‘The Mythical Invasion of the Superbowl Hookers’ (Maggie McNeil)



Major events such as World’s Fairs and the Olympics always provide an excuse for governments to “clean things up” in the host cities before the guests arrive. Police sweep people the leaders consider undesirable, embarrassing or just plain unsightly out of public view (and into jails or exile for the duration). The victims vary with the time and place: the poor, the homeless, unpopular minority groups, drug addicts and gay people have all been among them. The list always includes sex workers; even in countries where prostitution is legal (such as Greece or Brazil) the moralists feel compelled to purge the most visible manifestations of the sex trade from areas where visitors might encounter them. Xenophobia is also heightened by such events, as those so predisposed fear the prospect of strangers coming to town, bringing with them outlandish and alien forms of sin and crime. Together, these two factors may be the origin of one of the stranger (yet more persistent) myths of our time: the idea that some Lost Tribe of Gypsy Harlots, tens of thousands strong, wanders about the world from mega-event to mega-event, unimpeded by the usual logistics of transport and lodging which should make the migration of such a large group a daunting task indeed.

Men-Factor : ‘Even More Superbowl Sex Trafficking’

Very nice collection of sex trafficking meme images over at our friend Scarecrow’s site :


















Where are the London Olympics Sex Trafficking Victims?

A statement from the Metropolitan police themselves :

In preparation for the Olympics the TPU [Trafficking and Prostitution Unit] has created a dedicated team funded by the Migration Impact Fund (Government Funding) to combat all areas of trafficking and prostitution on the five Olympic Boroughs. The team is comprised of SCD9 funded officers and three fully funded posts from the Migration Impact Fund. [The Met unit SCD9 human exploitation and organised crime command, created in April 2010, is responsible for investigating trafficking. In 2010 – 2011 the SCD9 budget is £7.3m] The funding for these three officer posts will cease in July 2012. This team works closely with TP BOCUS to tackle both on and off street prostitution and continues to advise in planning and delivering covert solutions to tackle the criminality. The intelligence currently held does not support any increase in prostitution in the Olympic Boroughs and actually shows a decrease in some locations. The TPU are continually monitoring this situation.


Meanwhile, the BBC reports on women who pay to have sex with male prostitutes in South Korea :

South Korea has seen a rise in the number of women seeking paid male company, with a boom in “host bars” over the last decade.

Women can wield a new kind of freedom, and economic power, in the all-night drinking rooms.

Seoul correspondent Lucy Williamson spoke to male host “James” about his work, and how some women may want more than just sex.




Brazilian Government Claims PUA Roosh V Promotes ‘Sex Tourism’

Popular and well travelled Pick Up Artist ‘Roosh V’, having recently survived the attentions of the Southern Law Poverty Center as well as Lithuanian Neo-Nazi thugs, has now become a target of the Brazilian tourist board. They claim that his website, and in particular his advice on banging hot Brazilian women, promotes sex tourism, trafficking, and degrades human (female) dignity.

The Brazilian Government Is Trying To Censor Me

People think I’m joking when I occasionally comment that Brazil is on the rapid downswing, but the feminist takeover is happening at a faster pace than has ever been seen in history, recently aided with the election of its first female president. Combined with the fact that the population is fattening at an obscenerate, what we’re seeing is the transformation of an entire country into a sort of Feminist 1984, the first of its kind. The attitude of Brazilian women was already above average when I was there a few years ago, so expect a country that may be very unpleasant to visit by the end of this decade.

For those of you who whine to me that I complain too much about feminism, you’re part of the problem. You don’t understand that this ideology is like a virus that won’t stop, and pretending it doesn’t exist by closing your eyes will only make it worse for yourself and every other man on this planet. Brazil is still better than the West, but it’s being destroyed as we speak mainly because of pro-feminist policies. There is no doubt in my mind that feminism is the principal enemy for men today. If you don’t see that then, well, you deserve the most masculine, fat, short-haired, insufferable cunt that exists. If things continue on their present course, that’s all we’ll be able to get.


