Krauser PUA on Sexual Economics

Krauser studied economics at university, so it’s always a good read when he chooses to discuss the economics of sex :

When we do game we are giving girls a proposition they wouldn’t normally entertain:

  • Talk to me, a guy you don’t know from Adam, for a while and give your number
  • Come on a date, maybe two…. then fuck
  • And I promise you nothing

That’s a mighty big ask. Sure, it’s well within the realm of biomechanical parameters but it’s still a big ask. And we expect to pull it off once or twice a month with the youngest-hottest-tightest girls that we meet. We are paying peanuts and expecting princesses. Sometimes we pull it off.

Now put your Blue Pill glasses on and look at the price the typical chode pays for his girlfriend:

  • Exclusivity
  • Berated for looking at other girls
  • Buying her stuff, meeting her family, going to Ikea on Saturday afternoon
  • Putting up with her shit, and her insufferable friends’ shit
  • Letting her keep her own frame
  • Spending all of his precious finite life with her

He’s not doing her in the ass while slapping her face and calling her a bitch. She’s not overwhelming him with thoughtful affection and favours. He’s on a leash. That’s the price he pays for his pussy. When you learn game there are simple metrics that measure your progress.

More girls, hotter girls, less work, less drama.

Divorced fathers are to be denied a legal right to a relationship with their children in a review of family law due to be published tomorrow.

Divorced fathers are to be denied a legal right to a relationship with their children in a review of family law due to be published tomorrow.

Just saw this thanks to Krauser PUA, somebody who proves that there can be an overlap between PUAs and MRAs.

Krauser PUA Bangs His First 18 Year Old Estonian Girl

Raise a glass to Krauser PUA as he ticks off another box on the ‘Things to Do Before I’m 40’ list that we all have – by banging his first 18 year old Estonian girl…anally!

What I enjoy about Krauser’s blog is that following it is a little like becoming addicted to a reality show.  First of all, he explains the background to his PUA mission, and then posts videos of the results for readers to watch, and to learn from.  Secondly, he’s the most men’s rights and pro-male sexuality PUA I’ve come across (aside from Roissy, of course).

Some critics claim that it’s easy to pull beautiful East-European chicks because, apparently, they are all 1/ dirt poor and desperate to escape from their Third World hell-holes and 2/ they can hardly speak English.

Most East-Europeans are no longer poor in comparison to Western European standards. In fact cities like Prague are now amongst the most expensive in the world.  And now that most of these countries are in the EU and their citizens have the right to work anywhere in Europe, I doubt very much it’s still the case that any beautiful girl opens her legs to the first Westerner who shows an interest, hoping to hitch a ride home with him to the land of milk and honey. Girls in most East European countries speak better English than many British people, and even if they don’t, it would hardly help Krauser’s highly verbal pick-up-game.  You also have to consider that, due to the behaviour of drunken stag-night parties from the UK, British men are rather disliked, on the whole, in Eastern Europe now.  I was once told by a sweet 17 year old girl in Bratislava that she had witnessed a group of British men urinating on the historic statue in the main square.  There is also a degree of stigma to be risked for local girls who sleep with British tourists these days.

Krauser also has a book explaining the art of ‘daygame’.


Old French Whore Plans to Cage Men Who Pay For Sex with Young Women

Reader Nico submits the profoundly depressing news that a law to criminilize men who pay for sex is being planned for France.  The link to the French news article is :

*WARNING : The article contains a photograph of the woman pushing for this new femirapist law – Roselyne Bachelot.  Yes, she is disgustingly ugly and around 50, but you probably already guessed that.  Just be careful if you are in the process of eating something.

This is the Google translation of the first two paragrapsh :

Inspired in part of the Swedish model, a law for penalizing customers should soon be presented to the Assembly. The minister hopes of an application from 2012.

For Roselyne Bachelot, there’s no doubt: it must penalize the clients of prostitutes. In an interview published Wednesday in Le Parisien, the Minister of Solidarity and Social Cohesion reported that the information mission of the National Assembly on prostitution – consisting of UMP and PS – will soon propose a bill up in meaning, which could be voted on in 2012. The minister in charge of the fight against violence against women, intends to defend it.

Why do I call the old bitch a whore? I’ve been meaning to write a piece on ‘re-defining whoredom’ for a long time, in fact since I started this blog, but it’s flat cleaning day today (I have my 17 year old French fuck buddy coming round at the weekend). I’ll just state my belief that a whore is a woman who defines her essential being in terms of her sexual market value – always seeking to increase her own ‘price’. Under this reasonable definition of what constitutes a whore, feminists are the biggest whores on the planet, and Roselyne Bachelot is a classic example.

By throwing men into jail – including even disabled men, or men who for whatever reason can’t attract women into bed without paying for it, she hopes to increase her own sexual market value (and those of her female electorate) by limiting the sexual alternatives available to all men. In any sane, civilised, and just society, she should be put on trial for attempted rape, for even contemplating a law such as this with such transparent sexually self-interested motives behind it.  But without doubt, she is a whore. A woman who clearly defines herself by her sexual market value and makes a political career out of trying to raise it through legislation such as this.

