarded primarily to the mother, child support, and alimony. Each of these things made it easy for women to break the commitment of marriage. The welfare system and the wide acceptance of single motherhood have also made it easy for women to satisfy their desire for children without having to commit to man. A figure widely in use that I have not attempted to verify is that approximately 70% of all divorces are filed by women. Each of these things are indicators that it may be women, not men who are unwilling to commit.

    The second wave feminist idea that women need men like fish need bicycles was absolutely incorrect. Women absolutely need men and continue to rely on their protection and support. Child support and alimony are direct forms of support while welfare is paid via taxation. Protection now comes from the government, also paid via taxation. Women still rely on men, what they no longer need is to have a man in the house. They no longer need to commit to one individual man.

    This has produced a relatively new phenomenon. Each of these things has made it dangerous for a man to commit to a woman and men are beginning to realize that committment is a bad idea. But as I said, this is relatively new and is a result of the lack of commitment by women that has been sustained by the continuation of male responsibility to the woman who has broken her commitment to him.

    Aside from the ability to abstain from sex, men have absolutely no control and no rights in the process of reproduction. All they have are responsibilities. The one thing the male pill will do is give the man the freedom to have risk-free sex (except for STDs). He will finally be in control of his ability to reproduce. No baby will be conceived without his consent. This will absolve men of any responsibility towards women unless they choose that responsibility.

    The effect this will have upon society is anyone’s guess. But it will grant men a bit more control and may increase the need for commitment from women who wish to satisfy their desire to become parents. Women may feel the need to grant concession to men under Family Law in order to persuade men to reproduce. They might have to give up ownership of the children and share custody in the event of a divorce or to become single mothers.


  3. I skimmed your article Schop because I’ve got to get to a family function shortly. I’ll try to be brief.

    I’ve also felt for a while that the male pill will not be something vastly revolutionary, though I haven’t examined the reasons why I intuitively believe this thus far. So let’s see.

    Unlike the female pill, which feminists fought to have insured so that women could get it for free, there will be no such laws for the male pill. Only men who can afford it will be able to acquire it, so the poor will see no change in their situation. As we are entering a period of economic strife within the next decade, and women only will continue to receive government subsidies while men are left out in the cold, men will have other things to worry about paying for. The supply of “quality” men in the eyes of women will be quite low, so they will not hesitate to “settle” for poor men who get their knickers wet. There will be many pregnancies resulting, and more single “moms”.

    The male pill will cause side effects, short and long-term, some of which won’t be realized until decades later, side effects that, like the plastics in our environment and the soy in our diet, will contribute to feminization of men, health problems, and an even earlier death.

    The male pill will not be as effective as the female pill, because it won’t have to be. Why would companies spend time creating a 99.9% effective pill when they know they can get away with one that works 75% of the time during a year? Many women will not feel the need for birth control when men are taking it anyway, so this will increase in more unexpected pregnancies, and the corresponding “child support” and debtor’s prison to follow. Until women are pregnant, they will act a lot nicer in relationships, though it’s actually more likely they will have multiple simultaneous relationships if the men they are dating are using the pill, for a few reasons I won’t go into here due to time constraints. Once they achieve pregnancy, they’ll be even more vengeful than they are today because it was “his fault this happened”. So I wouldn’t expect women to change their tune very much.

    As fewer males wish to be involved in the risky creation of a family and lifelong partnership with a female they have no reason to trust, the shaming of men in middle class and wealthier families (ones who can afford the pill) will increase vastly in order to convince them to marry and have children.

    For males like us who are more aware of the state of misandry in the world and intelligent enough to make a decent living even when the economy goes in the toilet so that we can pay for it, the male pill could be a somewhat useful tool if taken in secret, so that the women we date have no knowledge of it, in combination with other contraception methods. The inevitable side effects, however, make the male pill less attractive.

    Personally, I will not be taking the male pill because I will not be seeking out the attentions of multiple promiscuous western women and I do not wish to subject my body to the side effects. But for other men who are aware of the state of misandry in the world today and do wish to pursue multiple women, it could be a useful tool, but not the only one that should be relied on.

