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Anti-Feminist Theory

I’ve started to re-load/re-design the site : this was necessitated by a wordpress bug that I couldn’t fix, and also because of a desire to make this place more worthwhile in terms of allowing visitors to quickly find relevant material to combat feminism with.

This site’s primary purpose is to showcase my argument that feminism is, and always has been, a sexual trade union for unattractive women (the vast majority). When I use the term ‘sexual’, I’m referring to a woman’s sexual and reproductive interests, as well as the economic needs that, historically at least, depended on them. Clearly it’s a no-brainer to identify feminism with ‘reproductive rights’. However, this is usually narrowed down to a focus on issues over abortion – and perhaps custody award decisions, right to a divorce and the like. In my eyes, the ‘reproductive rights’ essence of feminism entails campaigns against pornography, prostitution, and raising of the age of consent, just as much as the ‘right’ to an abortion.

A good starting point for those sceptical of this idea, would be to read up on the origins of feminism in the social purity movements of the 19th century. You will learn that ‘feminists’ were campaigning for a rise in the age of consent and for laws against prostitution BEFORE they had even seriously demanded the right to the vote. In fact, it was often clearly stated by leading feminists that the franchise was simply a means to the end of allowing women to dictate legislation on sexual matters.

You should also consider just why did second wave feminism manage to conquer the world in the space of a generation? Can it really be explained as just an extension of the black/homosexual civil rights movements of the 60’s and 70’s? And why have women gone from near zero representation in high government ANYWHERE, to actually LEADING countries like Germany and Argentina, and failing only narrowly to win the presidency of America and France, IN THE SPACE OF LESS THAN A DECADE (3rd wave feminism)?

Seeing modern feminism as simply a Marxist extension of other civil rights movements completely fails to explain these things. It also fails convincingly to explain the deafening silence of feminism over Islam. Seeing feminism as a largely blind and primeval response to technological changes in society that threaten women’s fundamental sexual interests DOES explain these things.

You should also take a look at feminist websites and note the topics that are frequently discussed. One typical such blog I came across recently is Love Letters In Hell (linked here for reference purposes only). It is in no way an ‘extremist’ or ‘femi-nazi’ site. This is mainstream feminism. And virtually every single post is concerned with ‘reproduction’ as I have defined it. You will find angst ridden posts about the sexual threat that female robots pose next to articles that compare the decision to have an abortion with choosing which couch to buy at Ikea. You will find wailing about growing older and losing one’s sex appeal right next to convenient calls for men to be criminalized for having sex with younger women, because young women can’t give meaningful consent. Then in the next post you will read justifications of casual sex for women in their late twenties – when you hit 25, sex suddenly becomes so trivial and uncomplicated that if you want to fuck, just do it. Once your limbic system is fully matured, sex requires less reasoning power than does furniture shopping…or deciding whether to kill your unborn child.

Likewise, visit Reddit/r/feminisms or Reddit/r/mensrights (there are actually more feminists on the men’s rights page than are on the feminist equivalent) and take a look at what other sub-reddits the feminists are posting in. Invariably it will be in the sex and relationships categories. Art? Technology? Sport? Very rarely. How do I deal with my cheating boyfriend? That is where you will find the feminists.

A brief note on the myth that feminists are all lesbians. Whether or not many senior figures in the feminist movement were/are lesbians (by choice, by identity, or through no other choice being so pug ugly?) is irrelevant. Feminism is a blind, primal force that has the anxieties and fears of the vast majority of ordinary women driving it.  In a sense, feminists are just the figure heads and rationalisations for what is a natural and largely uncontrollable force.

Anti-Feminism and the Men’s Rights Movement – Another reason why I have decided to set about re-branding this site, is because of my utter disillusionment with the ‘men’s rights movement’.  I’ve always been an anti-feminist.  A couple of years ago I came across the website of Angry Harry, the leading online men’s rights activist, at least in the UK.  I also found Bernard Chapin on YouTube, another anti-feminist identifying himself as an MRA (men’s rights activist).  Both of these guys are tremendously intelligent (as well as funny and compassionate) and genuine in their committment to rid society of the harm that feminism is doing to it and, in particular, to men.

