Where are the London Olympics Sex Trafficking Victims?

A statement from the Metropolitan police themselves :

In preparation for the Olympics the TPU [Trafficking and Prostitution Unit] has created a dedicated team funded by the Migration Impact Fund (Government Funding) to combat all areas of trafficking and prostitution on the five Olympic Boroughs. The team is comprised of SCD9 funded officers and three fully funded posts from the Migration Impact Fund. [The Met unit SCD9 human exploitation and organised crime command, created in April 2010, is responsible for investigating trafficking. In 2010 – 2011 the SCD9 budget is £7.3m] The funding for these three officer posts will cease in July 2012. This team works closely with TP BOCUS to tackle both on and off street prostitution and continues to advise in planning and delivering covert solutions to tackle the criminality. The intelligence currently held does not support any increase in prostitution in the Olympic Boroughs and actually shows a decrease in some locations. The TPU are continually monitoring this situation.


Meanwhile, the BBC reports on women who pay to have sex with male prostitutes in South Korea :

South Korea has seen a rise in the number of women seeking paid male company, with a boom in “host bars” over the last decade.

Women can wield a new kind of freedom, and economic power, in the all-night drinking rooms.

Seoul correspondent Lucy Williamson spoke to male host “James” about his work, and how some women may want more than just sex.




52% of British Men want Prostitution Decriminalised, Only 29% of British Women Do

Britons Split on Whether Prostitution Should Be Legal

Men are definitely more likely than women to support a move towards decriminalisation.

People in Britain are not particularly open to the idea of decriminalising prostitution in the country, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.

The online survey of a representative sample of 2,015 British adults also shows that respondents believe that most of the activities that surround prostitution should continue to be outlawed.

The exchange of sexual services for money is not a crime in the United Kingdom. However, 71 per cent of respondents believe that this practice is currently illegal.

At least four-in-five Britons believe several activities that surround prostitution should continue to be illegal, such as buying sex from a person younger than 18 (94%), controlling prostitution for personal gain (86%), causing or inciting prostitution (84%), and soliciting sex on the street (also 84%). In addition, two thirds of respondents (67%) think it should continue be illegal to place adverts for sexual services in phone boxes, and half (49%) believe running a brothel should be illegal as well.

In some countries, existing regulations make it a criminal offence to buy services from prostitutes, and contemplate both fines and sentences to “clients” of prostitutes. Two-in-five Britons (39%) believe that both prostitutes and their “clients” should be punished, while the exact same proportion (39%) think nobody should be punished, and would like to see adults being able to engage in consensual prostitution.

One-in-five respondents (21%) believe prostitution should be prohibited entirely in the UK, while about one-in-four Britons (23%) would keep the status quo which criminalises some of the activities surrounding prostitution. Two-in-five respondents (40%) would decriminalise some of the actions that are currently illegal and allow adults to engage in consensual prostitution.

As was observed in a Canadian study on this topic conducted last year, there are some marked gender differences in Britain. Women are more likely to call for an approach that punishes both prostitutes and “clients” (44%) than to support a move towards consensual prostitution (30%). Conversely, men are more likely to believe that nobody should be punished (49% to 33%). The notion of decriminalisation is definitely more popular with men (52%) than women (29%).


PDF of the survey results

That Rare Thing – A Pro Male Sexuality Anti-Feminist Blog

(see also : David Futrelle and the Advocacy of Child Murder)

When I posted my hopes for 2012 a few days ago, I forgot to mention that one of my hopes was that more men’s rights blogs would start appearing that placed the feminist war upon male sexuality at the center of their perspective.  At the moment it still feels pretty lonely being a men’s rights activist speaking out unreservedly against ALL sexually self-interested feminist laws that criminalise male sexuality. But the same day I came across the following excellent blog from a Norwegian MRA called Eivind Berge (he posts under his real name) that you should all bookmark :


You might not agree with everything he says, as I’m sure not many of you agree with everything I say here.  For example, his latest post is actually an attack on feminist laws that criminalise female teachers who end up sleeping with their male students.  I don’t agree with the idea that there are less moral issues involved in female teachers sleeping with teenage boys than the other way around (in fact there are arguments to the contrary – for example that boys mature later than girls).  But I do agree that it’s an absurdity that such ‘lucky’ boys are being damaged by having the child abuse victim label forced upon them, and I think that the way forward for MRAs is to highlight the double standards whilst taking care not to victimise boys ourselves in the name of ‘equality’.