    The male pill is no panacea.

  4. Inspired and inspiring … I can’t wait for parts 2-5.

    I thought you were going to explain how the rape/sexual grievance industry subsequently arose as a means of discouraging men from pursuing the young, single women. Jessica Valenti, in her book Yes Means Yes, explicitly attacks the idea that men should be ‘pursuing’ at all; that seemed like a dead giveaway to me.

  5. “it’s actually more likely they will have multiple simultaneous relationships if the men they are dating are using the pill, for a few reasons I won’t go into here due to time constraints”

    I guess I could spout out a few reasons… Women will feel betrayed by men who they are aware are taking the male pill (a key reason they must never know) and will therefore feel no qualms about seeking out other men to sleep with. Whether women *think* they want children or not has nothing to do with whether their bodies want children. If they know a man they are sleeping with is taking the pill, and they are anywhere near an age where they might want babies, they will want babies even more. Women always want what they can’t have, and they can’t stand it when they don’t have the control. They will seek out multiple partners in an effort to cry “gotcha” on one of them when the male pill, less effective than the female, fails.

  6. I really need to head out soon, but…

    Women will find a way to get what they want no matter what we do, as long as big government exists.

    Also, pharmaceutical companies will have no obligation or incentive to create an effective or safe male pill. They will make it cheap so that as many males as possible can afford it. But unlike women, who can win lawsuits against chemical companies that produce their fake tits, even though the silicone in them was probably safe enough and it was their own choice to get a purely cosmetic surgery, men hold no such sway. Males will have no recourse against the pharmaceutical companies who will poison them with the male pill and leave them open to 18 years of child support due to ineffectiveness of the pill. Men who try to take action will be seen as “just trying to get out their responsibilities” and will be presented as dead beats, who probably should have kept it in their pants in the first place and “got what they deserved”.

  7. After reading the comments thus far I have to say that I am torn, I truly am.

    One the one hand you cannot trust women with their pill and on the other you cannot trust them with the (eventual?) male pill either.

    In the same vein, if the male pill does bring about the fourth wave by opening the free sex market even more, the wave will probably be even more irrational and destructive. But what is the alternative? To close the market? Wouldn’t that be to their advantage too?

    What a bind…

  8. Thanks for the well thought out response TDOM. I agree with most of what you say, but I still think that all the changes in legislation you detailed arose because of the threat that women suddenly felt they were under in a free sexual market.

    Actually, lying in bed last night, I did remember a little better what Lionel Tiger’s argument for the male pill is. If I recall correctly, and I haven’t read his book for a while, one of the main reasons for the sudden lack of male committment was because of the old ‘mummy’s baby, daddy’s maybe’ instinct. Young women were suddenly no longer prized virgins but were sleeping around. So, from that point of view, men would be more likely to commit and stick to marriage if they could know 100% that any baby was going to be theirs.
    However, given that the ‘decline of the male’ that we all accept is due to the effects of women entering en masse into the political world with their own selfish reproductive agenda, and the genie is well and truely out of the bottle there, I’m still not at all convinced that a male pill will really change much, even if it did give men a little more power in individual sexual relationships.

  9. Good points Jay, especially regarding how the pharmaceutical industry will likely screw us over any such male pill.

    BTW, I was wanting to contact you about a couple of things. Myself and Human-Stupidity have set up a new Reddit : You’re very much welcome to join as a moderator (you don’t have to announce yourself as ‘jay hammers’ if you don’t want to). It’s a long term project, and I aim to attract at least 5 or 6 serious MRAs to become mods and to support it. There’s not much work to do – just check in occasionally to ban any trolls, and maybe submit the odd link now and then. As I said, it’s very much a long term project. Personally, I aim to submit one link each day (at least when I’m not travelling).

    The other thing is : can I have your permission to post your ‘age of consent is misandry’ article here?