A comment left underneath the article by a cheering feminist is illuminating,  She ends her congratulatory rant with the words – ‘women are not for sale’.  Well prostitutes do not sell themselves, they sell access to their bodies – for a few minutes or for an hour.  But feminists obviously regard themselves as their bodies, and the price that men have to pay to have access to them.

Despite what a lot of men’s rights supporters believe, women who give sex freely, without judging what they can get out of it – women who are happy to fuck you in the toilets of Starbucks 10 minutes after meeting you, quite content in the knowledge that they’ll never see you again, or women who would happily give a stranger in a wheelchair a blowjob out of sheer pity (if it wasn’t the fear of getting arrested or being labeled a slut) are the least whorish women. O.K, mummy’s baby, daddy’s maybe, slutty women will cheat on you etc etc. -well,  we have paternity testing already, and a discussion of whether it is slutty women per se who wil be more likely to dump you and take the kids (or just women who will lie to your conservative puritan deluded ass that they will be faithful) is the subject of another essay – as I said, it’s flat cleaning day, and I haven’t even put the sheets in the washing machine yet.

I also had to get this provocative, inarticulate rant out of my system after reading the much more articulate Krauser PUA, although he has deemed it necessary to add a clarification, obviously not quite sharing my own extreme and contrarian views on sluts :

On the flip side, any time a woman reciprocates a trick’s overtures by delivering some gratification she is a ho. When a woman insists on the man buying drinks and food she is a ho. When she dolls up and takes her friends to a club for free entry and drinks she is a ho. When she holds out on blowjobs until the man buys her a handbag she is a ho.

Trick-Ho interactions take place on the economic and ego planes. They are shallow and self-defeating over time. Deep rewarding male-female interactions take place on the character and charisma planes. Men and women are truly happy when their energies match and sexual polarity pulls them together. This is why women in love can say “Even if we were poor and hungry I’d still be happy if I’m by your side” and why most men are repelled by shallow bimbos.

This is why a girl who lets you fuck her in a pub bathroom on the second date is less of a ho then a girl who holds you off for two years till she gets a rock on her finger. [clarification: a girl who fucks just anyone she tingles for in the toilets is a slut. A girl who sets a high threshold of personal value that you then meet and quickly guide through the milestones of the human courtship ritual and only then fucks you in the toilets is not a slut. So says Krauser]

In my view there is a difference between a slut and a whore. A slut is a girl who will fuck you in the toilets after meeting you. God I wish all girls were sluts, although perhaps my affirmed desire never to marry or even have a long-term monogonous relationship plays a part in that wish. Sluts are the enemies of feminists because they bring down the sexual market value of women in general – the ‘non sluts’, just as prostitutes do.  However, women who define and calculate every sexual interaction with men, every step of the courtship ritual, as being about selling goods and hoping to get the highest possible price for them – these are whores, and feminists are the worst of them.  A prostitute is an honest whore, in fact, more of a slut than a whore, at least as compared with a feminist, unless she charges a ridiculous rate for the goods on offer.

Fuck, I haven’t even washed the floor yet. Krauser’s list of affirmations to help you develop the mind-set to snare hos are quite useful/funny as well :

  • Alpha seed is more valuable than female eggs,
  • Girls like sex more than men do
  • Women get old quick. Men mature like fine wine
  • The best men have higher value than the best women
  • She’s beautiful, yeah. But what has she ever acheived in life?
  • The world is awash in beautiful women. The vagina is not gold-plated
  • That girl has to be fucked by somebody. It might as well be me.
  • Beautiful women want the same things as average women.
  • Every girl tingles to the same things.

Reddit Feminist Concern Troll

Couldn’t resist posting this work of genius :

Feminist Concern Troll

Massively downvoted of course. One of the two reddit men’s rights moderators who persistantly refuse to ban such trolls – ignatiusloyla, made the following typicaly revealing comment concerning the image :

Really? A meme image? Give me a break.

I didn’t think the populace of r/MR had devolved enough to think that posting this type of crap was a good idea. There is enough of it in r/pics, r/funny and all those subreddits.

Have a point to make? Make the point and open a dialogue. But these meme posts are so overdone, and very ineffective at making the point.

Or maybe I am just so sick of them that I am thoroughly annoyed when I see them.

Meanwhile, it seems to be the majority view at Reddit that Paul Elam is an extremist fringe figure in the movement. I’ve had major disagreements with Paul, but nobody can deny that he’s currently taking men’s rights forward more than any other activist. His blisteringly raw and honest piece entitled ‘the scourge of rape. yea, whatever’ was predictably savaged by the concern trolls at Reddit.

Of course, what these feminist trolls understand is that if men are truly woken up to the extent that they can question even the most holy of gynocratic dogmas, then it’s only a matter of time before their intellectual free lunch is over.  The shocking truth of essays like the above, presented fearlessly and with an ‘I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it’ attitude, is exactly the kind of thing that might wake men up from their sleep.

Another gem I can’t resist posting – Krauser PUA almost decking his first Brazillian anti-English Western civilisation hating cock block :