Most Guys Fall in Love with Makeup Not the Woman (from RooshV Forums)

SHOCKING BUT SO TRUE : The vast majority of guys fall in love with MAKEUP

Our genetical programming makes us, guys, to simply rate a very ugly girl
as hot, only based on her “makeup application skills”.

The examples are endless.

Would you bang this:

rihanna with makeup
rihanna with makeup

Or this (taken in same week) :

Rihanna without makeup


(theantifeminist) : When you have sex with an ‘attractive’ woman over the age of 25, not only are you essentially being raped (all women over 25 benefit from feminist sex laws which inflate their SMV) you are being tricked. If we follow the feminist definitions of rape therefore, you are being raped twice over.

The truth is that without make-up, even women in their early twenties could not hope to sexually compete with girls in their early to mid teens.

Ironically, even this artificial advantage, or rather leveller, is now being eroded by technology. Comical as it might sound, but thanks to YouTube, and the plethora of teenage beauty gurus giving makeup tutorials there, every 13 year old girl now knows as much about makeup application as her mother does.

See also an article linked to by a loyal reader yesterday :

How Frumpy Women Trick Men Into Thinking They Are Attractive Girls

Interesting YouTube video I just stumbled upon – a plain looking female twenty something frump honestly explains the lengths that women like her have to go to in order to compete in a free sexual market.  In fact, most women, even those who were formerly beautiful girls, are as plain as this women is when they are without their makeup on by the time they reach their…oooh… mid-twenties.

Women spend 3 years of their lives in total performing this shit, all with the purpose of sending false sexual signals to men that they are still peak fertility, or rather peak attractive, teenage girls.   Feminists call PUAs who do their own (psychological ‘alpha male’) version of this – ‘rapists’.

And of course, bleached hair, contact lenses, half a kilo of war paint, and 3 years of your life are only half of the battle.  Women still need feminists to criminalise male sexuality at every turn, along with creating the most backward hysteria seen in the civilised world since the late middle-ages.

Millions of young Japanese women and girls visit my city every year, and each passing summer I’ve noticed that they never fail to look better and better.  I’ve always been a veritable connoisseur of eye candy, but less than a couple of decades ago and Japanese girls were almost entirely invisible to me as I passed them in the street.  They all seemed to look the same – little narrow eyes, black lifeless hair, identical skin tones…  There was nothing about them to either notice or to tell them apart.

Yet now it’s rare for me to walk through any touristy part of town and not run into at least one or two Japanese girls that genuinely take my breath away.  These days, they are stunning more often than they are not – some of them not only unique but seemingly arrived from another and more beautiful world entirely.

It’s all fake of course.  For example, the beautiful big manga eyes that Japanese girls have ‘evolved’ within a generation are the result of operations and specially designed cosmetic contact lenses.

Not that there’s anything wrong with sexual forgery in a female. A man, at least, does not feel like he has been raped merely because the woman who has seduced him into bed tells him that she is 5 years older than he had presumed.  And if you do wake up in bed next to a frumpy Japanese girl when you remember taking home a stunning anime like babe, then at least you won’t have to blame the distorted lenses of your beer goggles.

The increasingly fake beauty of Japanese women in particular point the way towards a near future where most people will be having sex with each other virtually – a world in which how you appear to your lover can be entirely tailored to their (and your) sexual tastes.  Articifial though such a world may be, at least we can hope that the sexual trade union will have ultimately lost its very reason to be.

Brooke Shields 15 years old
Brooke Shields at 15


Brooke Shields at 45

15 Year Old Girl Describes Horror of Waking Up Inside Body of 32 Year Old Woman

Naomi Jacobs 15
Aged 15

A 32 year old woman with a rare form of amnesia woke up one morning without being able to recall the last 17 years of her life.  Upon waking, effectively as her 15 year old self, she had to experience the horror of discovering that she was no longer an attractive young girl but a hideous woman of 32 :

‘When I woke up, I looked in the mirror and had the fright of my life when I saw an old woman with wrinkles staring back at me. Then this little boy appeared and started calling me mum – that’s when I started to scream.


What must be doubly disconcerting is the fact that she was a teenage girl from the UK of 1992 – waking up inside the worn out body of a woman in the year 2009.  This I guess, has both its horrors and its consolations.

In 1992, paedophillia had still not been invented.  So as a 15 year old girl, she would have had not only boys but men of all ages admiring her every time she walked down the street.  Now she has woken to find that even those 30 and 40 year old men probably don’t give her a second glance.

On the other hand, she will have quickly discovered that a strange sickness has since taken over the entire male population of the world.  At least she can console herself with the fact that men no longer dare to look at those pretty 15 year old girls in the street anymore.  In fact, that we pretend that 32 year old woman are not only more attractive than 15 year old girls, but that any man who says otherwise is a sick disgusting pervert – a ‘paedophile’.

