Great Comment on the Swedish (in)Justice System

Brilliant comment spotted underneath an article on the Julian Assange false rape affair, posted by somebody using the name ‘Swedish Dad’, and describing the true horrors of the misandristic Swedish legal system :

James D Catlin is painting a less than flattering picture of the Swedish justice system. However he is just scraping the surface. The truth is even more horrifying than this.

Sweden prides itself with being “the most equal” country in the world, but it´s all a big scam. Over 5000 men , while only 294 women are serving jailtime( KVV 2009). The Swedish government are jailing men for violence or sex crimes against women and children without any proof at all. One member of the supreme court has stated publicly that “If we can keep the number of innocent that are convicted under 500 a year, we should be happy”. This would mean that over a 1000 men (one fifth) of all imprisoned men are innocently locked up at the moment. In the international statistics of convicted for rape, Sweden is number two, after Lesotho in Africa. Still the feminist state is not content. So now they are proposing a law that would outlaw sex without a written contract. No I am not joking. I wish I was, believe me.

At the same time the custody fights have doubled in the last ten years. Over 7000 children a year are now being forced to experience their parents tearing each other to shreds in the family courts and the fathers are almost always destined to loose. At the same time the authorities totally denies any illegal discrimination. Even though several Swedish district courts (ex Lund, and Jönköping) have been found giving single custody to the mothers in 100 % of all custody fights, they still totally deny any illegal discrimination.

You just have to compare how many complaints that have been made, with the number of times anyone have been convicted. The authority in Sweden that handles this is DO (diskrimineringsombudsmannen).

Many of the men ending up in jail are fathers that tried to stand up for their rights to see their children after a divorce.

Over 300 000 Swedish children now see their father 2 days every two weeks or less. If they are lucky enough to see him at all. People that are trying to protest and speak up about this gross injustice are being harassed and persecuted. Very few people dare anymore.

This is the truth about the “Equal” state of Sweden. But just parts of it. The “victims” lawyer Claes Borgström is a political puppet. He got the former prime minister candidate Mona Sahlin freed from charges of fraud in the 90´s, and after that he became in charge of “JÄMO” former “bureau of equality”.

But when the Swedish government talk about equality they mean feminism. In Sweden these two words are now one and the same. How corrupt Claes Borgström really is was revealed by Swedish journalist Hannes Råstam last year when he made a documentary i two parts about Thomas Quick. Swedens first real “serial killer”. Convicted of 8 murders. It turned out though that he never committed a single one of them. He was just a mentally ill man high on drugs, that happily confessed to everything as long as they kept feeding him his drugs.

His lawyer was Claes Borgström. [Moderator: this comment has been edited] Any sane democracy would make that conclusion after what he have done. But Sweden is no longer a sane democracy. It is a feminist banana republic with a judicial system that makes even the Iranian look pretty ok.

Who am I? A swedish dad that have been denied my human right to see my daughter for 5 years this christmas, without any justification at all. She will be 6 years old the 17 of december. Just another one of the thousands of swedish children that are beeing violently torn from their fathers each year. You really want to know about swedish justice? Make sure you can handle the smell.

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  1. Sex with a written contract!? That would actually be a progress! Because nowadays a man has no rights whatsoever.

    If the written contract requires a written notices for rescinding the contract, that would be a major progress for men. No more marital rapes, no more 6 second rapes.

    I had suggested that before, that for marital and girlfriend rape charges, a prior notification of cancellation of marriage sex contract should be required.

    I would, of course, add that underage sex should be legalized at least after visiting a notary public and mandatory psychological counselling.

  2. A very good friend of mine (French) just had a baby with a swedish woman. He now lives over there and has become a full time dad, although he is a very dynamic and ambitious man who has always worked. I hope the experience doesn’t turn sour for him.

    Reading the comments under some articles on French websites, I was surprised by the number of men vowing never to have sex with a swedish girl in the future.

    The Assange story is destroying the swedish myth.

  3. “Sex with a written contract!? That would actually be a progress! Because nowadays a man has no rights whatsoever.”

    You would think so,but feminists are masters at voiding legal protections for men.They would enforce the contract for women, and nullify it for men. The only “progress” would be declaring feminism a hate movement and marginalizing it and its methods or outright outlawing them altogether.

  4. Islam is the only way that i can see stopping feminism in the west.i would gladly accept Islam and see and end to the evil feminism has brought to the west.That and another World War,then we will see these strong powerful feminists turn back into the weak parasites they are.Now i can see why women were not given the right to vote,our ancestors were very wise.

