‘Anti-Paedophile’ Campaigner Simon Danczuk Named David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2015

In a stunning last minute grab for inglory, leading Paedo-Finder General anti-paedophile campaigner Simon Danczuk has been named winner of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award for 2015!!!

On the last day of 2015, the British media widely reported that Danczuk, who had led a campaign of digging up respected and dead politicians out of their graves and forcing the police to declare them to be possessed by the nonce spirit, admitted sending perverted and sexually explicit texts to a 17 year old schoolgirl, including texts that revealed his fantasy of spanking the young tender innocent bottom of such a vulnerable child. The Labour party, which introduced laws under Tony Blair which makes it a criminal offence to look at a photo of a 17 year old girl in so much as a revealing bikini, let alone being spanked by a middle-aged paedo-finder general, immediately (though no doubt grudgingly) suspended the ‘paedophile’ hypocrite from their party.


What a f***ing paedocrite!!!

In second place is disgraced blogger David Futrelle. The Chicago gay child snuff torture porn apologist did everything he could in 2015 to make the title his again, but staying loyal to a transvestite commentator at his site who openly runs a forum devoted to sharing fantasies of crucifying, torturing, murdering, and raping women and schoolgirls just wasn’t enough in the light of Simon Danczuk’s stunning paedocrisy. Nor was even encouraging his perverted paedophile transvestite sadistic groupies to doxx his opponents, including the six year old daughter of a leading MRA.


What a f***ing paedocrite!!

I’m sure we can look forward to a stunning year of paedocrisy in 2016, with hopefully some of the other paedo finder generals and ‘vigilantes’ being outed as the sick furtive paedophile hypocrites that most of them no doubt are.

In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my (5) readers!!

On a final note – Jonathan King framed the fine and ignoble art of paedocrisy very well with regard to the Danczuk scandal :

When I was released 10 years ago one of the decent police “keeping an eye” on me asked me to let him know the URLs of trolls – I just deleted and ignored them. “It’s always the ones who shout loudest who are secret abusers” he said. “They think it covers them – it doesn’t. It exposes them”. It was the same in prison – the boys shouting NONCE were always found to be the worst abusers, in there for precisely the crimes they claimed to loathe. Write a book about a dead man being a paedophile? You’re guaranteed to find karma very quickly. Didn’t we all wonder about Karen?


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Jimmy Tarbuck, Operation Yewtree Victim, Breaks Down in Tears on National TV

Jimmy Tarbuck, the popular Liverpool comedian and school friend of John Lennon, has been one of the highest profile victims of the medieval witchhunt against celebrities taking place in the UK since the Savile scandal broke. Here, he breaks down on national tv whilst describing how no less than 18 members of the police broke into his home one morning, without warning, to seize his possesions and arrest him on the basis of a false claim that he had sexually abused a young boy decades ago.

And here’s an excellent editorial that appeared in the Sunday Times the other week over another celebrity victim who had charges dropped after a year of stress and humiliation – Paul Gambaccini :

On October 10 last year the disc jockey and music connoisseur Paul Gambaccini was told he would not be facing charges of child sex abuse. Had the British justice system been working properly he might have greeted this news with unalloyed relief. His reaction has instead been chiefly one of anger, and with good reason. He had by that time been on police bail for 12 months. During that time his name and reputation were dragged through the mud even though police had not interviewed him since the day of his arrest, or produced a shred of evidence against him.

Gambaccini’s ordeal by bail is merely the most egregious of many in which the police and Crown Prosecution Service, caught napping by the Savile scandal, have overcompensated to shameful effect. The basics of due process have been forgotten. Rules intended to help police investigations have been abused to drag them out, and the real victims of child sex abuse are in danger of being overlooked by police forces pursuing celebrities for the sake of being seen to act. The case for reform is clear and urgent.

In an interview today Gambaccini describes being overcome by “rage attacks” while under investigation. He claims police in his case trampled on the principle that the law holds everyone innocent until proven guilty. The personal cost to an innocent man is clearly too high, but what his story says about the trustworthiness of the judicial system is even more troubling.

