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Paedocrite of the Year 2017 – Ben McCormack

What a Paedocrite!

The David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the year award for 2017 goes to….Ben McCormack, the Australian reporter who hounded and ‘exposed’ a popular sitcom star (Robert Hughes) as being a paedophile, while he himself was fapping away to child porn and ‘seeking help’ for his lust towards young children. A textbook example of hardcore paedocrisy that even previous winners of this ignoble award – such as David Futrelle – would tip their hat to.

Ben McCormack walks free over child porn charges

Ben McCormack questions disgraced actor Robert Hughes

What a f**king paedocrite!!!

Other contenders in 2017 included the alt-right, typified by self-styled leader and public bumhole engineer Milo Yiannopoulos. It must take a special kind of paedocrite to know exactly how insane and injust paedohysteria and age of consent laws are, be publicly ‘caught’ admitting to this, and yet thinking you can put yourself back among the regular squares (or homo squares at least) by accusing every political opponent whose ever gone near a teenager of being a pedo nonce. A special mention goes to the creepy #AnimeRight who openly combine ultra-conservatism with a fetish for perky breasted big eyed 13 year old girls – anime representations mind, so it has nothing to do with paedophilia, and there’s nothing inconsistant with such freaks constantly accusing everybody else on Twitter of being paedophiles or supporting the death penalty for all child porn offenders.

The AnimeRight

What a f**king paedocrite!!!

Six time winner and master of paedocrisy David Futrelle was of course, as ever, in contention for the award this year. I don’t know why, because I haven’t looked at his blog for about 2 years now, but a paedocrite can never change its spots. I’m just surprised that after months of #MeToo nobody has yet come forward to make any revelations of hands on tranny breasts at a #ManboobzMeetup.

What a f**king paedocrite!!!

Previous winners of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award :

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2014 : Lena Dunham
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2016 : Stinson Hunter/Kieran Parsons

What a f**king paedocrite!!!

David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2017

Paedocrite – A person (usually male) who accuses other men of being paedophiles in order to deflect attention away from their own sexual attraction to ‘minors’, whether adolescents (attraction to whom is normal), or actual pre-pubescent children (a real paedophile). (shortened version – paedoc)

What a fu***ng paedocrite!!!