BBC Promoting Sex Trafficking Bullshit Again

Trafficked : Sex Slaves Seduced and Sold

Every year thousands of women are forced into prostitution and traded from Mexico to the United States. The BBC investigates the sex trafficking business, which makes some men very wealthy at the expense of vulnerable young women.


Typical piece of shoddy man hating ‘journalism’ from the BBC.

I have no way of determining if the individual women featured in the report were indeed trafficked under false pretences, and then forced into prostitution.  A horrible crime, to be sure, if true. But given the repeated lies and exaggerations that feminists have broadcast through the media in the past, including the BBC, and given that the report contains so many cliches and even contradictions, I have no hesitation in suspending belief, or even stating that in all probabilities, most of the report is typical outright and evil bullshit.

The first video of the report – ‘Traffickers Town’ – even blatantly contradicts itself.  The report claims that ‘everybody’ in the small Mexican town of  Tenancingo knows what is going on (i.e.that women are being ‘trafficked’ to the capital in order to work as prostitutes) – not surprising really when the report also claims that 1 in 10 of the population are actual traffickers.  Yet throughout the 3 minute clip, the absurd claim is repeated that the women from the town who are trafficked are duped into it, by rich men who they so naively and innocently believe are in love with them.

Several Mexican ‘anti-trafficking’ organizations talk openly in the report about their efforts to stamp out this cruel trade, which apparently is worth $32 BILLION a year for the gangsters who run it.  The same gangsters, one would have thought, who have no qualms about hunting down and disemboweling any Mexican who so much as says bad things about them on a website..anonymously.

Meanwhile, it is now becoming a standard practice of these ruthless Mexican gangsters to pluck random civilians from the street, men that is – taxi drivers, bakers, students, and to torture and behead them, before leaving their dismembered torsos in the territory of an enemy gang (in order to provoke a military presence on their rivals ‘turf’).

Unfortunately, this is all too real, not feminist bullshit –

And what turns these men (and increasingly women) into such beasts, ready to kill and torture not only rivals, but innocent men?  The riches that control of the drug route into America brings is only part of the story, and not an end in itself.  Money, after all, is simply a means to obtain the good things in life….

Feminist’s Own Study Shows No Link Between Sports Events and Sex Trafficking

A widespread belief that major sporting events fuel sex trafficking is unsubstantiated and has a negative impact on groups that campaigners purport to protect, undermining anti-trafficking objectives, a new study has said.

Activists opposed to sex work say large groups of men attending the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and U.S. Super Bowl competitions create a high demand for sex work causing large numbers of women to be trafficked, the report produced by the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) said.

Yet there is no correlation between those beliefs and the actual number of trafficking cases found, the report titled “What’s the Cost of a Rumour?” said, citing such examples as the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the 2004 Olympics in Greece and several Super Bowl competitions.

Translation : ‘Even the mainstream media are waking up to the truth behind our sex trafficking bullshit stories – we need to start being a little bit more subtle in our myth making, otherwise the entire sexual trade union project may be undermined.’

Anti-trafficking campaigns that are based on unproven claims can ultimately undermine anti-trafficking objectives, the report said.

Such claims can cause damage by resulting in increased criminal penalties and human rights violations against sex workers, by misrepresenting people and issues, through city “clean-up” efforts displacing sex workers and other marginalised groups, it said.

Of course, increase criminal penalties and human rights violations against the disposable male who pays for sex doesn’t even warrant a mention.

Government Report : Most Foreign Sex Workers NOT Trafficked

Most foreign prostitutes in London are not trafficked and choose to sell sex because it earns more money than other jobs, a study has found.

The majority of sex workers questioned believe that working conditions were better than in other occupations and gave them more free time.

Other perceived advantages cited in the government-funded study include “the possibility of meeting interesting people”, travelling and the ability to help their families…

…The most contentious finding, which is likely to anger anti-trafficking campaigners, is that few prostitutes working in the capital are forced to sell sex.

Well..what a surprise not!