The presumption of innocence requires that police scrupulously follow the evidence. When there is no evidence there should be no fishing expeditions. It is clear now that Gambaccini’s innocence, and the flimsiness of the allegations against him, could have been established with a few quick checks. They were not made. Instead, the shadow of suspicion hung over him as police invited colleagues and acquaintances to testify against him and renewed his bail every three months without judicial oversight or approval.

Senior figures were responsible but have not been held accountable. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions (DPP), and her predecessor, Sir Keir Starmer, have all been in a position to stop the prosecutorial pendulum swinging from indifference to the rights of victims to indifference to the rights of the accused. They have failed in this duty, not only in Gambaccini’s case but in others that formed part of Operation Yewtree, into alleged child sex abuse, and Operation Elveden, into alleged bribery of public officials by journalists. There are worrying signs, too, in the investigation into an alleged Westminster paedophile ring, in which the evidence of a single witness has been deemed “credible and true” without corroboration.

Lord Macdonald of River Glaven, the former DPP, has supported Gambaccini’s call for a ban on naming suspects before they have been charged. This is problematic. It would establish a legal framework for secret arrests that would be inimical to justice and free speech. What is clear is that the right balance between protection for accusers and the accused has not been struck. Anonymity is vital for genuine victims of abuse, but those who bring false accusations should know they will be named and potentially prosecuted.

Above all, police bail must be reformed. At present bail can be renewed indefinitely, giving police scant incentive to press ahead with legitimate investigations and drop those for which they have no evidence. Before the election the home secretary proposed limiting police bail to 28 days, renewable only with the approval of a senior officer. After three months it would have to be a judge. This proposal was in the Queen’s Speech but is not yet law. Even in an age of complex cross-border cybercrime, justice delayed is justice denied.

Jimmy Savile’s Niece to be Investigated Over Fraudulent Sex Abuse Claim

The Daily Mail reports that Jimmy Savile’s niece is to be investigated by the police for fraudulently accusing the deceased entertainer of sexually abusing her in order to claim the offered financial reward.  The paper asks ‘how many more’ of the 211 other necrophiliac gold diggers accusers will be investigated, but continues to describe Savile as a paedophile and child sex abuser :


Detectives have launched a criminal inquiry into suspected fraud over claims of sex abuse by Jimmy Savile, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
The extraordinary development centres on allegations by Savile’s own great-niece, Caroline Robinson, who claims she was sexually abused by him as a child – and is seeking thousands of pounds in compensation.
But following inquiries by this newspaper, police in West Yorkshire have confirmed they have now launched a probe. And both West Yorkshire and detectives from Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree have said they would investigate other claims if fraud were suspected.
Some 211 people came forward claiming compensation after alleged abuse by the DJ, who died in 2011. The following year, a TV documentary exposed his predatory behaviour, opening a floodgate of claims.

When the niece suddenly came out with the allegations (along with the hundreds of others) at the height of the Savile witch hunt hysteria two years ago, the Daily Mail, like the rest of the media, lapped it up uncritically. The niece not only slandered her dead uncle, but also her own grandmother, who she claimed knew of the non-existent abuse and kept quiet about it.


Steve Moxon – Dave Lee Travis: Another Yewtree travesty of justice


Where is the evidence?
An accusation is not evidence.
An accusation requires evidence even to begin to be established.
Parallel accusations are not evidence, and they are not mutually corroboratory simply for being in parallel; especially when the context is a high-profile police trawl of a celebrity, because self-evidently this is almost guaranteed to generate multiple false allegation.
False allegation of sexual assault, notably rape, is commonplace, and research – along with examination of media-reported cases – shows the often incredible triviality of motivation.
Then there is ‘false memory’ of various forms, which is a major problem with ‘historic cases’ such as this – an alleged incident 20 years ago.
The CPS should never have brought this case, which is a re-trial of what was itself a trial that never have been brought. It should never have passed even first-base in consideration, but such is the serious anti-male prejudice of the CPS that the case was progressed in the hope that most of the jury would share similar prejudices. On this occasion, most did — but some did not: conviction was on a majority verdict only.
On top of all this is the triviality of the alleged offence: fondling breasts is barely even a serious misdemeanour, never mind a notable criminal offence. It’s straining definition to term it ‘sexual assault’ when the genitals of neither alleged perpetrator not putative victim are in any way involved — the term ‘groping’ is improperly applied to anything other than hands on genitals. And the usual context is of frivolity (even if that may be a cover for unwanted fondling).
The whole Yewtree fiasco is near beyond belief, and will be seen in retrospect as a stark manifestation of the loony era of ‘identity politics’.

