FemiHag of the Year 2014 – Reader’s Poll

Here it is – the long awaited first ever FemiHag of the Year Award – and YOU decide! which of the following candidates do you think was the most despicable femihag of 2014? Which aesthetically challenged feminist went to the most evil and obscene lengths to raise her own pitiful sexual market value? Which feminist did the most to introduce legislation that will lead to thousands or millions of men being anally raped in jail, just so that she could increase her own chances of getting laid or keeping her man? Which bitter feminist jellyhag brought us closer to a sexual holocaust in 2014?

You can choose TWO femihags – scroll down for a brief resume of each femihag (WARNING – Does contain images that will leave some readers requiring brain bleach to remove) :

Who was the worst FemiHag of 2014?

  • Anna Mato (29%, 12 Votes)
  • Alison Saunders (26%, 11 Votes)
  • David Futrelle (26%, 11 Votes)
  • Harriet Harmen (24%, 10 Votes)
  • Jessica Valenti (12%, 5 Votes)
  • Fiona MacTaggart (7%, 3 Votes)
  • Rebecca Roache (7%, 3 Votes)
  • Rashida Manjoo (7%, 3 Votes)
  • Kat Banyard (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Somaly Mam (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Carolina Criado-Perez (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 42

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Rashida-Manjoo_bbc-sexismRashida Manjoo…possibly the ugliest feminist jellyhag in the world, the evil Manjoo, United Nations something or other, declared that the UK was the most sexist in the world because of its sexualisation of 17 year old, ermmm, ‘children’…meanwhile, in ISIS controlled Iraq and Syria, thousands of Christian pre-pubescent girls are being raped and tortured by Islamic neckbeards and neither the UN nor feminists do anything.

Alison SaundersAlison Saunders – Unspeakably evil director of the UK Crown Prosecution Service, leading the persecution of elderly men through Operation Yewtree.

ana-matoAnna Mato, the Spanish femihag minister who single-handedly raised the age of consent in Spain, even beyond the age suggested by her colleagues and the United Femihag Nations itself, and was then caught up in scandals involving Ebola and serious financial corruption.

david-futrelle-manboobz-3David Futrelle – The Chicago child torture porn apologist gets a chance for redemption after his surprise defeat in the Paedocrite of the Year poll! The only male feminist in the world who is such a truly disgusting mangina that he actually qualifies as a femihag. In 2014 Futrelle posed as a male feminist media expert on the dangers of granting that boys have moral and legal rights whilst continuing to defend the gay sex shop distribution of a paedophile made ‘classic’ depicting naked 14 year old boys being anally raped, tortured, made to eat human excrement, disembowelled and murdered. He then publicly called for me to be murdered after I revealed that one of his most favoured readers and commentators was a paedophile sadist who ran a forum dedicated to fellow perverts turned on by the crucifixion of women and girls.

caroline-criado-perezCarolina Criado-Perez – Started the year strongly and couldn’t be kept out of the media, even having twitter trolls arrested (whilst repeatedly calling men ‘cocks’ and making apparent rape threats herself) Has since gone a bit quiet though.

rebecca-roacheRebecca Roache – The Oxford University academic announced the results of her team’s research into using new technology to create a literal eternal hell on Earth for men who break feminist laws. She boasted that it will soon be possible for the feminist state to upload the minds of men who have angered hags into computers and put them through 1,000s of years worth of mental torment and anguish in the space of a single day.

kat-banyardKat Banyard – Kat remains possibly the most effective Sexual Trade Union activist in the world today. In the UK she succeeded in pushing the ‘sexualisation’ of British 17 year old girls moral panic bullshit above any possible concerns for the thousands of children being raped and tortured in ISIS controlled Syria (or, for that matter, in Rotherham). The joyless puritan also furthered her own almost non-existent sexual market value by campaigning for topless pictures of young women to be banned from tabloid newspapers, as well as ‘lad’s mags’ removed from newsagents.


