Wolf-whistling and ‘Sexist Remarks’ Could Soon Be Illegal Throughout Europe

Wolf-whistling and ‘sexist remarks’ could soon be illegal throughout the EU under the latest anti-male European convention – signed on International Women’s Day.

In a special event to mark International Women’s Day, David Cameron will pledge to fight verbal and non-verbal violence against women, including sexual harassment.

By signing the Council of Europe convention, he will vow to take “necessary legislative measures” against anyone breaking the clauses within, by committing “verbal, non-verbal or physical” sexual harassment.

This is thought to include sexist comments and street harassment, including shouting or whistling at women in public.

In particular, the convention sets out a definition of sexual harassment, as “violating the dignity of a person, in particular when creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.”

This, it says, is “subject to criminal or other legal sanction”.

This is how politics works in the eUSSR. One day, we wake up, and without discussion or debate, our leaders announce the most absurd laws that, actually or potentially, criminalise the entire male population of Europe.  Another new and vaguely worded EU convention has been signed into law.

Can you imagine, for example, how Rebecca Watson’s Elevatorgate incident might potentially be covered under these new laws?  In future, when you approach a woman in Europe and ask her for a coffee, if she happens to think you’re a beta male piece of disposable shit that is beneath her, then she could have you arrested for invading her dignity and creating an ‘intimidating environment’.  In future, if you stop and turn your head at the slut with the see-through leggings and her boobs hanging out, it might not be enough for her to look back at you like you’re a perverted piece of filth – she could have you caged as a sex offender.

And even if the odd European country were to be brave enough to refuse to sign up to such stupidity – which never happens these days – there would still be no escape.  The state now owns you, and it doesn’t matter where you commit these ‘crimes’.  It was also announced today that British men who commit any ‘abuse’ against women in another EU state, can be arrested and tried in the UK if it is not possible in the country where it took place (i.e. it’s not illegal there).  This ‘when in Rome, don’t do as the Romans do or you’ll end up in a British jail back home’ rule had already been introduced by the previous British government for cases of ‘paedophilia’.  So, for example, even though the age of consent is 13 in Spain, you could still go to jail in the UK if you were spotted by a holidaying British police officer kissing a 15 year old senorita on the lips.

Those who rape or “seriously harm” women will be prosecuted in this country if charges are not brought abroad under the “unprecedented” agreement.

The new procedures would also cover offences such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and forced abortions which may not be illegal abroad.

Last night, Mr Cameron also said that stalking would be made a criminal offence. “Stalking is an abhorrent crime,” the Prime Minister said. “It makes life a living hell for victims. That is why we are explicitly criminalising stalking to make sure that justice is done.”

Currently, only murder and paedophile offences committed abroad can be prosecuted in British courts. In a joint statement to mark International Women’s Day, the Prime Minister and his deputy said they were acting to tackle the “utter scandal” of violence and domestic abuse suffered by millions of women.

One of the great Scottish philosopher David Hume’s central arguments against political anarchy was that, if you didn’t like the laws of your own country, you could simply go and bugger off somewhere with rules more to your taste.  Unfortunately, in the civilised Britain of the 18th century, it must have been impossible for Hume to imagine that 300 years later, every man would have become the mere possession of the Big Sister fascist state to which he happened to be born.

‘Domestic Abuse Incidents Double After Old Firm Match’

*’The Old Firm Match’ is the local Glaswegian football (soccer) derby between Rangers and Celtic – two teams notorious for their fierce rivalry.  This is due to them not only being far and away the biggest clubs in Scotland, but because their fanbases are split upon sectarian lines – Rangers supporters are protestant and unionist, whereas Celtic supporters are Catholic Glaswegians of Irish stock.

THE number of domestic abuse incidents reported to police after the Old Firm match yesterday was more than double the average amount of a weekend with no Glasgow derby.

Strathclyde Police said they had recorded 142 incidents compared to 67 on a “normal” weekend. The figure was also higher than the average of 107 on previous Old Firm weekend.

The rise comes despite warnings from police and prosecutors last week, who said offenders would be dealt with “robustly”.

Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC said figures published earlier this year showed a ” clear link” between Old Firm matchdays and a sharp rise in the number of domestic abuse cases.


The Old Firm Derby is just the latest sporting event to be linked to women’s victimhood ‘issues’ such as domestic violence and sex trafficking. Every 4 years feminists stoke up sex trafficking hysterias when the World Cup is staged. Each time, their fears are proven to be completely without foundation. Last year, the BBC reported that both sex trafficking and domestic abuse will rocket during the 2012 London Olympics. The sporting arena is perhaps the sole remaining place in which society allows masculinity, and men, to be celebrated. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the gynocracy is attempting to associate and tar this last bastion of male pride with their wicked myths that demonise men.

Disgusting Skrillex Music Video

Just seen this over at A Voice for Men : Creeps, Perverts, Predators and Weirdos

I can’t add much to the excellent analysis by Manuel Dexter. The most disturbing aspect of the video I found was the ending, with the girl scratching yet another notch on the wall after laying waste to the would be child rapist. The implication is that there are literally dozens of (male) paedophiles in every neighbourhood plotting to rape little girls and that with just a little entrapment, vigilante justice can leave a trail of dead paedos in its wake.