Naomi Jacobs 32
Aged 32




Explanation of David Buss ‘Reproductive Value’ Graph Submitted by a Reader

The reader who recently submitted a very helpful and much sought after graph, which shows the rapidly declining ‘reproductive value’ of a woman once she is past her teens, has given an explanation as to exactly how it should be interpreted.  A couple of other readers suggested that the graph appears to show that evolutionary psychology would predict that men ought to find 3 year olds more attractive than 30 year olds, which obviously isn’t the case, and which makes clear that the graph isn’t a strict correlation between ‘reproductive value’ and ‘sexual attractiveness’.  However, once a girl is capable of giving birth, then it is reasonable to expect there to be a strong correlation between her reproductive value (as defined by David Buss and illustrated in the graph) and her sexual attractiveness :

reproductive value females teens david buss

In the words of the reader himself :

So i’ve done some more research and found out why the graph line plummets after the age of about 17. It’s because that was the typical age of a girl’s first pregnancy in ancestral times and therefore the age at which a girl would start using up her reproductive capacity.

The best females for a man in ancestral times to seek after would have been those that have made it through childhood and proven their health but not yet born any offspring so that all of her reproductive years with which they could give a man offspring were ahead of them.

A lot of the reason girls have evolved to have such firm, pert tits in their adolescent years may actually be to advertise their nulliparity and high reproductive capacity to men. In traditional hunter-gatherer societies, most women have had a baby or two by the age of 20 and this takes its toll on their bodies. Their tits lose a lot of pertness and breast feeding makes their nipples harden and darken.

The firm, pert tits of a young adolescent girl with their soft and unused nipples are proof that she has yet been through a pregnancy and breast fed a baby and is still at maximum reproductive capacity.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that 1 in 7 American girls are now experiencing puberty at the age of 7!

Of course, you will still get years of ass rape as a sick perverted paedo if you pick one up in a nightclub 10 years after her breasts first started forming, even if she showed you fake id, (or if you click on a single ‘self-shot’ pic of her as a 17 year old, 10 years post-pubescent, on an adult porn board).

see also reported today in the BBC : children taller and wider in a single generation

Without the Make-Up – Peak Reproductive Value

The two photos below are of the same ‘beautiful’ 26 year old American singer Katy Perry.  In one of these photos, she is without her make-up.  Can you spot which one it is?

Katy Perry Make UpKaty Perry Without Make Up

Late news, btw, you may have come across this story 2 months ago, but it was one of those posts I forgot to make.  I remembered it again yesterday when I was visiting my local swimming baths and was reminded once more of how plain and ordinary women in their mid twenties tend to be without their make up and hair-styling.  Really, the brood mares over at MumsNet may deny it, but all women past 21 exist as sexual fakes, forever trying to trick men into believing that they are still peak reproductive value teenage girls.  This is what the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry amounts to.  It is also the psycho-sexual motivation that drives forward feminism in a secular free sexual market society.

I myself, however, a man in his late thirties, was very much objectified and commodified by the eyes of the opposite sex yesterday, when an entire group of public schoolgirls aged 14 or 15, watching from the gallery, wolf-whistled and leered at my creatine enhanced body as I emerged from the water at the end of my 40 lengths. It felt like the girls of St Trinians were raping me with their eyes, hockey sticks raised should I dare to resist.  I’m sure I heard one pretty American girl amongst them shout something that I cannot even re-print here, for fear that I might offend my reader’s sensibilities.  Suffice to say, I have never felt so humiliated and degraded in my entire life, I told myself, as I took a cold shower to cleanse myself of the emotional dirt and shame inflicted upon my being.  ‘There really is no need to be jealous’, I felt like telling a pair of mid-twentied frumps, leaning against the side of the pool, alternating their dagger stares between myself and the posh jailbaits. ‘This is probably going to scar me for life’.

Meanwhile, a reader has submitted a terrifically valuable resource to add to my Peak Female Sexual Attractiveness essay.  A graph created by (or based upon the theory of) the esteemed David Buss that has been taken from the book ‘Animal Behaviour : Mechanism, Development, Ecology, and Evolution’:

peak reproductive value buss

The chart shows the estimated reproductive value of females throughout their lifetime.  As you can see, the peak ages are between 14 and 17 or 18.  Now of course, you’ve read that a woman’s ‘peak fertility’ is somewhere in her early twenties.  That has little relevance at all to what evolutionary theory would predict men to find most attractive.  To think that it does is to confuse peak fertility (the age of a female at which it is in her maximum interests to be having sex with a man) with peak reproductive value (the age of a female at which it is in the man’s maximum interests to be having sex with her).  The two are different things.  You can also see from the graph that after reaching utmost reproductive value at around the age of 16 or 17, the graph line quickly starts to plummet.  Feminism is largely the historical attempt, through legislative co-ercion and shaming language, to artificially shift the curve of that graph eastwards.  Feminists can no more achieve that goal through these brutal means than Pol Pot could remove inequality by wiping out half of his population.

