Father Who Accidently Downloaded Child Porn and Reported It Now Banned from Being Alone with Daughter


A father has been banned from being alone with his eight-year-old daughter after telling police he accidentally accessed child porn while attempting to download music from the internet.

Nigel Robinson says his life has been plunged into a nightmare since he reported himself to authorities as an act of good citizenship.

When the 43-year-old plumber told police he had inadvertently downloaded shocking pictures of ‘young girls’, officers contacted social services.

His laptop was seized and – because of lengthy waiting times for police analysis of computers in non-urgent cases – the investigation could mean he is not allowed to be alone with his daughter for a year. Mr Robinson claims he is being treated like a criminal for trying to do the right thing.

Streetfighting Labour MP Eric Joyce to Stand Down Over Relationship with 17 Year Old Girl

Headbutting and punching several of your fellow MPs in the venerable Houses of Parliament is one thing, but being friendly with a 17 year old girl in feminist Britain 2012 is simply unforgivable.  Labour MP Eric Joyce, who was arrested recently for an alleged assault on three different people in the House of Commons Bar, has seen any chance of being forgiven disappear after it was revealed that he had a non-sexual ‘relationship’ with a 17 year old girl, who had volunteered to help in his constituency office before the 2010 general election.


It was under the watch of the labour party that paedohysteria was born and thrived in the UK – codified into law by the 2003 sexual offences act which, amongst other things, made it illegal for adults in a ‘position of trust or authority’ to have sexual relationships with a ‘child’ of 16 or 17 (nominally over the age of consent).

So is Eric Joyce just another sickening paedocrite, of the type that we have to discuss so often on this site?  Perhaps not.  A couple of years ago (in fact, around the time he was having his relationship with the teen totty) he was shocking the middle-class femiservatives of the Daily Mail by mocking their paedohysteria, something almost unheard of for a politician.  In fact, at least with the benefit of hindsight, he appears almost to be admitting that all politicians are peadocrites, and that they have to be, because the people who vote for them are pitchfork wielding paedocrites :

Mr Joyce even condemned attitudes to the danger of paedophiles, pointing out that most sex offenders target young victims within their own families.

He delivered his outburst in an article called Liar, Know Thyself for the website Labour Uncut.

He spoke out after shamed former minister Phil Woolas was ousted by an election court for whipping up racial tensions with false claims about his opponent.

Mr Joyce said: ‘Here’s the truth. It’s hard to lie as a politician because everything we say is subject to enormous scrutiny.

‘But politicians know the lies a lot of people live and they pitch to you accordingly.

‘There’s a lot of lying going on, for sure. But [critics] might want to reflect on who is really doing the lying.’


Meanwhile, esteemed reader ‘MRA’ has brought to our attention, from the same newspaper, the story of ‘Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare‘ – an 18 year old adult female moving in with her teacher, and the subsequent campaign by the teen’s mother to have him shamed on Facebook and even arrested.

MRA points out the deliciously amusing comments left underneath the Daily Mail piece, all downvoted into oblivion by that newspaper’s middle-aged, middle-class, bitter and jealous femihag readership :


The Amazing Atheist on Teen Jailbait

The wonderful Amazing Atheist gives some typically forthright feminist upsetting truths on the forbidden attractions of teen jailbait.

I’d advise you to watch every part and every one of his videos, but if you want to skip ahead, the jailbait bit can be found here.

Meanwhile, it’s emerged that Adolf Hitler fathered a child with a 16 year old French girl when he was in his late twenties, serving as a soldier in the latter stages of the First World War :


Hitler is also rumoured to have been infatuated with his teenage niece.  Whilst Hitler is evidently another example of how virtually every man who influenced history or civilisation (for better or worse) was an *’ephebophile’, it no doubt won’t stop what passes as a ‘White Pride’ movement from continuing to express their insecure masculinity by swallowing feminist doctrines (ironically, largely Jewish American) that men who find nubile fertile teens attractive are ‘pedos’ (and ought to be killed).

*Clarification – when I refer to somebody as an ‘ephebophile’, I’m simply pointing out that such a person would likely fall foul of current distorted and abusive feminist definitions of ‘paedophilia’ – it’s very much an open issue as to whether ephebophilia exists as anything apart from normal male sexuality, but the word is still preferable and more ‘true’ than ‘paedophilia’ (despite certain mangina boy rape apologists being told by the spirit fairies in their dreams that the morality of a sexual preference is dependent on whether ‘-ilia’ is its eytmological suffix, rather than ‘-sexual’).