There truly is nowhere left on Earth to run to for those seeking escape from the legislative creep of the sexual trade union, or even for those – like Roosh – who simply want to have some unapologetic fun in the sun with the shapely locals.  ‘Progress’ is now the one true moral faith that unites all countries, and ‘protecting the (sexual) dignity of women and children’ is firmly established as part of the progressive’s holy trinity, together with ‘racial equality’ and ‘gay and transgender rights’.

For two centuries and more, the values of the Enlightenment were synonymous with both intellectual and sexual freedom.  Yet put the power of cultural marxism in the hands of the sexual trade union, and within a couple of decades, the very meaning of civilizational advance itself has been turned upon its head.  Each year, what we can say in public without breaking yet another ‘hate speech’ law becomes more and more limited (in the name of promoting ‘tolerance’).  Meanwhile, even while a small minority of (gay) men can pursue a fake bastardised unhistorical form of ‘homosexual identity’, the mass of ordinary men have to increasingly live in fear of a fate worse than death if they dare even admit to normal male sexuality.

Meanwhile, the Amazing Atheist has sadly sold out and admitted that you can’t be a popular YouTube atheist and champion of secular reasoning without appeasing the mother godess fertility cult that is feminism.

After the Lies, Feminists Continue War on Prostitution

The recent admission, in the form of a study that established that the supposed link between sex trafficking and sporting events is unfounded (a study which the sexual trade union themselves commissioned), will have little or no influence on the war on prostitution itself.  There is no question of some of the lying feminists who made such outrageous and completely baseless claims being prosecuted.  Feminists might be a little more restrained in future, but sex trafficking lies will still be at the forefront of their campaigns to criminalize the paying for sex.

Last week, the Israeli parliament passed a draft law which will criminalize men who visit prostitutes, allowing for penalties of up to 6 months in jail for repeat offenders.


Meanwhile, leading members of the sexual trade union have been having their voices prominently heard in the editorial section of the New York Times :


For too long, prostitution laws have been enforced in a gender-discriminatory manner. Those being sold and arrested are overwhelmingly women and girls. Those who buy the prostituted, or sell them, are overwhelmingly male, and face far fewer, if any, legal consequences for their actions.

If we are to stand a chance at ending sex trafficking, we must deepen our understanding of the end point of sex trafficking, which is prostitution. Those of us who reject the notion that prostitution is sex work (when did human sexuality become work anyway?) and see it as an end result of some of the worst social conditions possible (sexual abuse in childhood, poverty, gender inequality, racism) must fashion remedies that address those conditions.

Rather than make social injustice more tolerable, we must work to end it — in our lifetime and forever.

Executive Director, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
New York, Feb. 14, 2012


Isn’t it a co-incidence that all of the ugly feminists who are so opposed to sex trafficking, and who are fervently demanding laws around the world that end sex trafficking, also happen to be virulently opposed to the morality of prostitution in itself?  It couldn’t be, could it, given the now well documented and even self-admitted fact that these feminists repeatedly lie and exaggerate claims over sex trafficking, that sex trafficking itself is just a tool to end prostitution itself – a trade which just so happens to weaken the sexual power of those aging feminists and their massive female support base?

And here’s an almost identical letter published under the above one, this time by a Pamela Shifman :

That other crimes recede but prostitution persists is no surprise to those who work on sex trafficking.

Focusing on demand is the right approach and needs to be tried for more than two days, as it was in New York City recently, before judging its efficacy.

And this must be accompanied by an explicit policy that treats those who sell as sex as victims of crime and not criminals

Those of us who have met with women and children in prostitution — from India to New York City — know that these women and children are far from criminals. They are often the most marginalized, vulnerable people in our society. They are in prostitution not because of choice, but because of lack of choice.

The reason countries like Sweden have successfully reduced prostitution is that they have recognized that those who buy sex should be held accountable, and those who sell sex should be treated as victims of violence and given the services (education, mental and physical health services, drug and alcohol treatment, and job training) that any victims need and deserve.