Outline for an essay – Peak Female Sexual Attractiveness

the three graces
The Three Graces - Ancient Greek representation of fertility

At what age is the average female most sexually alluring to an ordinary, healthy, uncastrated male?  Is it even possible to ask this question in the climate of today, and expect a reasonably honest answer?  There have been a couple of good tries in the anti-feminist community recently, but such attempts inevitably end up with men playing the ‘I’m less of a paedophile than any other man here – feminists might be reading’ game. Perhaps, on such topics, we should follow the sage advice of Ludwig Wittgenstein, and accept that ‘of that which we cannot speak of, we ought to remain silent’?  At least this way some semblance of male dignity is preserved.

One things for sure.  The mangina respondents to this survey, faced with their scowling wives peering over their shoulders, didn’t remain silent when they clearly ought to have.

Well, I’m going to have a go at a politically incorrect, honest analysis of what evolutionary theory, and not the deluded wishes of 31 year old women, would predict men to find most attractive, age wise, in females.

But not today.  If something so politically incorrect is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well, and I need your help.  I’m asking readers like Highwayman, Frank, RR, and others, as well as other bloggers such as Human-Stupidity and Jay Hammers to give me some suggestions and advice.  Any links and resources would also be most valued.

Hopefully I’ll have the article completed before I allow my wandering eyes to put theory into practice on the beaches of the French riviera next month.  But for now, here is a sketch of some of the points I will be addressing :

The concept of ‘peak fertility’.  A mistake often made is to assume that because a woman reaches peak fertility (number of eggs produced) at age 22 or so, that this means that men will find her most attractive at 22.  False.  You also have to factor in the number of remaining years of fertility into the equation.  Also, the likelihood of the girl being a virgin or not (‘mummy’s baby, daddy’s maybe’).  For these reasons, even though an 18 year old may be slightly ‘less fertile’ than a 22 year old, ET would still predict that men would prefer the 18 year old. (and there are also good ET reasons why a woman would reach peak fertility some time after she has bonded with/attracted a male provider – I will explain these in the finished article).

Evidence through long-term history.  The well-established fact that the norm has been for men to marry girls shortly after the commencement of fertility (the menarche).

Evidence through recent history.  Whatever the situation in America, in Europe both ‘paedohysteria’ and the extension of paedophilia to embrace sex with ‘minors’ (a ‘minor’ itself being an imported American concept), is a very recent phenomenon.  Little more than 10 years ago, the most popular porn franchise in Europe was ‘channel seventeen’ – hardcore pornographic videos featuring 16 and 17 year old Dutch girls (now of course, illegal even to view due to American/’child protection’ group lobbying).  The most popular British newspaper, the ‘Sun’, reached it’s position (after almost folding in the 70’s) through publishing topless ‘page 3’ girls, often aged 16 or 17 (including the most famous of them – Samantha Fox).  Equivalents in Denmark and Gemany, such as Das Bild, regularly published topless photos of 15 year olds.  More risque tabloids, such as the British ‘Sunday Sport’ often held competitions for its readers to have sex with 16 year old pornstars.  In fact, it would often count down the days until one of their glamour models reached her 16th birthday, titilating readers with revealing bikini shots, until it could legally show her topless.  The market does not lie.

In Japan, which until the last few years had absolutely no taboos whatsoever on teenage sex, it was taken for granted that teenage girls were most attractive (and virtually all porn and erotica involved teenage girls). Train stations would have used schoolgirl panty vending machines. In Japan the school uniform is a symbol of male desire, just as the mini-skirt is in America.  Are Japanese men simply perverted?  Or is a more likely explanation that Japan, until the last few years, was free from anglo-saxon christian puritism, as well as sexual trade union feminism? (not to mention being free from America’s teen pregnancy rates, teen obesity levels, youth violence etc. But that’s another article….)

Statistical reasons relating to accepted criteria such as youthful skin, hip/waist measurements etc.  Here it would be most helpful if anybody could provide a link to any relevant charts/tables.

Removing mis-leading modern day factors : the average woman of today has a greater variety of make-up, hair styling methods, and clothes to choose from than even Cleopatra would have had access too.  And the application of all of these articifial enhancements to a female’s looks are ‘skills’ that improve over time.  These are major off-setting factors, but remember, we are talking about raw physical desire.  In the street, I see many sexually attractive 30 year olds.  In the swimming baths, without hair styling, make-up, jewellery, or expensive clothes, I rarely see any attractive woman over 22.

Feminism increases ‘paedophilia’ : Rising testosterone levels, as well as greater obesity, mean that the feminine body found in many 20 year olds of only 50 years ago, would probably be found more often in 14,15 or 16 year olds of today.

Kendall Jenner
Is 14 y.o. Kendall Jenner really 8 years away from peak attractiveness (or 17 years!!)?

Kim Kardashian’s 14-year-old sister Kendall defends bikini photo shoot

At what age is a female most sexually attractive to a male?

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