Dianne Abbott FemiHag Calls for Purge of ‘Sexualised Images’ in UK High Streets (Trigger Warning)

diane abbott
Diane Abbott


Shadow health minister Dianne Abbott has called for a purge of sexualised imagery from public spaces in the UK.

“I think it has reached a point where we need to detox our High Streets, and make Britain a family-friendly country again,” she told the Mumsnet website.

She also blamed a “disturbing” trend for online bullying of young women on a “crisis in masculinity”.

Ms Abbott, who came under fire over privately educating her teenage son, plans to make a speech on the issue.

“I think we need to clear our public spaces of worst elements of unrestrained markets – including addressing music videos that blare out at us, and our children.

“The online bullying including problems around ‘sexting’ and ‘slut-shaming’; the huge billboards that have very sexualised images of women that loom over our public spaces, and the sexualised figures of women in films that are now commonplace.

Notice how she blames bullying over slut shaming on ‘boys’, even though as I have pointed out here several times recently, 95% of slut shaming bullying that attractive teenage girls are subjected to is by other teenage girls. Actually that’s not quite correct. I shold say other teenage girls, and older jealous women such as Dianne Abbott clearly is, and who validate ‘slut shaming’ through the clever but transparent pretext of ‘protecting’ young girls from ‘potential’ slut shaming. In fact, the connection that hags like Dianne Abbot selfishly wish to draw between sexually liberal behaviour from young girls, and harmful consequences, does indeed encourage the very slut shaming that she pretends to be campaigning against.

the sexualised figures of women in films that are now commonplace“… What the F*** is she talking about?! There wasn’t any sexualised figures of women 20 years ago? Or maybe she just didn’t feel such internal jealous rage notice them back when she was younger and not quite as physically repulsive as she is now?

“The current issues facing boys,” commented one Mumsnet user, “are the result of constructions of masculinity and are not caused by feminism.”

Ms Abbott responded: “Absolutely. One reason I am anxious to make a big speech about men, boys and male identity is to nail the lie that feminism is somehow the cause of the problem.”

Uh oh.  Can you smell some more Sexual Trade Union co-opting of the MRM in the works?  I have a feeling TyphonBlue might be happy to interview her on this subject…


Sabrina Vaz Cover of Taylor Swift ’22’

Latest cover from Sabrina Vaz :

Meanwhile a radical feminist/femiservative government funded ‘charity’ is demanding lessons be introduced for boys to end gender based sexual violence against girls. To back its call, the international Sexual Trade Union lobbying group claimed that ‘one in 5 adults’ believes that pressure on girls to have sex too early is the number 1 problem facing schoolgirls. That means that 4 in 5 adults do not believe that. They also don’t appear to have asked young girls themselves, because if they would, those girls would reply in the overwhelming majority that being bullied by other girls (i.e. slut shamed and other forms of sexual jealousy based on looks) is their number one problem in life.


Plan UK’s chief executive Tanya Barron said: “Pressure to have sex can have a disastrous impact on young girls in the UK and around the world – damaging their health, wellbeing and education.

“Our international report shows that sexual violence in particular disproportionately affects girls around the globe – especially in and around school.”

A Girl’s Right to Learn Without Fear, part of Plan’s global Because I am a Girl campaign, shows that worldwide an estimated 150 million girls and 73 million boys have experienced sexual violence.

Just take a look at the comments left underneath the videos of Sabrina Vaz and ask yourself how it is that feminist hags such as Tanya Barron can get away with sprouting such utter rubbish? The only ‘pressure’ I can see is the effort by girls who aren’t as good looking as Sabrina leaving awful slut shaming comments and worse through spiteful jealousy at the attention she gets because she knows she is beautiful and loves the fact (as any teenage girl would).

The biggest pressure on teenage girls in today’s society is from :

1/ same aged girls slut shaming and bullying over appearence and behaviour, motivated by jealousy.
2/ older feminists slut shaming (pretending it’s ‘concern’ and ‘child protection’) and attempting to de-sexualise and infantilize teenage girls, with no concern as to the consequences for the girl’s present or future happiness, of the fact that it obviously encourages further slut shaming and bullying by teenage girls against each other, and motivated purely by transparent selfish sexual jealousy. In other words, shockingly grave child abuse.

BTW, any readers bring in puritanism here, without any reference to the obvious fact that since the 19th century, at least, ‘puritanism’ has been driven by physically repulsive middle-aged feminists/femiservatives acting through obvious sexual motives and insecurities (including in the USA), then I will reach for my revolver (metaphorically – of course I mean reach for the off switch to this site).