At this stage, there seemed to be a real brotherhood to the online men’s rights community.  It seemed clear to me that there were apparently irreconcilable philosophical tensions between our members.  Most MRAs are conservative, some of us are liberals.  Some are ‘misogynists’, some are ‘traditionalists’, some believe 100% in genuine equality between men and women.  However, my experience was that most were happy to operate under the maxim that ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’.  And it seemed that intelligent people like Bernard Chapin, a conservative and a libertarian, at least understood that there are tensions between those two positions and that recognising feminism for what it is does involve also questioning traditional tribal political allegiances and categories (and I still believe he does understand that – unlike 99% of others).

Yet only last night, I was flicking through forum discussions at the Spearhead, one of the leading sites frequented by MRA’s (its ultra-conservative owner disclaims a men’s rights site’ classification) and what do I find?  Well take a look for yourself at just how imbecillic men’s rights discussion is becoming (or at least descends into – it starts off quite reasonably) : http://www.the-spearhead.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1173&start=100

Amongst other things, you will see the self-proclaimed leader (and policer) of the men’s rights movement calling for another MRA to be raped in prison for merely questioning feminist laws that lead to hundreds of thousands of men being raped in prison…and for calling him a pansy.  Migu sums it up best on page 38 :

Okay what happened here?

Shit ass lick motherfuck cocksuck turdburger cuntweenie fuckjoiter.

I got all that. What else was happening?

Two years ago, it seemed to me that the Men’s Movement was about to explode – in the right way.  Quite soon, I thought, there will be a hundred Bernard Chapins, a hundred Angry Harrys.  LOL!  Actually, when you spend any time reading men’s rights blogs, both the articles and the comments posted beneath, you’ll realise that it’s the same tiny handful of people making any intelligent points, making any kind of sense of the bigger picture of what feminism is and how we can proceed to fight against it.  And mostly, this small handful is being set against each other out of loyalty to the undiplomatic egotists, who claim to speak for the public face of the movement, and yet who delight in vicious, asinine feuds.

Any school boy, studying sociology, or politics, or philosophy, will be familiar with the complexity behind the apparently simple notion of equality.  90% of MRAs, many believing that progress is only possible if we embrace the absurd PC notion that men and women are fundamentally the same, would probably go so far as applaud their government if it handed out free tampons to the entire population – so long as they were distributed equally between men and women. 

This example might seem absurd, but when the majority of MRAs, in the name of equality, are actually prepared to force 17 year old boys to be dragged through courts and to accept victim status, and consequently to have their lives destroyed, for sleeping with an MILF – then count me out of this pea brained ultra-conservative mask of a movement. 

I don’t want to go to hell.

What the site will become : It will mostly consist of constantly worked upon permanent pages/long essays/resource collections.  Pages I have planned include secular arguments against abortion, arguments for the legalisation of prostitution and the paying for sex, a rebuttal of feminist arguments against pornography, a discussion of feminist laws on the age of consent and a reference guide to the harm caused by the feminist (and American conservative) exploitation of the true and historical definition of paedophilia.

I also want to write a detailed and serious history of feminism as a sexual trade union

Finally, I want to write study guides for a few of the small handful of anti-feminist books that are in existence.  These will include guides to ‘The Decline of Males’ by Lionel Tiger and ‘No More Sex War’ by Neil Lyndon.  Also guides and essays on the fiction of Michael Houellebecq and perhaps August Strindberg.  Another possibility is to write an essay on the anti-feminism of Arthur Schopenhauer, and to rebut the oft-repeated claim that his wider metaphysical system is entirely separate to his views regarding women.

I will soon be setting up another blog, where I can update regularly and sound off about all manner of topics.  I hope my regular readers will keep dropping by at this site, and perhaps visit my new one too (I will provide the link, as well as a feed, here as soon as I have it up).