Steve Moxon – The cops and the BBC in cahoots to manufacture bogus allegations against Cliff Richard


The witch-hunt in the name of misandry – hated towards men – that is Yewtree just got still crazier, if that’s possible. The BBC is again in cahoots with the police to manufacture bogus allegations; this time against Cliff Richard. The denial from South Yorkshire Police is hilarious: directly or indirectly, the leak to media can only have come from them. That’s why they’ve got their oar in quick with a complaint to the DG of the Boob.
The Boob were there ahead of the arrival of the police to film and broadcast what amounts to a high-profile appeal for any fantasist, disgruntled one-time wannabe girlfriend, deluded fan with an embellished memory, etc, to come forward with some flimsy allegation; so that a set of entirely non-evidenced accusations can be passed to the witch-finder general heading the CPS, Alison Saunders, for her to practise her sex-hatred and get the CPS brownie-points for being such good PC-fascists.
Do any of these malicious idiots in the media and police think to imagine how they are going to look in a few years time when Yewtree comes to be seen as a rekindling of the ridiculous satanic ritual child sex abuse delusions of twenty years ago?
In the glare of the celebrity spotlight for seven decades, if there was anything at all in the rumours that Cliff doesn’t prefer tennis to sex, then we’d have long since heard of it, and big time. There has never been anything in the longstanding inference that he must be ‘gay’, let alone that he’s a ‘gay’ ‘paedophile’ – the Chinese-whisper that he was a regular at Elms House protected by a nickname is just that … standard Chinese whisper. It could not be clearer that Cliff has no interest in sex. Nobody in all those decades has ever come forward with the slightest evidence that other than his long-confessed virginity-losing one-off encounter with a girl who later became the wife of one of his band, that Cliff just doesn’t do sex. He’s too picky, too wary of the loss of freedom, and brim-full with religious morality. He got to be a huge star, and his constant drive to get there and stay up there has taken over his life to put himself pretty much out of everyone’s league. It’s not at all that he’s anti-social: he hates being alone; which is why he had a live-in pal – who was there with his wife. But being different is no crime. Actually, it’s great he’s different.
Meanwhile, Rolf is rightly appealing his ridiculous conviction, which even with our laughable judicial system is set to be overturned given the complete absence of evidence against him re the set of mere allegations he faced.
I joked before as to what unlikely target they’ll choose next. Well, I guessed Cliff and they took me at my word. I also guessed Sooty and Lenny the Lion. What’s the odds on Alison Saunders not giving some numptie cops the go-ahead to take to trial puppeteers for supposedly putting their hand up more than their puppet?
We live in interesting times set to change and consign this sort of ignorant malicious horseshit to the dustbin of history, but in the meantime we live in times so daft as to utterly beggar belief.

Chris Brand’s Politically Incorrect Thoughts



Fresh from paying dotty, daft and murderous Arabs to return to their Middle East, which they were busy destroying (q.v.), Australia took on the Britoid establishment as Rolf Harris, CBE, OBE, MBE, Officer of the Order of Australia, 84, and Queen Brenda’s favourite painter, was jailed for his ‘manipulative’ ‘paedophilic’ gropings of forty years previously (he even kept one pleasantly speckled young girl – a “spiritual healer” — in the boathouse at the bottom of his multi-million Thameside garden, where she gratefully lived rent-free) (D.Mail, 1 vii).

The Irish ex-convict Republican media of Oz could (surely) be relied on to condemn the hounding of a great Ozzie who had never harmed a fly – and whom the hysterics of Murdochized Britoidia planned to prosecute further for yet more happy and harmless malfeasances.

