Stinson Hunter (Kieran Parsons) Named Paedocrite of the Year 2016

Self-styled ‘paedophile hunter’ Stinson Hunter (formerly drug abusing arsonist Kieran Parsons) has been officially named the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year for 2016.

Stinson Hunter with the girl he allegedly abused and who he first groomed as a teenage fan of his on Twitter.

Stinson was the first of the wave of amateur ‘anti-paedophile vigilantes’ that followed in the wake of Chris Hanson’s infamous ‘DateLine USA’. After a life that consisted of not much more than abusing drugs, burning down schools, bullying children online, and allegedly singing about sucking the penises of young boys in a shitty punk band, Kieran Parsons went into the phonebox, put on his cape…or rather his school uniform, and emerged as superhero ‘Stinson Hunter’ – a reformed arsonist, drug addict, and bully, who now devoted his new found special powers to dressing up as a schoolkid whilst talking dirty to teenage boys and older men online. Oh, and whilst dating a teenage girl who looked about 12, who he messaged out of the blue on Twitter, groomed and finally pissed on her underwear and posted a video of it as revenge porn when the young girl finally dumped him after months of abuse.

At least two suicides of entrapped ‘paedophiles’ can be attributed directly to Stinson’s schoolgirl roleplay. If you include other suicides by men entrapped by the many vigilante copycats that Stinson has spawned and you could fairly describe Stinson as a serial killer.

Paedohysteria has resulted in the erosion of basic principles of justice on so many levels, and the use of entrapment, especially by delinquent members of the public (and obvious paedocrites), such as Stinson Hunter, is one of the worst. No actual victim is involved in these ‘crimes’ and there seems a hugely random arbitrariness about who gets ‘caught’ which should have no place in any civilized legal system. These ‘paedophile hunters’ often stake out normal chatrooms, and actively seduce men who perhaps never in their lives had previously given any thought to breaking the law with an underage girl. There’s an ancient philosophical question endlessly debated as to whether human beings would continue to be moral if they had the powers of invisibility (the film ‘Hollow Man‘ answers in the negative). Now imagine if a hundred men each year were chosen at random to have the power of invisibility – but of course, in an underhand way by law enforcement officials. The purpose would be to entrap some or all of these men into committing crime. Now how many would actually commit crime, as invisible men, thinking that they could escape any consequences? Nobody knows, and that’s the philosophical riddle whose answer depends on your view of human nature and moral motivation. The point is, it would be no way to uphold the law, as it would be applying the law and punishing people effectively on a completely random and artificial basis that has no application in the real world. And this is essentially what underage entrapment is. In today’s world, are there even really any horny underage girls haunting chatrooms looking for illicit sex with bald headed fat older guys? I somewhat doubt it, and rather suspect that 99% of such girls coming onto older guys online are in fact degenerate pervert ‘paedo hunters’ such as Stinson Hunter. And some of the entrapment scenarios are so unlikely as to be ridiculous. In fact it’s hard not to believe that the entrapped ‘paedophiles’ were simply role-playing themselves, for example, in cases when the vigilantes are pretending to be 12 year old girls who have a quite bizarre sexual interest in fat, ugly lonely middle-aged men. In other words, such entrapment is soliciting random normal men to commit a non-existent crime that not only didn’t take place in reality (the ‘girl’ was a vigilante) but couldn’t have taken place in reality. Similarly, no research has been done as to the percentage of men who would say yes to a ’15 year old girl’ bizarrely coming on to them in a chatroom. It could be less than 1%, it could be 90%. I remember in the early days of Yahoo chatrooms, whenever an outburst of paedohysteria broke out in the room discussion (maybe a high profile court case was mentioned or such like) I would have fun leaving the room and re-entering as a ‘lonely 15 year old girl’. I would then immediately start private messaging with whichever man was the most vocal in his disgust at underage sex crimes. And yes, I am honestly not exaggerating when I say that literally in 90% of the cases, the man would be coaxed into talking dirty and even arranging a meetup within a couple of minutes. I was, if you like, the first Stinson Hunter, but my point wasn’t to ‘trap’ paedophiles, but to expose the disgusting hypocrisy of paedocrites.

Those men who would say yes to a young girl online (especially when entrapment has been so widely publicized these days) are obviously both lonely and stupid. Although sexual entrapment is considered a fair means of jailing lonely stupid middle-aged men as ‘paedophiles’ for non-existant crimes that involved no real victim, neither law enforcement agencies nor vigilantes conduct similar entrapments to ‘catch’ robbers and such like – for example, leaving wads of cash notes or luxury purses unattended on restaurant seats in poor neighbourhoods etc.

But back to this year’s poll. In second place was master paedocrite David Futrelle for being, well, David Futrelle. Futrelle might be getting too long in the tooth (and irrelevant) to hang with talented younger paedocrites such as Stinson Hunter and Lena Dunham, but he’s always going to be there or thereabouts in these polls. The child prostitution and gay kiddie snuff porn advocate is simply nasueating paedocrisy personified and given ‘human’ shape.