Jessica Valenti – Jessica was just her typical privileged white middle-class female professional victim for most of the year, but really outdid even herself in the runup to Christmas with a now notorious article she published in the Guardian. Valenti expressed her rage at the patriarchal oppression she suffers when having to face wrapping festive gifts for all her similarly privileged white middle-class friends. Google ‘Jessica Valenti outrage over ISIS rape of young girls’ and you get zero relevant results. Google ‘Jessica Valenti outrage over women wrapping Christmas gifts’ and it’s a different story entirely.

somaly-mamSomaly Mam – One of the Sexual Trade Union’s leading activists against ‘sex trafficking’ and ‘child prostitution’, Somaly Mam was found out to be blatantly making up stories in order to further her financial and sexual market value raising aims.

fiona-mctaggartFiona MacTaggart – Unsuccessful attempt at raising ugly British women’s SMV through the criminalization of any man, with the threat of anal rape in prison, who dares to pay for sex with an attractive woman.

harriet-harmanHarriet Harmen – Amongst Harriet’s crimes in 2014 was resisting attempts to grant men accused of rape anonymity until conviction, as well as forcing British mangina cowardly politicians to wear ‘This Is What A Feminist Looks Like’ t-shirts to secure the vagina vote (the REAL problem) before it being exposed that those same t-shirts were made by Third World female factory slaves ‘earning’ 62 pence an hour.

Lena Dunham Voted the Most Disgusting Paedocrite of 2014

lena-dunham-paedocriteIt’s now official – David Futrelle has finally been dethroned and Lena Dunham has been voted the most disgusting paedocrite of 2014!

Here are the final results of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2014 Poll :

Who was the most disgusting paedocrite of 2014? Choose TWO paedocrites!

  • Lena Dunham (72%, 59 Votes)
  • David Futrelle (51%, 42 Votes)
  • Rolf Harris (10%, 8 Votes)
  • Max Clifford (6%, 5 Votes)
  • Inclined Reader (6%, 5 Votes)
  • RalMCG (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 82

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david futrelle
This is what a paedocrite looks like

Most seasoned paedoc watchers had predicted that David Futrelle would easily retain his crown – for the fourth straight year. The master paedocrite had indeed been in outstanding form – continuing to libel MRAs and others as paedophiles for discussing paedohysteria, however long ago, yet refusing to even acknowledge, let alone apologize for, an article he wrote in the 1990’s defending the sale of a child torture porn movie in a gay sex shop.  In the now notorious article, Fraudtrelle mocked American police officers for arresting the owners of the seedy gay ‘bookstore’ for distributing a disgusting video depicting the anal rape, forced shit eating, torture, disembowlement, and murder of naked children (played by real child actors, one of whom later killed himself). On top of that, Futrelle publicly called for the webmaster of this site to be murdered after I revealed that one of his regular commentators was a sadistic ‘transgender’ paedocrite  psychopath who openly moderated a sick fetish website devoted to men turned on by the thought of crucifying women and girls (no doxxing took place on my part – ‘ralmcg’ was moderating the sick forum  (as ‘assistant executioner’) under the same username as he uses at Manboobz). Futrelle will shortly be standing trial on incitement to murder charges over this.

Although Futrelle exceeded even his own disgusting paedocrite standards in 2014, what he couldn’t count on was a truly stunning display of paedocrisy from Lena Dunham. The American actress and social justice warrior openly boasted in her autobiography how she liked to peer inside the vagina of her one year old sister only weeks after ranting that millions of men who looked online at hacked naked pics of celebrities were all sex offenders (and presumably each one deserved to be anally raped in jail). To top it all, Dunham is now in hot water after it was revealed that rape accusations made in her book were entirely bogus and were causing unfounded suspicions to fall upon at least one innocent man.

david-futrelle-2.jpgDespite finally losing his crown, the monster of Chicago can take solace from the fact that he received over twice as many votes as he did last year when winning the trophy (for the fourth successive time).  In other words, more people than ever think that Futrelle is the most disgusting paedocrite in the world.  No doubt he will be back even stronger next year, determined to re-claim his throne, even if he has to do it from a prison cell.

Rolf Harris, the Australian entertainer convicted (on extremely dubious ‘evidence’) for abusing children, including a 4 year old, trailed well back in a distant third place.  At the time when he was (supposedly) molesting children, he had gone out of his way to produce a video warning kids that all adults were potential perverts and paedophiles.  An undoubted master paedocrite in action, it was Rolf’s misfortune to have run up against a pair of paedocs who truly turned in ungodly performances in 2014.

To add to Futrelle’s humiliation, his transgender sadistic disciple ‘Ralmcg’ could only finish in last place.