Ooops! The Oz press too had succumbed to paedohunting and ‘defended’ the Workers’ Republic’s best-known and most honoured export only by making little mention of RH’s case. So RH’s only published defence would be in the UK Daily Mail, insisting he was a thoroughly good egg who could go for years without conspicuous hanky-panky.


The modern Britoid fashion for hounding and jailing elderly ‘paedophiles’, beginning with popstar Gary Glitter (and failing – except in E’bro’ — to defend adoptive father-of-46, Nobelist Carlton Gajdusek), in order to demonstrate the saintliness of knicker-flashing newspapers, reached a high point as precisely no-one came forward to defend Welsh-parented Australian bottom-pincher celeb Rob Harris, 84. Even HMQ Brenda went into hiding with the (wide-mouthed) portrait that the much-loved moustachioed Ozzie had made of Her in 2005 (D.Mail, 2 vii).

And fresh rumours circulated of knicker-naughtiness in the House of Commons of the 1980s – possibly involving the later-promoted Lord Brittan, who may have consigned files on 114 high-flying paedofumblers to the shredder.

{Heaven forfend! Soon Queen-Empress Victoria would be hauled up for her Scottish assignations of the 1880s – accusations driven by self-righteousness, lack of printable news (about Britain’s abject failures in Afghooniland, Eyeraq and Euroland) and total cowardice about discussing Britain’s failure to deal with its own Bleck and Muesli problems.}

{Would Oz step up and defend its illustrious Groper Harris? No chance! – Australian independence, humour, tough-mindedness and scorn for Britain’s elite had their limits!}

* One ‘victim’ complained she had been “abused” and “attacked” by the genial Harris for sixteen years, during which the two of them had sometimes engaged in oral sex – all this ‘molestation’ having never led her once to complain to her doctor, her father or a policeman. – She was of course, in the paedohysterical jargon of the day, ‘traumatized.’


A year of dire British failure (at rugger, cricket, soccer and tennis; and with the EUSSR united against it after 500 years of every schoolboy – perhaps not those at Eton – knowing Britain had to divide the Continent), the country – long thought a bastion of common sense, freedom and good humour – disgraced itself by jailing for SIX YEARS a much-loved and honoured Australian celebrity, 84, while not producing a shred of evidence of real harm from the venerated Ozzie’s attentions (one girl had let the ‘attacks’ continue for 16 years).

Meanwhile, short of news because no-one could explain the 2008-10 financial crash (in fact due to America compelling over-lending to Blacks), MSM busied itself with the possibiility of a ‘paedophile ring’ in Westminster of the 1980s – though all details had been properly shredded as unevidenced idle rumours by officials.

{Having netted such celebs as Gary Glitter, Max Clifford, Cyril Smith, Stuart Hall, Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris, how much further could tabloid paedohysteria go? Could deceased U-turning EUrophile PM Ted Heath (bachelor choirmaster and sailor) be the next victim? In fact, there was probably not a man in the country who could not be slung into clink for ancient ‘abuse’ if desperate pressmen – fearing the ever-growing internet challenge to their peecee ‘news’papers – were so minded.}

And, no, the SIX YEAR sentence proved entirely insufficient to the paedohysterics of the Guardian, D.Mirror and BBC. Criticizing RH for putting his victims on the witness stand (where the worst the women could recall was RH having made them feel ‘dirty’ and ‘anxious’ as they returned for his next advances forty years ago), the hyperpunitive frothers appealed against the ‘leniency’ shown to RH (who had not left any tangible injury from his fumblings) and wanted him re-sentenced under any ‘guidelines,’ ancient or modern, which could at least double the length of his imprisonment and ensure he died in jail.

The art world, too, moved to dissociate itself from RH – even losing his portrait of the Queen. For the Telegraph (2 vii), Andrew Brown observed:

“But is it right that a lifetime’s art should be obliterated from the public consciousness because the artist who made the work happens to be a bad man? I can see the emotional motives behind that policy, but it does not make any sense. Once a work of art is made it takes on a life of its own. It is separate from its creator, and appreciated as an object in its own right. You wouldn’t destroy a car if a worker in the factory where it was made turned out to be a murderer, would you?

