MHRA Child Torture Porn Apologists

David Futrelle has infamously defended the gay sex shop distribution of a paedophile made ‘classic’ child torture movie featuring real and naked 14 year old boys ‘acting’ in a film in which they are made to eat excrement, anally raped, tortured and murdered. No surpises there. After all, Futrelle is simply following in the footsteps of other notable male feminists such as Kyle Payne, jailed for sexually assaulting a sleeping schoolgirl who was in his care and then again for downloading kiddy porn, and Hugo Schwyzer, a sex predator who admits that he once tried to murder his girlfriend.

What is more disturbing, is that many MHRAs share Futrelle’s sick views on videos of naked children being tortured being rented out in gay sex shops.

Over a 20 year period, Futrelle has steadfastly refused to apologise for his defence of Salo and continues to justify the film’s sale in a gay porn store on the grounds that, obscenely, the sick movie can be viewed on Netflix and YouTube. This is a man who has gone on record to claim that a picture of a 17 year old girl in jeans is clearly ‘child porn’ in the context of a ‘jailbait’ subreddit or forum and that those who view such legal pictures are ‘paedophiles’.

Of course, many so-called MHRAs share Futrelle’s feminist views on the definition of child porn, as well as the feminist age of consent, or at least publicly claim to do so, whatever their disturbing motivations are. Laws which in the UK and elsewhere are currently leading to witch hunts against men, a spike in the male suicide rate, and the undermining of any semblance of justice. However, even more disturbingly, many of them appear to share Futrelle’s views on the distribution in a gay sex shop of a movie that graphically depicts nothing else but the torture, rape, and murder of naked children. A movie directed by a man who turned to filmmaking after losing his job as a teacher due to molesting the children, and who was infamous for handpicking beautiful young 14 and 15 year old boys to star in his movies and immediately embarking upon sexual affairs with them.

Last night I had yet another MHRA leave a comment on this site denouncing us as ‘pedobears’ for admitting what every man knows – that teenage girls can be sexy – and for attacking the logic of the feminist age of consent laws that are leading to a clear sexual holocaust against men, things that any real supporter of men’s rights should do. The same MHRA, like several others, made a point of defending SALO and, by implication, Futrelle’s support for the movie’s sale in a gay sex shop. Unfortunately, this MHRA was too cowardly to leave his regular handle, but several others have not been so shy and have openly supported a gay child torture porn movie both here and elsewhere in the MRM. I thought it would be useful to start compiling a list of MHRA child torture porn apologists here. This will be a sticky page, and I’ll update it regularly as these staunch defenders of the rights of boys continue to support the idea of gay men fapping off to naked 14 year boys being anally raped and then made to eat their abuser’s shit before being tortured slowly to death.

I must make it clear that not all MHRAs support Futrelle over the ‘right’ of gay men to rent videos of naked underage boys being raped and murdered in gay porn shops. In fact, a small minority have actually spoken out and attacked Futrelle over the matter. Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch) obviously stands out, to her eternal credit. And Paul Elam and Dean Esmay themselves, have also condemned Futrelle a couple of times, as they should (in fact, they should be a little louder).

Let’s start with our old friend ‘Kloo2Yoo’.

Kloo2Yoo (former moderator of r/mensrights). The clueless subhuman paedocrite Kloo2Yoo once reported a men’s rights redditor to the FBI for uploading a famous photograph that has appeared on Hallmarks cards to the men’s rights subreddit. Consisting of the image of a little girl lifting up her skirt to a bewitched little boy, with a caption that said something along the lines of ‘with this I will have power over you always’. It was clearly a relevant men’s rights image and any sane rational person without something disturbing to hide would see it as such. But not Kloo2Yoo, who immediately denounced it as child porn and claimed to have reported to the FBI the MRA who posted the link to the picture.

After the low IQ Kloo2Yoo finally realised he was out of his depth running the fast growing men’s rights subreddit, and handed over moderation rights to slightly more competent paedocrites, he seemed to disappear for a number of years. I assumed that the obvious hardcore paedocrite had been locked up, but no, he turned up out of the blue just at the moment we had David Futrelle on the rack over his defence of SALO, and proceeded to leave a rant in the comments section here defending it as a ‘classic’ art film. This is a man who reported an MRA to the FBI for linking to a Hallmark image with obvious men’s rights relevance. This is a man who banned anyone from the men’s rights reddit for questioning feminist child porn laws that jail men for looking at pictures of ‘young looking’ fairies and elves. This is a man who supported Futrelle in claiming that legal images of fully clothed teens can constitute ‘child porn’ if they are viewed in a ‘sexual context’, and yet, like Futrelle, he sees no problem in the distribution of a movie in a gay sex shop featuring nothing but naked children being raped, tortured, made to eat human faeces, disembowelled, and murdered.