The man behind the ‘song’ is ‘Skrillex’, otherwise known as Sonny Moore. Here’s a photo of him below :

Sonny Moore

The guy is only 23 but already probably gives little girls nightmares every time he walks down the street. Even when he grows up and acquires a more conservative look – in fact especially when he grows up and acquires a more conservative look, he’s going to look like a classic paedophile (if there is such a thing). I’m sure he’ll quickly learn that a man sitting on a park bench alone these days is a little bit like a black man daring to sit on a bench reserved for Afrikaners in apartheid South Africa..

The one commendable thing about the video is that it does at least show the paedophile as a paedophile – i.e. pursuing an interest in little pre-pubescent girls. Probably 99.9% of real clinical paedophiles have no desire to rape children, of course – ‘paedophilia’, after all, means the love of children. But discussing real paedophila, a genuine clinical perversion whose (sexual) expression can and does leave real victims, is beyond the scope of this blog. So I’ll just repeat what I’ve said here before – most of the social obsession with ‘paedophilia’, especially in America, is actually targetted at men who chase teenage girls. This is why, for example, Chris Hanson would say ‘why don’t you have a seat right here’ not to real paedophiles but rather always beta males who had attempted to seek out sexy jailbait over the internet. And of course, feminists have no interest whatsoever in the real sexual abuse of pre-pubescent children (aside from using it to demonise men and to conflate it with the natural male interest in teenage girls and even, increasingly, young women).

The movie ‘Hard Candy’ is a more typical ‘paedo’ narrative of the last decade, and it also features the same kind of victim vigilante justice. In this genuinely nauseating movie, a ‘little’ 14 year old girl extracts the most appalling violent ‘justice’ upon a lonely middle-aged man who she entraps into seeking her out. This film pretty much perfectly reflects the strange blend of American puritanism, violent voyeurism, sexual hypocrisy, and feminism, that is eating away at Western society and morality. Most of the audience probably went to see the movie for two reasons – 1/ hoping to get a cop of the body of the sexy (Juno) actress who plays the ‘little’ girl, and 2/ to get their fix of extreme mindless violence at the end, when the guy gets his balls sawn off, whilst screaming ‘why don’t you have a seat right here’ at their own dicks. The film contains a deep contradiction at its heart – 14 year old girls are so innocent and pure and unable to know their own minds that any man who has a sexual interest in them deserves to be horrifically mutilated, tortured and killed. At the same time, the 14 year old girl is apparently an example of feminist ‘girl power’. Don’t mess with her – in the 21st century, she’s as strong and as feisty and knows her own mind as any man out there!

The most disturbing and quite literally vomit inducing trailer for Hard Candy on YouTube is the following video (embedding disabled on request) that has been set to the beautiful background music of Radiohead. Radiohead are fronted by Thom Yorke – a man who I’d bet my life on has masturbated once or twice to the image of a sexy jailbait in his head (in fact, he’s admitted to being a chronic masturbator during his university years).


Reading some of the comments below it gives you a disturbing glimpse inside the fecid minds of what passes as ‘liberal’ progressives in the 21st century. This is a culture that thinks you’re an incarnation of the devil himself if you ever express any doubt about the morality of men fisting other men up the ass, scream in horror if you dare to suggest that Guantanomo Bay might have been possibly justified in the context of terrorists wanting to nuke America, and yet would happily see men – men who possibly have brains more in common with adolescents than adults – tortured and killed for simply being attracted to teenage girls. All because of the feminist narrative of male = predator, female = innocence..conjoined with a dose of late medieval anglo-saxon sexual puritanism and witch hunt mentality.

A more authentic Radiohead video is the following (14 sec ad will appear first)  :


Before we leave the feminist narrative of male as predator, female as innocent girl child, one more video to share with you. As an athletics fan, I’ve just been watching a video over my breakfast of Usain Bolt competing last night in Croatia. While Bolt was being shown warming up, I literally choked on my cornflakes. What the hell is going on here?? Can even 11 year old white girls not control themselves in the presence of black men???


(I must add that Bolt is clearly doing nothing wrong, and neither, of course, is the girl, and it is surely entirely innocent – I just thought it was funny, in an innocent way, and had to share it).

Outraged Reddit Feminists Vote Up Regendered ‘No Man Should Go To Prison’ Article

This morning, I submitted a ‘regendered’ version of yesterday’s shocking BBC report on the call for women prisons to close. Throughout the article, the gender pronouns are switched, so it appears that the government is welcoming a ‘men’s justice’ report that demands that no man should be sent to prison.

I submitted the parallel universe BBC report to the official feminism sub-reddit : http://reddit.com/r/feminisms and was amazed to see the stupid outraged idiots immediately vote the link up. It received 5 up-votes in the space of an hour, before a moderator obviously spotted what it was and deleted it.

mo man should go to prison

Meanwhile, the day after the pussy pass was made official in the UK, outraged media forced Prime Minister Cameron to ‘re-think’ proposals to halve the sentances of those who pleaded guilty, and was made to make clear that the proposals definately wouldn’t apply to men prosecuted for rape.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-13691943

Petition to Disbar Mary Kellett Needs Just 7 More Signatures to Reach 1000


The Change.org petition to disbar assistant district attorney Mary Kellett for prosecutorial misconduct needs just 7 more signatures.  Please sign if you have not already done so.  This is a rare opporunity to show that men’s rights lobbying can make a difference :

disbar mary kellett

For more information : http://www.avoiceformen.com/2011/03/29/the-movement-to-disbar-mary-n-kellett/