Now, let’s get to work. How, as a men’s rights movement, do we set about prosecuting and bringing to justice the criminal feminist beasts who profit from lying about the abuse of children and women? The deceitful, ugly old bags who have intentionally created this myth of sex trafficking for their own sexual and financial ends?  I suspect that we would have sufficient legal grounds (though of course little chance of success, at present, in our corrupt gynocratic justice system) for having these psychotic animals charged and caged for anything from attempted rape to crimes against humanity.

Anti Sex Trafficking Adverts from Singapore

A pair of nauseating anti sex trafficking ads from an organisation set up by students at the National University of Singapore, calling themselves TraffickLights.

Singapore Sex Trafficking ad 1

Singapore sex trafficking ad 2

The adverts make the absurd claim in their bottom right hand corners that ‘200,000 girls were tricked into the sex trade in South East Asia alone’.  I saw the images in Reddit Men’s Rights, encouragingly up voted – hopefully for the right reasons.  The Redditor who posted them there seems to have taken them from a Korean feminist blog, the owner of which wholeheartedly endorses the message.  Turning a blind eye, presumably, to the Korean sex workers who tried to set themselves on fire earlier this year, so tricked were they into believing that feminist bags and religious arseholes taking away their only means of livelihood is a bad thing :

See also : The Myth of Sex Trafficking


Mexican Barbarity Disproves the Sex Trafficking Lies

I recently recieved the following comment from a member of the anti-sex trafficking industry :

As a employee for an anti-trafficking organization, could you please explain how the fact that women do not need “24 hour protection by a team of armed personal bodyguards” means that sex trafficking doesn´t exist? Please, do elaborate.

Of course, the reader was probably too tired and high from trying to spend her well-earned salary to actually quote me correctly. The comment refers to a post I made previously on drug violence in Mexico, a country where over 30,000 men and boys have been murdered, increasingly beheaded and even skinned alive, and yet feminists are turning Mexican women into martyrs over the unexplained deaths of a couple of hundred women in the most violent town there during the last 20 years, and over fears that the government crackdown on drug violence could increase domestic violence.

The point I made was that this savage violence, unheard of in the modern world outside of religious or ethnic conflict, is entirely due to control over the multi-billion dollar drug trade into the USA. The ruthless gangs who fight for control have absolutely no ethical codes that we would recognise, and think nothing of beheading academics who speak out against drug violence, skinning alive police chiefs, or of kidnapping 14 year old sons of wealthy parents and brutally dismembering them when the ransom is not forthcoming. As with most organised crime, the drug barons have their toes in just about every illegal way to make money – including, of course, trafficking.

Trafficking is also believed to be a billion dollar industry, and this may also be true. That is, when we are referring to shady organisations helping the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Cental and South America cross into the USA. But most ‘anti-trafficking’ organsiations, particularly ones that are feminist sexual trade union fronts – i.e. the majority, focus near exclusively on sex-trafficking. In the case of Mexico, hundreds of thousands of poor young latinas from across the continent, supposedly promised that they will get jobs as secretarys or waitresses in the USA and who end up being forced to sexually service strangers every day for a pittance at gun point. This too is supposed to be a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, government and police agencies in America have swallowed feminist propaganda that child sex trafficking alone constitutes a mutli-billion dollar industry that is controlled by the same drug gangsters who routinely behead their enemies :

Child sex trafficking is a multibillion-dollar industry that victimizes as many as 300,000 children in the United States each year.
“Now that’s a figure that’s as much as 10 years old,” said Truckee Police Chief Nick Sensley, who’s coordinating a new northern California task force that tackles child sex trafficking.
“So there’s a concern as to the rate of growth,” Sensley said. “Drug traffickers seeing the low risk, see the high payback to human trafficking.”
Sensley and other law enforcement agents said child sex slavery is happening in the Bay Area, Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley and in the Reno-Tahoe area. Sacramento is a hub for the crime because it’s a pass-through area between the Bay Area and Reno, and is a north to south link between Los Angeles and the Oregon border. (

The question is : if sex trafficking constitutes such a massively lucrative industry that rivals the profits generated by the drug trade, how is that the feminists who are successfully forcing the government to devote massive resources into curtailing whatever profits that might be obtained from sex trafficking, and in particular child prostitution, are not permanently under 24 hour armed guard – particularly in Mexico, and given that the same people who are so ruthless in preserving their drug related profits are also, presumably (and according to the feminists themselves) in control of any billion dollar sex trafficking industry?