  5. Jon is right. Islam is the only large political opposition to feminism. The only reason that feminism is making any inroads at all in muslim countries is because of the west exporting it via every stealth and other method available. If us guys don’t want to wind up like the Jews in nazi germany, maybe it’s time to start thinking about empowering Islam in our own countries. We should work at making the muslims realise that it’s not the western man that is their primary enemy……it is the western woman…..the western man is just doing their biding. If we can turn muslim hatred away from western culture in general…….to the feminist culture that prevails today……we havea a large funded……organised opposition to feminism that the feminists are actually powerless against…..because of their own PC created culture……..and because they are shit frightened of muslims. Feminists are cowards that will not attack an enemy that will actually come after them.

    Now I want all you guys to consider this……..what is worse…….giving up alchol and pork……praying a few times a day…..most of which can be avoided anyway……learning few lines of arabic……you only have to be able to say your prays in arabic…….you don’t even have to understand them….as long as you can recite them…….don’t eat in public in the month of ramadam……..make a quick trip to mecca once in your life……and thats it…..thats all you need to do to live comfortably in a muslim country….with sharia law even…….and most don’t adopt full sharia law…..but at it’s worst thats it………..oh…..give up porn and ex marital sex…….but even then………shia muslims can have temp marriages for as little as an hour……thats how they have brothels in Iran. Now look at the pros……’s really hard for a woman to divorce you….she has to have good reason and proof. It’s really easy for you divorce her…….boys over 5 and girls over 10yo……..are automatically given custody to the father unless he is unable or unwilling to take them. If your wife cheats……well……you know what happens to her…….if she is bitch…….you can legally disipline her within the sharia law……which is taking away your support…….chastising her……and if all else fails……you can administer corpral punishment as long as you don’t physically damage her. Rape in marriage doesn’t exist because she has an obligation to give you sex…….unless she is sick……or has her period…….she has no right to refuse you. You can legally have up to four wives……as long as you can treat them equally……if you have more then one wife……you must provide each with separate homes……you can bed hope between the homes as much as you like… long as you don’t show favortism too much to any of them. You are legally obligated to provide the basic needs……..home, shelter…, clothes……blah blah……..she must provide nurturing for the children…….sex for you….and home duties… cooking etc… is her responsiblity legally. She can only work if she does not neglect her home responsibilities…….if she works at all….her money is hers to do as she wiches with…..if she neglects her home responsibilities…… can forbid her from working. You as the man…..are head of the house……legally. She can not overide your decisions unless they break Islamic law.

    Now…compare this to the feminist shit hole we live in……where we still have all the responsibilities…..non of the rights…….and our responsibilities continue…..and even increase after the bitches have thrown us out of home for no reason except they are sick of the same old cock and want a change. Thats what we live in…..and I’ve watched the MRA blowing off steam for over 10 years……and in all that time the feminists have increased their man hating laws……their funding……their influence in every area of society……politics…..and home. It’s about time we got real……..either start funding the MRA……instead of leaving up to others…….put your fucking hands in your pockets and donate to the MRA….and its causes……..and start promoting mens rights not just on the internet……but in everyday life…..and get involved in politics……and support men who are fighting feminist……..again… sticking your hand in your pocket……or…….Islam is the only solution……face it.

  6. Oh yeah….on the subject of a writen contract for sex…..wasn’t that what marriage was…..the feminists have voided that. But it wouldn’t make any difference…..even with the written contract…….she can still just say…..but I told him to stop……and he wouldn’t. Contract is voided when she tells you to stop……but who can prove she did….and who can prove you didn’t…….it’s going to go the womens way as long as we have a culture that beleives women and disbelieves men. Proof is what the legal system has to be based on…….and it never will be as long as women have a say……..they beleive in emotion……..not facts. Here in Australia……we have prenuptual agreements and binding financial aggreements for defactos……. it costs you thousands and have one drawn up and registered……..but the family court can……and has overturned them……the financial aggreements that stick……are the ones that the woman remains happy with… other words…..if you want your financial aggreement to actually stick……be so generous in it that the woman couldn’t get a better deal if she went to court…… whats the point. The only people that are going to benefit from all this legal contract shit…….is lawyers and women.

  7. I’m from Sweden and the feminist movement here has gone way to far. They’ve widend the word “rape” to also include normal sexual activity. If you wake up your wife, who you have been married to for years, with sex or oral sex you can acctually be sent to prison for RAPE!

    Now they want to go ever further, if you lay on your bed with you wife, she strips for you, she uses some sexy language, and puts your hand on her pussy, and then you have sex with her, THEY WANT THIS TO BE RAPE! Why? Because she hasn’t said “I want to have sex with out” and I’ts getting even better: even if she has said “I want to have sex with you” that will not be enough to be sure your won’t get reported to police. Why? BECAUSE SHE CAN CHANGE HER MIND! I do not recommend anyone to have a one-night-stand in this stupid feminized country!

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