Laura Agustin on Somaly Mam, the Cambodian Sex Trafficking Activist Exposed as a Fraud

(excerpt) :

A Cambodian activist against sex slavery, Somaly Mam, recently resigned from her foundation after an outside investigation confirmed she had lied to attract donors and supporters. The revelations of Mam’s fraudulence are old news, however — Simon Marks’s reports have been appearing in the Cambodian Daily since 2012, and many other debunkings and doubts circulated much earlier among institutions, researchers, and activists trying to reverse unfounded sensationalism about sex trafficking.

Newsweek published some of Marks’s work on May 21, provoking outrage in the New York media establishment — less towards Mam than one of her greatest fans, self-styled slave rescuer Nicholas Kristof. He is accused of hoodwinking liberal-identifying readers and letting down the cause of journalism. Both accusations miss the point.

Thanks very much to Jeff Lewis for providing the link and for pointing out the very true fact that this scandal did somehow slip under my radar. You can visit Jeff’s blog at :

Another important figure in the billion dollar sex trafficking hysteria industry has also been exposed as a fraud :

Laura Agustin’s blog is :

Brazilian Government Claims PUA Roosh V Promotes ‘Sex Tourism’

Popular and well travelled Pick Up Artist ‘Roosh V’, having recently survived the attentions of the Southern Law Poverty Center as well as Lithuanian Neo-Nazi thugs, has now become a target of the Brazilian tourist board. They claim that his website, and in particular his advice on banging hot Brazilian women, promotes sex tourism, trafficking, and degrades human (female) dignity.

The Brazilian Government Is Trying To Censor Me

People think I’m joking when I occasionally comment that Brazil is on the rapid downswing, but the feminist takeover is happening at a faster pace than has ever been seen in history, recently aided with the election of its first female president. Combined with the fact that the population is fattening at an obscenerate, what we’re seeing is the transformation of an entire country into a sort of Feminist 1984, the first of its kind. The attitude of Brazilian women was already above average when I was there a few years ago, so expect a country that may be very unpleasant to visit by the end of this decade.

For those of you who whine to me that I complain too much about feminism, you’re part of the problem. You don’t understand that this ideology is like a virus that won’t stop, and pretending it doesn’t exist by closing your eyes will only make it worse for yourself and every other man on this planet. Brazil is still better than the West, but it’s being destroyed as we speak mainly because of pro-feminist policies. There is no doubt in my mind that feminism is the principal enemy for men today. If you don’t see that then, well, you deserve the most masculine, fat, short-haired, insufferable cunt that exists. If things continue on their present course, that’s all we’ll be able to get.


There truly is nowhere left on Earth to run to for those seeking escape from the legislative creep of the sexual trade union, or even for those – like Roosh – who simply want to have some unapologetic fun in the sun with the shapely locals.  ‘Progress’ is now the one true moral faith that unites all countries, and ‘protecting the (sexual) dignity of women and children’ is firmly established as part of the progressive’s holy trinity, together with ‘racial equality’ and ‘gay and transgender rights’.

For two centuries and more, the values of the Enlightenment were synonymous with both intellectual and sexual freedom.  Yet put the power of cultural marxism in the hands of the sexual trade union, and within a couple of decades, the very meaning of civilizational advance itself has been turned upon its head.  Each year, what we can say in public without breaking yet another ‘hate speech’ law becomes more and more limited (in the name of promoting ‘tolerance’).  Meanwhile, even while a small minority of (gay) men can pursue a fake bastardised unhistorical form of ‘homosexual identity’, the mass of ordinary men have to increasingly live in fear of a fate worse than death if they dare even admit to normal male sexuality.

Meanwhile, the Amazing Atheist has sadly sold out and admitted that you can’t be a popular YouTube atheist and champion of secular reasoning without appeasing the mother godess fertility cult that is feminism.