  10. Thanks Snark. Good point regarding the rape industry and Valenti. I’ll check to see if her book is in any bookshop or library near me – I don’t want to hand over any money to that bitch in order to read her pile of sexual trade union trash!

  11. Reading news like that makes me want to lie down and dream of another world. Thanks for the link legion. Great site you have btw, I’ll add it to my blogroll if I haven’t already.

  12. Thanks for the comment Frank.

    I definately don’t want to give the impression that I’m against a male pill, or that I favour closing or limiting the free sexual market just to prevent the feminist devils being even more nasty to us. Actually, as I’ll explain in the forthcoming articles, I do have a lot of hope that the sex war could be over soon. I think the fourth wave of feminism (really just an intensification of the present 3rd wave) will be brutal, but brief. Here’s hoping that we survive it.

    BTW, yes I do like Asian girls…let’s just say I’m learning Japanese, haha. Actually, the girl in that video is half Japanese, half french canadian – a gene combination made in heaven. I don’t particularly like 100% asian girls…unless they have had the ‘double-eyelid’ operation to look more western, which tens of thousands of them are having. And when they do, they tend to look absolutely gorgeous.

  13. If the male pill ever comes of age perhaps we might discover that the sexual market closes on it’s own. That is to say that it gets revealed to us that the vast majority of casual sex was/is initiated by women attempting to ‘trap’ men all along. And so the impossibility of doing that nearly brings about the closure of the free sexual market.

  14. I don’t mean to talk down to you but what you did was very careless. NEVER put your faith in a woman using birth control…ALWAYS use rubbers too. I am sure that many of the men who became fathers unintentionally thought that their “sweetie pies” would lie about being on BC (or use it carelessly).

  15. QUOTE: “Once they achieve pregnancy, they’ll be even more vengeful than they are today because it was “his fault this happened”. So I wouldn’t expect women to change their tune very much. As fewer males wish to be involved in the risky creation of a family and lifelong partnership with a female they have no reason to trust, the shaming of men in middle class and wealthier families (ones who can afford the pill) will increase vastly in order to convince them to marry and have children.”

    Wow! I think the above quote sums it up and I am almost embarred to admit that for the longest time I thought that the pill would be an excellent self help mechanism for men (though I was always concerned about the potential for serious side effects).

  16. Another possibility for the male pill –

    Rather than being ineffective, it could be *too* effective. Guys taking it intending to quit when they find a suitable woman may find that they are permanently infertile or nearly so, or that birth defects in the resulting children will be common. Then again, if you’d rather be infertile anyway, this won’t be a bad thing for you.

    Whatever form the male pill takes, I find it very likely there will be hidden side effects. I also think there’s a good chance the side effects will be dire.

    Then again, I’m a pessimist.

  17. No fault divorce was not a feminist idea to ’empower’ women to break the marriage contract. It came about to solve the ‘manufactured fault’ issue in California. Couples that both wanted to divorce had a difficult time doing so without a clear cause, so the husband was “caught” with his mistress or “slapped” his wife in a scripted incident.

    Extreme feminists actually dislike no fault divorce as much as MRAs do, albeit for different reasons – the NOW has been trying to kill off NFD on the theory that rich men use it to ‘trade younger,’ leaving their wives used up and destitute.

    The problem with ending NFD now is the easy backup plan available to the large bloc of women who happily divorce for financial gain – false accusations. With the family courts already tilted as they are and abuse claims used as a weapon in many divorce proceedings, women that want to break their marital contract will simply return to manufacturing fault – this time without the husband’s complicity.

  18. Well, we’ll see … or we won’t. I am 40 and, since the age of 15, I have been watching news telling that the commercial availability of the male pill “is only 5 years away”.

    When I was 15, it was only 5 years away. When I was 30, it was only 5 years away. Now that I am 40, it is only 5 years away.

    It is never “7 years away”, “10 years away”, “2 years away”. It is always “5 years away”.

    I bet that if I live long enough to be 80, news will be still saying that the male pill is “5 years away”.