Legal Action Against David Futrelle the Child Torture Porn Apologist

David Futrelle
David Futrelle
Over the last couple of days, David Futrelle, the Chicago child torture porn apologist, has made what amounts to a public incitement of violence against my person. He has also publicly declared support for a woman who has been making violent threats against myself and my readers here – criminal threats which Futrelle must have been aware of. I have to take these threats seriously and will be seeking criminal charges against Futrelle in the coming months, as well as legal action over his repeated defamatory writings stretching back at least 5 years. Not only is this necessary for my protection, it means that at last, in a court of law, we can get to the bottom of why David Futrelle continues to refuse to even acknowledge the fact that he mocked American police officers for thinking it was inappropriate for a video depicting naked children being anally raped, made to eat shit, disemboweled, and tortured to death, to be rented out in a seedy gay sex shop.

To the handful of men’s human rights activists who occasionally attack Futrelle over his child torture porn apologia – please note the last sentence of the previous paragraph. It does not matter that in the sick minds of ‘left-wing’ social justice warriors, a film made by a left-wing homosexual gratuitously depicting naked 14 year old boys eating shit and then being slowly tortured to death is considered by them ‘classic’ art.

The fact is, David Futrelle attacked the police for removing it from sale in a gay sex shop.

David Futrelle is going to have to explain why he defended its sale in a sex shop. The prosecuters are not going to go gently on him on this. When he comes out with his lazy rehearsed defence of ‘it’s classic art…it shows how bad fascism is’..the prosecution are not going to let him off the hook and just fall silent like the tweets of an MHRA. They’re going to ask

all very well Mr Futrelle, but why did you mock the police for removing a video depicting the torture and abuse of real, naked, and underage children, from a gay sex shop – ‘classic’ or not?

In court, Futrelle is also going to face questions over the following :

In the same year as his sickening defence of ‘Salo’, he wrote an article lambasting a feminist for refusing to admit that we all harbor secret fantasies to torture and abuse other people. He also claimed that the primary means of expressing these fantasies was through watching them being played out on film and in news reports of serial killers and other monsters.

This was also the same year that John Wayne Gacy, another Chicago resident, was arrested for the sadistic murders of young boys.

Several of the male feminist (or ‘transgender’) readers at his site MammothBoobz appear to be sadistic psychopaths and hardcore paedophiles – one of them is ‘assistant executioner’ at a BDSM forum catering for men who fantasize about crucifying women and girls. Since I reported this here, Futrelle has not publicly condemned his reader and it is not clear if he has even been banned, but instead it appears to have motivated him to make a public incitement of violence against me.

David Futrelle also wrote an article claiming that the ‘innocence’ of female victims of abuse is ‘exaggerated’ and that abusers are unfairly demonized.

He also regularly wrote articles denouncing child sex abuse hysteria, accusing leading child protection charities of lying about the extent of ritual sexual abuse. In another article, he discussed sympathetically whether statutory rapists should often be encouraged to marry their victims, even using the term ‘we can’t send them all to jail’. Today, he regularly libels men’s rights activists and even the likes of Richard Dawkins as ‘paedophiles’ and ‘child abuse apologists’ for discussing the same topics. He even wrote an article mocking the idea of child welfare being a subject of political concern – even appearing to mock the ‘innocence’ of child victims of AIDS.

David Futrelle has repeatedly libeled Warren Farrell over a disputed word in one interview made nearly half a century ago. Not only clearly insinuating that he is a paedophile in the tone of his articles attacking Farrell, but by his use of the tag ‘paedophiles…oh sorry ephebophiles’ underneath every article he writes about him. He has used this tag when attacking myself or any other MRA who even mentions feminist laws on ‘child protection’ as well as in stories relating to real paedophiles. If either Warren Farrell or Richard Dawkins chooses to sue him for defamation, he would not have a legal leg to stand on. Similarly, he is no legal position to seek defamation charges against others for suggesting that he, in fact, is a paedophile, by his own logic, for having regularly in his past career as a ‘sex positive’ journalist discussed critically the feminist narrative on child sex abuse and teenage sexuality.

David Futrelle clearly incited violence against Warren Farrell at the recent men’s rights conference in Detroit, using that same disputed interview given nearly half-a-century ago. Farrell is obviously now an old man, subjected to intimidation and attempted violence at previous speaking engagements on men’s rights. Futrelle clearly tried to incite similar and greater violence against him and other attendees at the conference using insinuations that Farrell was a paedophile and a ‘paedophile apologist’. Again, if Farrell chooses to take legal action against Futrelle over this, he will have an extremely strong case.

