German Court Rules that 14 Year Old Girl’s Affair with 47 Y.O Uncle is Legal

A court in Germany has ruled that the parents of a 15 year old girl cannot stop her from continuing a sexual relationship with her 47 year old uncle that she started when she was just 14.

In common with several other European countries, the age of sexual consent in Germany is 14.

Josephine’s parents sought a court order to prevent her being in contact with her uncle, on the grounds that the relationship was endangering her welfare.

But the teenager successfully challenged the order. The court ruled that as she is over 14 her own wishes have to be taken into account.

In their ruling, the judges said that Josephine risked “serious damage in her social-emotional and mental development” if she was prevented from further contact with the uncle.

While this may seem like a rare victory for the sexual rights of post-pubescent females and their older male lovers, we can be certain that the controversy of this case will be used by femihags in Germany to further push for the age of consent to be raised to 16 or even 18. Already, after recent ‘strengthening’ of German age of consent laws, a female who had sex at 14 or 15 and regretted it has the right to pursue child abuse charges against her former partner – something no doubt likely in this case when the girl is gotten to by the pressure of the media and feminists, or if she ever breaks up with her older lover and decides to redefine her love for him as victimhood.

German Politician Forced to Resign Over Legal Relationship with 16 Year Old Girl

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An interesting comment has been left since I was away concerning a story that deserves a post of it’s own.  A Conservative politician in Germany has been pressurised into resigning over a completely legal relationship he had last year with a 16 year old girl.

The fact is that the moment the 150+ countries of the United Nations were somehow pressured by the USA (who didn’t actually sign the treaty themselves) and feminist creatures to define a child as anybody under 18, and correspondingly declare that any interest in the sexuality of such a ‘child’ is an ‘attack on her dignity’, then they had pretty much succeeded in introducing through the back door a global age of consent of 18.  This feat is all the more remarkable given that over 20 years after the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed, and despite the best efforts of feminists at national levels, still only a handful of primitive countries have an age of consent officially set at 18.  However, once you have successfully managed to absurdly define a child as anybody under the age of 18, and defined ‘child porn’ in such a way to include ANY sexual image of a person under 18, then you have put the moral status of any relationship with a teenager under 18 in question, even if technically still legal.

Ironically, only a few years ago Germany had probably the sanest and genuinely progressive attitudes to teenage sexuality and moral responsibility in the entire world.  Both legally and linguistically, teenagers aged between 14 and 18 were classified as ‘Jugendlichen’ (something akin to ‘young people’) – accepting that they were closer to adults at such ages than they are to children.  Laws relating to child abuse and child porn were seperate to those relating to Jugendliche.  The age of consent was 14 unless clear and demonstrable pressure or exploitation on the part of an older person had taken place.  But even now, a relationship with a 16 year old girl is still legal, unless a position of authority (such as in a teacher/student relationship) has ‘been abused’.

As the commentator points out, things are turning very bad in Germany regarding the demonisation of teenage sexuality and male adult relationships with young girls – almost putting to shame the speed in which the Nazis were able to convince the most educated population in the world that all their problems would be solved once a million Jewish kids had been thrown in the oven.  Seems human beings, however well-educated and rational, are unable to learn from the lessons of history.

My reader’s comment (many thanks) :

Here’s a story that’s somewhat related to the issue at hand which might be worth picking up on – it has caused quite a stir in Germany the last couple of days:,1518,780352,00.html

Conservative Politician Quits Over Affair with Teen

Christian von Boetticher, the head of the conservative CDU party in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, bowed to pressure to resign on Sunday after confirming media reports that he had a relationship with a 16-year-old girl last year. […] “Yes, it s true, I fell in love in early 2010 with a young woman and was with her for several months,” the politician told a news conference in the state capital Kiel on Sunday evening. He said that even though the relationship had been legal, he had underestimated the “moral objections of many people.”

read more here:,,15316360,00.html

What’s so striking about this story is that according to German law, the relationship was perfectly legal. The minimum age of consent is 14 (allowing teenagers to engage in sexual relations with a partner below the age of 21), and from age 16, you can have sex with an older person of any age, as long as there is no force, coercion, or money involved and no position of trust or authority is being abused. The way the statutes are written, logic compels that this does not just mean 16-year-olds are allowed to have an 18-year-old partner, but, as in this case, a still (granted, remotely) youthful 39-year-old. Rarely as that actually happens. News reports about this case mention time and again that the girl met the man of her own volition, it was her free will to have sex with him. She felt attracted by his jovial charm, yet also his maturity as a man in his late 30s. And presumably also by his political power, yes, who can deny that some women have a thing for men in positions of power. They have interviewed the girl, now 17, and she has only good things to say about him and insists the sex was consensual, despite him dumping her for his career when it became clear last year that he was going to run for the office of Minister President (which equals about the position of a U.S. governor) in his state.

