Merry Christmas to the Men’s Rights World

Merry Christmas to all my readers!  As I still find having to run this site somewhat depressing, I’ll probably not be updating for a few days – a rare opportunity to relax and to close my eyes and ears to the scheming harridans of the sexual trade union and their never ending evil plots!

Of course, this year has been something of a breakthrough one for men’s rights.  Although the pace of anti-male legislation still appears to be accelerating, I’ve never been more confident that a genuine pro-male sexuality men’s rights movement is emerging that will soon have the strength to challenge feminists.

This site continues to grow modestly but continually, more or less.  Although traffic took a hit in the summer when I went offline for a few weeks, it’s more than picked up since.  For that I have to thank the continued support of the likes of Ferdinand Bardemu, Angry Harry, Man Woman Myth, and several other MRA bloggers, and also to the loyal and esteemed readers who have been posting links to this site on forums and other men’s rights sites.

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Women’s Rights Groups Fury at Taiwanese Legalisation of Prostitution

Women’s rights groups bash prostitution bill

Taipei, Oct. 21 (CNA) Women’s rights groups criticized the government Friday as failing to produce constructive policies on prostitution, ignoring the “structural evil” of the sex trade and seeking to legalize red-light districts.

They said the Cabinet’s decision in July to amend the Social Order and Maintenance Act to legalize prostitution within special zones was in disregard of the views of all five municipalities in the country.

At a press conference held under the theme “When Will Structural Evil End,” the group leaders called on voters to reject those presidential and legislative candidates who support the prostitution bill. Taipei, Oct. 21 (CNA) Women’s rights groups criticized the government Friday as failing to produce constructive policies on prostitution, ignoring the “structural evil” of the sex trade and seeking to legalize red-light districts.

They said the Cabinet’s decision in July to amend the Social Order and Maintenance Act to legalize prostitution within special zones was in disregard of the views of all five municipalities in the country.

At a press conference held under the theme “When Will Structural Evil End,” the group leaders called on voters to reject those presidential and legislative candidates who support the prostitution bill.

British Supreme Court Rules Ban on Under 21 Foreign Brides Unlawful

A government ban on non-EU foreign spouses under the age of 21 entering the UK is unlawful, judges have ruled.

The ruling by the Supreme Court is a major blow to an immigration policy designed to stop forced marriages.

The rule, introduced in 2008, meant a foreign husband or wife from outside the EU could not join their partner in the UK if they were under 21 years old…

…The second case involved Suhyal Mohammed, a British man of south Asian origin, who was banned from bringing his young Pakistani wife Shakira Bibi to live with him in the UK.

In neither case was there any suggestion that the marriages were forced.

The High Court had initially backed the home secretary’s power to prevent spouses under the age of 21 entering the UK.

Readers of this blog will be well aware of the true intent of this law, and this ruling represents a welcome blow against the sexual trade union.

District Nurse ‘Had Sex on the Beach with Schoolboy’

“The majority were in beach areas where his friends were left in the car and you wandered off to have sex. One of his friends said he saw you having sex with him”.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council disciplinary tribunal also heard that she and the boy were seen lying naked in a bedroom at her home and were seen on a public bench with their pants down. The hearing heard that the sexual relationship lasted three years and may have started when the boy was only 14.

There are some libertarian members of the men’s rights movement who believe that if we hold it acceptable for older men to have sex with 15 year old girls (if it were legal), then we shouldn’t condemn women who are caught having willing sex with 15 year old boys.  However, in cases like this it’s hard not to believe that the woman involved must clearly think that different rules apply to her simply because she has a vagina.  In which case, (if she is found guilty), I hope that vagina gets ripped off by a sex starved lesbian cellmate with a broken glass dildo.

Finally, here’s an inteview with the father who was questioned by police for taking photos of his own daughter in a shopping center the other day :

Naomi Wolf : ‘Is Pornography Driving Men Crazy?’

Self-confessed rapist Naomi Wolf, writing for Al Jazeera, asks whether pornography is ‘rewiring the male brain’, and suggests that such men need counselling and medication (as well as clearly exploiting the false rape allegation against Strauss-Kahn in order to publicise and justify her new book).

Could the widespread availability and consumption of pornography in recent years actually be rewiring the male brain, affecting men’s judgment about sex and causing them to have more difficulty controlling their impulses?

There is an increasing body of scientific evidence to support this idea. Six years ago, I wrote an essay called “The Porn Myth,” which pointed out that therapists and sexual counselors were anecdotally connecting the rise in pornography consumption among young men with an increase in impotence and premature ejaculation among the same population. These were healthy young men who had no organic or psychological pathology that would disrupt normal sexual function.

The hypothesis among the experts was that pornography was progressively desensitising these men sexually. Indeed, hardcore pornography’s effectiveness in achieving rapid desensitisation in subjects has led to its frequent use in training doctors and military teams to deal with very shocking or sensitive situations.