Here’s a paragraph from another post entitlted : ‘The Trafficking Trade Groweth

Suppose you hire an au pair while making it clear that she is expected to provide sex as part of the deal, which the woman accepts. A perfectly fair exchange, right? I would naturally expect sex from an au pair myself or I wouldn’t hire her, and if she agrees, no reasonable person could object. Unfortunately, we live in a sick society with unbridled feminist power. In the feminist police state of Norway, this is now criminalized as “trafficking.” A man and his wife are now on trial for this exact scenario, and it really makes my blood boil with renewed hatred. Just when you thought we had reached the high-water mark, feminism keeps escalating and inventing new ways of persecuting male sexuality. The feminist police state is on a relentless march towards criminalizing ever greater areas of male sexuality — or in this case, applying existing laws in innovative ways in order to imprison more men. To feminist prosecutor Anne Cathrine Aga I have the following message: The Men’s Movement is watching you, bitch, and we are seething with hatred against you personally and the police state you represent. Actions have consequences. Trials are still (mostly) public and they sink into our collective minds, where they form the basis of future activism. Hate breeds hate — that is a fact of life too smugly ignored by feminists.

Another Super Bowl, Another Sex Trafficking Panic

Another Super Bowl, Another Sex Trafficking Panic

By Mark Kernes
Oct 27th, 2011 05:11 PM

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has a problem: What to do about all the forced prostitution that he’s sure will be happening when Indianapolis hosts the Super Bowl this winter on February 6.

Of course, Zoeller’s actual problem is that he (and his cadre of advisors and consultants) haven’t yet figured out that most of the women involved in prostitution have affirmatively chosen their profession—and that all those statistics he’s been reading about the number of trafficked women and children in the U.S.—he’s claiming that “[a]s many as 300,000 girls between the ages of 11 and 17 are lured into the United States’ sex industry annually”—are staggeringly inflated.

But no.

“He [Zoeller] said the recent track record of America’s most-watched sporting event suggests that along with it comes an uptick in women, especially those under age 18, who are brought into the United States illegally and forced into prostitution,” wrote Eric Bradner of the Evansville Courier & Press.

See, even though the Indianapolis 500, Indiana’s biggest sporting event, draws hundreds of thousands more fans to the city than a Super Bowl, Zoeller’s sure there’ll be more hooking because, “It’s the international focus. It’s a different kind of sporting event.”

Apparently he’s confused about the fact that when pretty much everyone else in the world says “football,” they’re talking about what we call “soccer.” Apples and oranges, don’t’cha know?

But no; Zoeller’s paranoia will be prostitutes’ problem, if he has anything to say about it.

After a September 30 “training session” called by Zoeller for “law enforcement, prosecutors and victim advocates,” he’s urging the state legislature to pass a new law that would criminalize “the organized exploitation of children by people who profit from the sale of sex with minors”—or as we know them, “pimps,” whose activities we suspect are already illegal.

“Our goal is to increase awareness that prostitution isn’t a victimless crime,” Zoeller claimed. “Many of these young women who enter the sex trade are often physically forced, coerced, raped or imprisoned by their traffickers.”

Trouble is, apparently all that force, coercion, rape and imprisonment is really, really well hidden.

“If they [police] know what to look for, what questions to ask, we’re hoping we can identify more victims and serve them,” said Abby Kuzma, director of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Office.

And if they can’t find “victims” to “serve,” they’ll do their best to create them. Just three days after the confab, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police (with a Fox 59 News crew in tow) raided three massage parlors in Marion County, seizing massage tables, computers and arrested two women, neither of whom were minors, and neither of whom appeared to have been “trafficked.”

Not too surprisingly, officials in Dallas, Texas, the site of the most recent Super Bowl, made similar predictions about the impending rampant sex-trafficked child prostitution, yet interestingly, no one appears to have done any follow-up after the 2011 Super Bowl to see how many trafficked child prostitutes were discovered servicing Super Bowl attendees.

Perhaps in Indiana, the news media will be a bit more thorough.

Two Swedish Men Jailed for Life in Phillippines for Running Sexcam Business

Two Swedish men running a sexcam business out of the Philippines have been sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court there :


Two Swedes have been jailed for life in the Philippines for violating human trafficking laws by running a live Internet porn operation in a southern city that catered to foreigners.

The convictions were the first legal victory in the battle against foreign-operated porn operations in the Philippines, said Lalae Garcia of the Tubaga movement, a women and children rights group on the southern island of Mindanao.

“This is definitely a major victory for abused and exploited women,” she told reporters after a court in Cagayan de Oro sentenced the Swedes and three Filipino accomplices.

Law enforcement agencies say cybersex, or providing sexually explicit material over the Internet, is a growing industry in many parts of the world, including in the Philippines, where there is perceived to be a low risk of arrest and high returns.