The outrage in the media is going along the lines of “how can this be legal”, or “legal, yes, but morally wrong” , or “he’s not morally fit to be Minister President if he sleeps with 16 year olds”. Well, let’s see… not to delve too deeply into German politics, but Germany’s President Christian Wulff, who has repeatedly touted his “family values” stance, is an adulterer who left his wife and daughter for a woman who’s over 10 years his junior, and Horst Seehofer, Minister President of the state of Bavaria and a married family man of many years, has an illegitimate child with one of his former office assistants, a woman 25 years younger than him. Boetticher on the other hand was single when he met the 16 year old, and as a single man, chose to have a consensual relationship with a young woman above the age of consent. How does that make him morally unfit, against the reprehensible moral examples that his aforementioned colleagues have been setting and over which they never had to resign.

You guessed it – Feminists, femiservatives and feminazis, with the backing of old-school moral conservatives, in recent years have increasingly poisoned the climate in Germany regarding any level-headed discussion about teenage sexuality. Sexual abuse statutes, although they were perfectly balanced and effective before, have needlessly been ramped up and have turned many aspects of teenage sexuality into a minefield even for minors themselves, the minimum age for erotic photography has been raised to 18 and now even images of persons who merely look like they could be under 18, by whatever standard, are potentially illegal. Do-gooder children’s charities, most of which are nothing more than a front for hardcore anti-youth and anti-sex feminazism have run campaigns designed to enforce the notion of every person under 18 being an incapable little child, and there has even been a German version of the infamous “Dateline Predator” reality TV series.

This politician’s case sums up and highlights the dark path society has gone down. Back to the Dark Ages. And beyond, really, because not even in medieval Germany were teenagers considered as being asexual vulnerable children with no rights to sexual self-expression.


German who Castrated Daughter’s Lover Gets 6 Years

The ‘German’ animal who castrated the 58 year old lover of his 17 year old daughter, has been sentanced to 6 years in prison for the crime.

6 years might seem pitifully low, but it was more than was expected, and the victim expressed himself satisfied with the judgement.  ‘Helmut.S’, who emigrated to Germany with his family from Kazakhastan as a 10 year old, was also ordered to pay his victim 80,000 Euros.

The age of consent in Germany is 14, 16, or 18 depending on the nature of the relationship.  A man over 21 can be prosecuted for having a lover aged 14 or 15 if he ‘exploits any sexual immaturity’.  Until quite recently, such prosecutions were almost non-existant, but feminists in the EU have pressurised Germany into promising to increase the number of such cases coming to court.  As such, there have been a number of trials occuring that involve older men and 14/15 year old girls where the older partner had ended the relationship and the girl suddenly decided that she had been ‘abused’ (in the words of one commentator, speaking about the situation in the UK and generally – ‘most men in prison for having sex with teenage girls are actually there because they stopped having sex with them’).

When the ‘minor’ is over the age of 16, an older partner can only be arrested if a postition of authority is abused, for example a teacher/pupil relationship.  In the castration case, the Father reported her daughter’s affair to the police, who politely informed him that her relationship was perfectly legal, and thus infuriating him into committing this dreadful act.

Two disturbing aspects of the trial as being reported in the German press are that, firstly, the defence team used the argument that the 58 year old victim had exploited the girl’s sexual immaturity – why should they be allowed to do this when the law in Germany says that girls over 16 have full sexual autonomy (unless in a position of trust?).   Secondly, if I’ve read the German articles correctly, the girl appears to have been persuaded to make a false rape accusation against her older lover, which was then retracted.

Of course, I don’t want to dismiss the noble protective feelings a father has for his teenage daughter, but what this ‘man’ did was completely indefensible.  The fairest age of consent laws to be found in Europe are probably in neighbouring Austria.  The age of consent is 14, however, between 14 and 16 the state can prosecute an older partner, but generally only if his/her parents bring a complaint. (note also that in Austria, 16 year olds can vote and drive cars).  The best solution is surely to allow parents some say, whilst leaving the interfering state out of it until it really is necessary – without going down this appalling vigilante route, of course.

On a side note, it appears that this creature was one of the hundreds of thousands of ‘ethnic Germans’ who had been living in the Volga basin area of the former Soviet Union for centuries, and had been invited back to Germany in order to solve the collapse of the birth rate and inevitable Islamification at the hands of the massive Turkish immigrant population.

Such ‘German’ Russians speak like Russians, look like Russians, and behave like Russians.  They rival even the Turkish population for their contribution to the crime rate, particularly violent crimes, and like most of the Turks, completely fail to assimilate, walking the streets in menacing groups, spitting constantly on the pavement and leering at every blonde virgin who passes, whilst knives visibly jut out from their back pockets.

But at least they remind the native German population that Hitler was wrong. (German)