Previous winners of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award :

2008 : David Futrelle
2009 : David Futrelle
2010 : David Futrelle
2011 : David Futrelle
2012 : David Futrelle
2013 : David Futrelle
2014 : Lena Dunham
2015 : Simon Danczuk

20 thoughts on “Stinson Hunter (Kieran Parsons) Named Paedocrite of the Year 2016”

  1. The documentary is called talhotblond . Nauseating but worth the watch. Not all teen girls on the Internet wanting sex are pedo pervs. Some are cougars trying to relive their youth and destroy men’s lives in the process.

    It is worth watching

  2. Thanks Scarecrow, I’ll check it out later..if I can stomach it.

    Happy New Year to you and to my other 3 readers!

  3. read this!!! psychiatry is the most repulsive, false and evil thing created in human history

    Read full but watch this…

    “”With my sexual offence, what particularly gave them reason to believe I had to be autistic was the fact that I thought that voluntary softcore material was ethically acceptable. In their view, I had to realize that children and youngsters below the age of 23 (when their brains would be fully developed) obviously lacked the capacity to understand the long-term consequences of their participation.””

    “”She did accept the fact that erotic modelling and even paedophile relationships could be voluntary from the minor’s perspective, but remained convinced that even these were by definition very harmful anyway. She claimed that this was even true for minors above the legal age of 16. Anyone interested in such adolescents clearly had a severe psychiatric disorder, and any minor interested in an adult needed treatment as well!””

  4. In their view, I had to realize that children and youngsters below the age of 23 (when their brains would be fully developed) obviously lacked the capacity to understand the long-term consequences of their participation.

    This is classic circular reasoning. In a sexually free society such as ours, where females aged 11 to 30 strut about in see through leggings and micro shorts (as the previous commentator witnessed), what consequences are there for a youngster posing for sexy photos in see through leggings or thongs etc.? The only possible harmful consequence is that she will have been judged to have been ‘exploited, but she is being ‘exploited’ because she couldn’t understand the long term harmful consequences.

    The problem is all it takes is one quack to speak garbage like this and dozens of feminist ‘child protection charities’ will nod their heads and successfully lobby governments to have laws set in stone upon the basis of such ‘scientific research’.


    “A ‘vigilante’ gang of youths were spotted hiding in park bushes moments before luring a father-of-one to his death in the mistaken belief he was a paedophile.
    Darren Kelly, 42, thought he was meeting with a woman he had been chatting via an online dating app in the week leading up to his murder.
    But instead, the lorry driver was jumped upon and punched, kicked and then stabbed by a gang of four including Chris Carroll, 20, and three teenagers who cannot be named for legal reasons, a jury was told.
    Off-duty police community support officer Emma Spurr told the court she was walking home shortly after 9pm when she saw a group of youths hiding in the park.
    Some of them appeared to be concealing themselves behind trees and bushes.”

  6. It’s crazy that story.

    I mean, how on earth a society could read about these things and not for a moment question whether something strange is going on.


    It also shows how evil women in general are. That teen girl had been setting up “paedophiles” since the age of fourteen. One of the reasons that I, a homosexual, would not even look at a young girl. If one was crying in the street I would ignore them.

    Ignore them all. They are wicked and evil man-haters who are after money.

  7. It also shows how evil women in general are. That teen girl had been setting up “paedophiles” since the age of fourteen.

    I checked out the Facebook profile of the murderer – Chris Carroll – and he still has 501 friends, most of them young females. Probably a lot of the guys had the decency to unfriend him after his conviction, but he’s probably a hero to all the evil little slags on his list.

  8. @WomenareEvil

    My respect, you are the first homosexual man that deserves my respect, I say it because is full of scum “sex under 18 is rape” (same as the ‘vanilla’ heterosexuality) but you preserve your humanity and your conscience, my respect, I see that everything is not lost. But I remind you not all teenage girls and women are like that, that is would be a falsehood, because I know some who are good people, although they were also pedophiles or ‘hebephiles’ and facing discrimination, teenagers and women can be ‘pedos’ too, so it can condition their goodness to us..

  9. What’s the most sickening about that story is that the prosecution appear to have been obliged to prove that the victim wasn’t a ‘pedo’, and to do that they had to prove he was actually into ‘older women’.

    “After the murder, police searched his address and found an old mobile phone he had been using in 2014.
    He was using an app named ‘Whisper’ in order to make contact with people on the internet.
    He used photographs of different men as well as different ages for himself and from time to time he arranged to meet adult women for sex.
    ‘There is nothing to suggest that Mr Kelly was interested in underage girls and plenty of evidence which shows the opposite,’ Mr Aylett said.
    The jury heard how on one occasion he was exchanging messages with a 22-year-old but then told her he was looking for someone older.
    His phone also showed evidence of how he had commented to another woman ‘So sick – all the kids on here.’
    And he said to one teen: ‘Was hoping you was older.’ “

    The ‘vigilantes’ would probably have been given a slap on the wrist or even a medal if the victim had even been looking for legal 16 year old girls, let alone underage girls.

