Paedocrite Alert : Former Member of Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Charged with Sexually Abusing a Child and the Production of Child Pornography

Paedocrite (noun) – A paedocrite is someone who accuses other men of paedophilia in order to deflect attention away from their own sexual interest in children.  It is estimated that somewhere in the region of 70 – 95% of vociferous and obsessive ‘paedo-hunters’ on the web are, in fact, hardcore paedocrites.

A McHenry County sheriff’s deputy who was charged in January with sexually assaulting a young boy is now accused of taking explicit pictures of a 10-year-old boy and transmitting them over the Internet.

Sgt. Gregory M. Pyle, 36, who was once the sheriff’s department’s lead investigator for child pornography, was charged in federal court Tuesday with aggravated sexual abuse of a child and producing child pornography by the sexual exploitation of a child, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Pyle, a 10-year veteran of the department, is accused of sexually abusing the child on multiple occasions, including on a trip to Wisconsin in December 2008, according to the federal complaint. The charges allege Pyle traveled to Wisconsin to engage in a sexual act with the child and to produce child pornography that he later transmitted over the Internet.

According to prosecutors, an individual who was under investigation for child pornography identified the user names of people he had traded child pornography with on the Internet, and investigators linked Pyle to two of those user names.

Pyle, of Crest Hill and formerly of Crystal Lake, appeared in U.S. District Court in Rockford Tuesday and is being held without bail pending a detention hearing set for Friday.

The new charges come seven months after Pyle surrendered to Illinois State Police investigators on 10 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault. Court documents alleged the assaults took place between September 2006 and September 2010, all with the same child, who was under 13.

It was unclear Tuesday whether the child pornography subject is the same victim.

Pyle has specialized training in computer forensics and was also a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force before he was arrested in January, according to Michael Combs, chief of the criminal division of the McHenry County state’s attorney’s office.

Prosecutors said Pyle was the head of the evidence department at the sheriff’s office when he turned himself in on Jan. 9.

Pyle posted 10 percent of $200,000 bail shortly after he surrendered to police in January.

Pyle was relieved of his duties and placed on administrative leave after the original charges, and his court date had been continued until Sept. 10 before the new charges were filed Tuesday.

If convicted on crossing a state line to engage in a sexual act with a minor under 12, Pyle could face a minimum sentence of 30 years and a maximum of life in prison. A charge of sexual exploitation of a child under 12 for the purpose of producing child pornography carries a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 30 years in prison. Both counts carry a maximum fine of $250,000.


This story reminds me that I’ve been planning to hold a poll contest here for some time – ‘Who Is The Biggest Paedocrite In The World?‘.  Candidates will include people like this – ‘pedo hunters’, ‘child porn experts’, and crusading politicians – who have been busted for abusing children, or otherwise revealed an unhealthy and hypocritical sexual interest in children.  Please nominate any paedocrites you know of that you think should be included in the poll in the comments section below.  Early nominations include :

Infamous senator Mark Foley, who legislated against non-nude teen models as child porn before being caught talking dirty on MSN to his underage male interns. (for some reason, the worst paedocrites tend to be pederasts).

Male feminist and anti-porn crusador Kyle Payne, jailed for filming himself molesting a sleeping schoolgirl under his protection, and then for downloading kiddy porn whilst on probation.

Male feminist David Futrelle, a pedofinder general who accuses others of paedophilia for criticising paedo-hysteria, whilst having spent much of his early career penning articles that did exactly that (in a much more cack-handed manner than anything that’s appeared on this site).  He has also described a grown man’s fantasy of sexually assaulting a boy in a bar as ‘tender’ and ‘erotic’.


David Futrelle Humiliated On Al Jazeera

david futrelle al jazeeraGod what a laugh!  I watched the momentous live stream debut of David Futrelle on Al Jazeera last night.  He’d been invited to participate in a debate on ‘online misogyny’.  I spent half an hour watching the ‘debate’ – which so far as I could make out consisted of four feminists bitching about men trying to ‘silence’ women’s voices on the internet, to which the obvious liberal progressive solution was to…well, of course, to silence men’s voices on the internet through yet more hate speech legislation.  Four femi-fascists constantly regurgitating the message that women haven’t striven for hundreds of years to win their freedom only for them not to be able to lock up any man who dares to criticise them online.  While young girls are beaten or even stoned to death throughout the Arab world for being sexually promiscuous, it’s good to see that western feminists have convinced Al Jazeera that combatting the men’s rights movement is the number 1 priority for the global sisterhood.

And then the Manboobz was finally allowed to stop twiddling his thumbs and make his contribution from the webcam in his basement.

He looked down at his script and delivered one carefully rehearsed line.  The presenter stared at his visage for several seconds apparently in a combination of bafflement and revulsion.  She didn’t appear to know what to make of him.  Perhaps the words ‘Manboobz Meetups’ were hammering away inside of her skull and she was furiously telling herself ‘not going there, not going there, not going there’.

One of the other commentators later unconvincingly remarked that ‘David made an excellent point’, but it was clear that, like myself and probably everybody else, nobody actually knew what that point was.