Perhaps ‘pedobears’ isn’t quite the right word for these MHRA child torture porn apologist freaks. Perhaps not even ‘paedocrites’. Maybe ‘pedowolves’, or ‘pedopsychos’, ”pedosnakes’, ‘pedofreaks’, or simply ‘real sadistic paedophile sickos’?

Uchuu – ‘Uchuu’ is another sick MHRA freak who has taken issue with the esteemed JudgyBitch for daring to call out David Futrelle over his defence of gay paedophile torture porn.

Meh, after reading a summary and some background on the movie, the link rather reads like character assassination. Don’t get me wrong, I so far have nothing good to say about Futrelle, but the movie apparently had just as many female victims as male ones (so, the focus on the “boys” of the article seems dishonest), it wasn’t actually documented child abuse, but something fictional, and I’ve seen no real good argument connecting that one suicide to the filming of the movie. The contents are disgusting enough that I never want to see it, but supposedly it actually has some artistic qualities, so the free speech argument is not completely out of the blue.

Notice, in this one small paragraph, how ‘Uchuu’ resembles so many other child torture porn apologists, both MHRAs and Futrelle groupies. The idea that, because the movie contained naked 14 year old girls being slowly tortured to death, as well as boys, Futrelle’s defence of its distribution in a gay sex shop is not a men’s rights issue. His defence of the movie as ‘artistic’ (not sure how he feels about the fact that, technically, men in Europe could be jailed by feminists for simply reading Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita). Finally, note his love of manga, revealed by his username, no doubt of the hardcore violent rape variety that involves pre-pubescent girls.

Reddit MensRights Very Own Version of ‘Dear Woman’

In the very same week that Sharon Osbourne and her female audience chuckled at the horrific castration of a man, came up with its very own version of ‘Dear Woman‘, in an apparent attempt to show that whatever the misogynistic sins of the men’s rights past, under the leadership of Kloo2 the clueless, we are entering into a new era of higher consciousness co-creation with our fellow feminists :


This is what we are fighting for, my fellow MRAs – the right of women not to have to cancel their summer vacations because of inconvenient mistakes like this little fucka :

aborted baby

To be fair, Reddit mensrights might have been pushed into the defensive because of a  new anti-men’s rights sub-reddit  –  – formed by a group of feminists who are such retarded radical anarchists that they want anyone who questions feminist laws put in prison.  One of the ring-leaders is the trans-sexual ‘thepinkmask‘, formerly known as ‘catlebrity’, who earlier this year persuaded Kloo2 to agree that forcing 5 year old boys to dress up as little girls and be paraded around talk shows like a freak is an essential men’s rights cause.

Tomek77 left the most sensible comment underneath the men’s rights Dear Women post :

I upvoted this on principle, but we don’t owe anyone an apology or an explanation. We shouldn’t get shamed into “proving” that we are not “woman-haters” – doing so is playing by the rules of those who hate us (and no amount of apologizing for our gender will ever satisfy them anyway).

Considering that feminists advocating the extermination of men (like Mary Daly) are hailed as heroes by most mainstream media, and show hosts can laugh about sexual assaults and genital mutilation of a man wondering whether “he deserved it”, I think the burden of proof is on women to show that they support men’s rights (and so far I am not impressed).


Kloo2Yoo Calls the Cops on Men’s Rights Redditor

Kloo2Yoo, the mentally retarded founder and moderator of, exceeded even his notoriously ‘high’ standards of incompetence and sheer infantile lunacy this week.  He actually called the cops on a men’s rights redditor for posting a harmless and well known picture that appears on hundreds of ‘funny pic’ sites, alleging that it was ‘child porn’.  The picture is of a little boy and girl, with the boy peering down the girls pants and a speech caption coming from the girl with the words – “And with this I will control your life”.

I’m not going to publish the photo here, although it is clearly not sexual in any way but simply a funny, innocent picture (although with the caption it does carry a profound anti-feminist message)  but if you Google the girl’s words (as I did) you will find it on hundreds of sites.  Some Redditors claim that the picture has appeared on Hallmark cards.  It’s the kind of innocent picture that only a paedophile could see anything sexual or pornographic in.

As well as reporting the photo to ‘law enforcement’ and potentially causing a men’s rights supporter some unpleasant hassle, Kloo2 also claimed to have seriously thought about locking the men’s rights reddit, which is now by far and away the largest online men’s rights community with over 21,000 members and counting.  This clown, supported by his feminist Men’s Rights Fraud co-moderator Ignatiusloyola, is the biggest single threat to the growth of the movement.  The time has surely come to finally put pressure on these two idiots to hand over the most important men’s rights resource to more able and genuine men’s rights activists.