Fraudtrelle even recently boasted that it was not illegal to slander somebody as a rapist even if they are found innocent in the eyes of the law by a court :

David Futrelle exists in a psychopathic fantasy world in which he can make a living from constantly slandering hundreds if not thousands of men and yet when one of his victims highlights past quotes that he has made, he threatens to sue for defamation because it might harm his chosen ‘career’ of making money out of trying to criminalize the very idea that men and boys have rights. He publicly promises to ‘assist’ a woman who has been screencapped making death threats against myself and my readers for simply highlighting a quote of hers made in a public space (erm..sound familiar David?).

The other day he exploited the latest tragic school shooting in America to slander the entire manosphere as potential murderers- which must number at least 100,000 individuals now, on the basis that…err…I’m not sure but something about the shooter having a penis and most of the manosphere having penises. No doubt he will be launching an early donation drive if he gets a spike in traffic from the mainstream media, just as he did when he took advantage of the Elliot Rodgers killings to spuriously link them to the MRM.

Unfortunately David Futrelle has crossed the line with me and he will be facing the consequences.

David Futrelle’s ‘Transgender’ Sadistic Paedocrite Groupie of the Week – RALMCG

We recently came to the awful realization here that an alarming number of David Futrelle’s faithful online groupies appear to be sadistic ‘transgender’ psychopaths, as well as hardcore paedocrites.  This is somewhat disturbing, to say the least, because David Futrelle himself has a 20 year history of defending the ‘right’ of a gay sex shop to rent out a film containing nothing but images of 14 year old child actors being forced to eat shit, anally raped, and then slowly tortured to death.  Futrelle has also repeatedly mocked the reality of child abuse in his career, claimed that the innocence of abuse victims is ‘exaggerated’, and even argued that we all harbour secret fantasies to torture and abuse others.

Today’s David Futrelle ‘ transgender’ sadistic paedocrite groupie of the week is ‘Ralmcg’.


Ralmcg is a regular commentator at David Futrelle’s site Manboobz oh sorry ‘We Hunted the Mammoth’.  David often allows it to indulge itself by uploading pictures of itself wearing skimpy denim shorts that reveal most of it’s hairy legs.  Social justice pan-sexual progressiveness…or something like that.






Unfortunately, like a number of social justice transgender warrriors, ralmcg’s pan-sexual progressiveness appears to include a disturbing appetite for violent sexual fantasies – directed at just about anything that moves, be it man, woman, boy or girl. A quick Google of his Manboobz handle reveals that he is an ‘assistant executioner’ at a truly repulsive online bdsm forum that caters for perverts with a particularly sick fetish for crucifixion.



When another poster at the sick site offers to upload a book entitled ‘The Interrogation And Punishment Centre For Girls’, an impatient Ralmcg asks when it will be available in the archives :


Bear in mind that all of David Futrelle’s readers joined with him in defending the renting out in a gay sex shop of a movie consisting solely of naked children being interrogated and brutally tortured, mainly on the grounds that the abused child actors were aged 14-17 and therefore ‘not really children‘. These same social justice warriors accuse anti-feminists of being paedophiles for criticising feminist laws that define young looking anime characters in bikinis as ‘child porn’….despite a curious number of them bizarrely choosing pre-pubescent anime characters as their public avatars.

Although male feminist RALMCG is heavily into fantasies involving crucifying women and interrogating and punishing schoolgirls, I think it’s fair to say that you wouldn’t want your teenage son to be anywhere within 100 miles of him either, given that he appears to have a thing for boys too :

From his Photobucket :



From his YouTube :



I should also make it clear that I’m not doxxing anyone here.  These are all from profiles under the online identity of ‘transgender’ social justice warrior ‘ralmcg’.

Such psychopathic opportunistic males appear to be so confident in the protection that their supposed status as ‘transgenders’ or ‘male feminists’ gives them, that they barely feel the need to hide their sick perverted fantasies from the outside world.

And the disturbing thing is, they appear to be right.

David Futrelle - alleged psychopathic sadistic paedophile
David Futrelle – alleged psychopathic sadistic paedophile

David Futrelle and the Lynching of Sam Pepper

David Futrelle – Alleged sadistic paedophile psychopath

Sam Pepper is the YouTube prankster taking a lot of heat at the moment for a video he uploaded recently that features him pinching the bottoms of young women whilst using a fake hand (in his pocket) to blame passers by with.

