The End of Women? Expert Predicts Men Will Prefer Sexbots by 2050

Bad news for anti-sexbot agitators Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing – a world renowned expert in the field of predicting the future of technology has published a report claiming that women will largely be redundant by 2050 as most men will prefer to have sex with robots.

The report, published by futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, draws up a timeline for the rise of the sex bots. By 2030, virtual sex via VR devices will be as prevalent as porn is today, by 2035 the majority of people will own sex toys that work in conjunction with virtual reality sex, and by 2050 sex with robots will have overtaken human on human sex.

Ian Pearson claims an 85% success rate in predicting long term technological trends. He is indeed a world renowned expert in the field of ‘futurology’, and his foresight is sought after by leading companies and even governments. Unlike Dr. Kathleen Richardson and her made up role as ‘robot ethic professor’ at a third rate British university, as well as Erik Billing, the Swedish mangina working at a university ranked just inside the top 2000 in the world, Pearson is a genuine and proven expert in future technology and its likely impact upon society and social ethics.

Although he doesn’t quite claim that men will be only using sexbots by 2050, assuming the likely truth that most users of sexbots will be men, then it follows that if the majority of human beings in 35 years time will be having sex with robots rather than fellow humans, then almost all men will be MGTOW…with their sexbots. The clock is indeed ticking on female sexual tyranny.

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  1. I find it ironic that women have issue with “sexbots” since they have been using mechanical sex toys for decades.

  2. I wonder if the surplus of women such a shift would entail, would cause young women to rebel against feminism? You have to assume that those men who prefer real girls are going to have considerable options.

  3. Yup. Sexbots will be the end of female sexual tyranny.

    If I ever apply for a job again – I will apply at a sexbot factory – just to help advance the field.

  4. I wonder if the surplus of women such a shift would entail, would cause young women to rebel against feminism?

    That would be the hope, but looking at how it has played out over the last 50 years, with the increasing options for men, from free internet porn to cheap imported hookers, then all it’s likely to do is make women even more committed to the Sexual Trade Union and legislating men into bed (i.e. rape of the male).

    So long as feminism exists, most women it seems will respond to their weakening SMV by embracing feminism rather than trying to improve their attractiveness to men. Feminism promises to force men to ‘value’ women, it gives women a channel for their bitterness at their inability to attract men and a sense of entitlement even for fatties and hags.

    For the average woman, it’s evidently easier to vote for a feminist or a mangina who will promise to ban sexbots, porn, prostitution, sex with teens etc than it is to go on a diet.

  5. Whether Dr Pearson is a snake-oil salesman with little more likelihood of accurate prediction than an Astrologer or I-Ching reader I cannot tell . I see that he sells his services to many an esteemed company – but people like wonder and companies tend to show gullibilty towards experts as well as having an expence account to use. If previous futurologists are anything to go by, and none have had any success, the prediction not being falsifiable or where the big predictions (and with any clothing on the skeleton) were predicted accurately, I rather doubt Dr Pearson will improve that rate of success: who predicted the Internet? – or the rise – and for free thereon – of ubiquitous Erotica? – the fall of the Soviet Union? – or The Sexual Terror unleashed by Feminism? Predicting that there will be a rise (or fall) in the Stock Market or a natural disaster is trite prediction and no liability is likely to accrue against the predictor should ones predictions prove false for one can always claim that but for some un-foreseen factor there would have been accuracy. This after-all is what end-of-the-world Cassandras always do when a minute past midnight they and us are all still here.

    What is true, however, is that presently an increasing number of men are just not interested sufficiently in flesh and blood women (usually too much flesh), and are able to make up for any sexual shortfall through Porn. Whether Sex-bots or VR-sex will make life harder for those women who do want a man remains to be seen.

  6. who predicted the Internet?

    Ray Kurzweil :

    I also remember my computer science teacher explaining to me in 1987 how Ceefax, or similar services to it, would soon be accessible through home computers and would steadily become faster and more comprehensive.

    of ubiquitous Erotica?

    I can honestly say that I foresaw this in the late 1980’s and distinctly recall having a conversation about it with a friend at the time.

    the fall of the Soviet Union?

    Ray Kurzweil again :

    The Sexual Terror unleashed by Feminism?

    Most of the anti-suffragette arguments in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras centered on the widespread fear that women were seeking to control male sexuality. One such anti-suffragette was Ernest Belfort Bax, who I’ve quoted here many times and who is widely accepted as the first ‘men’s rights activist’.

    Certain science-fiction writers have been famous for the uncanny accuracy of their predictions, such as Jules Verne, H G Wells, and more recently Arthur C Clarke.