Caravaggio killed a man in a fight. Wagner had some horrid views. Eric Gill admitted, in his diaries, that he had sex with his two young daughters. He also conducted “experimental sex sessions” (in the words of his biographer Fiona McCarthy) with his dog. Yet his monumental sculpture of Ariel and Prospero is a London landmark above the entrance to [the Beeb’s] Broadcasting House in Portland Place. And Westminster Cathedral authorities have no intention of removing his limestone, low-relief Stations of the Cross despite periodic protests.

To which it could easily be added that the lives of many great artists left much to be desired: homosexuality (Michelangelo), paedophilic inclination (Shakespeare), underage girls (Vivaldi), brawling (J.S. Bach), polygamy (Schiller), V.D. (Schubert), unfaithfulness (Dickens), opium addiction (Baudelaire), self-harm (Van Gogh), pederasty (Wilde), drinking (Hemingway – and virtually all C20 American winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature), choirboys (Britten), smoking (Hockney), promiscuity (Lucian Freud) etc, etc.

Thankfully the celebrated RH – though a great child entertainer rather than an artist of any stature — remained dignified and stoical throughout his ordeal, evidently accepting there was nothing he could do about the feminoid Inquisition. At least he had the satisfaction of witnessing such 100% hysteria that it could not possibly be right.”


As explained endlessly by hereditarians to behaviourists (like M.J.A. Howe, e.g. in The g Factor, 2000, and in Brand et al., ‘Why ignore the g factor?’, 2003), even oodles of practice are correlated with only slight advantages in performance – perhaps 20% for sportsmen and musicians (some of whom practice all day long) but for only 2% in many other areas like arithmetic and reading (D.Mail, 4 vii).

The latest re-invention of the wheel ooops research to this effect came from Princeton and did not even control for the likelihood that superior performers were more motivated to spend more time practising. {Yes, Oxford of the 1960s educated me as a behaviourist so well that – helped by generous grants, pocket money for running rats for girls, and by a plum prison service job – it took me a decade to work out that behaviourism was largely rubbish.}

Chris Brand’s Politically Incorrect Thoughts 12th May 2014

IQ & PC by Chris Brand


As the President of the Oxford Union found himself arrested in his Christ Church rooms at 7am and bailed (till June) pending possible charges of rape (dated to January, 2013, when he had attended a drinking competition between male and female clubs), an Independent columnist proposed re-titling ‘rape’ as ‘non-consensual sex’ so as to persuade juries to convict (7 v).

{Eliminating the implication of struggle by the victim would be a sop to feminoids; as would ‘non-consensual sex’ avoiding the implication of penetration. Reformers aiming to incarcerate more men could then move on to redefining murder as ‘non-consensual death’….}

Top BBC man, Stuart Hall, 84, found charges of rape of two teenagerettes raised against him after forty years and despite the girls admitting that they had gone back for more ‘rape’ on scores of occasions (as they sought careers at the Beeb).

A further sign that prosecutors had lost touch with the idea that an ‘assault’ had to involve lack of consent on the part of the victim (as well as with realism and compassion) was provided as the Beeb’s superstar Rolf Harris (CBE; 84; royally admired painter of the Queen) went on trial for ‘sexual assaults’ on a teenagerette for which, after she had not complained at 13, she repeatedly returned for more and ended having a full-blown sexual affair with Harris in her twenties for which her father received a grovelling written apology when he discovered his daughter’s ‘ordeal’ thirty years later.
{Yes, it would not be long before all successful men were deemed rapists – as well as being racists, fascists and paedophiles.}


Though Ukip continued to enjoy a poll lead, its leader Mr Farridge chose to seek refuge in LibLabCon middle ground (Telegraph, 5 v). Presumably intent on winning seats in the Brussels ‘parliament’ (which did not speak English, make jokes or have any power over the European Commission), Farage not only bottled out from standing for MP in conservative Newark but spent his gift of air time on the BBC’s prestigious Andrew Marr TV chat show denouncing racism, rejoicing in his sacking of one ‘fruitcake’ Ukip candidate per day as MSM demanded, and boasting of Ukip’s ‘ethnic minority’ membership (two Blacks and a Sikh were produced).