This is what some of the other outraged men’s rights redditors had to say about Kloo’s actions :

kloo2yoo crazy

Kloo2Yoo and the Promise and Peril of Reddit Men’s Rights

arthur schopenhauer graveHaving returned from my annual pilgrimage to the grave of Arthur Schopenhauer in Frankfurt, I will now write the piece I promised earlier. An important piece, detailing as it does, a development in the course of anti-feminism that has probably had the old misery guts himself turning in his grave, as well as Ernest Belfort Bax, the very first men’s rights activist, not to mention Steve Moxon, and quite a few others, choking on their breakfast cereal in disbelief and dismay.

In the last couple of weeks, there has been a wave of excitement at the prospect of the men’s rights movement finally breaking through to the masses.  In particular, we have had the announcement of both the Futurist’s urls@urinals campaign, and Paul Elam’s proposed men’s rights internet radio station.

But, however inspiring and potentially massive these developments undoubtedly are, they are both arguably dwarfed by another less noticed and talked about breakthrough –  Men’s Rights is now on the default list of Reddit, the internet’s biggest social bookmarking hub.  As a consequence, that subreddit, already the largest online men’s rights community by far, is now attracting over 100 new members each and every day.

It would be impossible to put a monetry value upon that kind of free publicity for our movement.  Businesses would pay thousands, if not millions of dollars for that kind of advertising.  It’s the equivalent of men’s rights flyers being put up in a thousand urinals every day, or HBO dedicating an hour’s programming each week solely to men’s rights issues.

But there is a problem.  Kloo2Yoo, the creator and moderator of a men’s rights community that will probably have over 100,000 members by the end of next year, is either a feminist or an idiot.  This has been discussed previously both here and elsewhere, but recently it’s taken on an even more disturbing and sinister turn.

Kloo2yoo recently submitted a post to r/mensrights linking to the story of a woman who takes her 5 year old son around America on book signing tours and daytime chat shows, with the little boy ‘happily’ dressed in pink skirts and other exaggeratedly girlie attire.  To the title of his post, he added the question as to what name we should invent to encourage other pre-school male toddlers who ‘want’ to escape the patriarchal shackles of their imposed gender, and to dress up as little girls – or circus freaks, for Oprah Winfrey and her like.

Now, I consider myself about as far away from the alpha-male wannabe ultra-conservative patriarch men’s rights charicature that some of our enemies (and some idiots in our movement) want to portray and define all of us as being.  I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of 5.  This is my favourite video on YouTube.  Well, actually, maybe this is.  One of the most beautiful human beings I ever met was a 16 year old girl trapped inside the body of a boy (and mentally tortured because, quite reasonably, in the UK, you have to be 18 before you are deemed mature enough to consent to go through with a sex change operation).  I certainly have nothing against transexuals and certainly nothing against fighting society’s fixed definitions of what it is to be a man (which comes from the sexual needs of women as much as the needs of ‘patriarchal’ society).

But we’re talking about pre-schoolers here, and a woman who is messing with her 5 year old son’s very identity for highly questionable motives.

The other disturbing aspect of this is that Kloo2Yoo then approves a radical feminist troll (thepinkmask or catlebrity) posting tips on how to encourage your own pre-school son to accept that they are really, in actual fact, girls.

Arguing against feminists criminalizing as subhuman paedophiles the 99% of the global male population who will ,at one time or another, inevitably click upon an image of a 30 year old woman in pigtails, whilst surfing for porn, is not men’s rights or anti-feminism (despite what Steve Moxon says), and will get you an immediate ban, yet supporting radical feminists cross-dressing and interfering with the very soul and identity of your little pre-schooler IS men’s rights.

Apparently.  In the world of Kloo2Yoo.

Well, I want no part of it.  But the most important thing is, the men’s rights community should surely want no part in it. But there’s more.  Last week, Kloo2Yoo effectively admitted that he was a feminist.

The fact that has been so spectacularly successful hasn’t got much to do with kloo2 whatsoever.  Rather, it has everything to do with the work and posting of relevant links by the likes of Pierce Harlan and others.  Kloo2, in effect, got lucky, by being the first person to create a subreddit by the name of ‘mensrights’.  But last week’s admission by Kloo2 suggests that, rather than being simply the lucky idiot that he often comes across as, he is in fact a feminist and misandrist and that r/mensrights is, indeed, a veritable attempt at creating a false flag operation against our movement. 

Kloo2’s admission that he had set up feminist subreddits BEFORE creating r/mensrights, was made in a comment to a post entitled something along the lines of ‘I propose that we hereby identify ourselves as being true feminists rather than as men’s rights activists‘.  The post, although massively and typically upvoted by the feminist brigade, has seemingly been mysteriously deleted.  Presumably, because I left a comment calling Kloo2 out on his admission.  Kloo2 also made a comment offering to hand over r/mensrights to the person who made the post.  Again, he did this because either he is simply retarded, or 13 years old as some have claimed, or because he is indeed a feminist trojan horse.