A funny if rather crass video, and it was certainly naieve on his part not to realise that the feminazis would unleash hell against him as a result.

Over the last couple of days it’s turned into a real public lynching for young Sam Pepper (who still looks like and clearly has the personality of a teenage boy). Several female YouTubers and former fans of Sam have come out with claims that he sexually harassed them in the past, with one even alleging that he raped her.

Although no arrest has been made, and it’s not even clear whether there is any evidence against him, it hasn’t stopped the child torture porn apologist David Futrelle from accusing Mr Pepper of being a ‘rapist’. Not only that, but boasting of the right of himself and feminists to publicly accuse men of being rapists, even if they have been found innocent, let alone never been arrested. This is a ‘man’, remember, who continues to advocate for the right of gay sex shops to rent out ‘classic’ videos depicting actual 14 year old naked boys being anally raped, tortured, made to eat shit, and disembowlled, and who then threatens to sue for libel anybody who points out the depravity of that.



There appears to be no evidence against Pepper other than the word of the women making the accusations. One such woman claims that he asked for nude photos of her when she was 15. Unfortunately for her, and for her expected increase in YouTube subscribers, the only ‘evidence’ she provides is a screenshot of a Facebook chat in which he (it is allegedly him in the chat although his name is not visible) asks her to simply show him some ‘photos’ of her (that they should be nude is not implied, let alone stated). Another scorned fan claims that he ‘groped’ her whilst on a date with him at a cinema, when she was 16, AFTER she had already let him kiss her, and despite the fact that she was above the British age of consent of 16.

Although there appears to be zero evidence against the man, under recent changes to guidelines given to the prosecution service in the UK, a man can be convicted of sexual abuse simply if enough women come out of the woodwork and accuse him of it, and their accounts of his behaviour broadly ‘match’. This is how Rolf Harris was convicted upon the basis of nothing other than the word of his accusers (all of whom will now recieve financial ‘compensation’). In the case of Sam Pepper, we are literally witnessing an online lynching and destruction of a young man’s life – with David Futrelle now attempting to act as the cheerleader.

In the light of David Futrelle’s continued defence of child torture porn being sold in gay sex shops, his repeated history of child abuse apologia, and his shocking article written in the same year as his child torture porn defence, in which he claims that we all have a secret urge to torture others – an urge that is only kept under control primarily by watching torture and murder on film, several observers have suggested that Futrelle is a sadistic paedophile with a particular fetish for the sexual abuse and torture of young boys.

It has also been noted that Futrelle’s public obsession with torture and child abuse reached a height in the same year that a fellow resident of Chicago – John Wayne Gacy – was arrested for the sadistic murder of numerous young boys.

However, I believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Let’s just hope the FBI are doing their job.

In the meantime, I would say that I do believe that David Futrelle is getting a sexual thrill from the online lynching of a young lad.

One Amazon review of the ‘classic’ that David Futrelle believes should be sold openly in gay sex shops, unhindered by the child protection concerns of ‘dumb’ policemen :

All biases aside, this film is nothing more than 117 minutes of continuous torture and sexual perversion directed at young people. Any socially responsible director can get his point across without feeling the need to wallow in this filth with child actors being violated in nearly every way possible . I have no doubt that Passolini either was getting his jollies out of the action being performed in front of his camera or was suffering great mental illness in order to allow his cast to be degraded in this way. It really is no wonder he was murdered shortly after completion of this film….As another reviewer has previously said this is an evil film and leaves an incredibly bad taste in ones mouth particularly when one realises they have partaken in this viewing experience willingly and contributed to the films revenue.

David Futrelle’s Groupies and their Child Torture Porn Apologia..Oh Sorry..Ephebophile Torture Porn Apologia

David Futrelle and his readers regularly make fun of the distinction, sometimes made in the manosphere, regarding paedophilia (the attraction to pre-pubescents) and ‘ephebophilia’ (the attraction to adolescent minors). It’s all the same to them. Finding a 5 year old sexy is no more perverse than finding a 17 year old attractive. Hmmm. It’s one thing a woman making such an obviously false claim, but when it comes from a ‘man’ like Futrelle, or one of his many male fake transexual fans..

