Sabrina Vaz Voted Most Beautiful Female in the World (Brain Bleach)

Some readers have complained that the gruesome images contained in the previous Femihag of the Year poll have left them permanently traumatized.  So as a form of therapeutic brain bleach, here are the official results of the Most Beautiful Female in the World (informal) poll we had in the comments section a few days ago.  Our panel of experts have decided!

The Most Beautiful Female in the World for 2014 is…Sabrina Vaz!

The lovely Sabrina is a remarkably talented 18 year old singer and song writer from Canada.




A very close second was the lovely 17 year old Russian figure skater, Yulia Liptnitskaya.





In third place, was Yulia’s fellow Russian skater, the 16 year old Elena Radionova.





And Yulia and Elena together!


Yulia Lipnitskaya Wins Silver Medal at World Championships

15 year old Yulia Lipnitskaya won the silver medal this week at the World Figure Skating Championships held in Japan.

Another 15 year old Russian girl – Anna Pogorilaya – was fourth :

Ameriskank skater Ashley ‘Jelly’ Wagner could only finish 7th :


Yulia Lipnitskaya 2010 2011 2012

Russian ice skating sensation Yulia Lipnitskaya astonishing already with her skills, grace, and young beauty, between 2010 – 2012, incredibly aged just 11, 12, and 13.

Julia LIPNITSKAYA SP Cup of Russia Final 2010

Julia LIPNITSKAYA LP Russian National Juniors 2010

Julia LIPNITSKAYA 2011 SP Russian Nationals

Julia Lipnitskaya 2011 Russian Nationals FS

Julia Lipnitskaia JGPF 2011 Gala

Julia LIPNITSKAIA (RUS) – ISU GP and JGP Final 2011

2012 Russian Nationals Julia Lipnitskaya

Julia Lipnitskaya. SP. RU Nats 2011 (HD)

2012 Finlandia Trophy Yulia Lipnitskaya (HD)

Julia Lipnitskaya – World Junior 2012 (HD)

Yulia Lipnitskaya – 15 year old Russian Ice Skating Sensation Declared the Face of the Sochi Games


15 year old Russian prodigy Yulia Lipnitskaya set the Sochi Winter Olympics on fire yesterday with her sensational performance in the ice skating arena, trouncing her older rivals, and leaving jaded commentators breathless with her artistic beauty. Yulia shares the same combination of pale European and slightly Asiatic facial features as her compatriot Anna Kournikova, and its likely the comparisons will start in earnest soon (or at least when she reaches her 18th birthday in order to keep the jealous femi-hags happy).  Already she has been declared ‘the Face of the Games’ by a gushing media.

Yulia was born on June 5th 1998, meaning she only made the minimum age criteria for the Olympics by 26 days!










Here she is skating in the European Championships in Budapest last month :

Here she is giving a graceful performance at the Finlandia event in 2012, aged just 13 :

And here she competes in the 2011 Russian national championships at an incredible 12 years of age!