The Hounding of Amanda Todd & Sabrina Vaz – Female Sexual Jealousy Red in Tooth & Nail

Whilst watching Britney Spears on YouTube – the good old days when Britney was 17 and gave every heterosexual male not into toddlers or grannies a reason to smile – I noticed an intriguing thumbnail in the ‘suggested video’ sidebar to the right. So I clicked on it and what I got was a cover of ‘Baby One More Time’ by a stunningly attractive young teenage girl by the name of Sabrina Vaz :

I’m not posting this for eye candy reasons, but rather to point out the unfortunate and nauseating jealousy on display and what it shows about the bullying of teenage girls by other teenage girls that is being completely ignored at the expense of the twisted feminist narrative of evil male sexual desire.

The first thing to notice is that this video, and all of Sabrina Vaz’s videos, have far more dislikes than likes. Given that she’s beautiful, and clearly a talented singer and dancer, this seems rather odd at first glance.

Then you look down at the comments and you get a clue as to what is going on :

sabrina vaz

sabrina vaz 02

Comments like these predominate under all of Sabrina’s YouTube videos. I’ve seen girls telling her to ‘kill herself’. And nearly all of these hateful, vicious comments are by girls. If you click on the profiles of the female commentators, they are nearly always unattractive. Disturbingly, sometimes they are women in their 20’s or 30’s. Nearly all the (minority) of comments asking others to lay off the bullying and slut shaming of Sabrina come from boys.

So I Googled her name, Sabrina Vaz, expecting to read that she had dated Justin Bieber, a member of ‘One Direction’ or the latest boyband – the usual reason for millions of teenage girls to want to skin alive a female celebrity. But no, it appears that this hate is simply because she is

  • 14
  • beautiful
  • talented
  • famous

Now when feminists and their mangina paedocrite allies exploited the tragic case of Amanda Todd, and claimed that her suicide illustrated how important it was to ‘crack down’ even further on the circulation of ‘jailbait’ pictures etc, they conveniently forget that the worst and most vicious bullying of pretty teenage girls, including ‘slut shaming’, is done by their less attractive female peers.

Yes, in Amanda Todd’s case, it appears that it was a boy who tried to blackmail her over a topless webcam photo. But this was only possible because she knew she would be ‘slut shamed’ mercilessly by other teenage girls jealous of her beauty, something rooted in the primal hardwired desire of the female chimpanzee brain to destroy anyone or anything which brings down the average female ‘sexual value’. If society didn’t consider the beautiful sight of a topless teenage girl to be ‘indecent’ the suicide of Amanda Todd would not have happened. She would not, and could not have been slut shamed.

Note also that Amanda was finally driven to death by her female tormentors after being viciously beaten up by a gang of jealous teenage girls after she had dated one of their (ex)boyfriends. Something that again doesn’t get much attention from the feminists and peadocrite child abusers eager to exploit her suicide as a further warning to pretty teenage girls not to be sluts on webcam (or the evil male penis will be the death of you).

amanda todd female jealousy


These teenage girls who slut shame and bully their pretty peers are really just a younger version of the ‘child protection’ lobby group industry feminists, who express their spite and resentment at being old hags, by equally slut shaming young girls through the slightly more sophisticated means of victim labelling and the ruse of ‘protecting’ them from paedophiles.


Moms Chaperoning Prom Spray Teens ‘Dirty Dancing’ with Lysol

moms spray teens


Two mothers chaperoning a high school prom in Manitou Springs, Colo., allegedly sprayed Lysol on students for dancing dirty, calling the teen girls “sluts” and “whores.”

About eight students were hit with the disinfectant spray, Manitou Springs police told the Daily News. The spray got in some students’ eyes and mouths, and they had to leave the prom, said police.

A female teen that was at the April 21 dance is pressing charges against the chaperones.

Study Finds That Sexual Competition Causes Jealousy and Envy More to Women than to Men

Well, whaddya know?  Looks like the boffins are finally catching up with sexual trade union theory, as well as basic common sense.  No, really, cultural marxism explains everything about feminism (sarcasm).


Sexual competition affects women more than men in raising jealousy and envy in a work environment, according to a recent study.

The study of analyzing the differences between men and women in feeling jealous and envious was published in the journal Revista de Psicología Sociai by a group of researchers from universities in Valencia, Spain, Groningen, Netherlands, and Palermo, Argentina. Women are more likely to feel jealous and envy in a sexual competition than men, while social skills provoked men and women equally.

