Stop Lover Boys!

Rather than updating the previous post concerning the Dutch decision to raise the minimum age for prostitution, I’ve decided to devote a new one to putting the affair into some proper context.  The politicians who are quoted as being for this new law all seem to be male white knights and they include the far right Dutch ‘Islamaphobe’ Geert Wilders.  The background is a recent moral panic that has taken hold of the Netherlands, and one that is in fact emerging in the UK and Germany as well. In Holland, it is known as the ‘lover boy’ phenomenon.

 It appears to be a spin off of the sex trafficking panic itself, and follows the same tried and tested pattern of feminist lobbying based upon primal fear mongering. It employs a selection of harrowing anecdotes, together with incredible statistics seemingly plucked straight out of the air.  Lobbying then results in quickly passed anti-sex laws that just so happen to be supportive of the sexual needs and interests of the lobbier.  What is most interesting in this particular sex panic, is that whilst including all the usual suspects – trafficking, child abuse, the internet, another contemporary ingrediant is thrown into the witches brew.  ‘Islamaphobia’.  Hence the eager support of Geert Wilders and his now very influential populist parliamentary party.

Although it tends to be only expressed openly in right wing blogs, the underlying tacit assumption behind the ‘lover boy’ panic is that this is about muslim ‘paedos’ forcing their underage girlfriends into becoming prostitutes.  In the Netherlands, the figure of 5,000 is being bandied about.  Notice how the figures quoted by sexual trade union lobbyists regarding numbers of alleged victims is always nice and round –  5,000.  Not 3,843 or even 5,200, but 5,000.  Just as the number of women who were going to be trafficked into the world cup was a nice, tidy, and eminently quotable, 100,000. 

Currently, I can only spend a few hours a week devoted to this blog and to anti-feminist work.  Sadly, I am not in a position to deliver a researched critique into this figure or the truth or otherwise of the lover boy syndrome.  All I know is that laws that harm men (and that also restrict the freedom of young women and girls) should be based upon rigerous study, investigation, logic and argument.  Instead, it seems that a particular Dutch woman – Anita De Witt, has ignited this panic with a few anecdotal reports of alleged victims, set up a lobbying group, and within months convinced the Dutch government that a new law targeting men, ‘protecting the kiddies’ (which now includes 20 year old women), as well as having undertones of ‘stopping the Islamification of Europe’, is a sure fire vote winner.

Anita De Witt
Anita De Witt

But just one look at the homepage of her quickly formed lobbying group – StopLoverBoysNu, leads me to conclude that it most probably is the usual load of pants involving feminist self-rationalisations for stopping younger females from taking advantage of their own youth and beauty to earn money.

Just take a look at the following ‘ways to spot a victim’ that appear on her campaign group’s front page and tell me that these don’t apply to 90% of girls the world over at some point of their adolescence. Psychologists and health professionals normally refer to them as the typical symptoms of undergoing puberty in the 21st century, rather than ‘probable victims of lover boys’. In which case, if we lived in a civilised, non gynocratic white knight society, women like Anita De Witt would be locked securely away in asylums, or at least prosecuted for unfounded hate speech against men (and young women), and/or possibly even attempted rape  :

  • A sudden obsession with sexs and deviant standards.
  • A sudden interest for particular boys or older boys/men, lots of new contacts
  • Extra social behaviour ( they don’t want you to find out).
  • Fight with the people who she loves the most (family, friends etc.).
  • Problems at home.
  • Changes emotions very quickly, doesn’t see how situations can change.
  • Tired and loses weight (has to work at night)
  • Wears different clothes and make up, often very clean and challenging.
  • Psychosomatic complaints.
  • Selfinfliction.
  • Low self asteam, no realistic self image.
  • Easy to influence, can’t or don’t dare to indicate borders.
  • Gets calls all the time.
  • Sometimes have multiple cellphones, takes them with her all the time(even in the shower and to bed).
  • Taken from en to school by someone with a car or motorbike.
  • Depressive.
  • Starts smoking, or smoke more.
  • Drink, smoke weed or other drugs, doesn’t eat well.
  • Lot’s of money or expensive things(via loverboy or lovergirl)
  • Going out in extreem ways(most of the time it’s her work place).
  • Hangs out a lot, there are friends that fill up the emptyspot at home.
  • Extremely happy (cover up what’s really going on).
  • Withdraw a lot, sudden crying fits, rage (agression).
  • Exaggerated stories, acting tough, seeks attention that way.
  • Behaves different at other places (different worlds)
  • Irregular schoolvisits, got other things to do, too tired etc.
  • ‘Walkaway-behavior’
  • Avoid subjects like prostitution.
  • Seems like having no identity

    Even being ‘extremely happy’ is a definite sign that your blonde 13 year old daughter is being forced to have anal sex with strangers for 20 euros a time by gangs of muslim paedos.  It must be good to live in a nation as progressive and generally fucked up as the Netherlands. A decade ago the most liberal society on Earth, now caught up in the twin anti-enlightenment nightmares of feminism and Islamification… and the inevitable muddied and retarded white knight far right reactionary politics. I can only attribute the results of the survey that Dutch people are supposedly the most content in the world to the fact that they are probably all smoking the weed.  That Dutch men are fleeing their country on a scale that dwarfs even the white flight of the Brits, is a far more comprehensible reality.