After the Lies, Feminists Continue War on Prostitution

The recent admission, in the form of a study that established that the supposed link between sex trafficking and sporting events is unfounded (a study which the sexual trade union themselves commissioned), will have little or no influence on the war on prostitution itself.  There is no question of some of the lying feminists who made such outrageous and completely baseless claims being prosecuted.  Feminists might be a little more restrained in future, but sex trafficking lies will still be at the forefront of their campaigns to criminalize the paying for sex.

Last week, the Israeli parliament passed a draft law which will criminalize men who visit prostitutes, allowing for penalties of up to 6 months in jail for repeat offenders.

Meanwhile, leading members of the sexual trade union have been having their voices prominently heard in the editorial section of the New York Times :

For too long, prostitution laws have been enforced in a gender-discriminatory manner. Those being sold and arrested are overwhelmingly women and girls. Those who buy the prostituted, or sell them, are overwhelmingly male, and face far fewer, if any, legal consequences for their actions.

If we are to stand a chance at ending sex trafficking, we must deepen our understanding of the end point of sex trafficking, which is prostitution. Those of us who reject the notion that prostitution is sex work (when did human sexuality become work anyway?) and see it as an end result of some of the worst social conditions possible (sexual abuse in childhood, poverty, gender inequality, racism) must fashion remedies that address those conditions.

Rather than make social injustice more tolerable, we must work to end it — in our lifetime and forever.

Executive Director, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
New York, Feb. 14, 2012


Isn’t it a co-incidence that all of the ugly feminists who are so opposed to sex trafficking, and who are fervently demanding laws around the world that end sex trafficking, also happen to be virulently opposed to the morality of prostitution in itself?  It couldn’t be, could it, given the now well documented and even self-admitted fact that these feminists repeatedly lie and exaggerate claims over sex trafficking, that sex trafficking itself is just a tool to end prostitution itself – a trade which just so happens to weaken the sexual power of those aging feminists and their massive female support base?

And here’s an almost identical letter published under the above one, this time by a Pamela Shifman :

That other crimes recede but prostitution persists is no surprise to those who work on sex trafficking.

Focusing on demand is the right approach and needs to be tried for more than two days, as it was in New York City recently, before judging its efficacy.

And this must be accompanied by an explicit policy that treats those who sell as sex as victims of crime and not criminals

Those of us who have met with women and children in prostitution — from India to New York City — know that these women and children are far from criminals. They are often the most marginalized, vulnerable people in our society. They are in prostitution not because of choice, but because of lack of choice.

The reason countries like Sweden have successfully reduced prostitution is that they have recognized that those who buy sex should be held accountable, and those who sell sex should be treated as victims of violence and given the services (education, mental and physical health services, drug and alcohol treatment, and job training) that any victims need and deserve.

Director, Initiatives for Girls and Women, NoVo Foundation
New York, Feb. 14, 2012


This forced victimisation of prostitutes is a feminist stock in trade and is so contrary to the findings of recent studies that there is surely sufficient grounds for prosecuting these sexual trade union criminals. But instead, they are still in a position to influence legislation and harm both sex workers and the men who pay for sex – not just in the USA, but globally, as any lobby group claiming to speak for women or children has almost omnipotent power at the utterly corrupt United Nations.

The forced victimisation by feminists of ‘whores’ – women who offer sex so cheaply that the price of the average woman is brought down – is not only nothing new, it has been going on for centuries.  For an example of this, take a look at the following ‘letter from a prostitute that didn’t want saving‘, written in 1858 and re-printed in full at the excellent blog of the sex trafficking myth buster Laura Agustin (short excerpts re-printed below) :

Like ‘One more unfortunate’ there are other intruders among us—a few, very few, ‘victims of seduction’. But seduction is not the root of the evil—scarcely a fibre of the root. A rigorous law should be passed and rigorously carried out to punish seduction, but it will not perceptibly thin the ranks of prostitution. Seduction is the common story of numbers of well brought up, who never were seduced, and who are voluntary and inexcusable profligates. Vanity and idleness send us a large body of recruits. Servant girls, who wish to ape their mistress’ finery, and whose wages won’t permit them to do so honestly—these set up seduction as their excuse. Married women, who have no respect for their husbands, and are not content with their lawful earnings, these are the worst among us, and it is a pity they cannot be picked out and punished. They have no principle of any kind and are a disgrace to us. If I were a married woman I would be true to my husband. I speak for my class, the regular standing army of the force.