“Women with a high level of intrasexual competition are more jealous if the rival is more attractive and more envious if the rival is more powerful and dominating. They did not get any results in men, as no rival characteristics that provoke jealousy or envy predicted intrasexual competition,” co-author Rosario Zurriaga at University of Valencia told Servico de Información y Noticias Científicas (SINC).

Intrasexual competition, as the study defined, is a competition between same sex people trying to keep access to the opposite sex. The group of researchers distributed questionnaires to around 200 people and chose 114 as the sample for the exploratory study. The sample was 50 percent men and 50 percent women, and they had an average age of 36 years and spent 11 years in their current employment.

The studied defined jealously as “a threat or loss of success in a relationship due to interference from a rival and implies a loss or threat of loss of what they had” and envy as “a response to another person who has success, skills, or qualities that they desire and involves a lack in comparison to the envied person”.

Sexual competition made women feel jealous and envious more so than men. Rival’s social skills, however, provoked both men and women equally.

“Our research intends to clarify the role of emotions like envy and jealousy at work. These feelings have not been studied in working contexts and can cause stress in workers and negatively affect the quality of working life,” said the researcher.

“This is one of the first studies that examines rivals’ characteristics in this environment and contributes to a better understanding of conflicts and problems that can occur in working relationships,” they said.

The study implied that in order to prevent the negative effects, they should modify aspects such as the perception of threat, loss, or comparison with others at work.

Sexual Trade Union Protests Against Miss World 2011

The British sexual trade union, led again by Kat Banyard and her UK Feminista group, have been holding protests against the latest Miss World contest in London.  For more information, read the excellent Human-Stupidity article at InMalaFide (warning – article does contain graphic images of the protestors).

Some feminists do appear to mellow with age, and learn to accept their departure from the free sexual market : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15692592

But it’s also the case that, since those bad old days, television and other mass media have committed crimes far worse than even the “un-reformed” Miss World ceremony did. This year’s competition included a couple of 17-year-olds, the Anna Karenina fan from Bosnia Herzegovina, and Miss El Salvador. Otherwise, just like they’ve been in all 60 years of the competition, they were a collection of young adults, up to (in the case of Miss People’s Republic of China) the age of 25.

This isn’t, in other words, the licensed child abuse (or that’s what it looks like to me, at any rate) that we watch on Britain’s Got Talent, where there is no age limit at all – you could enter your toddler if you wanted to – and where to see a prematurely-sexualised 11-year-old reduced to tears, or a vulnerable middle-aged lady driven to despair, seems to have become part of the pleasure of the show. A hundred, apparently robust, grown-ups in bikinis don’t seem quite as offensive as that.

It does appear that, at a street level, the demographic of sexual trade union politics is becoming younger, although still as hideous.  Of course, street protests are nearly always the preserve of the young, but I wonder if it could also be because the unattractive young female, these days, is starting to feel the displacements caused by the free sexual market even more strongly than their older sisters?

Young women have now been brought up to feel they have a right to have a hundred male partners by the age of 21.  When it doesn’t happen for these ugly ‘feministas’ then they are even more likely to want to lash out than their aging, and even uglier, older feminist brethren. Perhaps Kat Banyard is a symptom of this?

Here’s the youngest contestant in this years Miss World – the delightful 16 year old Miss Bosnia.  And no, I’m not showing you a picture of Kat Banyard.  Too early in the morning.

Dankota Fanning Perfume Advert Banned in the UK

A perfume advert featuring 17 year old actress Dakota Fanning has been banned in the UK for ‘sexualising a child’.

Designer Marc Jacobs’ latest Oh Lola! ad’ campaign starring Dakota Fanning has been banned.

The UK Advertising Standards Agency have deemed the pictures ‘too suggestive’ and have ordered it be pulled forthwith.

In the advert, 17-year-old actress Dakota is wearing a short, pale dress and resting an over-sized bottle of the Oh Lola! Scent between her legs.

According to the regulatory body the “length of her dress, her leg and the position of the perfume bottle drew attention to her sexuality. Because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualise a child.”


According to other reports, a total of FOUR people had complained about the advert.

Somebody explain to me how it is possible to ‘sexualise’ a 17 year old ‘child’ when the average onset of puberty for girls in the Western world is now around 11 or 12?

Dakota Fanning Banned Advert

Just to send the psychotically jealous old femi-hags even more insane, here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the advert :