The court, in a May 6 judgment that was released on Tuesday, also fined the Swedes, Emil Andreas Solemo and Bo Stefan Sederholm, 2 million pesos ($46,500) each. The three Filipinos were jailed for 20 years and fined 1 million pesos each.

“Disrespect for Filipino women and violations of our laws deserve the strongest condemnation from this court,” read part of the 25-page court decision.

Justo Yap, National Bureau of Investigation regional director, said 18 women, aged 19 to 24, some of whom were naked and sending live feeds to clients abroad, were rescued after a raid on a premises in April 2009.

A couple of things should be noted.  The two men were jailed under human trafficking laws (no doubt lobbied for by Western feminist NOGs).  Thus we see again the feminist abuse of language which becomes translated into criminal law.  Paying local Asian girls to chat to American men via webcam is now legally considered a form of human trafficking.  Secondly, we see further confirmation of Sexual Trade Union theory – as I predict, feminist lobbying, sentencing, and outrages against male sexuality will become increasingly frenzied and severe as new technology (particularly the ‘cyber sex’ possibilities afforded by the internet) continues to open up the global free sexual market at an ever increasing speed.

At some point there will surely be a backlash from men.  In 10 or 20 years time, when every man can click his fingers and have tactile interactive virtual sex with a life-size HD hologram of his dream sexual partner…and then have to live in fear of the police breaking down his door to be carted off to jail as a sex offender for the rest of his life…then surely something will snap in the consciousness of men.

See also this article that appeared in a Swedish newspaper and note the complete absence of sympathy for fellow countrymen condemned to spend the rest of their lives in a third world rat infested prison cell :


Argentine Sex Workers Fury at Feminist Plans to Criminilize Punters


BUENOS AIRES, Feb 25, 2011 (IPS) – An Argentine government proposal to crack down on clients benefiting from the trafficking of persons for the purposes of sexual exploitation has unleashed a heated debate between feminist organisations that support the idea and sex workers who are opposed to it.

The proposal by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights has the support of organisations whose aim is to abolish the commercial sex trade. These groups want prostitution to be condemned as a form of exploitation, and are calling for measures like the promotion of alternative sources of employment.

The concept of going after the client has received the backing of the United Nations and the Organisation of American States (OAS), which will study it to recommend its inclusion in the national laws of each country…

…Trafficking in persons is “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion…for the purpose of exploitation,” according to the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, which has been signed and ratified by Argentina.

“Prostitution is not decent work, because people are subjected to humiliation, and they never know what to expect in each transaction,” Altschul said. “And in the case of trafficking, it is obvious that sexual exploitation is involved.”

Many women’s rights groups thus believe that not only the clients of trafficking victims should be penalised, but anyone who pays for sex.

But the Association of Women Prostitutes of Argentina (AMMAR), which has more than 4,000 members, is opposed to the proposal and has promised to make its voice heard at the next OAS General Assembly, to be held in June in El Salvador.

“This confuses trafficking, which we condemn, with sex work, which is an option followed by some women, as consenting adults,” Elena Reynaga, president of AMMAR, told IPS.

She also complained that the “abolitionist” groups have not listened to their concerns. “They don’t respect us, they don’t listen to us,” Altschul said. “Bans only hurt us and expose us more than we already are.”

And why do feminists not respect the wishes of the sex workers they are supposedly trying to protect?  Because it’s all a sham.  Because feminists regard sex workers as cockroaches.  It simply serves their purposes to portray prostitutes as victims, and themselves as guardian angels.   The rape of the male would not be possible otherwise.

In better news, and demonstrating that South America isn’t yet completely lost to the femi-beasts, Human-Stupidity reports that Brazil has become the first country to outlaw parental alienation.

Craigslist Drops Erotic Ads Internationally

Feminist and conservative pressure groups have finally succeeded in blackmailing Craigslist into closing down their erotic services sections in all of their international editions.

HARTFORD (Connecticut) – CRAIGSLIST has confirmed that it removed its controversial adult services section from its international sites, Connecticut’s attorney general said on Tuesday, four months after it did the same for its US sites.

The US move in September came under pressure from officials, including Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, over whether Craigslist was adequately policing illegal ads.

Mr Blumenthal, who is also a US Senator-elect, says Craigslist representatives confirmed to his office on Tuesday that it had removed erotic services listings from hundreds of sites in dozens of other countries.

Representatives of San Francisco-based Craigslist did not immediately return messages on Tuesday about when the change went into effect. The removal was first reported on Wired magazine’s website.

Mr Blumenthal called the company’s decision a victory against sexual exploitation of women and children, and against human trafficking connected to prostitution.

‘This move is another important step in the ongoing fight to more effectively screen and stop pernicious prostitution ads,’ he said. — AP  (http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/TechandScience/Story/STIStory_616394.html)