It’s also interesting to note that a common complaint of English prostitutes of the mid 19th century was the growing number of foreign women in their ranks – who, no doubt, were ‘undercutting’ the native sex workers :

‘One more unfortunate’ proposes a ‘skimming’ progress. But what of the great bubbling cauldron? Remove from the streets a score or two of ‘foreign women’, and ‘double as many English’, and you diminish the competition of those that remain; the quiet, clever, cunning cajolers described by ‘One more unfortunate’. You hide a prurient pimple of the ‘great sin’ with a patch of that plaster known as the ‘observance of propriety’, and nothing more. You ‘miss’ the evil, but it is existent still. After all it is something to save the eye from offence, so remove them; and not only a score or two, but something like two hundred foreign women, whose open and disgusting indecen­cies and practices have contributed more than anything else to bring on our heads the present storm of indignation. It is rare that English women, even prostitutes, give cause of gross public offence. Cannot they be packed off to their own countries with their base, filthy and filthy- living men, whom they maintain, and clothe, and feed, to superintend their fortunes, and who are a still greater disgrace to London than these women are?


Sadly, this is nothing new either.  Sex workers in South Korea recently began organising themselves into a union in the face of increasing lobbying from western NOGs to criminalize prostitution (or the paying for sex) in that country too.  But the sex worker’s union also quickly found the time to complain about foreign sex workers, and has actively started to lobby the South Korean government to crack down on foreign sex workers from the likes of Vietnam, who offer punters cheaper (and no doubt more exotic) services than the natives.

Whether they are prostitutes, or middle-aged women lobbying to put an end to prostitution, women are much the same – always fighting to preserve their highest possible asking price in the sexual market.

Government Report : Most Foreign Sex Workers NOT Trafficked

Most foreign prostitutes in London are not trafficked and choose to sell sex because it earns more money than other jobs, a study has found.

The majority of sex workers questioned believe that working conditions were better than in other occupations and gave them more free time.

Other perceived advantages cited in the government-funded study include “the possibility of meeting interesting people”, travelling and the ability to help their families…

…The most contentious finding, which is likely to anger anti-trafficking campaigners, is that few prostitutes working in the capital are forced to sell sex.

Well..what a surprise not!

Now, let’s get to work. How, as a men’s rights movement, do we set about prosecuting and bringing to justice the criminal feminist beasts who profit from lying about the abuse of children and women? The deceitful, ugly old bags who have intentionally created this myth of sex trafficking for their own sexual and financial ends?  I suspect that we would have sufficient legal grounds (though of course little chance of success, at present, in our corrupt gynocratic justice system) for having these psychotic animals charged and caged for anything from attempted rape to crimes against humanity.

Another Super Bowl, Another Sex Trafficking Panic

Another Super Bowl, Another Sex Trafficking Panic

By Mark Kernes
Oct 27th, 2011 05:11 PM

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has a problem: What to do about all the forced prostitution that he’s sure will be happening when Indianapolis hosts the Super Bowl this winter on February 6.

Of course, Zoeller’s actual problem is that he (and his cadre of advisors and consultants) haven’t yet figured out that most of the women involved in prostitution have affirmatively chosen their profession—and that all those statistics he’s been reading about the number of trafficked women and children in the U.S.—he’s claiming that “[a]s many as 300,000 girls between the ages of 11 and 17 are lured into the United States’ sex industry annually”—are staggeringly inflated.

But no.

“He [Zoeller] said the recent track record of America’s most-watched sporting event suggests that along with it comes an uptick in women, especially those under age 18, who are brought into the United States illegally and forced into prostitution,” wrote Eric Bradner of the Evansville Courier & Press.

See, even though the Indianapolis 500, Indiana’s biggest sporting event, draws hundreds of thousands more fans to the city than a Super Bowl, Zoeller’s sure there’ll be more hooking because, “It’s the international focus. It’s a different kind of sporting event.”