    Reminder to all men living in the UK- always take every opportunity on social meda and even private messaging to make clear your abhorrance of teenage sex, and in fact, it would be advisable to go the extra mile and constantly point out your preference for older ‘milfs’, or even chubby older women. This way, if ever delinquent teenage scum murder you in cold blood claiming they thought you were a ‘pedo’, you will at least know that they will go down for a long time rather than be given a pat on the back by the police and courts.

    LOL, too late for me I think.

  10. @Feldmarschall – first of all, I’d sooner get my global news sources from cloud formations in the sky than that website. Secondly, that ‘story’ refers to a Tweet Trump made several years ago (I saw it retweeted the other day). The tweet stated only that the death penalty should be introduced for men who abduct and murder children. As I said, the Tweet was made in 2013, I think when there were a few cases happening in the USA, and long before Trump was even running for President.

    I must admit, it did concern me a little when I saw the tweet, as we all know that femihags have abused and twisted the definition of sick crimes such as ‘child abduction’ into guys meeting up with 17 year olds to have consenting sex with and such like. But I’d relax if I were you. I doubt very very much if Trump is going to introduce the death penalty for every sex offender (not sure he even has the power to).

    I would still prefer him (a guy who has never apologized for calling 13 year old girls ‘hot’ etc) as president than the woman who helped craft the international draconian definition of ‘child porn’.

    I can see however why the ‘ephebophile’ community hate Trump. An obviously normal heterosexual (alpha) male who has publicly admitted that 13 year old girls can be hot. I guess it takes away your sense of identity. 😀

  11. And normal heterosexual men (aka alphas) ??do nothing to stop that disgusting bitch you comment, I do not know what they do in the “ephebophilia community” because I do not belong in such community.

  12. @Feldmarschall – sorry, I didn’t express myself very well there. You do, however, identify with ‘ephebophiles’. Personally, apart from yourself and one other reader (Highwayman), all the ‘ephebophiles’ I’ve ever come across online completely disgust me. I had another encounter with one the other day on Twitter who, when I pointed out the hypocrisy of so many feminist AND alt-right paedohysterics using pre-pubescent female anime avatars, insisted that anime ‘loli’ has nothing to do with either paedophilia or ‘ephebophilia’.

    I have no idea what the ‘ephebophile community’ gets up to either, but judging from my experiences of them here and on Twitter etc I imagine they spend most of their time in ‘girl chat’ or some such, blaming everything on Republicans and the religious right, probably believing that Hilary would have lowered the age of consent to 11, and when not convincing each other that young girls are sugar and spice and all things nice, endlessly discussing whether men who find girls aged 12 years and 7 months attractive are ‘ephebophiles’, ‘paedophiles’ or ‘hebophiles’.

  13. And normal heterosexual men (aka alphas) ??do nothing to stop that disgusting bitch

    Well there’s me at this site, hehe. Apparently she did propose this law previously but it was defeated in the Russian parliament, however she is trying to take advantage of a current sex abuse scandal at a top private school in Moscow to have it considered again.

    These conservative femihags (femiservatives) show that women in politics are always just viruses seeking to further the female sexual imperative. They will attach themselves to any political movement to achieve their sexual aims, whether left or right wing. Any idiot can see that such a law would actually be counterproductive to conservative ends (a stable society with normal relations between genders and generations and schools and authority respected). How many young men in Russia are going to go into the teaching profession when they start to read about male teachers being sentenced to life in a grim prison after being seduced by a teenage pupil?

  14. Until MEN start to fight back *****, this will not change.

    I came across admiration of Putin on this site before. I hate him. He has deliberately fostered fear of paedophiles for YEARS. He’s a chief oligarch and thug. Though he did restore basic living standards in Russia and is being rounded on by the United States. Nevertheless, there is nothing more pathetic than his cult of personality. Russia is now a weak, pathetic country with the economic power of Italy, while the Soviet Union was more sexually free than the West is now. And, anyway, once it collapsed feminism went everywhere. Sick to death of hearing about the “evil empire”. If it’s Bolshevism-light, I’ll take that over Feminism ANY DAY!

  15. That disgusting feminist Russian bitch, though, looks like Elizabeth Warren’s eviler twin. Scholars may disagree, but I personally think she should have her cunt skinned.

  16. I came across admiration of Putin on this site before. I hate him. He has deliberately fostered fear of paedophiles for YEARS. He’s a chief oligarch and thug.

    Can you give a concrete example of his fostering the fear of paedophiles in Russia? As far as being a ‘chief oligarch and thug’, I don’t know if any politician of the Western democratic model could have successfully steered Russia out of the mess he inherited from Yeltsin.

    And sorry for having to edit your first statement (which is probably true, but unsayable).

  17. I believe also that a Russian femihag succeeded in raising the age of consent from 14 to 16 whilst Yeltisin was president. I’ve also read that Yeltsin at the time was continuing the fine tradition of Soviet/Russian leaders taking their pick of the prettiest Moscow 14 year olds to bang. What a fu****g paedocrite!!!!

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