Furthermore, I’m certainly not anti-Semitic.  It’s an obvious truth that many American feminists, both second and third wave, who largely created paedohysteria for their own selfish sexual and financial ends, were Jewish (aided and abetted by Jewish psychotherapists and lawyers) – as were the initiators of ‘Cultural Marxism’.  Many of the great composers, writers, film directors, chess players etc were/are also Jewish.  All this has probably more to do with Ashkanazi IQ being roughly 15 points higher than Europeans rather than a ‘Jewish conspiracy’.

In the Classrom – Where Paedohysteria and Misandry Meet to Harm Boys

Female Teachers Accused of Giving Boys Lower Marks

A key reason why boys lag behind in the classroom is revealed for the first time today – female teachers.

Ground-breaking research shows that boys lower their sights if they think their work is going to be marked by a woman because they believe their results will be worse.

It also shows their suspicions are correct – female teachers did, on average, award lower marks to boys than unidentified external examiners. Male teachers, by contrast, awarded them higher marks than external examiners….

It also revealed that girls tried harder if they had a male teacher because they believed they would get better marks. Their suspicions were not borne out, though, as the male teachers tended to give them exactly the same marks as the external examiners.

The study showed boys believed their answers would be 3 per cent lower if marked by a woman. The girls thought their results would be 6 per cent higher if marked by a man.

Boys failing in the classroom is one of those situations where paedohysteria and general misandry combine to make a bad situation even worse for boys.  The damage done by the sexism and bias of female teachers is exacerbated by the shortage of male teachers in schools, something that is largely due to paedohysteria (created by feminists). And this is why those ‘MRAs’ on Reddit, who think that men’s rights discussion of paedohysteria should merely be about ensuring that female ‘statutory rapists’ are treated worse than murderers, just like male ‘statutory rapists’, are simple minded idiots.

Milly Dowler’s Parents Given False Hope by Newspaper Hacking

The official inquiry into the News of the World phone hacking scandal is currently taking place. The parents of Milly Dowler – the murdered 13 year old school girl whose phone was hacked into in the hope of securing a paedo scoop story – have been relating how they were given false hope that she was still alive.

Sally Dowler said she had been attempting to call Milly’s mobile constantly in the weeks after she disappeared in March 2002 but could not get through because the mailbox was full.

She eventually succeeded because some of the messages had been deleted and immediately thought Milly must still be alive.

Giving an emotional testimony to the Leveson inquiry into press standards yesterday, Mrs Dowler said: “It clicked through onto her voicemail, so I heard her voice.”

Mrs Dowler said she immediately cried out to her husband: “She’s picked up her voicemail, Bob, she’s alive.”

But the couples’ hopes were cruelly dashed because rather than the teenager deleting her messages, it is alleged it was private detective Glenn Mulcaire, who had been working on the orders of the News of the World.

Recall that the News of the world was being run at the time by Rebekah Brooks Wade – a self-declared feminist and advocate of hysteria over both domestic violence and ‘paedophilia’.  It was her who ran the illegal ‘name and shame’ campaign against British sex offenders.  It was her and her paper who did as much as any single institution to force the British government to enact wave after wave of knee-jerk ‘anti-paedo’ sexual offence laws that have ended up criminalising millions of men, and given a clearly corrupt and immoral police force (see below) a terrifying degree of power over the general (male) population.

And while she was doing all of this, it appears the evil bitch was encouraging her team of journalists to hack into the mobile phone of a missing 13 year old girl – something that both impeded the investigation and gave Milly’s parents false hope that she was alive.

Note also that Surrey Police knew in 2002 that somebody working for Rebekah Brooks had hacked into Milly Dowler’s phone, but took no action.  Not only that, but recently the head of the Metropolitan Police (the UK’s largest force) was forced to resign over  links between the police and News International (the company that owns the News of the World – Rebekah Brooks was until recently the Chief Executive of News International).

This is a police force that will break down your door in the early hours of the morning, then drag you out of bed if you have been looking at a few internet pics of sexy teens in bikinis, or downloading a couple of tube clips of sluts having sex with animals.  But not only will they turn a blind eye to a newspaper hacking into the phone of a murdered school kid, they will cosy up with the satanic feminist bitch responsible for it.

I try to be as patriotic as the next man, but sometimes I feel like I’m going to throw up just breathing in the air of this God forsaken ruined country.