Indeed, it appears that Futrelle’s groupies believe finding any minor attractive is paedophilia, including thefore a 19 or 20 year old in those countries with an age of majority of 21. David Futrelle and his wig wearing fans therefore belong to the minority of people who still regard Alan Turing as a paedophile pervert (he was caught banging a 19 year old boy in the bum when the age of majority in the UK, for both males and females, was 21).

While I agree that the notion of ephebophilia is aspie junk science nonsense (all men, apart from real paedophiles and other perverts, are attracted to adolescents), the insistance that there is no important difference between the attraction to pre-pubescents and post-pubescents is extremely dangerous. Of course, what is ‘natural’ is not always right, but to criminlize something natural under the pretence that it is perverted, is clearly a recipe for injustice. Furthermore, if you maintain the lie that it is unnatural and perverted, even sick, to find post-pubescent females attractive, then you risk turning healthy men into perverts who have internalized that slanderous paedophile label and then ran with it. Indeed, this appears to be what has happened with many of Futrelle’s child torture porn apologist ring members. Whilst publicly shaming men as ‘paeodphiles’ for admitting that 17 year olds can be sexy, many openly sport avatars of pre-pubescent anime characters. Others freely declare their unabashed love for extreme manga torture porn…and at least one or two actually create it. All of them, however, appear to defend the renting out in an adult sex shop of a disgusting ‘art’ film depicting nothing but the torture and murder of (real) naked children.

When concern for child welfare is simply a means to demonize men, financially enrich yourself, and regulate the free sexual market in your favour, and consequently you lie to men that to find the most desirable females attractive is paedophilia, equally as bad as the abuse of toddlers, then you open the door to an increase in real paedophilia and perversion. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, to find that so many of the mentally disturbed individuals and wig wearers amongst David Futrelle’s readership appear to be defending and even cultivating sick torture fantasies regarding children whilst libelling as paedophiles those who argue that giving consenting 17 year olds orgasms is neither child abuse nor paedophilia.

Currently, David Futrelle’s schizophrenic readers are simultaneously defending child torture porn as art to be sold in sex shops, on the grounds that the naked actors were sixteen, not six (the actors were actually as young as 14), and therefore ‘not really underage’, whilst mocking as paedophiles those of us who simply argue that teenage ‘minors’ are capable of consenting to sex.


Note that nobody, to my knowledge, has provided a link proving that ‘it won a court challenge’. Presumably Scarlettpipstrelle is referring to the arrest on obscenity charges of the gay sex shop owners who were renting it out on their premises. O.K, we have to accept the disgusting fact that, because Pasolini (the director) was a leftie and an ‘artist’, his films that involve non-stop gratuitous torture of naked 14 year old boys get a free pass to be viewed on YouTube and Netflix. However, even granting the hypocrisy and fake child welfare concern of the left, any civilised society draws the line at images of naked 14 year olds being tortured being rented out in adult sex shops. That includes the USA. These same readers were denouncing the ‘jailbait’ subreddit for displaying pictures of fully clothed teenage girls as ‘child porn’, and not only the men who viewed it, but MRAs who defended it, as ‘paedophiles’.

Maybe somebody should pop into that gay sex shop in Cincinnati and check whether they are still renting out a film containing naked children eating shit and being disembowelled, alongside all the other gay pornos, sex toys, and jack off material? I assume not, and only David Futrelle and his fellow child torture porn apologists are sick enough to ask ‘why not’?

David Futrelle asks ‘Who’s Afraid of Torture?’

David Futrelle - alleged psychopathic sadistic paedophile
David Futrelle – alleged psychopathic sadistic paedophile

Over the last few days, both MRAs and feminists have been demanding to know why exactly David Futrelle is continuing to invest so heavily into defending the renting out, in a gay sex shop, of a horrific film that depicts nothing but the brutal torture and humiliation of naked underage children. The following article, written in the very same year as his original defence of ‘Salo, 120 days of Sodom’, may give a clue as to his disturbing psychology. It consists of a book review of ‘The Politics of Cruelty’  by the feminist Kate Millett –  a work which discusses the use of torture by the state as a method of rule and which calls for more public pressure on those governments who persist in exmploying torture as a means of control.  Futrelle, however, seems more interested in attacking Millett for not admitting that she gets off on the torture and domination of others, just like…ermm…the rest of us.