Director, Initiatives for Girls and Women, NoVo Foundation
New York, Feb. 14, 2012


This forced victimisation of prostitutes is a feminist stock in trade and is so contrary to the findings of recent studies that there is surely sufficient grounds for prosecuting these sexual trade union criminals. But instead, they are still in a position to influence legislation and harm both sex workers and the men who pay for sex – not just in the USA, but globally, as any lobby group claiming to speak for women or children has almost omnipotent power at the utterly corrupt United Nations.

The forced victimisation by feminists of ‘whores’ – women who offer sex so cheaply that the price of the average woman is brought down – is not only nothing new, it has been going on for centuries.  For an example of this, take a look at the following ‘letter from a prostitute that didn’t want saving‘, written in 1858 and re-printed in full at the excellent blog of the sex trafficking myth buster Laura Agustin (short excerpts re-printed below) :

Like ‘One more unfortunate’ there are other intruders among us—a few, very few, ‘victims of seduction’. But seduction is not the root of the evil—scarcely a fibre of the root. A rigorous law should be passed and rigorously carried out to punish seduction, but it will not perceptibly thin the ranks of prostitution. Seduction is the common story of numbers of well brought up, who never were seduced, and who are voluntary and inexcusable profligates. Vanity and idleness send us a large body of recruits. Servant girls, who wish to ape their mistress’ finery, and whose wages won’t permit them to do so honestly—these set up seduction as their excuse. Married women, who have no respect for their husbands, and are not content with their lawful earnings, these are the worst among us, and it is a pity they cannot be picked out and punished. They have no principle of any kind and are a disgrace to us. If I were a married woman I would be true to my husband. I speak for my class, the regular standing army of the force.


It’s also interesting to note that a common complaint of English prostitutes of the mid 19th century was the growing number of foreign women in their ranks – who, no doubt, were ‘undercutting’ the native sex workers :

‘One more unfortunate’ proposes a ‘skimming’ progress. But what of the great bubbling cauldron? Remove from the streets a score or two of ‘foreign women’, and ‘double as many English’, and you diminish the competition of those that remain; the quiet, clever, cunning cajolers described by ‘One more unfortunate’. You hide a prurient pimple of the ‘great sin’ with a patch of that plaster known as the ‘observance of propriety’, and nothing more. You ‘miss’ the evil, but it is existent still. After all it is something to save the eye from offence, so remove them; and not only a score or two, but something like two hundred foreign women, whose open and disgusting indecen­cies and practices have contributed more than anything else to bring on our heads the present storm of indignation. It is rare that English women, even prostitutes, give cause of gross public offence. Cannot they be packed off to their own countries with their base, filthy and filthy- living men, whom they maintain, and clothe, and feed, to superintend their fortunes, and who are a still greater disgrace to London than these women are?


Sadly, this is nothing new either.  Sex workers in South Korea recently began organising themselves into a union in the face of increasing lobbying from western NOGs to criminalize prostitution (or the paying for sex) in that country too.  But the sex worker’s union also quickly found the time to complain about foreign sex workers, and has actively started to lobby the South Korean government to crack down on foreign sex workers from the likes of Vietnam, who offer punters cheaper (and no doubt more exotic) services than the natives.

Whether they are prostitutes, or middle-aged women lobbying to put an end to prostitution, women are much the same – always fighting to preserve their highest possible asking price in the sexual market.

Feminist’s Own Study Shows No Link Between Sports Events and Sex Trafficking


A widespread belief that major sporting events fuel sex trafficking is unsubstantiated and has a negative impact on groups that campaigners purport to protect, undermining anti-trafficking objectives, a new study has said.

Activists opposed to sex work say large groups of men attending the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and U.S. Super Bowl competitions create a high demand for sex work causing large numbers of women to be trafficked, the report produced by the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) said.