    However, admittedly as a ‘professional field’, futurology has been very hit and miss. Many futurologists admit this and discuss reasons why. One reason might be that scientifically inclined men often aren’t very good with understanding the social side of things, and hence can foresee what science could make possible in the future but aren’t so intuitive when it comes to the effect upon society of such scientific advances. You could say that Ian Pearson might be a classic example of this as he wasn’t able to predict that feminists would already be trying to have sexbots banned before they’ve even been invented.

    Anyway, here’s his blog – he appears to mention some of his successful predictions –

  7. We shall have to wait and see: if one makes various predictions then sooner or later like a stopped clock that is right twice a day one of them will hit pay-dirt. People like Clarke certainly had success in predicting the future of certain scientific possibilities but these were based on known science and not guess work; many of his prediction remain unfulfilled – like the ladder to the Moon.

    I am thus reminded of Mary Shelley’s The Last Man set in the year 2100. Let’s see how good she was at prediction: The instituting of a National Gallery in London – she got that right; the independence of Greece – right again, Travel to Edinbrugh in less time than then possible – right again but her mode of transport was hot-air balloon which took a number of days, so perhaps not too impressive. The abdication of the King in favour of a Republic (the jury is still out on that though I was impressed that when the King did abdicate he took the title of Earl of Windsor – pretty spot in there I ‘d say). Then consider what she failed to predict – that is to say almost everything; they are still going about on horseback in 2100, no Internet , Television, Penicillin, or Soviet Union. In short although the novel is Sci-Fi it reads like an Historical Novel.

    What would impress me would be if there had been a prediction with proper reasoning and dates made in say 1959 that by 2115 we would have homo-queer marriage and that hetero-sexuals (like Rolf Harris) would thus be languishing in prison. Now I know that Criswell predicted that by the Millenium there would be cities entirely populated by Homosexuals but even that is not quite right, and of course it was just a wild and deliberately provocative guess.

    The reason for the difficulty of accurate prediction is that there are so many variables (butterfly wings) which we either do not know or if we do know do not know what weight to place on them.

  8. What would impress me would be if there had been a prediction with proper reasoning and dates made in say 1959 that by 2115 we would have homo-queer marriage and that hetero-sexuals (like Rolf Harris) would thus be languishing in prison.

    Apparently Alan Turing was quite brazen about his gay affair with a minor in 1954 because he felt confident that homosexuality would soon be legalized (and told this to the police who arrested him).

    To have predicted in 1959 that homosexuality would become so accepted by society might have been quite easy for anyone with the knowledge that science was close to introducing the contraceptive pill. (I’m not really familiar with the history of the introduction of the pill and whether it was an unexpected breakthrough or a gradual accomplishment that was foreseeable). Perhaps its easy with hindsight, but it doesn’t require too much intelligence to see that a reliable and widely available contraceptive device for women would loosen sexual morality and weaken the view that sex was for reproduction (and thus male sodomy become more acceptable).

    To predict that further down the road, while homosexuality became ever more tolerated and even sanctified, that heterosexuals would increasingly become criminalized and demonized, would indeed require a remarkable degree of prescience and understanding of the social situation, even to somebody in the midst of the sexual revolution, let alone the period before it.

    Even now it’s hard to understand how it’s come about. I think that the theory given here – that feminists sought an alliance with the gay lobby largely in order to appear tolerant and ‘liberal’ whilst pursuing a war on normal male sexuality – is the most plausible explanation. However, to predict this happening in 1959 would have required some genius and most would have predicted that if homosexuality was accepted so completely that the age of consent would likely be no higher than 11 or 12 for both heterosexuals and homosexuals, it being obviously such a ‘sexually free’ society in 2015.

    Or maybe if you went back in time and told the average man in the street in 1959 that in 2015, gay marriage would be legal and a transgender considered one of the most admirable of American heroes, he would turn and look at you and say in a mocking voice – ‘next thing you’ll tell me that they’ll be calling men perverts for finding 16 year old girls sexy!’

  9. Regarding the prediction that ‘most people will be banging sex bots rather than humans in 2050’ – this seems to be composed itself of two beliefs.

    1/ there will be convincing sexbots available on a mass scale by 2050.

    2/ men will prefer to have sex with such convincing sexbots than real women.

    1 is a scientific prediction, and 2 is an observation about human psychology and how men will likely react to a scientific advance (sexbots).

    The prediction also appears to discount the power or motivation of feminists and other lobby groups to ban or curtail sexbots from the market.