Thus he could not explain why Kippers did not want Romanians living nearby – for he could not mention the word ‘gipsy’; he could not explain why Blacks needed to be stopped and searched; he could not address the Muslim sexual code which led to FGM and the pimping of White girls; and admission of the low IQ of the third world was beyond him even as 230 Nigerian virgins remained abducted and the Brazilians of the favelas got shooting in practice for the World (Soccer) Cup.

Farage’s deference to PeeCee mirrored Jeremy Clarkson’s “begging forgiveness” for uttering the n-word [nigga] in order to keep his £17Mpa at the Beeb. But Farridge choosing discretion as the better part of valour set aside race realism and free speech and ushered in LibLabConYUk.


When a young Black male found his path blocked outside a Tesco Express in Kingston-on-Thames by a bicycle wheeled by a 91-yr-old White war hero and campaigner against apartheid, he idly called the pensioner “a racist” who should already be dead and give him a push, felling him and fracturing his hip, leading to the death of the much-decorated oldie a few months later (D.Telegraph, 8 v).

{Yes, a generation of peecee hysteria had led to it being possible to call just about anyone racist with impunity – but not without serious cost to some of those so abused.}


A scientific team at U.California San Francisco discovered that a common form (held by one person in five) of a gene already associated with long life also improved learning and memory, a finding that could have implications for treating age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s (Medical Xpress, 8 v). The researchers found that people who carry a single copy of the KL-VS variant of the KLOTHO gene perform better on a wide variety of cognitive tests. When the researchers modelled the effects in mice, they found it strengthened the connections between neurons that make learning possible — what is known as synaptic plasticity — by increasing the action of a cell receptor critical to forming memories. The variant did not delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, but meant that sufferers started their decline from a higher point of intelligence so were not so quickly in trouble.

{In deference to PeeCee, the authors themselves, led by neurologist Dena Dubal, could not mention ‘IQ’ or ‘intelligence.’ The link between the KLOTHO gene and longevity had been discovered in 1997.}


The annual conference of American Renaissance turned out have involved proper soul-searching about the country’s demise into negritude and the failure of AR’s race realism to have the slightest impact (Radix Journal, 8 v); but there was no psychology, no tribute to Art Jensen and Phil Rushton (who had died just months previously), no consideration of the Islamicization of Western Europe, and no mention of how Vladimir Putin’s Russia (while retaking the Crimea almost bloodlessly, supporting the Russian speakers of eastern Ukraine, and protesting against a ‘bearded lady’ [a drag act] winning the Eurovision ‘Song’ Contest) was managing to resist at once the disasters of mad Mueslidom, the tyranny of western PeeCee/Multiculturalism and the impoliteness of North Korea calling Churchill-hating US President Obarmy a “dirty, wicked, unevolved monkey” (Washington Post, 8 v).

Barbara Hewson – ‘Operation Yewtree : defaming the dead?’



Is it right that unproven, sometimes hysterical accusations can be made against the deceased? …

…By way of an example, consider the backlash following lurid accusations about Jimmy Savile in ITV’s heavily promoted Exposure documentary on 3 October 2012. By 8 October, his family had his headstone removed from his grave, for fear of vandalism. The hysteria generated by the media continued to escalate. Vandals targeted his holiday home in Scotland. That level of threat certainly sounds serious enough to engage a new Article 8 right, to protect the dead and their families.

Again, headlines like the Daily Express one that said ’ ‘Jimmy Savile was part of Satanic ring: Savile beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a secret Satanic ritual in a hospital’ could not be more sensational, provocative and extreme.

That story continued: ‘Savile, who died aged 84 in October 2011, is now Britain’s worst sex offender after police revealed he preyed on at least 450 victims aged eight to 47.’

If Savile were alive, one can imagine the libel writ coming the very same day. That Express report omits to mention that Satanic ritual abuse is a myth, which was comprehensively debunked in the early 1990s. It also fails to explain how the police are arbiters of truth in historical sex claims. Savile was Catholic, and such vilification might even be said to evoke older Protestant stereotypes of Catholics as agents of the anti-Christ.