A Sex Predator Vigilante Talks about the Pleasure he gets from Protecting Children

An anti-paedo vigilante named Terry talks about the personal pleasure he gets out of protecting children from perverts :

FDC055E0_YouTube – The Vigilante by afvids

Any physical resemblance to a particular mangina before he went obese and grey is purely co-incidental.

David Futrelle Humiliated On Al Jazeera

david futrelle al jazeeraGod what a laugh!  I watched the momentous live stream debut of David Futrelle on Al Jazeera last night.  He’d been invited to participate in a debate on ‘online misogyny’.  I spent half an hour watching the ‘debate’ – which so far as I could make out consisted of four feminists bitching about men trying to ‘silence’ women’s voices on the internet, to which the obvious liberal progressive solution was to…well, of course, to silence men’s voices on the internet through yet more hate speech legislation.  Four femi-fascists constantly regurgitating the message that women haven’t striven for hundreds of years to win their freedom only for them not to be able to lock up any man who dares to criticise them online.  While young girls are beaten or even stoned to death throughout the Arab world for being sexually promiscuous, it’s good to see that western feminists have convinced Al Jazeera that combatting the men’s rights movement is the number 1 priority for the global sisterhood.

And then the Manboobz was finally allowed to stop twiddling his thumbs and make his contribution from the webcam in his basement.

He looked down at his script and delivered one carefully rehearsed line.  The presenter stared at his visage for several seconds apparently in a combination of bafflement and revulsion.  She didn’t appear to know what to make of him.  Perhaps the words ‘Manboobz Meetups’ were hammering away inside of her skull and she was furiously telling herself ‘not going there, not going there, not going there’.

One of the other commentators later unconvincingly remarked that ‘David made an excellent point’, but it was clear that, like myself and probably everybody else, nobody actually knew what that point was.

Al Jazeera then switched to the news headlines.  I thought I heard the presenter mention something about continuing the discussion, but I wasn’t sure if she mean’t in their Al Jazeera chatroom or in the studio.  Anyway, after another half an hour of waiting I decided that 5 privileged bitches vagina farting at each other wasn’t worth staying up for and I went to bed.


Kyle Payne Explains How He Used His Male Feminist Persona To Sexually Abuse Women & Children

You probably all remember Kyle Payne – before David Futrelle adopted his ‘Manboobz’ persona, Kyle was perhaps the most famous of all male feminist bloggers.  He became even more famous, or infamous, when he was convicted of photographing the breasts of an unconscious young female student who was under his care as he worked as a student counsellor (presumably he also molested her, although there was no evidence to convict him of this). His role as student counsellor to rape victims was gained largely through the reputation he had carefully built up for himself as an online male feminist.

Incredibly, spending time in prison for sexually abusing a girl in his trust did not prevent Kyle from resuming his pro-feminist blogging and anti-porn activism immediately upon his release.  However, it did appear that his blogging days were finally over when he was caught redhanded a second time – on this occasion, for fapping off to kiddy porn whilst out on probation.


Kyle is blogging again.  Of course he’s a changed mangina now – this time his feminism is for real. No I mean for real real.  For example, now he has the added kudos of being able to recount the formerly repressed story of how he was sexually abused as a boy, and how this inevitably turned him into someone who molests passed out college kids (after all, everybody knows that male child abuse victims always go onto become abusers themselves – a bit like werewolves).

Although some might find Kyle’s second resumption of post-custodial pro-feminist blogging to be somewhat offensive, he has at least been forced into publicly admitting that his past feminism was merely a ruse.  In fact, he has performed an important public service by explaining exactly how sex predators and paedophiles exploit the persona of male feminist simply in order to get themselves into situations where they can sexually abuse emotionally vulnerable young females.  I believe this is essential to understand if future Kyle Paynes, and other male ‘feminists’, are to be prevented from destroying yet more young lives :

My work against sexual violence and my reputation as a pro-feminist “good guy” accomplished two interrelated goals: first, I was able to exploit the courage I witnessed in other survivors and substitute it as my own (rather than dealing with my own experiences of abuse), and second, I distracted myself from the shame of fantasizing about women as sexual objects, and in the case of my victim, acting out that fantasy. It’s no coincidence that I traveled to two feminist anti-pornography events (in Boston and Austin), established an online presence as a pro-feminist anti-pornography blogger, and became an avid fan of women’s athletics in the nineteen months between committing my offense and being convicted in court. My involvement with feminism was not a total charade, but a large part of it was self-serving and exploitative of the trust I gained from others. I had a very specific idea of how I wanted my story to be told, and I sought to control the narrative.