Given the desensitisation effect on most male subjects, researchers found that they quickly required higher levels of stimulation to achieve the same level of arousal. The experts I interviewed at the time were speculating that porn use was desensitising healthy young men to the erotic appeal of their own partners.

Last week, whilst reading comments in old Spearhead articles, I came across a statement from a prominant MRA declaring that the third wave of feminism was about promoting porn and prostitution. If Naomi Wolf herself repeatedly declaring that third wave feminism is about the rape of the male and shutting off sexual alternatives to committed relationships doesn’t convince you that sexual trade union theory is correct, what will? Certainly not this blog.

Meanwhile gadget magazine T3 lists 11 ways in which new tech has blown open the free sexual market. (note to certain men’s rights supporters – new tech, not third wave feminists. They are the ones vainly trying to close it. Like Naomi.)

And Ray Kurzweil reports on how researchers are creating a new scientific discipline – ‘Lovotics’ – based on the search to build robots that humans can love and that can love humans back :

UK Feminista Holds Protest Against New London Playboy Club

A British feminist organisation has held a protest over the opening of a new Playboy club in London.  Screaming ‘women’s bodies are not for sale’, the hideous harridans screached loudly enough to earn a spot on BBC News : (WARNING : Report contains extremely graphic images of ugly jealous feminists telling pretty girls what not to do with their own bodies).

Taking a look at the femiwhore’s website : , you have to admit that they are a well-organized bunch of jealous psychos, with numerous regional and university groups carefully co-ordinated with each other.

The truth is that the men’s rights movement is still a long way from being big enough to achieve anything similar in terms of organisation and public protest.

Maybe in another 5 years time, we will be able to organize a counter protest at events such as this.  All of us wearing green eyed monster masks whilst screaming that envy is the deadliest of sins and that men’s bodies and eyes are not for controlling.

Playboy's Kendra Wilkinson

The Centuries Old Sexual Trade Union

W.F.Price has uncovered a classic piece of feminist history in the 1674 Women’s Campaign Against Coffee.  Yes, women were lobbying the British Government as far back as the 17th century in order to stop their sexual interests being threatened by change (in this case, the introduction of coffee houses) :

It turns out that a group of proto-feminists had approached the king demanding that he shut down the coffee houses a year earlier, as the elixir was held to be causing their husbands to become snotty, “Frenchified” fellows who had lost all interest in sex (with their wives).
The document they presented is “The Women’s Petition Against Coffee,” and it is well worth reading for the humor therein if nothing else. In one hilarious passage, the “Buxome Good Women” warn that coffee-drinking husbands run the risk of being “Cuckol’d by Dildo’s.”

Linked in the comments section of that very Spearhead piece was another illuminating article that deserves highlighting – Seven Ideas You Can Never Discuss on Television :

Although there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t met a despicable woman, it remains heretical to imply that women may possibly be human beings, and as such, they may be capable of acting with willful malice toward others. Despite the fact that nearly every sociological study of family violence ever conducted has concluded that women hit men at least as frequently as the inverse, “domestic violence” is still viewed as an exclusively male-on-female phenomenon. But who needs muscles when you have WMDs such as societal prejudice and the law squarely on your side? In her book When She Was Bad, author Patricia Pearson argued that until puberty, boys and girls both express aggression physically. Around age 12 women turn to more sophisticated tactics for intentionally inflicting harm: gossip, shaming, and false accusations. It’s like on Seinfeld where Elaine explains that instead of giving one another wedgies, girls tease each other until they develop eating disorders. False rape charges, as well as phony claims of domestic abuse and sexual harassment, have become commonplace. The double standard is so lopsided, female spousal abusers are even permitted to become Secretary of State without it ever becoming an issue in their vetting process.

That article appeared on the website of ‘Taki’ – (Taki Theodoracopulos) – a right-wing Conservative British Greek who once infamously upset the sexual trade union by declaring a manifestly obvious truth – that the social condemnation of older men having sex with 14 year old girls is chiefly about ‘feminists stopping men pursuing younger skin’.

Put Valeria Ajovalasit on Trial for Exploiting Child Abuse

Valeria Ajovalasit is the woman behind the attempt to have Silvio Berlusconi sued for ‘degrading all Italian women’.  It’s not enough for this psychotic creature that Berlusconi faces 15 years in jail for (allegedly) paying a horny slut, a few months short of her 18th birthday, to do what she does best.  She has to prove a point (and financially profit from the ‘fact’) that frighteningly ugly old women like her are the real ‘victims’ when older men choose beautiful younger females over them.

And this might just be her undoing – making explicit the modus operandi of the sexual trade union child ‘protection’ industry.

