Eivind Berge Wins Wrongful Imprisonment Appeal

Good news regarding our old friend Eivind Berge in Norway. Eivind has been successful in his appeal against wrongful imprisonment in 2012 (over alleged incitement to harm police officers through his blog writings) and the court awarded him over $4,000 in compensation. He has posted his reaction here :


Eivind Berge Released

Some great news from Norway – our good friend Eivind Berge has been released from prison.

It appears that the Norwegian Supreme Court has ruled that the foolish threats that Eivind had published on his blog were not made in a ‘public place’. Eivind was apparently released yesterday (Thursday).

Although this site and its readers make perfectly clear that we disassociate ourselves completely from the threats of violence that Eivind made, it is wonderful news for the men’s rights community that he has been released.

For most bloggers, their published writings are akin to a private diary that has been shared amongst friends. Eivind’s blog was not linked to by many others in the men’s rights movement (not a reflection on the highly articulate and courageous writings of Eivind, but rather the conservative American family values demographic of the movement). Although I have never had any contact online or offline with Eivind, I see him as a friend and an anti-feminst hero for being one of the few men’s rights activists to stand up to the never ending torrent of sex laws that are being made by feminists, with barely any public discussion or debate and backed only by ‘scientific’ studies that have been repeatedly shown to be either wrong, or even downright fraudulent’. Oppressive sex laws which clearly serve both the sexual and financial interests of the feminists themselves and their female supporters, and which amount to the rape of male sexuality,  and which each probably violate several fundamental citizens rights according to the EU charter .

I denounce Eivind’s unfortunate overblown rhetoric on violence, which potentially could have caused so much damage to the only political movement on the horizon that has the potential to limit the crimes against humantiy being comitted by the feminist state.

Eivind Berge has been foolish, but he is no doubt a hero as well, and his courage and intelligence is much better served through being the peaceful men’s rights activist that he always has been, and always will be.


The anti-feminist blogger Eivind Berge was released Thursday afternoon, after Gulating Court of Appeal held that blog’s speech on the internet is not criminal.

– The threats were meant seriously, but I’ve thought through it, and I stand not for the extreme forms of action now, says 34-year-old to NRK after release.

Ends to incite violence

Berge says that his stay in prison has been stressful, but interesting, and that he has realized that he did not want to be criminal.

– Sitting in the prison itself has not had any effect on my opinions, but I will not back there, says Berge.

At the same time he says that at one time was willing to carry out threats against the police.

– But police brutality is not something I’m going to continue to encourage, says blogger.

Defender Henry Birkeland says 34-year-old wants to visit his girlfriend and work to bring out their assets seized by the police after release.

Statements are not criminal

Prosecutors believe Berges statements about the police killing of his own blog was far above the limit of freedom of expression and could be considered a solicitation to police killings.

But Gulating Court of Appeal gave Berge pursuant to Thursday, and expressions of opinion on a blog can not be considered public.

That Rare Thing – A Pro Male Sexuality Anti-Feminist Blog

(see also : David Futrelle and the Advocacy of Child Murder)

When I posted my hopes for 2012 a few days ago, I forgot to mention that one of my hopes was that more men’s rights blogs would start appearing that placed the feminist war upon male sexuality at the center of their perspective.  At the moment it still feels pretty lonely being a men’s rights activist speaking out unreservedly against ALL sexually self-interested feminist laws that criminalise male sexuality. But the same day I came across the following excellent blog from a Norwegian MRA called Eivind Berge (he posts under his real name) that you should all bookmark :


You might not agree with everything he says, as I’m sure not many of you agree with everything I say here.  For example, his latest post is actually an attack on feminist laws that criminalise female teachers who end up sleeping with their male students.  I don’t agree with the idea that there are less moral issues involved in female teachers sleeping with teenage boys than the other way around (in fact there are arguments to the contrary – for example that boys mature later than girls).  But I do agree that it’s an absurdity that such ‘lucky’ boys are being damaged by having the child abuse victim label forced upon them, and I think that the way forward for MRAs is to highlight the double standards whilst taking care not to victimise boys ourselves in the name of ‘equality’.

Here’s a paragraph from another post entitlted : ‘The Trafficking Trade Groweth

Suppose you hire an au pair while making it clear that she is expected to provide sex as part of the deal, which the woman accepts. A perfectly fair exchange, right? I would naturally expect sex from an au pair myself or I wouldn’t hire her, and if she agrees, no reasonable person could object. Unfortunately, we live in a sick society with unbridled feminist power. In the feminist police state of Norway, this is now criminalized as “trafficking.” A man and his wife are now on trial for this exact scenario, and it really makes my blood boil with renewed hatred. Just when you thought we had reached the high-water mark, feminism keeps escalating and inventing new ways of persecuting male sexuality. The feminist police state is on a relentless march towards criminalizing ever greater areas of male sexuality — or in this case, applying existing laws in innovative ways in order to imprison more men. To feminist prosecutor Anne Cathrine Aga I have the following message: The Men’s Movement is watching you, bitch, and we are seething with hatred against you personally and the police state you represent. Actions have consequences. Trials are still (mostly) public and they sink into our collective minds, where they form the basis of future activism. Hate breeds hate — that is a fact of life too smugly ignored by feminists.