This contradiction was highlighted only this week when a young man and woman were found hanging dead from a bridge in a Mexican border town. Both had been brutally tortured, the man had had his right arm almost severed and the woman had been practically disemboweled. Both also had their fingers and ears cut off. The reason? According to ‘Narco messages’ left by the dead bodies, they had both been criticising the violence of the drug gangs on anonymous internet blogs.

It is unclear whether the gangsters had paid nerds to hack into the computers of those who had made the offensive online comments and then traced their physical address, or had simply taken two people at random off of the street and posed them as a warning to others not to even dare make anonymous criticism on the internet.

What is clear, is that anyone who gets in the way of the drug gangs profits, even anonymously, risks being savagely mutiliated and killed. If sex trafficking into America is a multi-billion dollar industry then feminists opposing sex trafficking would be near the top of the Mexican gangsters hit list. The fact that no feminist in Mexico or the USA has apparently even been threatened, and probably doesn’t even feel any threat, is testamant to the fact that there is no multi-billion dollar sex trafficking industry between Mexico and the USA – ditto for the rest of the world.

There is no Mexican-US sex trafficking industry because there are thousands upon thousands of poor (and not so poor) latinas (and white girls, asian girls, and black girls) already living in America who will happily and voluntarily work as prostitutes. There is absolutely no financial motive for gangs in Mexico to forcibly transport tens of thousands of women and young girls across the border, and further gain the attention of US authorities, when they are (genuinely) making billions of dollars from transporting drugs across the border.

Meanwhile one of the ruthless leaders of ‘Los Zetas’ – the most ruthless drug gang in Mexico and the one responsbible for the murders described above – has recently been arrested. Here is a photo of the face of Mexican savagery below :

los zeta

Ashton Kutcher Furious Over Sex Trafficking Lies Exposure

Ashton Kutcher has apparently been chosen by the sexual trade union to spread the sacred gospel of sex trafficking hysteria.  The Village Voice published another of its exposes on the myth of sex trafficking yesterday, this time focusing on the baseless ‘300,ooo sex trafficked child prostitutes in America’ statistic that Kutcher is currently propagating on the celebrity chat show circuit.  This has provoked a rather humorous twitter fury on the part of Kutcher :

What’s disturbing is the level of vitriol that the Village Voice and the writers of the original piece are getting from outraged readers.  Read some of the comments to see how questioning anything related to the orthodoxy on child abuse hysteria is the modern equivalent of a medieval heretic claiming that the Earth is not the center of the universe.  Let’s hope these brave writer’s careers aren’t now finished for casting doubt on whether the female vagina should always be the center of the moral universe.

In Mexico, Men are Being Routinely Skinned Alive. Feminists Denounce it as ‘Leading to Violence Against Women’. Call for Crusade Against ‘Femicide’

***WARNING (SERIOUS) – The links contained in this article, and even some of the descriptions I reprint, are truly horrific.  If you have never witnessed ‘gore’ on the internet (and if you haven’t you appear to be in a minority) then you need to be warned that a little bit of your soul and your humanity will be taken away, and a lot of your innocence.  If you do not want to be desensitised to human savagery, you would be advised to skip this article.  I do feel that writing it, together with the links, is necessary.


The film lasts seven minutes, in which a group of  masked men in military style clothing have hung a man by his feet.

This person was clearly still alive when the assailants castrated him. Music can be heard playing in the background as one of the men step in and strategically peels back the face and skin of the victims before decapitating  him.

After it is over, the people standing around joke and laugh while they take cell pictures of this gruesome act.

The video ends with the body being hacked up into pieces, and put into black plastic trash bags.

It’s actually worse than that.  The description above doesn’t mention that in between the castration and the skinning of his head, they disembowel the poor chap. 