Al Jazeera then switched to the news headlines.  I thought I heard the presenter mention something about continuing the discussion, but I wasn’t sure if she mean’t in their Al Jazeera chatroom or in the studio.  Anyway, after another half an hour of waiting I decided that 5 privileged bitches vagina farting at each other wasn’t worth staying up for and I went to bed.


Kyle Payne Explains How He Used His Male Feminist Persona To Sexually Abuse Women & Children

You probably all remember Kyle Payne – before David Futrelle adopted his ‘Manboobz’ persona, Kyle was perhaps the most famous of all male feminist bloggers.  He became even more famous, or infamous, when he was convicted of photographing the breasts of an unconscious young female student who was under his care as he worked as a student counsellor (presumably he also molested her, although there was no evidence to convict him of this). His role as student counsellor to rape victims was gained largely through the reputation he had carefully built up for himself as an online male feminist.

Incredibly, spending time in prison for sexually abusing a girl in his trust did not prevent Kyle from resuming his pro-feminist blogging and anti-porn activism immediately upon his release.  However, it did appear that his blogging days were finally over when he was caught redhanded a second time – on this occasion, for fapping off to kiddy porn whilst out on probation.


Kyle is blogging again.  Of course he’s a changed mangina now – this time his feminism is for real. No I mean for real real.  For example, now he has the added kudos of being able to recount the formerly repressed story of how he was sexually abused as a boy, and how this inevitably turned him into someone who molests passed out college kids (after all, everybody knows that male child abuse victims always go onto become abusers themselves – a bit like werewolves).

Although some might find Kyle’s second resumption of post-custodial pro-feminist blogging to be somewhat offensive, he has at least been forced into publicly admitting that his past feminism was merely a ruse.  In fact, he has performed an important public service by explaining exactly how sex predators and paedophiles exploit the persona of male feminist simply in order to get themselves into situations where they can sexually abuse emotionally vulnerable young females.  I believe this is essential to understand if future Kyle Paynes, and other male ‘feminists’, are to be prevented from destroying yet more young lives :

My work against sexual violence and my reputation as a pro-feminist “good guy” accomplished two interrelated goals: first, I was able to exploit the courage I witnessed in other survivors and substitute it as my own (rather than dealing with my own experiences of abuse), and second, I distracted myself from the shame of fantasizing about women as sexual objects, and in the case of my victim, acting out that fantasy. It’s no coincidence that I traveled to two feminist anti-pornography events (in Boston and Austin), established an online presence as a pro-feminist anti-pornography blogger, and became an avid fan of women’s athletics in the nineteen months between committing my offense and being convicted in court. My involvement with feminism was not a total charade, but a large part of it was self-serving and exploitative of the trust I gained from others. I had a very specific idea of how I wanted my story to be told, and I sought to control the narrative.

Of course, the real question is, how could anyone expect that story to make sense? A man who takes advantage of a woman sexually, and who sexually objectifies women and girls through internet pornography, who also cares a whole lot about feminism? That’s a hypocrite. A liar. And a ticking time bomb. I wish I’d had the courage to call out my own bullshit, address this extreme contradiction in my values, and demonstrate some sort of integrity.

david futrelle mangina
David Futrelle

Let’s hope that other male feminists can find the courage within themselves that Kyle Payne sadly was unable to.

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David Futrelle to Teach College Girls ‘How to Have Better Sex’

Are All Male Feminists Sex Predators, Paedophiles, and Rapists?

Are all male feminists sex predators, paedophiles, and rapists?  I’m beginning to think, at the very least, that any self-identified ‘male feminist’, and certainly those who make a career out of that identity, should be placed on some kind of FBI watch list.

Hugo Schwyzer is the latest mangina to be exposed as someone unable to keep it in his pants – at least when vulnerable pussy is there for a beta male penis to take advantage of.  Having sex with your students would normally count as a perk of the job in my anti-feminist eyes, but when the man doing the boning has bought into the sexual trade union ideology of ‘power structures rendering consent impossible’, and such crap, then it does mean your actions are effectively those of a self-confessed rapist.

david futrelle mangina
David Futrelle

As part of his role as a full-time mangina, Hugo had also been enthusiastically organising young females into taking part in ‘slut walks’.  Another ‘perk of the job’, I guess.  This is eerily reminiscent of another leading male feminist – David Futrelle –  and his use of blogging as a thinly disguised means to arrange ‘meet-ups’ with his female readers, some of whom are clearly vulnerable, mentally disturbed, or even children.  This is a guy who has described a grown man’s fantasy of sexually assaulting a boy as ‘tender and erotic’ and who spent much of his early career as a radical statutory rape apologist and child abuse denier.  It also brings to mind infamous blogger Kyle Payne, who used his identity as a prominant male feminist to land a role as a student counsellor – and to subsequently film himself violating one of his passed out teenage charges when he was still unable to get laid.  The fervent anti-porn activist is now back in prison for fapping off to child pornography whilst on probation.

It’s long been known suspected in the men’s rights community that male feminism is simply an omega male mating strategy for the sexually frustrated.  Add to that the obvious deep-rooted psychological issues that these self-hating, white, middle-class nerds clearly possess, and you have a roll call of tragedies just waiting to play themselves out.

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