  19. In contrast to this my lack of attraction to many Asian women has nothing to do to thier eye-fold shape (which I find to be neither more nor less attractive than the typical caucasian one) but more to do with the fact that well…not to be mean but…from a physical attractiveness perspective many of them have poorly developed secondary sexual characteristics. Of course there are a substantial amount of them that are not like this (especially North American born ones from my experience) and these ones can be as attractive as women from any other race IMHO (indeed some can be VERY well endowed such as Yoko Matsugane, Nonami Takizawa, Miyabi Isshiki, Asana Mamory…etc). From a personal attractiveness perspective they have alot of things going for them in that they often seem to be more emotionally stable than White or Latin women and seem to be ON AVERAGE more welcoming towards quieter males. Also their was a study done in the USA titled BUT WILL IT LAST that found that White Male/Asian Female relationships were the most successful of all interracial relationships and had a lower rate of divorce than White/White pairings (but keep in mind that that could be due to sampling problems as marriages between these 2 groups might occur mostly in the more educated classes who tend to have lower overall divorce rates). For some reason though many Asian women just don’t engage me from a personal attractiveness POV (hard to explain) though some obviously do and again can be as attractive as a woman of any other race. As I have stated before though I DO very much like Eurasian girls (mixed white asian girls)

    I do strongly defend WM/AF relationships though even though I myself have no particularily strong motivation to pursue one as I believe that alot of this “Asian Fetish” propaganda is just sexual trade union crap.

  20. Interesting discussion.
    Thanks fellas.

    Personally I think the male birth control pill will be hugely empowering for men.
    There are many reasons I think that.
    Firstly though I think it’s important to allay some unwarranted fears.
    This isn’t a technology that is hormonal like the female birth control pill.
    It simply nullifies a protein in sperm.
    This means that whilst sperm are still produced and are motile, they simply can’t do the job of impregnating the egg even though as usual some will still reach the egg.
    Being non-hormonal unlike the fbcp means the mbcp won’t screw around with men hormonally which is what the fbcp did to women especially in it’s earliest forms.

    Also bear in mind that already clinical trials underway show NO significant side effects apart from a little weight gain in some men which is easily offset by exercise and/or being a bit more calorie conscious with what is eaten. Itself not a bad thing for many men anyway.

    Be mindful too that we’re talking about the development of this new birth control technology now, not back in the 1960s when the fbcp was developed.
    The research methodology and equipment is much superior these days.
    Think of a popular 1960s automobile compared to a popular automobile driven today.
    Think of the differences in how those cars were two different cars were tested, built, the materials used and the eventual product outcomes – you’ll start to get the idea.

    OK, So hopefully some fears laid to rest.
    What of it’s sociological significance?

    I think here it will be amazing too.
    If a lot of men use it, then it will overnight virtually wipe out paternity fraud.
    No more worries about used condoms being raided with turkey basters.
    No more worries about our womenfolk saying ‘innocently’ “but I thought I took my pill and we were protected – I ‘forgot’ and now I’m pregnant”.
    No more worries that the child she says is yours is indeed actually yours, when in fact it’s a result of her screwing around with some other guy/s behind your back.
    Not bad for starters eh?
    So far that seems like great news to me, but there are further exciting dynamics I can see which I’ll try to explain.

    We hear a lot these days about several social issues that are concerning many folks.
    Out of wedlock birth, the destruction of marriage and high rates of divorce with the majority initiated by women, the burgeoning numbers of fatherless households and solo moms.
    We also hear the increasing unreasonable whining from women that men are not interested in commitment and forming families.
    We know that increasing numbers of men are sensibly eschewing marriage 2.0 and going their own way. As Kay Hymowitz would foolishly and insultingly describe it – increasing numbers of men are remaining ‘child-men’ or ‘pre-adults’.
    We can also see what I think are at least in part expressions of female desperation to breed – on their terms.
    Bear in mid breeding is largely what defines women -> womb-men.
    Here I’m thinking of raunch feminism and women demanding the right to dress sluttish with their ‘slut walks’ which at first might seem totally irrational.
    Although I wouldn’t say baby rabies was women’s only motivation for these two phenomenon.
    For it seems to me the vast majority of modern women want to place men in a state of heightened sexual arousal which they can satiate at a price whether it be to produce children or not – still defined on their terms.

