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On the Possible Larry Nassar Injustice

Larry Nassar was a man whose full-time job was to caress the sweet butt cheeks and slim legs of nubile young girls – in fact, some of the most nubile and flexible girls on the planet. Nice work if you can get it, but apparently Larry wasn’t satisfied with that, and wanted more – not just to be paid to massage lithe young bodies, but to molest them as well.

The fact that he was supposedly allowed to do this for years is suspect in itself, especially as now over 150 girls (or rather former girls) have made abuse claims. Every reader of this site will be aware how easy it is for men to be accused of inappropriate touching and the like these days. Consider then how easy it would be to accuse Larry Nassar when his job required that he put his hands all over the bodies of dozens of those girls every single day, especially after the first accusation has been made.

The final damning case against Nassar largely rested upon his conviction for child porn charges, which before the molestation trial he was already sentenced to a ridiculous 40 years for.  Those offences came to light AFTER the first girl accused him of molesting her.  As a result of that accusation, he was arrested and his computers seized, and child porn was found on them. Once this was made known, the dam burst, and the deluge of accusations began.  Nassar was now a confirmed paedophile, so all those girls must naturally be telling the truth.

Of course, nobody has any way of knowing what percentage of the population have illegal child porn material on their computers.  The UK ‘Child Exploitation’ police unit recently declared their estimate at 50,000 in the UK, which would be about 1 in 500 males (assuming most of the offenders are male).  I don’t believe that  for a moment, and you can simply use a tool such as Google Trends to see how absurdly low it is likely to be. Certainly as a figure for those who are likely criminalized by porn surfing it is a massive underestimate.  Unlike myself and my readers, most people aren’t even aware of how broadly defined child porn laws are now, and given that the most popular adult keyword (apart form terms such as ‘porn’ and ‘sex’) is ‘teen’, with search varients on it in the hundreds of thousands every day, a high percentage of those surfers will end up with illicit material on their computers, even if they weren’t searching for it.

Imagine a future where law enforcement can look into people’s minds as easily as they can today go through harddrives. They are already making crude but steady progress to this end. If we follow the logic of the Larry Nassar case, in the future a man accused of molesting a girl could be found guilty simply by police searching his brain for any past or present sexual thoughts regarding ‘children’ (i.e. anyone under 18).  Given that likely 99% of heterosexual males have had sexual thoughts regarding an under 18 at some point, yet society pretends otherwise, essentially any accusation will be proven by virtue of the suspect being a man.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that 99% of men look at child porn, even inadvertently, but it’s likely much higher than the 0.2 percent of the male population that law enforcement want you to believe. Further, it might well be the case that ‘paedophiles’ do flock to jobs such as the physiotherapist for the United States gymnastics team.  Such people will be more likely to look at child porn, but the fact that Larry Nassar might indeed be somebody who is sexually attracted to young teens and the very reason he took that job (to be close to young bodies), does not itself prove in any way he did molest 150 girls.

I wonder how much these accusations have arisen from a particularly vicious type of regret and bitterness that we’ve documented all too often here that usually comes from older woman, but in this case from young women whose whole identity and career, not just sexual identity and attractiveness, was reliant upon their formerly lithe and flexible pubescent bodies?

I wonder also how much the bitter hatred from men at Nassar, and the usual comments regarding the death penalty and torture being too good for him, and the jokes about prison rape (even inside the court room), are the result of jealousy too. A man who had one of the luckiest jobs on Earth, now destined to live in constant fear of rape and beatings until the day he dies.

Injustices regarding his guilt or innocence aside, his ridiculous sentence is an abomination. The fact that some of these ‘survivors’ actually went on to make history and win Olympic gold medals does suggest that whatever bad happened to them at the hands of Nassar, it wasn’t a life threatening trauma that they ‘survived’. The judge spoke of these girls having their childhood taken away from them, but no doubt they did little else but train gymnastics from a very young age, in many cases under pressure from the same parents who would like to see Nassar executed. Most of them likely never experienced anything remotely approaching a normal childhood.

Let’s leave this sad case with memories of Olga Korbut – ‘the darling of Munich’ – who 46 years ago charmed the world and stole the hearts of millions of men across the planet with her beauty and grace at the 1972 Olympic Games. She was 17 years old but it is widely believed she was being fed puberty delaying drugs by her Soviet trainers. I’ve always thought that ‘women’s (inevitably always won by pubescent teen girls) gymnastics’ was akin to some kind of primal virgin fertility ritual. How fitting therefore, that Larry Nassar represents a #MeToo public human sacrifice in the inverted pagan hag neoreligion of infertile feminism.