Yet there is no correlation between those beliefs and the actual number of trafficking cases found, the report titled “What’s the Cost of a Rumour?” said, citing such examples as the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the 2004 Olympics in Greece and several Super Bowl competitions.

Translation : ‘Even the mainstream media are waking up to the truth behind our sex trafficking bullshit stories – we need to start being a little bit more subtle in our myth making, otherwise the entire sexual trade union project may be undermined.’

Anti-trafficking campaigns that are based on unproven claims can ultimately undermine anti-trafficking objectives, the report said.

Such claims can cause damage by resulting in increased criminal penalties and human rights violations against sex workers, by misrepresenting people and issues, through city “clean-up” efforts displacing sex workers and other marginalised groups, it said.

Of course, increase criminal penalties and human rights violations against the disposable male who pays for sex doesn’t even warrant a mention.

Irish Sexual Trade Union Seeks Tightening of Prostitution Laws

Sexual Trade Union groups in Ireland appear to be having success in lobbying their government to tighten laws on prostitution – and to ‘close the loophole’ that allows men to legally pay for sex :

Members of a group lobbying for the laws on prostitution to be tightened continued their campaign today by meeting Independent TDs at Leinster House.

The discussions took place ahead of tonight’s RTÉ’s Prime Time programme on the issue.

The ”Turn off the Red Light” campaign is made up of 48 communities, professional organisations, unions and voluntary groups.

It says the law should be tightened to support women trapped in a life of abuse in the sex industry.

Chief Executive of the Immigrant Council of Ireland Denise Charlton said many people will be surprised that a loophole in Irish law means it is legal to pay for sex.

She said the campaign is calling on the Government to introduce legislation that makes it a criminal offence.


Meanwhile, W.F.Price has posted a couple of articles on prostitution at The-Spearhead.com that  you should check out, if you haven’t already done so :

Preparing for the Super Bowel

Time to Reopen Debate on Prostitution

France Moves to Ban Prostitution By Criminilizing Clients

France’s parliament has backed a proposal to fight prostitution by making payment for sex a crime punishable by fines and prison.

The National Assembly approved by a show of hands a cross-party, non-binding resolution which is due to be followed by a bill.

Six-month prison sentences and fines of 3,000 euros (£2,580; $4,000) are envisaged for clients of prostitutes.

Some campaigners reject the bill, advocating prostitutes’ rights instead.

Around 20,000 people are believed to be working as prostitutes in France.


A senior politician and member of the commission trying to introduce the law is quoted as that ‘9 out of 10 prostitutes in France are victims of trafficking’.  This is quite at odds with the recent report that found that most prostitutes in London were not forced or trafficked and were choosing to sell sex because it earned them more money than any other job would.  It is also at odds with the fact that prostitutes in France are themselves strongly resistant to this law, and some of whom were in fact protesting outside the National Assembly at the possible loss of their choice of livelihoods.

The report also mentions an organization called ZeroMacho, another one of those creepy mangina groups that seem to be popping up everywhere recently, and which has managed to collect a staggering total of 200 signatures across Europe from men supporting the criminalisation of other men who pay for sex.

The following is their cringe inducing ‘manifesto’ :

Every man can claim his own rights without denying others’ theirs, and can empower himself without dominating others.

In application of the principle of male-female equality, we request that the competent authorities

• Stop penalizing prostituted people; develop social, educational and health programs for prevention, as well as alternatives to prostitution, in order to effectively create the right not to be a prostitute.

• Crack down on pimping by applying zero-tolerance for it in all its varied forms (on the street, in brothels, massage parlors or red-light districts, via escorts services, websites, want ads and more.)

• Create or reinforce non-sexist education in sexuality and inter-personal relationships, starting in primary school, teaching respect for others, including their freedom, choices and desires.

• Institute graduated sanctions for “prostituting clients” like in Sweden, where that policy has proven its effectiveness.

• Refuse to call those men “clients,” and recognize that they are in fact prostituters.