Mexican drug gangs are engaged in a war of ever increasing barbarity.  In a kind of  ‘grown up’ game of schoolyard ‘you hit me, I’ll hit you back harder’ tit for tat, the rival narco gangs have gone from beheading each other to skinning their enemies alive whilst ripping their still beating hearts from their bodies (WARNING).  All to gain control of the multi-billion dollar drug route into America.

It might be slightly ‘re-assuring’ to think that the victims are ruthless psychopaths themselves, simply getting a bitter taste of karma, but many appear to be random men, often taxi-drivers, taken from the street and posed as captured rivals for publicity effect, and in order that the assassins can claim their $500 for each kill.  And there is little doubt that the narco gangs now increasingly look at members of the general population as potential enemies who need to be ruthlessly taught a lesson.  Recently, a Professor of Social Science was beheaded whilst his wife was forced to watch (although she was physically unharmed, the white knight commentators  underneath the piece claim that she had it worse than her husband!).

As a British citizen, I sometimes ruefully thought that America had a better deal than Europe in terms of its brown-skinned, but still Christian, demographic future. It appears that I was wrong.  Hell, I’ll take the worst horrors that a Eurabian religous civil war can throw at me any day, than face what’s probably coming shortly to an American town near you.

But one clear fact in the barbarity of 21st century Mexico, is that the vast majority of the 36,000 victims of the drug war are men.  And probably only a fraction of this number are actually ruthless Drug Cartel killers.  In fact, even an increasing percentage of the gangs themselves have been violently forced to become members, often before they are even in their teens.   The horror story currently gripping Mexico is the discovery of mass graves containing the bodies of hundreds of immigrants crossing over from South America, hoping to gain a new life in the USA when their buses were stopped by ‘Los Zetas’ and then all executed when they refused to join the most feared and bloodthirsty narco gang in Mexico. 

Female victims of the drug wars are extremely rare, and when they do occur, they stand out because of their very rarity.  This week, five sex workers were tragically found killed.  The uncommoness of this was such that it’s still a matter of dispute as to whether the killings were directly drugs related.

I had been meaning to write an article on the Mexican drug wars, discussing what lessons could be drawn from the unparalleld savagery resulting from it.  For example, does it mean that mangina trans-humanists such as Hank Pellissier and David Pearce might have a point regarding male violence?  Certainly, such violent tendancies would be better out of the human gene pool, but only if the disgusting DNA flaws in the female animal were removed as well (and that might be all that is required) – the female attraction to ‘bad boys’ that results in these drug gangstas having pussy dripping all around them, and which feeds the gang culture world-wide, which teenage boys are particularly prey too, and which the Mexican drug cartels are only the most extreme example of.

And what should be the proper punishments for drug users in America, the people who are the DEMAND that feeds the SUPPLY which CAUSES THIS  HORRIFFIC VIOLENCE?  After all, in the European Union, a man caught looking at a cartoon picture of a 25 year old fictional character in pigtails and a school uniform will soon face a minimum 2 years in prison.  In America, men can be sentanced to decades in prison, and now even told they must remain in prison after they have served their sentance.  All on the basis of spurious unproven ‘supply and demand’ arguments.  As mentioned above, teenagers and children are increasingly becoming the victims of the drug violence.  A 15 year old boy was recently found dismembered by the gangs.  Still want to get high in the club tonight?  To my mind, 15 year old Mexican boys being dismembered as a result of American dudes snorting coke, is far worse, and far more of a direct supply and demand, than is a man looking at a picture of a 17 year old girl (real or a cartoon) in a bikini.  Especially when it has been confirmed that ‘child porn’ actually reduces the incidence of real abuse. And what of the people who watch these videos?  I’m supposed to feel that I abused a child if I accidently clicked on a picture of a manga girl in a short skirt, but watching a man being castrated and beheaded has no causal relationship to the act filmed itself ??

 I don’t know, I’m not a feminist.  In other words, I’m not a mentally diseased child abusing animal.  Despite sexual trade union theory, I still can’t really get to grips with their twisted brood mare animal psychologies.