In claiming that ALL Italian women are degraded by Burlusconi’s actions (and by ‘all’, we know that she means all older unattractive women like herself) she is clearly admitting what this blog has always maintained.  Feminists argue for ever higher age of consent laws, and for ever more draconian statutory rape punishments, because such ‘crimes’ do not victimise the teenage girls involved, but rather the feminists themselves.  Cut away the feminst bullshit regarding ‘informed consent’, ‘imbalance in power’, etc., and what you have exposed to the raw sunlight (not good for the skin Valeria), is naked female sexual jealousy, red in tooth and claw.  Older men choosing younger females degrades older women in the menopausal minds of feminists, because it brings down the sexual value of themselves and other older women.  And in their twisted psychopathic minds, men must be caged and punished for that.  The victimisation through the legal process, and the child abuse industry, of the young girls themselves, is just the psychological price that they must pay in order that the sexual price of older women’s rancid pussies can be kept artificially ‘high’.

But Valeria’s admission should surely be enough to have her put on trial for the exploitation of young girls, financially profiting from both child abuse and illegal prostitution, as well as for the attempted rape, let alone degradation, of ALL Italian men.  When a teenage girl is torn from her older lover, forced into accepting the feminist label of child abuse victim, then made to testify against her lover and then required to undergo therapy whilst being told repeatedly that she will be damaged for life – that is clear and undeniable harm committed against the child.  The supposed harm that the older lover has caused to the ‘child’ is purely speculative and entirely unproven.  But not only unproven, the admission of Valeria Ajovalasit makes clear that the deliberate and demonstrable harm inflicted upon the young girl in statutory rape cases is actually done in order to ‘protect’ all (i.e. older) women.

There is another clearly disturbing element to this case.  Valeria Ajovalasit is attempting to explicitly seek financial gain from a crime that feminists themselves have invented.  As one of the leading feminist organisations in Italy, it’s quite likely that her ‘Arcidonna’ group itself was involved in the lobbying for the very law (paying for sex with a 17 year old) that she is now attempting to gain financially from.  Bloggers such as myself and Angry Harry have talked often of how the child protection industry profits from demonising and criminilising men, but it’s difficult to believe that feminists can get away with doing it in such a blatant manner.

Some of the comments left underneath the Telegraph article were very well put :

Bob Landy :

What a crazy world we live in. I thought that the problem was that Berlusconi had (allegedly) given money to women. Now women want him to give them money.

Make your mind up please

Willz :

So this women’s group wants to make money from the exploitation of other women? Isn’t that illegal?

Sandy :

Without necsessarily defending Berlusconi’simmorality, I do get a bit fed up with this constant bleat from some women that they are exploited by men. Actually it is the women who do the exploiting by using their sexual charms to make money from men’s overwhelming sexual urge. All Berlusconi’s women could have just walked away, and some probably did, but we never hear of those.

For more on the need for men to finally unite and form lobby groups to defend their sexuality from feminist sexual trade unionists such as Valeria Ajovalasit, please read :

Countersue women’s rights group for falsifying data

Women’s Rights Group Plans to Sue Burlusconi for Damages

An Italian women’s rights group has asked the court overseeing Silvio Berlusconi’s sex trial for the right to seek compensation from the prime minister, claiming that he has offended the dignity of all Italian women.

Don’t get angry, as I did, when reading this.  No, as I have explained only this week when responding to comments here, this is how we can break the sexual trade union ourselves.

By sueing the asses off of the old rapist whores.

As soon as we have a half-decently organised and funded pro-male sexuality men’s rights lobby group we can start making civil claims against evil feminist organisations like the NSPCC and individuals such as Roselyn Bachelot, the woman who wants to jail Frenchmen for visiting prostitutes.

If there existed such a men’s rights lobby group in Italy, it could make a counter-claim against the feminists who passed the original anti-prostitution laws that criminilized the sexual choices and restricted the opportunities of all Italian men.  Including the feminist advocacy lobby groups that lobbied for such laws (that no doubt include the group behind this absurd claim against Berlusconi).  As I and others have documented, such lobbying has clearly been based upon deliberate lies, falsehoods, and exaggerations.  Let’s put the femiwhores on trial and make THEM justify their passing of these laws on something other than it increasing the appeal of their aged and unwanted vaginas to Italian men.  If they can’t do that, they should be sued as rapists, or better still, burnt at the stake (via due legal process of the state).

Valeria Ajovalasit, the woman behind the attempt to sue Silvio Berlusconi for somehow degrading her by paying for sex with a beautiful 17 year old girl :

valieia ajovalasit
I’m not even going to comment on that picture.  In fact I’m going to be sick.  And you still demand to explain feminism through cultural marxism?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Just to restore karma, here is a pic of the delightful Ruby the Heart Stealer, looking very exploited – NOT!  Look and weep Valeria Ajovalasit :

Ruby Rubacouri