Meanwhile, it has recently been revealed that bullying, both online and offline, is more of a problem for British children than the kids of nearly any other country – or, indeed, any other problem.  But don’t expect any of our paedohysteric vote chasing politicians or donation chasing/sexual trade union ‘children’s protection’ charities to give a flying fuck about it.  Just watch the rest of Europe burn and decay over the next couple of decades, as our laws and obscenely fake ‘save the kiddies’ culture is imposed upon the entire continent.

Drama Teacher Jailed for Three Years for Watching Students Legally Have Sex

A drama teacher who watched as two teenagers had sex on the back seat of his car has been jailed.

A 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy had sex in William Drury’s car as he drove them home from his house in Chester Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Jurors heard he told the girl he loved her and kissed her. He also took photographs of her topless.

Drury, 48, was found guilty of a series of sex offences by a jury at Leeds Crown Court and jailed for three years.


Remember that the age of consent in the UK is 16.  Between 16 and 17, however, an older partner can be charged if in ‘a position of authority’ over the teen – such a teacher.

But this is the first time I’ve read of a teacher receiving such a charge when he has barely laid a finger on his pupil.  And THREE years?? Female teachers can bang their ‘lucky’ 14 year old boy pupils and rarely even have to go to jail. What this teacher did was ‘inappropriate’, but at the end of the day, there is something sick about society that condemns a man to three years in jail for watching two people over the age of consent have sex.

Why would any man even consider becoming a teacher in the UK anymore?

And it’s not just about false accusations.  Any man who tells himself that he could be surrounded by beautiful, nubile young females, for his entire working life, and NEVER once give into temptation under any circumstances, has in my opinion a poor grasp of reality.

Disgusting Skrillex Music Video

Just seen this over at A Voice for Men : Creeps, Perverts, Predators and Weirdos

I can’t add much to the excellent analysis by Manuel Dexter. The most disturbing aspect of the video I found was the ending, with the girl scratching yet another notch on the wall after laying waste to the would be child rapist. The implication is that there are literally dozens of (male) paedophiles in every neighbourhood plotting to rape little girls and that with just a little entrapment, vigilante justice can leave a trail of dead paedos in its wake.

The man behind the ‘song’ is ‘Skrillex’, otherwise known as Sonny Moore. Here’s a photo of him below :

Sonny Moore

The guy is only 23 but already probably gives little girls nightmares every time he walks down the street. Even when he grows up and acquires a more conservative look – in fact especially when he grows up and acquires a more conservative look, he’s going to look like a classic paedophile (if there is such a thing). I’m sure he’ll quickly learn that a man sitting on a park bench alone these days is a little bit like a black man daring to sit on a bench reserved for Afrikaners in apartheid South Africa..

The one commendable thing about the video is that it does at least show the paedophile as a paedophile – i.e. pursuing an interest in little pre-pubescent girls. Probably 99.9% of real clinical paedophiles have no desire to rape children, of course – ‘paedophilia’, after all, means the love of children. But discussing real paedophila, a genuine clinical perversion whose (sexual) expression can and does leave real victims, is beyond the scope of this blog. So I’ll just repeat what I’ve said here before – most of the social obsession with ‘paedophilia’, especially in America, is actually targetted at men who chase teenage girls. This is why, for example, Chris Hanson would say ‘why don’t you have a seat right here’ not to real paedophiles but rather always beta males who had attempted to seek out sexy jailbait over the internet. And of course, feminists have no interest whatsoever in the real sexual abuse of pre-pubescent children (aside from using it to demonise men and to conflate it with the natural male interest in teenage girls and even, increasingly, young women).

The movie ‘Hard Candy’ is a more typical ‘paedo’ narrative of the last decade, and it also features the same kind of victim vigilante justice. In this genuinely nauseating movie, a ‘little’ 14 year old girl extracts the most appalling violent ‘justice’ upon a lonely middle-aged man who she entraps into seeking her out. This film pretty much perfectly reflects the strange blend of American puritanism, violent voyeurism, sexual hypocrisy, and feminism, that is eating away at Western society and morality. Most of the audience probably went to see the movie for two reasons – 1/ hoping to get a cop of the body of the sexy (Juno) actress who plays the ‘little’ girl, and 2/ to get their fix of extreme mindless violence at the end, when the guy gets his balls sawn off, whilst screaming ‘why don’t you have a seat right here’ at their own dicks. The film contains a deep contradiction at its heart – 14 year old girls are so innocent and pure and unable to know their own minds that any man who has a sexual interest in them deserves to be horrifically mutilated, tortured and killed. At the same time, the 14 year old girl is apparently an example of feminist ‘girl power’. Don’t mess with her – in the 21st century, she’s as strong and as feisty and knows her own mind as any man out there!