    Craig’s List Stops ‘Adult Service’ Ads

    The online marketplace Craigslist has closed the controversial “adult services” listing in the US.

    The company has not said why it took the decision, but it has faced an ongoing barrage of criticism from attorneys general and advocacy groups.

    They have claimed the listing was a virtual tool for pimps and prostitutes.

    Another notable victory for the feminist and American conservative closet pederast alliance.


    Restored photograph and added useful links and resources to the bottom of my key article ‘The Sexual Trade Union’. (If you have any links or resources yourself to share, please leave them in the comment section below the article).

    7 thoughts on “Stop Lover Boys!”

    1. It’s part of the same moral panic that we see in regards to men being seen around children, and it’s not going to stop unless we start to speak out. In this case, it’s about stopping young men from imprinting on older men who already have the self-confidence that age and experience bring, but the principle remains the same.

    2. My initial impression of the “lover boy” propaganda was that it was A) an extension of pedohysteria (“predatory” older men are taking advantage of “vulnerable” young girls so we need to make young girls off limits to older men) and B) a continuation of the tactics that anti-prostitution advocates use to claim that a large amount of prostitutes have been tricked or coerced into becoming prostitutes (a classic example is the claim that drug dealers force women to become dependant on drugs and then exploit their addiction to force them into prostitution). I was not aware of the “islamophobia” aspect of this, thanks for the info. I can see how uttering propaganda slogans like “stop the islamification of europe” while lobbying for these changes could be an effective political tool. There is a precedent for this in that during the “White Slavery” panic of the late 19th century foreigners were demonized as “slavers” and were accused of luring young girls “at risk” into prostitution and enslaving them. This type of propaganda (along with the “trafficking” BS) can scare the middle classes into jumping on the anti-prostitution bandwagon because they may be overcome with fear (“what if MY daughter is next?) I am surprised that I have not seen this angle in discussions with regards to the prostitution scandals involving football stars Frank Ribery and Peter Crouch (both escort girls were of north african backgrounds AFAIK).

      WRT to Dutch men leaving thier country I wonder if this article here may shed some light on it:
      Notice how an observation is made that Dutch women are “bossy to thier men” and don’t know how to dress and have no charm or hospitality they also want men to to do thier share of the housework…but do it according to women’s rules. If that is true (I have not been to the Netherlands) no wonder Dutch men might be tempted to leave the country to search for greener pastures elsewhere. I also wonder if the increased availability of sex care workers to Dutch men has placed more competitive pressure on Dutch women to be kinder to men than they had anticipated before legalization…which might explain why some Dutch women may now be resorting to sexual trade union tactics…so they can continue to get away with being bossy and uncharming to men.

    3. Great stuff as always. I always read stuff on here that isn’t reported anywhere else in the MRM-sphere. Keep up the good work.

    4. Anita De Witt appears to be a typical aging feminist.

      But what is a feminist?

      Feminists are resentful, belligerent and quarrelsome women. They are also usually ignorant and misinformed with weak self control. Feminists use to be called ‘men haters’ and ‘troublemakers’. They have always been around throughout human history and their main intent is to create ill will, bad feeling, and malice between men and women. The term to describe them is ‘misandrists’, who have an attitude of ‘misandry’.

      The cause is the maternal instinct which regards men as either a mating object when in lust, or a potential danger to the family unit to be driven away when not, by making life as difficult as possible. The male equivalent – male aggression – is the pack hunting instinct. Throughout history this has resulted in armies and wars.

      Mature and well balanced people recognise the problems and control their instincts and emotions using basic social skills and practical common sense, something the selfish feminist is very lacking in.

      Anita De Witt appears to me to be a typical feminist.

    5. Apropos to age of consent while overseas, have you seen the website of an organization called Ecpat?
      They are a bunch of zealots. I will be forwarding you an open letter to that group in the next couple of months. I won’t give too much away-wouldn’t want to spoil the fun.
      I’ve long found extraterritorial sex tourism legislation to be a very strrange beast. Of course there are terrible abuses committed by people travelling o/s but I don’t think making it illegal to do something that’s allowed in a country while someone is in that country is the way to go.
      So if a Briton sleeps with a 15 y.o. in Spain, say, not only can they be arrested on their return home, they can even be extradited from Spain? For real?

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