    I think the male birth control pill will put a huge spanner in those works however.
    For if the mbcp is taken up en masse by men, and therefore men become effective gatekeepers of reproduction instead of women then the desperation of women i mention will only increase.
    That is unless women respond en masse by changing themselves to desire childlessness.
    As I don’t see that happening any time soon, then I think it’s safe to conclude the reproductive balance of power shifts significantly away from women and in men’s favor.
    Some will argue that women will simply turn to sperm banks.
    But that seems problematic for them too.
    Already sperm banks can’t supply demand, and sperm supply won’t increase with masses of men realizing they can empower themselves and other men by keeping it that way.
    There is also the notion of fusing two eggs thereby bypassing the need for male sperm altogether. It’s just a feminist wet dream fantasy.
    The reality is it often times leads to genetic mutations and increased homogeneity which renders the more homogenous population at risk of epidemics which a more heterogeneous population would survive.

    So imagine there I am in 2020 and cupcake is making “wouldn’t it be nice to marry and have a few kids?” type noises.
    Her biological clock is ticking increasingly loudly but I’m in no hurry.
    President Hillary Clinton just got sworn in for a second term and several of my buddies have been tweeting me recently about how they gone ass raped in the family court, you know, same feminist shit another decade basically.
    Well, nothing to stop me using the mbcp staying voluntarily (and easily reversible) infertile and insisting that POLITICALLY it’s not safe for me to become a father……. however on the other hand if cupcake will help me to petition the powers that be to change laws and make the society male friendly then maybe……..
    Meanwhile if she gets huffy and throws moves like she’s about to go find some chump who’ll do the deed for her – on her terms, then I get tweeting , face-booking or whatever it’ll be by then to put word out that we have a dangerous case of baby rabies on the prowl and so be alert guys.

    Basically what I’m saying is if we want to defang feminism and disarm the overwhelming power of the modern woman we have to ‘hit’ them where it hurts the most.
    As far as I can tell with a combination of game, MGTOW and the male birth control pill there’s a deathblow 1-2-3 about to hit women in the guts.
    Watch women come crawling back to the table to try and renegotiate after they get that 1-2-3.
    I imagine women in turn will be eating humble pie and joining men in increasing numbers asking lawmakers to get rid of misandric laws and conventions.
    The smartest women are already there.
    They’ve noticed a distinct change in which way the cultural wind is blowing.
    Some are still painfully trying to make sense of the transition like Hymowitz.
    She’s quite the gloating feminist idiot at times, but I commend her for at least trying.
    Yet others (The Paris Hilton – Sex and the City types) are blithely unaware – they’re so self absorbed they don’t notice the zeitgeist shifting.
    Still others (probably many millions I suspect) have heard about the mbcp and have figured out that the gender reproductive tables will be turning but are keeping decidedly QUIET about it except in private because they don’t wish to publicize and hasten it’s arrival. No point in drawing attention to the phenomenon and quickening their own downfall is there?
    I say that because you’d think something as astonishing and revolutionary as the arrival of the mbcp would make headline news everywhere.
    Yet the mainstream media, so thoroughly feminised as it is, and women themselves in general remain incredibly SILENT on this topic.
    It’s like something they both dread and don’t want to discuss all at the same time.
    Now, can you think of any other aspect of sexuality and reproduction women are so staunchly SILENT about – stds? lesbianism? bisexuality? vaginas? menstruation? childbirth? menopause? rape? sexual imagery? sexual harassment?
    None of the above.
    The woman-sphere is literally awash with discussion about all of those.
    Everything from the female sections of the webzines through to The vagina monologues, Oprah etc etc etc……They are after all womb-men.
    But it’s not just the things they will openly talk about……..

    This particular deafening creepy SILENCE is telling me we live in very interesting times brothers.

    Your thoughts?

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