    I still have extreme doubts about sexbots. Convincing sexbots are surely always going to be massively expensive, and at the end of the day, unless it possesses consciousness, you’re still just banging a very expensive sex toy. If robots/sexbots do develop consciousness by 2050, then you’re on a completely different moral playing field, and indeed it’s almost absurd to think that feminists wont be having the state castrating men in the street for even thinking about owning a self-conscious ‘sexbot’. In any case, as I’ve argued here before, it would likely be easier to tinker with female dna to produce a more desirable ‘perfect’ woman. This might happen not through Stepford Wives type planning on the part of males, but through simple sexual economic market forces – if women don’t go to the clinic to get the gene therapy jab that turns them more alluring and feminine, then they don’t get laid.

    As far as successful predictions go, I actually predicted this ‘Japanese virtual reality sex game’ here a couple of years ago. Rather than sexbots, it would be easier to put on a pair of virtual reality glasses and project a sexy face and body (it could be the face of anyone – a celeb, your neighbour, a pornstar) on to a sex doll :

  10. Interesting thoughts there anti-feminist. TFH (see his site The Fifth Horseman) predicts that come 2020 Feminism will start to implode (by reason of Sex-bots – lots of other reasons – and more importantly Virtual-sex). I can hardly wait, but is he right or at least is his timescale not sufficiently long?

  11. Interesting thoughts there anti-feminist. TFH (see his site The Fifth Horseman) predicts that come 2020 Feminism will start to implode (by reason of Sex-bots – lots of other reasons – and more importantly Virtual-sex).

    I like TFH (is he still around?) and his predictions. Even 5 years ago he could foresee that virtual sex would be far more relevant than sexbots. As he also noted, feminists can enforce bans on sexbots, but they can’t stop (completely) virtual sex.

    I think he is a bit too optimistic with his ‘misandry bubble’ predictions. I think things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, and one of the reasons for this will actually be the increasing proliferation of porn and the new virtual sex technologies. Expect a legislative frenzy over the next 10 years that will make all the hysterias of the last two decades pale into comparison.

    I think where he gets it wrong is in holding the popular manosphere view that feminism is largely the result of technological breakthroughs not in sex or porn, but in labour saving devices. I believe that’s only part of the story – the pill especially was much bigger, and the sexual revolution was caused by the pill, not by feminism (who were clueless as to what was going on in the 60’s).

    If you look at the timeline of feminism over the last 150 years, you’ll be hard pushed to find any clear correlation to such events as the sale of the first vaccumm cleaner or the first fridge freezer. You will, however, find clear links between feminist agitation and the first mass produced condoms, the introduction of the pill, VHS pornography, internet porn etc etc

  12. The excellent point TFH makes is when he says that virtual sex and porn will raise standards for men. Men might always want to fuck the real Anna Kournikova, but why go out to the nightclub to be rejected by a sea of fat skanks when you can stay at home and have amazing virtual sex with an 18 year old Russian girl 5,000 miles away in Moscow? Or perhaps fuck your sexbot designed to convincingly mimic both the appearance and personality of the 18 year old Anna Kournikova?

    As TFH puts it – men might always prefer to fuck a real 10, but a virtual 10 is better than a real 7 for most guys.

    BTW, I read recently that nightclubs are closing in the UK at an alarming rate. I wonder if this is at least partly the reason? British girls get uglier and skankier by the day, whilst porn gets cheaper and better (even if ever more legally hazardous to surf for due to the Sexual Trade Union’s efforts).

  13. Also, most people don’t understand that the ultimate end point of virtual sex will be to make it indistinguishable from real sex (but, of course, with hotter girls).

    Of course, there might be a subset of men who will shout ‘but it’s not natural’, just as there are some men today with weird fetishes who will only fuck women who don’t wear make-up, don’t shave their armpits etc but I think they will be a small minority – a bit like the Amish sect, living a simple life with their fat aging wives whilst the rest of mankind has wild virtual sex with nubile HB10 Russian girls every day.

  14. So many interesting points in this thread (which I have just carefully re-read). TFH is still very much around (at least he was a month back) and his views are very similar to yours Anti-feminist – he predicts a lot of doubling-down before 2020. I, unlike TFH, am not a Futurist (as you can tell) but an Historicist and it is only there that I have any difference of opinion with TFH (and then only concerning India). If I show doubt about either Robo-sex or VR-sex it is perhaps because plastic leaves me cold and I am unable to visualise what VR would be like and further because I have never found that even my voracious consumption of erotica ever stated my desire for a real woman (or vica versa) – even though (as these things go) some of my gf’s have hardly been higher than a 5.