Apparently he’s confused about the fact that when pretty much everyone else in the world says “football,” they’re talking about what we call “soccer.” Apples and oranges, don’t’cha know?

But no; Zoeller’s paranoia will be prostitutes’ problem, if he has anything to say about it.

After a September 30 “training session” called by Zoeller for “law enforcement, prosecutors and victim advocates,” he’s urging the state legislature to pass a new law that would criminalize “the organized exploitation of children by people who profit from the sale of sex with minors”—or as we know them, “pimps,” whose activities we suspect are already illegal.

“Our goal is to increase awareness that prostitution isn’t a victimless crime,” Zoeller claimed. “Many of these young women who enter the sex trade are often physically forced, coerced, raped or imprisoned by their traffickers.”

Trouble is, apparently all that force, coercion, rape and imprisonment is really, really well hidden.

“If they [police] know what to look for, what questions to ask, we’re hoping we can identify more victims and serve them,” said Abby Kuzma, director of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Office.

And if they can’t find “victims” to “serve,” they’ll do their best to create them. Just three days after the confab, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police (with a Fox 59 News crew in tow) raided three massage parlors in Marion County, seizing massage tables, computers and arrested two women, neither of whom were minors, and neither of whom appeared to have been “trafficked.”

Not too surprisingly, officials in Dallas, Texas, the site of the most recent Super Bowl, made similar predictions about the impending rampant sex-trafficked child prostitution, yet interestingly, no one appears to have done any follow-up after the 2011 Super Bowl to see how many trafficked child prostitutes were discovered servicing Super Bowl attendees.

Perhaps in Indiana, the news media will be a bit more thorough.

Wikipedia Activism Opportunity : Update Ashton Kutcher’s Page

Reddit men’s rights still infuriates the hell out of me. Recently, all round retardery seemed to reach new depths when a self post, asking if other mra’s were as creeped out as the OP at the government interfering in a woman’s unquestioned right to flush her unborn baby down the pan, was massively upvoted and sat proudly at the top of the mountain.

The following is a sign that slowly r/mensrights is becoming a more genuine MRM place, that focuses on other things than female paedophiles and wimmen’s rights to an abortion. Tomek77, one of the original and most genuine of men’s rights redditors, makes a plea for pro-male sexuality activism in the form of updating Ashton Kutcher’s wikipedia entry – the celebrity asshole who is currently trying to bully the Village Voice into sacking the writers who last week exposed his sex trafficking lies :

I don’t often cover specifically ‘father’s rights’ issues here, because most mra blogs do so prominantly already, and in fact some are really just father’s rights sites, truth be told. I certainly don’t belittle the importance that father’s rights issues have in the context of men’s rights, and I also acknowledge that there would hardly even be a MRM worthy of the name without the efforts of father’s rights activists. The intention of this blog is to highlight issues relating to a sex positive veiw of male sexuality that isn’t really addressed very much elsewhere in the movement, as well as to account for the ‘success’ of feminism in terms of sexual trade union theory. However, the following piece of father’s rights activism needs to be highlighted here :

Hunger for Justice (Facebook)

The founding father of Fathers 4 Justice, 44-year-old father-of-three, Matt O’Connor, will begin a hunger strike for equal parenting rights on behalf of fathers and grandparents on Sunday 10th July 2011 on the 10th anniversary of Fathers 4 Justice, outside the Witney home of Prime Minister David Cameron.

On Saturday 9th July he will meet the leader of the House of Commons, Sir George Young, to discuss the hunger strike and demand the Prime Minister fulfils his pre-election promises to Fathers 4 Justice.

On the following morning, O’Connor will deliver a personal letter to David Cameron’s home at 9.00am before attending the morning service at St Mary’s Church, Witney. He will then return to hold a candlelit vigil outside Mr Cameron’s home that evening. O’Connor and his supporters will wear black suits and black ties throughout the day.