” The failure of Millett’s book is as much psychological as political: her writing is ultimately undone by her unwillingness to look beneath the surface, to look beyond her most immediate and obvious reactions. “Why does one study torture? Read about it, think about it, analyze and “obsess’ over it?” she writes. “Because of hating it, fearing it, having felt or imagined or somehow experienced it. Because of wanting to see it end.” This is a simple, logical, even honorable explanation–and an unconvincing one.

Millett sets up rigid boundaries between good and evil. But few of us are so pure: even the most fervent do-gooder may secretly nurture grandiose desires for power and control, and most of us have felt at least momentarily the thrill of violence–if only in the imagination. The media, from the nightly newscasts to the Saturday morning cartoons, are saturated with violence, and popular films offer a violent excitement as ritualized as that of a public execution.

If we are ever to eradicate cruelty and torture in the real world, we need to understand why they have such a hold over our imagination. And we could start by looking inward, beyond our shock. At one point Millett comes close to making such an argument, but then she retreats. In her eagerness to denounce the darkness in others, she studiously avoids acknowledging even the possibility of darkness in herself.

One can’t blame her for denouncing torture–and given the bestial nature of what she’s writing about, her indignant tone is hardly unforgivable. But denunciation is only a first step, and Millett is hardly the first to take it. Freud taught us that the only way to fully understand–and ultimately master–our darkest impulses is to bring them to the surface, to examine them coldly in the light of day. Millett has forgotten this lesson, and so deprives herself and her readers. She writes about horror, but is unwilling to look it in the face. “

Speak for yourself David.



Futrelle expresses similar sentiments in another article published the same year (1994), in which he discusses an author’s ‘interesting and provocative’ claim that our fascination with the likes of Hannibal Lecter and Jeffrey Dahmer reveals that we all have a bit of these psychopathic muderers in our own moral and psychological make-up, and that the distinction between real and fictional murder, murder as news and murder as art, is becoming less clear.



Just to clarify what a smoking gun this is. David Futrelle claimed that we all have a secret interest in torturing and violently dominating others, expressed primarily in viewing such torture and even murder (including in ‘art’), in the very same year he defended the renting out of Salo, a film which depicts nothing but the torture and murder of naked children, in a gay sex shop.

David Futrelle and the ‘co-ercive strategies controlling the sexual behaviour of YOUNG girls’

In reply to it becoming open knowledge that David Futrelle appeared to defend child prostitution and an age of consent of 12 or 13, he has quoted an obtuse passage from the book he was reviewing in his original infamous article that he wrote back in the 1990’s.

His pathetic defence begins by his claiming that he meant women when he said girls….even when he said ‘YOUNG girls’.

The rest of his ‘defence’ then blatantly contradicts this. Even though he means adult women when he refers to ‘young girls’, he then likens his statement regarding ‘co-ercive strategies’ to the modern abstinance movement…which is aimed at young girls…i.e. YOUNG GIRLS.

Take a look at the passage from his article yourself :


It is clear from the very quotes Futrelle took from Josephine Butler, that ‘co-ercive strategies’ is being used by both Butler and himself in reference to legal measures.  It only makes sense in a context of there also being ‘non-coercive’ strategies employed by the Butlerites (which would be akin to simply ‘encouraging’ abstinance and the like). The ONLY legal ‘co-ercive strategies’ that the Butlerites engaged in was to (successfully) campaign for the raising of the age of consent – raised from 13 to 16 in the 1885 Criminal Amendment Act, also subtitled ‘An act to make further provision for the protection of women and girls.

Any reasonable reader would interpret David Futrelle’s statement as referring to that act – the raising of the age of consent from 13 to 16 with the aim of ending child prostitution.  Particularly in the wider context of David Futrelle’s writings in the 1990’s, which often deal with the theme of abuse, and in particular child sexual abuse, with Futrelle often crudely mocking the very idea of it (including claiming that the innocence of victims of abuse is exaggerated in an article in which he compares child abuse victims to ‘victims’ of alien abduction).  Futrelle also once suggested that 13 year old statutory rape victims should be encouraged to marry the men who raped them.  He also worked alongside Judith Levine at the time, the world’s most famous ‘statutory rape apologist’ (as Fraudtrelle would now label her).  One of Futrelle’s articles is actually referenced in her book ‘Harmful to Minors’ which calls for the age of consent to be lowered back down to 12.