    As an Historicist (I do have an A’ level in the subject) I deprecate the re-writing of history for the purpose of making it blend with the present: and as Turing gets a mention up thread I take issue not merely with his canonization but even with the very notion that he was a Homo-sexual (Homosexuality being an invention of the medical profession circa 1800). Oh, I am not saying that he did not cruise the cinemas for newly pubescent boys (that sort of thing went on a lot when I was younger, and not because the men were paid-up members of the Union of Paedos but because the boys were more likely to be amenable and probably unlikely to start a fight if unwilling) but the man was engaged to be married and went away for a dirty-weekend with his fiancee (a woman! shock, horror – it needs to be airbrushed out from the approved narrative). Mathematician Jack Coupland describes in his book what happened but utterly fails to see the unspoken part of what happened or the incidents significance.

  15. “As TFH puts it – men might always prefer to fuck a real 10, but a virtual 10 is better than a real 7 for most guys.”

    Yup. I’d rather have my right hand and my imagination than a lot of the skanks out there these days! My right hand doesn’t answer back either…

  16. @Opus – I would just love it if some 80 year old man came out of the woodwork and claimed to the newspapers that Alan Turing had sodomized him as a 12 year old boy or something.

    But would they even print the story? I certainly can’t imagine the police opening up an investigation or any such thing, in the way they have for other dead celebs and allegations of child abuse.

    However, the offer I made here previously still stands. If there are any pensioners out there with a recollection (perhaps only now resurfacing) that Alan Turing may have had sexual encounters with under 16s in the 1940s/1950s, then there may be financial help for you if you are brave enough to come out and seek closure. You WILL BE BELIEVED.

  17. Women, even skanks, are better looking than my right hand and moreover, can always surprise me with an unexpected move and respond to me – my right hand cannot do that.

  18. Women, even skanks, are better looking than my right hand

    Skanks are physically (and emotionally) repulsive. Hands are neutral – you’re not fucking the hand, you’re just using it to physically stimulate your penis whilst you picture a hottie.

  19. Excellent comment about Turing: luckily the adolescent in question was nineteen but the idea that had the boy been under nineteen, eighteen, seventeen or sixteen that Turing would have been repelled and passed on him is simply not tenable. In those days public lavatories were unofficial gay clubs and (at slightly greater expence but with the likelihood of finding younger trade) cinemas were also a means of finding a sexual partner. Why would a middle-aged man whose head is full of Mathematics be on his own in a cinema if not for nefarious purposes. I am thus reminded of the Dirk Bogarde film Victim (1961); if you look carefully (or read my Amazon review) you will see that the film hints at but is very coy about the true age of Bogarde’s young male lover. At a time where all homosexuality was illegal it made absolutely no sense for any man to be concerned as to the exact age of his sexual partner: if they wanted to know your age the younger one claimed to be the happier the man. Curious is it not that a movie which was supposed to have been so influential in repealing the 1885 act in so far as it related to Homosexuality should have been concerned with a relationship between a middle-aged man and a youth (unlike say Staircase 1969 – after the act was passed where Rex Harrison and Richard Burton play aging gay lovers.)

    It has occurred to me that the cyanided apple may have been neither suicide nor carelessness but the work of one of our Double O operatives.

  20. I wanted to pick up on what drives feminism: what I observe is that up to (say ) 1914 there was increasing Feminism with the Suffragettes going into a form of mass Hysteria. WW1 followed by the Depression and WW2 killed it pretty much stone-dead and then with rising prosperity it returned. Consider: in 1919 an Act of Parliament allowed those already blessed with a Vagina to gain additional advantage by qualifying as a Solicitor [non-contentious desk-jockey lawyers]. The first female Solicitors were thus minted in about 1925 – four of them as I recall – and in fact down to about 1970 a female lawyer was a considerable rarity. Now of course they are in a majority and no sane male should go near the profession.

  21. Shame this guy didn’t learn to prefer his hand and porn to a fat plain jane :

    I still can’t even understand the logic of divorce payouts. I can understand mandatory child support payments, but why is a woman entitled to a cent of her ex-husband’s money if they divorce? Unless it’s admitting indeed that women only have value in attracting a man for a limited period in their teens and twenties, and it’s an attempt to punish a man if he doesn’t stick with the woman when she’s a hag and can’t get another husband (i.e. provider)?

  22. Another brilliant scientist has his career ruined because of feminism. Who cares if it regresses are attempts at finding habital worlds in other star systems if he can’t stop making advances at the 20 year old adult sluts that he teaches?

    At least there is one sanity preserving comment underneath the article :

    “That’s an old picture of him. I bet he looks ickier now. That’s when you get in trouble for sexual harassment, when you’re not so good-looking. “

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