The most disturbing and quite literally vomit inducing trailer for Hard Candy on YouTube is the following video (embedding disabled on request) that has been set to the beautiful background music of Radiohead. Radiohead are fronted by Thom Yorke – a man who I’d bet my life on has masturbated once or twice to the image of a sexy jailbait in his head (in fact, he’s admitted to being a chronic masturbator during his university years).


Reading some of the comments below it gives you a disturbing glimpse inside the fecid minds of what passes as ‘liberal’ progressives in the 21st century. This is a culture that thinks you’re an incarnation of the devil himself if you ever express any doubt about the morality of men fisting other men up the ass, scream in horror if you dare to suggest that Guantanomo Bay might have been possibly justified in the context of terrorists wanting to nuke America, and yet would happily see men – men who possibly have brains more in common with adolescents than adults – tortured and killed for simply being attracted to teenage girls. All because of the feminist narrative of male = predator, female = innocence..conjoined with a dose of late medieval anglo-saxon sexual puritanism and witch hunt mentality.

A more authentic Radiohead video is the following (14 sec ad will appear first)  :


Before we leave the feminist narrative of male as predator, female as innocent girl child, one more video to share with you. As an athletics fan, I’ve just been watching a video over my breakfast of Usain Bolt competing last night in Croatia. While Bolt was being shown warming up, I literally choked on my cornflakes. What the hell is going on here?? Can even 11 year old white girls not control themselves in the presence of black men???


(I must add that Bolt is clearly doing nothing wrong, and neither, of course, is the girl, and it is surely entirely innocent – I just thought it was funny, in an innocent way, and had to share it).

Teenage Boys Increasingly Portrayed as Paedophile Monsters

In the week that the primary media agitator of paedohysteria in the UK – the News of the World – was forced to shut down over its hacking into the mobile phone of a murdered school kid, other British newspapers proved that when it comes to the insatiable lust of the British public for purient paedo stories, the show must go on.

The Daily Mail reported that an 18 year old ‘predatory paedophile‘, who was between 14 and 17 at the time of the offences and was found to have a mental age of 12 upon his arrest, has been jailed for 10 years for having sex with girls from 12 – 15.


I’m not defending this scummy individual, but the portrayal of him as a paedophile is simply laughable.  Or rather, deeply disturbing, coming as it does only days after the sickening depths to which the British media were willing to go to provide the public with shocking paedophile stories was revealed.

Paedophile?  No.  Teenage boys, with the mental age of a pre-pubescent child, who fuck other teenagers, however many, are not paedophiles.  To abuse and debase the word to that extent in order to sell newspapers, and to ultimately warn older men not to chase sexy teenage girls, is absolutely disgusting.

Facebook grooming? No.  Grooming is middle-aged men posing as children in order to trick real children into meeting them, not teenage boys chatting with their teenage fuck buddys online.

Did he ply them with drugs before sexually assualting them?  Given the other exaggerations, and the statement that the girls were ‘often under the influence of cannabis’ we can safely say that this is a teenage boy who uses cannabis fucking other teenagers who also smoke cannabis.

I reported on this story earlier in the year, and explained how it appeared conveniently and sensationally in the media the very same week the police, press, and government all need to whip the public into another one of its regular peado hysterics in the wake of the EU ruling that sex offenders could challenge their place on the register.

Meanwhile 18 year old Scottish footballer Craig Johnson has also been the victim of an online witchunt over the fact that he sent a 13 year old girl (that he knew in real life) a picture of his dick.  The leggings wearing large breasted girl (facts dutily noted for male readers of Scottish tabloids) was said to have had her life destroyed by the sight, and advertisers threatened to boycott the boy’s club (Hearts) unless they sacked him (although he had served his sentance, admitted his guilt, and apologised profusely).


This in a country in which middle-aged female teachers can ‘break in’ their 14 year old boy pupils and recieve token jail sentances (and sometimes not even that) and a great deal of sympathy in the press and amongst the public.

And here’s the evil Rebekah Wade announcing to the News of the World staff that they must lose their jobs instead of her…and still defending paedohysteria (the infamous Sarah’s law) to the end :