Of course, the real question is, how could anyone expect that story to make sense? A man who takes advantage of a woman sexually, and who sexually objectifies women and girls through internet pornography, who also cares a whole lot about feminism? That’s a hypocrite. A liar. And a ticking time bomb. I wish I’d had the courage to call out my own bullshit, address this extreme contradiction in my values, and demonstrate some sort of integrity.



david futrelle mangina
David Futrelle

Let’s hope that other male feminists can find the courage within themselves that Kyle Payne sadly was unable to.

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David Futrelle to Teach College Girls ‘How to Have Better Sex’

Swedish Women Get Slap on Wrist for Vile Child Porn

Swedish women convicted in rare child porn case

(*I think we need to break this one down) :

A Swedish court on Tuesday convicted 23 women of possessing child pornography in a case that has drawn widespread attention because child pornography perpetrators are usually men.

(*True, to a certain extent.  Draconian child porn laws are clearly targetted at men, the male love of beauty and youth, the male capacity to be drawn to erotic visual stimulation, as well as the nature of internet porn searching which ‘rewards’ men’s natural hunting instincts.  If looking at porn was something that women did, rather than something that (99% of) men do, then there would be few if any laws surrounding pornography, at least for the viewing or possession of it.  The state certainly wouldn’t be breaking into the homes of thousands of women each year on account of certain twitches of their fingers on a plastic mouse in order to view 1s and 0s on a computer screen.  That’s not to say that many women don’t look at illegal child porn.  I’m sure untold thousands do, and I can imagine many of them are lesbian feminists.  The police can and do pick and choose who to raid for looking at child porn. This is unlike most crime investigations, which are usually the result of a victim making a complaint.  What is likely is that the police choose to arrest women only in the worst cases, and when they have no choice in the matter because the women were acting with men who were arrested and charged, as in this case.)

The Falun district court in central Sweden handed the women, who are aged between 38 and 70, suspended sentences and ordered them to pay fines ranging from 2,500 kronor to 18,000 kronor ($375 to $2,691, 273 to 1,965 euros).

The ringleader in the case was however a man, 43-year-old Lars Skoglund, who who distributed large quantities of pornographic material featuring children to the women.

He was convicted of aggravated child pornography and sentenced to one year in prison…

…According to the court, the photographs and films depict children being raped by adults, in some cases with the children tied up.

(*Recall that a Swedish fan of Manga was recently fined 5,000 Krona for just owning 50 cartoon pictures that a court ruled as ‘child porn’ (out of a collection of 4 million manga comics).

The court found that “most of the women were psychologically unstable,” and Skoglund had “taken advantage of the women’s poor psychological states and longing for human contact.”

The women all told the court they were not interested in child pornography.

“If Lars Skoglund had not led their conversations onto the subject of child sex, most of these women would probably never have come into contact with child pornography,” the court found.

(*What a f*****g excuse.  No such sympathy for cases where a man has been caught looking at child porn in the throes of depression, or as catharsis  for his own childhood abuse.  A man cannot even use the excuse that he is looking at child porn as a substitute for the real thing, in order to prevent himself actually abusing a child, even though there is evidence that viewing child porn does prevent such actual abuse taking place.)

Meanwhile, it has come to my attention that a thriving ‘jailbait’ subreddit has recently been shut down in controversial circumstances.  I wouldn’t have known this, given that I take great care to avoid any sites that could contain illegal material, and in Europe and much of the world, pictures of jailbait in panties or thongs are considered child porn.  Hell, even a picture of a fully clothed small breasted 25 year old could be considered ‘child porn’ by some rabidly psychotic feminist old bag if the smile on the ‘girl’s’ face was deemed ‘sexual’.

No, I only learnt of the jailbait reddit’s demise because I happened to read about it on the blog of a certain male feminist and connoisseur of ‘tender and erotic’ boy rape fantasies.  Thanks to his extensive, ahem, ‘research’, I did a little Googling of my own and found the following video that explains it all rather well :