Telegraph Writer on the Edward Heath Witch Hunt

Excellent article on the Edward Heath witch hunt taking place in the UK now :

“…If it wasn’t so horrific, all this would be entertaining. Or maybe not entertaining, but illuminating. There is something fascinating about actually being able to sit back and watch all this. To see this form of collective national psychosis playing out around you.

But it is horrific. Terrifying, actually. This is the second time in my life when I’ve thought to myself “I can see how it happens”. Where a McCarthy, or even a Hitler, could come from. Here, on my own doorstep.

The first time was that week after Diana died. But that was only for a week. This is weekly now. Brittan. Heath. We still have the Janner show trial to come.

One phone call. One letter. One press release. That’s all it takes now. “

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  1. Excellent article. He’s correct that this type of Groupthink can be focused against any group that can be scapegoated. The other side of the coin is the way the same national psychosis revolves around anti-male imagery like the Rainbow Flag (think Swastika). The Witch Hunts and Pride Rallies have formed a symbiosis which could easily lead the Sexual Holocaust often predicted here.

  2. Bloody spot on. The UK has gone completely fucking insane. I don’t know why all men aren’t running for the exits asap…

  3. There’s a program on BBC One right now – ‘Teen Model Factory’. A documentary about 13/14 year old long legged Siberian models.

    Most of the first 15 minutes have been gratiuitous shots of row after row of the bikini clad girls auditioning, with the black BBC paedocrite presenter trying to look ‘concerned’ whilst hiding his obvious….

  4. On the subject of blacks and Russian girls, one of my Moscow sweethearts recently moved to Washington DC, and guess what? Yes, she’s hooked up with a black man.

    He looks about 50 though, so I’m not too annoyed, hehe.

  5. There’s a 720p torrent of the episode. I’m downloading right now in anticipation.

  6. LOL that bit where he says “Woah, they’re all so young!”.

    You could almost see him dribbling.

  7. @Norman – I’m sure there was no shortage of volunteers at the BBC for the job of presenter of that documentary.

  8. LOL—Roosh talks about getting laid; Mr. malE talks about ‘equal injustice for all’. What’s going to have a normal man’s interest?

  9. Roosh talks about getting laid; Mr. malE talks about ‘equal injustice for all’. What’s going to have a normal man’s interest?

    I disagree that it’s not normal for a man, especially young men, to want to get laid. Certainly he seems to be having greater success with that tactic than Mr Male. Roosh teaches young men how to have have sex with women. Mr Male teaches young men how to feel like a victim if they have sex with women.

    Certainly not working out too badly for ISIS either. Seems like sex is important to quite a few young men out there, especially the politically motivated ones, and will even lead to men giving up their lives and dying for a cause, all in the hope of getting laid (even just in an afterlife).

    Hell, even Christian men have to end up justifying their traditionalist monogamous morality as it being the ‘only way beta males can get laid regularly.’

    I honestly think the PUA stuff and claiming not to care about men’s rights was just a way for Roosh to get the attention of young men.

  10. I think you misunderstood: I was saying that Roosh’s popularity is because he appeals to men’s normal desire to get laid; whereas the MHRM’s soft-core neofeminism doesn’t appeal to normal men.

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