O’Connor will establish a small encampment with a shrine for the children who have lost their fathers during the last 10 years with thousands of photographs on display. Personal letters from fathers, mothers and grandparents will also be delivered to Mr Cameron’s house every morning of the hunger strike.

The protest is a direct response to the broken promises made to Fathers 4 Justice last year by the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister’s recent comments, that took advantage of Fathers’ Day not to celebrate fathers, but to vilify them. He said,

“We need to make Britain a genuinely hostile place for fathers who go AWOL. It’s high time runaway dads were stigmatised, and the full force of shame was heaped upon them. They should be looked at like drink drivers, people who are beyond the pale.”

Cameron’s demonising and denigrating stereotype, is without any evidential foundation.

Ashton Kutcher Furious Over Sex Trafficking Lies Exposure

Ashton Kutcher has apparently been chosen by the sexual trade union to spread the sacred gospel of sex trafficking hysteria.  The Village Voice published another of its exposes on the myth of sex trafficking yesterday, this time focusing on the baseless ‘300,ooo sex trafficked child prostitutes in America’ statistic that Kutcher is currently propagating on the celebrity chat show circuit.  This has provoked a rather humorous twitter fury on the part of Kutcher :

What’s disturbing is the level of vitriol that the Village Voice and the writers of the original piece are getting from outraged readers.  Read some of the comments to see how questioning anything related to the orthodoxy on child abuse hysteria is the modern equivalent of a medieval heretic claiming that the Earth is not the center of the universe.  Let’s hope these brave writer’s careers aren’t now finished for casting doubt on whether the female vagina should always be the center of the moral universe.

Yet More Sex-Trafficking Lies Coming Soon

An independent Conservative think-tank has declared that slavery is as big a problem in the UK today as it was 200 years ago, when first formally abolished.  A new review is promised, focusing particularly on the ‘fact’ that over 6,000 women and children have been trafficked into the UK and forced into prostitution.

The head of the review is to be one Andrew Wallis, the director of an anti-trafficking charity that appears to focus near-exclusively on ‘sex-trafficking victims’.  If you read their ‘about us’ blurb, you’ll see the same kind of ‘fallen woman’ language reminiscent of the Social Purity feminists of the 19th century :

The driving force behind the work of unseen(uk) is the desire to see women who have been freed from the sex-trafficking industry here in the UK, regaining their dignity and self-worth.

You might also notice, if you click on the prominently displayed ‘Donate’ link, that there are no less than seven different ways you can maintain the lifestyles of the parasites running that organisation.

I thoroughly recommend you visit today’s Heresy Corner’s blog posting on the proposed review :

The 6,000 figure might be true: it depends on the timescale.  If the starting point it the beginning of time, or a hundred years ago, it may be too low.  But as a current estimate, it is almost certainly too high.  Unfortunately, the press release doesn’t source this or any other statement, or explain what evidence there is for the claim that “the true numbers” of slaves in Britain are “much higher”.  True domestic slavery, for example, is likely to be quite rare in the UK, and many of its practitioners probably have diplomatic immunity.  In any case, the suggestion that slavery is as much a problem in the UK as it is in some other countries has nothing whatever to do with evidence.  It’s just bonkers.

By appointing Reg Bailey of the Mothers’ Union to head the “sexualisation” review, the government was choosing someone whose likely emphasis was already well known.  And he didn’t disappoint.  So who have the CSJ asked to front up their trafficking review?  One Andrew Wallis, who is described as the director of “anti-trafficking and victim support charity Unseen UK”.  Someone, in other words, already in the campaign business – just as Bailey was – rather than a disinterested lawyer or academic who might just question the assumption that trafficking is a major problem.  Personally, I’d like to see Laura Águstin on the panel.  Fat chance.

And it turns out that describing Unseen UK as an anti-trafficking organisation is a bit misleading.  It’s an anti sex-trafficking organisation.  To be more specific, an anti-female sex-trafficking.  At the very least, the appointment suggests that the inquiry risks giving overdue weight to the minority of trafficking and forced labour that has a sexual dimension.

See also : The Myth of Sex Trafficking