What can be done?

I have set up an alternative reddit that is more open to an array of diverging but genuine men’s rights views, and less tolerant of obvious feminist trolls :, but, to be honest, it has no hope of competing with r/mensrights, and nor should it have to.  As I explained earlier, is a potential Godsend and a certain breakthrough for the movement.  If Kloo2yoo is merely an idiot, rather than being a sinister part of a feminist operation to control the voice and development of the men’s rights movement, then he has a moral duty right now to allow other, more senior and intelligent members of our movement, to become moderators.  People like AngryHarry, Paul Elam, ManWomanMyth, the Futurist, and Pierce Harlan.  In fact, above all Pierce Harlan, as it is his hard work that has made that reddit what it potentially is, in spite of kloo2yoo’s idiocy and betrayal in allowing the place to become infested with feminist trolls and puritanical lunatics ( a recent post by Harlan detailing the way in which sex offenders are forced to masturbate recieved almost as many downvotes as upvotes).

I suggest that some kind of petition, some concrete moral pressure at least, is put upon Kloo2Yoo to allow senior and genuine men’s rights activists to become moderators of r/mensrights.  I would further suggest that the position of that community in shaping the future voice of our movement is so vast and obvious that it may even require that others in the movement offer to purchase ownership of r/mensrights from Kloo2Yoo.

Whatever the solution is, I hope you’ll agree that this is an important issue that needs to be discussed.



The best and the worst of the week that was

The Futurist (Fifth Horseman) – the author of ‘The Misandry Bubble’ – revealed a new strategy to kickstart the men’s rights movement into going viral – ‘URLs for Urinals’ consists of posting men’s rights flyers on to the spaces above men’s urinals.  Jay Hammers has some ready made versions for you to print out and start posting :

Perhaps it would be a good idea if we all took photos of our activist deeds?  Of course, taking photographs in a men’s urinals is always a bit open to misinterpretation, but I guess most of us will be putting up the flyers when the loos are empty.   So get posting and snapping, scream homophobia if anybody ‘catches’ you (you could claim they are gay rights flyers), and then publish the photos online as proof of your good work and as inspiration for others.  I’ll try to put a photo up here myself in the next couple of weeks.

And just to prove that the men’s rights movement is gaining ground, or at least attention, both the Futurist and Paul Elam were referred to in a New York Times piece entitled ‘The Study of Man’, with Paul Elam’s website actually linked to.  Some cheeky conspiracy theorists have suggested that the author of the apparently damning piece might actually be sympathetic to the cause.  As I’ve mentioned here before, the traditional publishing industry is in slave to the female dollar.  This was highlighted a year or so ago when the outspoken Rod Liddle was effectively blocked from becoming editor of the British ‘Independent’ broadsheet newspaper because of concerns that his regular anti-feminist statements might turn off women readers.  If Charles McGrath, who wrote the New York Times article, really had wanted to bash men’s rights, he could have chosen some far more ‘mysogynistic’ websites than Paul’s.  In fact, he linked to one of the men’s rights sites most likely to appear reasonable to the average male reader of that paper.

Not that, in my humble and perhaps biased opinion, any publicity is bad publicity for the men’s rights movement.  At the moment, the fact is, 90% of men don’t even know we exist.  With more mainstream media outlets now covering the movement every now and again, the outlook is clearly more positive that this will change, albeit rather slowly. The main task is still to wake men up from their feminist induced chivalrous stupour.  Men won’t listen until they can hear us.

The biggest threat to any growing men’s rights movement is still that some voices will be silenced at the expense of others.  I don’t apologise for the controversial subjects that I discuss in this blog.  However big men’s rights might become, it won’t speak for all men, or even a minority of men, unless such topics are part of the movement.  I firmly believe that there is nothing I have said of importance on this site that key men’s rights supporters and anti-feminists from Schopenhauer to Ernest Belfort Bax, to the likes of modern writers such as Neil Lyndon and Steve Moxon, wouldn’t recognise to be manifestly true and obvious.  And when a ‘senior’ men’s rights activist tells me, as one did last week, that the possibility of feminists raising the age of consent to 20 is not a men’s rights issue, and to think that it is is tantamount to campaigning for paedophilia, then that person is either a fraud or a coward, or at least he is on this issue. 

At the minimum, such men’s rights supporters should be consistant.  For example – if you truly believe that it is so manifestly obvious that men should go to prison to be raped as paedophiles for having consensual sex with women old enough to vote – and that this is consistant with men’s rights, then you shouldn’t also hold that it is right for politically motivated radical feminists to interfere with the very identities of 3 year old toddlers, as Kloo2Yoo, the moderator of, appears to do here :


I will be devoting an entire article to this later in the week.