Thirdly, my original article was going to draw comparisons between violence over control of the multi-billion dollar drug trade, with the almost complete  non-violence involved in control over the supposed multi-billion dollar sex trafficking or child porn industries.  These Mexican savages obviously have no moral regard whatsoever for any human life, even butchering teenagers.  Anything that gets in the way of the billions of dollars profit available from importing drugs into America will be destroyed.  As the Professor of Sociology above, who apparently made some remarks about a drug gang to his class, and then promptly had his head sawn off in front of his wife, discovered.

Would such barbaric and utterly ruthless monsters really allow a relative handful of feminists stop a ‘multi-billion dollar sex trafficking industry’ if such beasts were in control of it (and of course, if such an industry really existed, they would be)?

Of course, if there really was an industry as profitable as sex trafficking, then you can be sure that any feminist in Mexico, and probably the USA too, would need 24 hour protection by a team of armed personal bodyguards.  And, equally obviously, they don’t.

However, even though this fact itself proves that sex trafficking as a multi-billion dollar industry is an evil feminist myth, it hasn’t stopped Mexican feminists from trying to pursuade us that women, non-existant sex trafficking victims et al, are the real victims of the Mexican drug war.

Marcela Lagarde, a Mexican academic who is considered one of Latin America’s leading feminist activists, said in an interview with Efe that the war on drugs being waged by President Felipe Calderon has led to more violence against women in Mexico.

“Everything that is happening favors violence against women,” Lagarde told Efe Thursday in Madrid, adding that the Mexican leader’s strategy “cultivates a very violent culture” and “establishes an ideology of violence, of defeat, of war.”

“That’s a very macho culture, very misogynist, and we women are left defenseless,” Lagarde said.

The activist, who has been calling for the inclusion of femicide in Mexico’s Criminal Code, has published numerous articles about gender identity, feminism, human development and deomocracy.

The BorderlandBeat article makes reference to Ciudad Juarez, the ‘capital’ of the Mexican drug wars :

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s murder capital, first gained notoriety in the early 1990s when young women began to disappear in the area.

In most of the slayings, the victims were young women from poor families who came to the border city from all over Mexico to work in the many assembly plants, known as “maquiladoras,” built there to take advantage of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Investigators have not determined who is behind the killings, although there has been speculation that serial killers, organized crime groups, people traffickers, drug smugglers and child pornographers, among others, may be involved.

Over 500 women have been killed in Juarez since 1993, with the majority of the cases going unsolved.

500 women being killed in the most violent city on Earth over the last 18 years is a tragedy for every one of them and their families, but a ‘Femicide’ it certainly is not.  Not when 3,000 people, the vast majority of them men, have been killed in the same city in the last year alone, many of them brutally beheaded and dismembered, and increasingly, skinned alive, and even their hearts ripped out.

Of course, when I read this disgusting feminist beast today, I got very angry, and had to rattle off this post.  But really, I shouldn’t be, and nor should you.  Tragically, it appears that feminist fantasy and profitable sexual trade union ‘victim ideology’ is on a collision course with the unreconstituted reality of Azteca male violence in Mexico.  The ending is unlikely to be pretty.

Craigslist Drops Erotic Ads Internationally

Feminist and conservative pressure groups have finally succeeded in blackmailing Craigslist into closing down their erotic services sections in all of their international editions.

HARTFORD (Connecticut) – CRAIGSLIST has confirmed that it removed its controversial adult services section from its international sites, Connecticut’s attorney general said on Tuesday, four months after it did the same for its US sites.

The US move in September came under pressure from officials, including Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, over whether Craigslist was adequately policing illegal ads.

Mr Blumenthal, who is also a US Senator-elect, says Craigslist representatives confirmed to his office on Tuesday that it had removed erotic services listings from hundreds of sites in dozens of other countries.

Representatives of San Francisco-based Craigslist did not immediately return messages on Tuesday about when the change went into effect. The removal was first reported on Wired magazine’s website.

Mr Blumenthal called the company’s decision a victory against sexual exploitation of women and children, and against human trafficking connected to prostitution.

‘This move is another important step in the ongoing fight to more effectively screen and stop pernicious prostitution ads,’ he said. — AP  (